Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1745

Chapter 670 faulty intelligence Seven days, entire seven days passed by, Zhao Hai has established the relation with that side lithography finally, but lets the Zhao Hai disappointed words, that side lithography probably not compared with these magma intelligent many, what lets Zhao Hai happy is, that side lithography also function, that is he can simple control these magma. Please keep firmly in mind Besides this, Zhao Hai also knew, this side lithography can refining, but now is not good, entire Stone City is incomplete, therefore the lithography does not have means refining, but reason that this Stone City is incomplete , because was dug a character, that Fire God bestows on hot characters in three character. Second is Zhao Hai now can carry on simple refining to the lithography, making the lithography help him handle a matter, for example control one these magma, but Zhao Hai actually cannot carry over the Fire God city this lithography, he can only keep here the lithography, moreover cannot to the lithography too far carries on control to the lithography. These information are very useful regarding Zhao Hai, most at least his these time came to the raging fire valley following point to achieve, he can control these magma carry on attack to the crafting valley of roaring flame sect. As for put in order the city to was complete, then this side lithography to complete refining, to be honest, Zhao Hai has not placed the one's beloved, because itself will control the fire, he really does not believe that this side lithography can bring the big help to him. After knowing these information, Zhao Hai does not have leave, but spiritual force has carried on simple refining to the lithography, refining later Zhao Hai on leave the Fire God city, he returned to from Space did not see valley there directly. Zhao Hai sometime did not have returned to not to see the valley, but does not see valley here to not to have what change, he in does not see valley here Cave Mansion, still by the cleanness that these Undead Creature clean, in has these Undead Creature look at in addition, does not see valley here not to have appears any issue, even in Black Tiger Group majority of cultivator and don’t know Zhao Hai leave. After Zhao Hai returned to did not see valley there, immediately they sent the letter to Zhang Feng and iron Zhan Tian, told them him to come back, moreover duty completed. Iron Zhan Tian and Zhang Feng received Zhao Hai information, immediately have replied in writing to Zhao Hai, iron Zhan Tian made Zhao Hai go to Black Tiger Group General Hall there to report directly. When Zhao Hai sits Transmission Formation to Black Tiger Group General Hall, presently Hu Liang early morning they also arrived, Zhang Feng also, can say that in Black Tiger Group all real power characters arrived. Iron Zhan Tian looked at Zhao Hai to come, quickly said: Little Hai came, sits quickly.” Zhao Hai to people gave a salute, this sat After Zhao Hai sits down, iron Zhan Tian immediately to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, the matter manages how? specific said.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : is, Gang Master, matter managed was similar, the map I have drawn, roaring flame sect there all Transmission arrive, I can in the shortest time, give the seal them or destroy, but crafting valley there of roaring flame sect, I have the means to cope.” Iron Zhan Tian quickly said: What method? Said quickly.” Black Tiger Group with the roaring flame sect is the old match, iron Zhan Tian is the old match of roaring flame sect, the crafting valley of how possible don’t know roaring flame sect, beforehand iron Zhan Tian has to think in fact, must through the way of external war, let the Black Tiger Group internal contradictions shift, but crafting valley there makes iron Zhan Tian very has not grasped, the crafting valley and roaring flame sect General Hall mutually becomes the potential of corner, iron Zhan Tian wants to attack a side, another side will support, finally his attack may be able very much the idle work, but counter-. Foreign fight, if won that also to reach an agreement, but if were defeated, will speed up the intensification of internal contradictions, such Black Tiger Group removed the bottom ended, therefore he had not begun to the roaring flame sect. But reason that this time he must begin to the roaring flame sect, because of Black Tiger Group after these ten years powder, held the roaring flame sect in various aspects, should revenge, should also make these cultivator in Black Tiger Group see the blood, is makes them remember Black Tiger Group and hatred between roaring flame sects the time, therefore iron Zhan Tian will want to begin to roaring flame. However no matter when begins to the roaring flame sect, crafting valley there is an issue of unwinding, did not think the means solving the crafting valley, that Black Tiger Group wanted to destroy completely the roaring flame sect, difficult! The Zhao Hai look at iron Zhan Tian appearance, shows a faint smile said : „to cope with crafting valley there of roaring flame sect, can only use poison to combat poison, by fire attack fire!” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, then his two eyes one bright, look at Zhao Hai said : „is your meaning?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the crafting valley to construct in side of raging fire valley, for is the convenience directs Earth Fire in raging fire valley to come crafting, but also because they are too near to the raging fire valley, therefore we , to cope with the crafting valley not to be difficult, so long as we can direct Earth Fire to go to the attack crafting valley, that is easier.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, but along with it and knitting the brows head, deep voice said : „the raging fire valley there situation is quite special, before we have also thought directs raging fire valley there Earth Fire to destroy the crafting valley, but had not succeeded.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Gang Master not to need to be worried that this matter gave me to be good, I ensure completed duty.” Iron Zhan Tian looked at Zhao Hai one, laughing said : suddenly good, your youngster is not the person of that not meaning what he says, this matter has managed on give you, you have any need, although.” Zhao Hai smiles said : thanks a lot Gang Master, Gang Master, this is the roaring flame sect there map that I draw, you look.” Said that Zhao Hai put out a piece jade slip to give iron Zhan Tian.

Iron Zhan Tian received jade slip spiritual force to search toward jade slip, then his cannot help but complexion changes, looked at Zhao Hai one, afterward attention centralized to jade slip, some little time he let out a long breath, then he loses jade slip to Hu Liang early morning said : Old Hu, you have a look.” Hu Liang early morning look at iron Zhan Tian complexion, somewhat is perplexed, his don’t know Zhao Hai the map has any issue, when he received jade slip to search toward in toward spiritual force, then is also complexion changes, then he also looked at Zhao Hai one, then attention centralized to jade slip. Zhao Hai some look at of being perplexed they, he confessed this map picture good, map that detailed in although can't compare with Space, but was also very good, why iron Zhan Tian and Hu Liangchen can expression like this? After Hu Liangchen has looked, he has given iron Zhan Tian jade slip, then deep voice can said : what have to affect?” Iron Zhan Tian shook the head said : fortunately, because in and other Little Hai information, I have not told him, had not said fortunately that otherwise this time we were dangerous.” Zhao Hai they somewhat puzzled look at iron Zhan Tian, understand iron Zhan Tian their what is this, iron Zhan Tian has not waited for the people to ask that turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, in your this map picture can a little false place?” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion Righteous Path: Gang Master completely feel relieved, does not have the least bit false place certainly, I have killed roaring flame sect several people, then infiltrates in their General Hall, draws personally, cannot absolutely appears any mistake.” Iron Zhan Tian let out a long breath, looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : 100 years ago, I toward roaring flame sect over spy, he at that time was my most proud disciple, I to cope with the roaring flame sect sent him, these year of roaring flame sect there information were he has told me, he was also a person who I most trusted, but I can affirm now that he either presently is massacred, then the roaring flame sect there faction people contacted me tell me some false information, either was he betrayed me, betrayed Black Tiger Group.” Said that iron Zhan Tian has given Zhang Feng Zhao Hai jade slip. Zhang Feng immediately searched spiritual force, but at this time iron Zhan Tian had actually put out a piece jade slip, has also given Zhang Feng jade slip. Zhang Feng general had looked at that map of Zhao Hai picture at this time, but his immediately received iron Zhan Tian to his jade slip, spiritual force searches toward, then Zhang Feng complexion changes, gloomy can probably drop launches. Then after Zhang Feng iron Zhan Tian, gave his jade slip to give Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai received jade slip spiritual force to search toward in also stares, because in this jade slip was also a map, that but the content in this map drew with him had very big difference, not only did not have that map such detailed that he drew, but also had mountain gate/entrance there that these Core Disciple opened about roaring flame General Hall and crafting valley, had many wrong, a these wrong appears place two place that also felt emotion to be possible original, but appears these many, that on some extremely, must. Knows that these mistakes are appears one, can make Black Tiger Group lose seriously, do not say that appears these many, this equal to pushes toward the fiery pit in Black Tiger Group. Zhao Hai finally understand, why iron Zhan Tian after seeing his map, will be startled, if no his map, Black Tiger Group attacks according to that map, that Black Tiger Group feared that ended.

Zhao Hai has given back to Zhang Feng jade slip, Zhang Feng looked at iron Zhan Tian one, iron Zhan Tian had beckoned with the hand, Zhang Feng he two jade slip to the iron hawk, after the iron hawk looked at contents in two jade slip, was startled, gave the iron ice jade slip, this turned the head to iron Zhan Tian said : Master, that present what to do?” Iron Zhan Tian sneers said : they to us under to wrap, good, we in turn under giving them wrap, ok, this matter do not manage, the everyone/Great Clan full preparation, has remembered, although is the full preparation, but must be careful is good, can by them not be known is not known by them.” People simultaneously complied with one, iron Zhan Tian turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this time you have made the great merit, because of war, I cannot reward your anything now, after the war, one and rewarded, this time war, your duty was very heavy, must add carefully.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is, invited Gang Master feel relieved, I will certainly complete, this roaring flame sect he died!” Iron Zhan Tian laughs said : well, I want is these words, goes, rest well, when moves, I am informing you.” Zhao Hai complied with one, iron Zhan Tian had beckoned with the hand said : Old Hu, you wait a moment, other people went back to prepare.” The people complied with one, turn around walked, Zhang Feng and iron hawk their several people with Zhao Hai together leave, they want to go to Zhao Hai there, with Zhao Hai discussed matter that these time coped with the roaring flame sect, only then Hu Liangchen remained. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;