Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1744

Reason that Zhao Hai is puzzled , because this monument was too hard, Zhao Hai when attack this monument, besides feeling the monument degree of hardness, he also felt that in addition same thing, that is this monument has the thing protection, that probably is the one type of Law strength, the Law of Fire strength.[ I] The Law strength, is the one type of very mysterious strength, naturally this strength also very mysterious, but various Cultivation Method that truly, Zhao Hai they now study, are separated from the Law strength, is the one type of Law strength alternative manifests, but this Cultivation Method strength, comes compared with the Law strength, missed far. However when studies Law Idol, Zhao Hai has contacted some Law strengths, especially after obtaining the inheritance of Hu Dingshan, Zhao Hai has certain understanding regarding the Law strength. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai, when attack that monument, felt that Law strength, is the Law of Fire strength, Zhao Hai can affirm that certainly was that has established Fire God almighty of this Fire God city, blessing/additional support on this monument Strength of Law of fire. But makes Zhao Hai strangeest is also this point, this monument has the Law protection, this strength strikes, cannot leave any trace on monument unexpectedly, this itself bright this monument very formidable, even if Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, even Immortal Stage Expert, feared that does not have the means fire character to exhaust from monument that. But the founder of roaring flame sect, at that time when obtained that monument, definitely has not arrived at Transcends Tribulation Stage is Immortal Stage, because he after obtaining monument, comprehended to control the technique of fire, that is, his simply did not have the ability to exhaust that hot character from monument. In other words is, that hot character tablet of roaring flame sect, is not first Sect Master of roaring flame sect digs, he possibly sorted that monument. However who land parcel monument discarding? This is unreasonable, in that monument has certain Strength of Law, because that Strength of Law very few, can therefore to comprehend to control the technique of fire, but now this huge monument was really too big, monument and Fire God city was a body, no matter monument was also good, was the Fire God city is also good, Strength of Law that inside contained was too formidable, is by the Zhao Hai present strength, was impossible to comprehend Strength of Law, therefore Zhao Hai when seeing this incomparably huge monument, was only felt that to deep shock, actually any comprehension, has not looked like one. Person who just can count, your horse already taught him to study micro points, then comes regarding him without doubt is the book from heaven, but now this huge monument, this giant city, comes regarding Zhao Hai, is the book from heaven, book from heaven that he cannot understand.[ I] Because cannot understand, therefore Zhao Hai when seeing this huge monument, any comprehension, cannot he advantage that obtains from this huge monument, might as well that hot character tablet. Zhao Hai don’t know is anything has, really has such ability, can unexpectedly from this by big monument that on Law of Fire protects, that hot character exhausting, Ok, this equal to applied makeup face to face, hits to construct this big city the face of that antiquity almighty. Zhao Hai received Liquid Silver, carefully looked at that monument one, turn around flew toward in the city, he wants to have a look, in this Fire God city also had any thing, look can see any clue, if he can obtain any clue, possibly knows, although who that hot character poaching. However the Zhao Hai present to has an idea, after he wants to wait till the roaring flame sect extinguishing, that hot character tablet, bringing returned to Fire God city here, then on hot character tablet secure returned to big monument again, letting big monument again is complete. Quick Zhao Hai entered the Fire God city, this city was too giant, his you were ordinary population big city are put the innumerable generations, turned into the residence of giant. This big city situation also truly is makes Zhao Hai feel the exclamation, however transfers for quite a while in big city, a Zhao Hai point presently does not have, this big city was Space, all in the room were light turbulent, in the room also had the furniture, there is a bed ~~

ef = " http: &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - . - Renewal ~~ shop, but these thing, are made from stone, moreover all Stone brave the flame, Zhao Hai can affirm, if not his body is special, will control the fire, feared that will enter to this city, immediately is vaporized, because here fire element was too strong, strongly to inappropriate situation. Zhao Hai was in the in the city these commoner communities transferred the extension first, did not have any presently finally his slowly in biggest palace there toward the city transferred. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at in the city palace there, that is a incomparably huge male palace, highest feared that has ten thousand meters altitude, such altitude is really a little scary. The entire palace all over the body is fiery-red, moreover here fire element, compared with in the city other places strong, can here be the core of entire palace. Zhao Hai slowly flies toward the palace, he had not felt that in here any danger, his Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique has not reminded his here to have the danger, therefore Zhao Hai dares to enter to of this giant palace. This incomparably huge palace, is the architectural style of ancient China, in this palace, Zhao Hai even saw rock garden comprised of fire element, trees, even also has the hot river. This hot river and is dike river, but is the genuine hot river, in that river is flowing river water, is fire element composes, looks like magnificent incomparable. Zhao Hai slowly roves in the palace, this palace is also same as outside room, inside anything decorates does not lack, but is nobody. Quick Zhao Hai to the entire palace group in a biggest palace, fire temple, this Great Hall is in the entire palace group biggest Great Hall.

Because in this in the city, Zhao Hai spiritual force almost does not have any use, the team only to be able by own eye to regard all, therefore Zhao Hai heart, although he has not felt the danger. When Zhao Hai enters to this Great Hall, he stares, because this Great Hall looks like looks like the imperial palace in China is the same, has a treasure to sit in the hall, this treasure sits constructs above high platform, this high platform very enormous, having the step to come to power, the throne is big incomparable, on carves nine five to grasp gold dragon, in the above of throne, Great Hall top, hangs a plaque, on character four large characters fire burns Heaven and Earth end is aggressive incomparable. Before the throne, a case, in this case, suspends a box, Zhao Hai is looking at this box, has gawked, this box very big, but from appearance of this box, this actually likely is a seal box. The so-called seal box is used to install the official stamp, came regarding an official in the ancient times, official stamp that was the authority, Zhao Hai look at this seal box, actually at heart moved. In the seal box installs , if official stamp, that this person of official stamp certainly is extraordinary thing, because of regarding this city, the official stamp in seal box possibly is most important thing. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, falls to settling a case, stands, in that also wanted nearby the high seal box compared with him, the careful look at seal box, this seal box probably is also made from stone, don’t know is any Stone, Zhao Hai does not have the mood to go to research these, he has arrived at the seal box, saw that has together the micro slit in the base of seal box, this makes Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but one happy, he feared that this seal box is only good-looking but useless goods, inside has not installed thing, now looks like is actually not so. His two hands extended, covered that slit, then upward made an effort, heard with a bang sound, the seal box slowly upward rose, Zhao Hai personal appearance also slowly upward flew, was quick his seal box to make him give to move. Zhao Hai looked toward the seal box in that a side lithography is lying down in the seal box, this side lithography very special, above the lithography, is not the dragon that carves, but is Vermillion Bird . Vermillion Bird originally is Sacred Beast of fire, carves him on this side lithography, to is happen to appropriate, Zhao Hai places side the seal box, flew lithography above, the two hands capture lithography has made an effort upward to raise, the lithography was actually entirely still. Zhao Hai stares, he is very confident to his strength, has not actually thought that actually could not mention this Fang Yuyin, Zhao Hai used to strive, finally was still entirely still, this made Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. Zhao Hai in has not raised that side lithography, but stands in there careful look at this side lithography, lithography below is the seal base, on the four walls of seal base, is carving he five claw gold dragon images, but above the lithography, is actually carving lifelike Vermillion Bird , this only Vermillion Bird shakes the wing to fly, looks like very beautiful. In addition could not be seeing any special place, the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, then transported Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, he wants to carry on communicate with this side lithography, wanted to know why this side lithography cannot move. Zhao Hai just transported Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, he stares, returns for him the feedback information that transmits from Profound Technique, actually felt that spiritless, probably opposite party simply does not want to be the same with his communicate.

However this arrived is lets Zhao Hai excited, since learn Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, he first time has come across this matter, Zhao Hai immediately transports long eyebrow arhat Law Idol, join with lithography communicate. One minute passed by, does not have what effect, ten minutes passed by, still do not have what effect, when passed by, do not have the effect, a day passed by, still does not have the effect. Zhao Hai does not have any meaning of giving up, because more encounters this situation, he more is interested, he now wants to know that this side lithography had any special place. Zhao Hai presently such long time was unable with this lithography communicate on, he to sit on simply settling a case, is carrying on the ditch with the lithography, a day, two days, three days...... Zhao Hai probably completely had forgotten now other matters, wholeheartedly is only thinking how to carry on communicate with this side lithography, but reason that support Zhao Hai such makes only then, that is that side lithography bit by bit had the response. although this response is not big, but Zhao Hai actually very happy, what most important is, he presently own effort has not been in vain. A person long-term handles a matter, if an effect if no, he will become the losing interest slowly, if he, when will handle this matter, will have felt that will be progressing, will be solving the problem, he will naturally be interested in doing, Zhao Hai now is this. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;