Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1746

* 728 * 15, * = o 39 \; o39 \; \; "……""……" Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in Space, outside look at Space these keeps the busy Black Tiger Group people, now he to has become in Black Tiger Group the idlest person, everyday he only needed to monitor roaring flame sect there to be good, other matters do not need he to be done. Now in Zhao Hai returned to Black Tiger Group already five days, these five days of times, Black Tiger Group looks like in the machine of full play, everyone turned into components on machine, is rotating, to greet with the war of roaring flame sect. But roaring flame sect there to is nothing lives, all very normal, Zhao Hai knows that this roaring flame sect there feared was doomed. Black Tiger Group to cope with the roaring flame sect, has prepared a long time, now they must prepare were not many, Zhao Hai believes that in less than the several days time, Black Tiger Group can dispatch troops to the roaring flame sect. Just thought of here, Zhao Hai flies into the character he not to see in valley there Cave Mansion on present signalling jade sword, some little time Zhao Hai immediately received in the jade sword Space, looked at the content of jade sword, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles. Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, puzzled said : Elder Brother Hai? What matter had?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : five days later, carries on attack to the roaring flame sect, finally soon started.” Laura nodded said : this to be also good, so long as extinguished the roaring flame sect, you must come that hot character tablet, then puts big monument there of returned to Fire God city him, in that Vermillion Bird seal to refining, I to has wanted to have a look , after refining that Vermillion Bird seal, what advantage will have, Elder Brother Hai, you said after us, regards a secret base to be good Fire God city there?” What base does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : to have compared with Space secret? Fire God city there is Fire God constructs, no matter this constructs the people in city is true Fire God, but can affirm that he certainly was antiquity almighty, but on such antiquity almighty not by vanish from sight, moreover finally linked his inscribed text to be destroyed unexpectedly, put returned to big monument there the hot character tablet, but was makes the Fire God city complete, I have not wanted to be too many.” Laura nodded said : to is also, Fire God city there was really too big, moreover there all was fire element, feared that besides you, nobody can go to there, even if wants, when there regarded the base to fear that did not have the means. ishu.” Zhao Hai nodded, forced smile said : there truly is too strange, Undead Creature in Space, the general place may go, but Fire God city there must not absolutely, there is fire element, so long as meets other elements, immediately by fire element assimilating, Undead Creature goes to fear that will be immediately will turn into the flying ash, even if will be Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature is not good.” Laura sighed said : „, right Elder Brother Hai, you said that we can make some fire attribute plants seed to put there to go, can look grow thing to come?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then shook the head said : wait, waited to solve the matter of roaring flame sect was saying that in fire attribute seed Space had many, but suited in the Fire God city there growth, was one does not have, to cause qualified fire attribute seed, was not that easy matter.”

Laura nodded, turns the head to look at a screen, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said how this attack can carry on?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „I am don’t know, but my lord must be copes with these Transmission Formation and crafting valley there, Transmission Formation said that the direct seal has been OK, but crafting valley there actually must be careful, must seal up the access, but must direct Earth Fire attack, must prevent crafting valley there from running away, I looked to say to Gang Master that sending some Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to help me, right Cai'er, what movement Wandering Soul Group there did nearest/recent have?” Since previous time has fought after Wandering Soul Group, Zhao Hai continuously very pays attention the Wandering Soul Group there situation, three some were not the too important place has also carried on the surveillance to Wandering Soul Group , since the present his Liquid Silver needle can become added is small, surveillance of Zhao Hai to Wandering Soul Group there also strengthens. Cai'er shook the head said : Wandering Soul Group there to not to have what response, can look, they to Hu Dingshan very dreaded that before had not determined Hu Dingshan life and death, they do not dare to move heedlessly, Elder Brother Hai, Hu Dingshan although entered Space now, but he can help you fight, making him operate Magical Artifact, Might is definitely formidable.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, the Hu Dingshan strength was too strong, I let his make a move words, might expose the situation in Space.” Cai'er deep voice said : „, but Elder Brother Hai, what to do if the roaring flame sect also does have Hu Dingshan such Expert?” Zhao Hai sneers said : „, if roaring flame sect also has Hu Dingshan such Expert, that can only invite Hu Dingshan make a move, I have thought that asking Hu Dingshan to operate ten Two Star Chen metal beasts, did you think what kind of?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Cai'er they cannot help but stare, then also nodded, now Zhao Hai has little made ten Two Star Chen metal beasts participate to fight, to did not say that the strengths of ten Two Star Chen metal beasts are not good, but was ten Two Star Chen metal beasts is extremely was really unusual, they likely were not general Magical Artifact, the flexibility of their movement, did not have what difference with true Monster Beast, but this was also 12 metal beast most special places, general Magical Artifact could not achieve this point, was these most high grade mechanism puppet is impossible to be so flexible. Because such Zhao Hai was not long uses 12 metals to be beastly, he fears by others presently Space secret, but if made Hu Dingshan use 12 metal beasts, that will not have the issue, Hu Dingshan was Black Tiger Group live longest Supreme Elder, was the method are naturally innumerable, he used any Magical Artifact to be nothing unusual, after this Hu Dingshan has used 12 metal beasts, after Zhao Hai, can the open and aboveboard use 12 metals be beastly. Five days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai also came out from Space, to Black Tiger Group total here, Black Tiger Group total here has stood now the person, in Black Tiger Group a little people of authority arrived at here, iron Zhan Tian has stood in the Black Tiger Group discussing room hall, Hu Liangchen stands in his side, Zhao Hai they stands in the iron Zhan Tian opposite. Iron Zhan Tian has swept people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, with the roaring flame sect calculates general ledger time arrived, on the day of the everyone/Great Clan preparation is not a day or two, below is this we perform, these time is led to attack the roaring flame sect by me, Hu Liangchen remains behind Black Tiger Group, the person who all keeps, must obey Hu Liangchen arrangement, has to dare the non- follower, according to revolting to help the crime punish, Old Hu, in the gang hands over give you, if Wandering Soul Group these little rascal dare to act unreasonably, should not be impolite, no matter how the result of our attack roaring flame sect, cannot Lair Losing.” Hu Liang early morning complied with one, iron Zhan Tian then turned the head to start a person, therefore was selected the person who arrived by him, must remain, early morning together defended Black Tiger Group with Hu Liang always, but the remaining people must attack the roaring flame sect. After waiting for iron Zhan Tian to arrange the good person, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, looked your.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to invite Gang Master feel relieved, but a batch goes with me wants Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, the quantity unable to be lower than 100 \; first, to protect Transmission Formation, two must branch out 40 people to come with me to sphere crafting valley there, my although has confidence to deal with the crafting valley there person, but crafting valley there but many Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, the person who therefore goes with me must select is good.”

Iron Zhan Tian beckoned with the hand said : this to have any issue, I go with you personally, walk.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, they walks with iron Zhan Tian outward, this time they not that small Transmission Formation that goes to normally to use, but went specifically to be used for Transmission Great Magical Artifact Transmission Formation. Transmission Great Magical Artifact Transmission Formation requests to be very big, after all now Cultivation World here, gives Zhang Feng Treasure Ship like Zhao Hai, can almighty small Great Magical Artifact, really be not many, therefore this type specifically is used to transmit Great Magical Artifact Transmission Formation, are absolutely many in Cultivation World here. However this Transmission Formation is not good to construct, the average person could not have built up such Transmission Formation , the commodity that this Transmission Formation construction needs may be many, but Zhao Hai in roaring flame sect Li, had already constructed several like this big Transmission Formation, very covert a position in the sum total crafting valleys of roaring flame sect, not easily by person present . Moreover the sum total of attack roaring flame sect attacks the crafting valley is almost the distance, very convenient. The people arrived at Black Tiger Group big Transmission Formation there, Zhao Hai started to bustle about, he has carried on the adjustment five big Transmission Formation Transmission Coordinate, then made iron Zhan Tian they sit on Great Magical Artifact Transmission Formation, but Zhang Feng, his Great Magical Artifact presently cannot change, in other words this Transmission passed six Great Magical Artifact. When on after five Great Magical Artifact Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai immediately started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, Zhao Hai they vanished in Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation, but at the same time, in the canyon of roaring flame sect, actually suddenly shone white light, then five Great Magical Artifact appears in the nameless canyon of roaring flame sect, afterward five Great Magical Artifact turned into six, six Great Magical Artifact turned into seven, that came out, was Zhao Hai Yama Ship. After Zhao Hai Yama Ship makes, iron Zhan Tian immediately command(er) on 40 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert Zhao Hai Yama Ship, Zhao Hai was turning the head to iron Zhan Tian to hold the fist in the other hand said : Gang Master, from here toward north, about one hour, is the roaring flame sect always, roaring flame sect total there Transmission Formation, my immediately can on the complete seal, asking Gang Master to be careful.” Iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : you must add carefully, if the matter may not be, do not demand.” Zhao Hai complied with one, hand has wielded, the direction of Yama Ship direct crafting valley flew, but Zhao Hai actually vanished on Yama Ship. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert not surprised, they know that Zhao Hai was goes to Transmission Formation of seal roaring flame sect to go, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, stood on Yama Ship, direction that look at Zhao Hai vanished, deep voice said : worthily was the character who Supreme Elder trained, extraordinary, when he in the future becomes an elder, who my Black Tiger Group also feared.” Another Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert also nodded said : well, the Zhao Hai present strength, was so strong, if he grew, feared that did not have any Sect to dare to cope with us, even if were Heavenly Sword Sect such Great Sect wants to cope with our Black Tiger Group, must think the retaliation of Zhao Hai well.” That Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that before spoke nodded said : Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , I heard that his Space Divergent Technique cannot be used to offend somebody, but can actually go to any place, if others Sect coped with Black Tiger Group, if could not leave behind Zhao Hai, waited to be retaliated by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai strength, if entangled that Great Sect, that Great Sect, feared that is will not feel better.” The people nodded, very approves of his view. In fact Great Sect like Heavenly Sword Sect, destroys Sect to have today's status innumerably, in these Sect will run unavoidably several strength formidable elders, but actually nobody fierce moved these Great Sect status, finally also by these Great Sect destroying completely, so looked like, 1 or 2 Expert, could not produce anything to threaten regarding these Great Sect, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert is probably same toward the Zhao Hai face previous post [gold/metal]. However do not forget, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in these Great Sect, may not be Space Divergent Warlock , so long as these Great Sect knew his whereabouts, can suppose trap to cope with him. However Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , he did not have no relationship by these Great Sect to present the whereabouts, these Great Sect cannot hold him, this is the matter that these Great Sect are afraid. If later Zhao Hai became Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, these Great Sect before have not grasped kill Zhao Hai does not dare to cope with Black Tiger Group, a retaliation of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is not jokes, even if looks like Heavenly Sword Sect great Great Sect, feared that cannot undertake. An inheritance of trace gate, a very important point wants no lack of successors to carry on, but these people before have not become is high, must undergo the innumerable fights, if Great Sect like Heavenly Sword Sect, by Zhao Hai such meeting Space Divergent Technique Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert staring, his Heavenly Sword Sect that

ef = " Bibliophile building Quickest writing renewal Some young Expert were dangerous, feared before they have not grown, must by Zhao Hai killing cleanly, even if were Zhao Hai cannot give to kill them cleanly, remaining feared that could not become any climate, one, but these Great Sect appears the phenomenon of temporary shortage, they were dangerous, therefore the person like Zhao Hai, existences of various Great Sect most headaches, can not offend them is will not offend. Was saying Zhao Hai already appears on Yama Ship, appears on Yama Ship, Zhao Hai turned the head Martial Uncle to invite to many Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said :, a while asked Martial Uncle to be divided into four teams, each team defended stone building of crafting, so long as the person in stone building did not kill, everybody does not need to manage, one, but some people flushed from stone building, no matter the strength how, one rate struck to kill!” These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert nodded, one of them said : Little Hai you, and feel relieved, we cannot absolutely appears any careless mistake.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so to ask several Martial Uncle, I must go to direct Earth Fire, Yama Ship will bring Martial Uncle to go to four small building there, Martial Uncle can discuss that who defended that to live in small building, youngster first asks to be excused.” That several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert nodded, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved vanishes in same place. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;