Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1747

The next quarter Zhao Hai personal appearance appears in the sky of raging fire valley, Zhao Hai looked at a direction of crafting valley, coldly snorted, the hand has wielded drinks said : to move!” Along with his sound, raging fire valley looks like the volcano that immediately must spurt is the same, massive magma well up toward the valley. But at this time, crafting valley there all accesses, actually all by the wire netting of one layer level covering, but these wire netting very thin, the average person did not pay attention also really presently. But place that at this time crafting valley cultivator of these roaring flame sects present had not suited, they presently these originally already by Earth Fire that their control gets up, now probably is not receiving control, each and every one crafting was burnt down, moreover Earth Fire also has a more fever more prosperous posture. Assumed crafting valley here these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert also to know this situation, their immediately arrived at each every Craft Room, but actually presently these Earth Fire already complete by their control, several Craft Room had not been destroyed. The fierce good day is crafting valley here Transcends Tribulation Stage Chief Commander, but now he dumbfounded standing in front of Craft Room, that Craft Room already complete by Earth Fire embezzling, inside the flaming combustion, Stone was cremated probably was the same. Fierce good day immediately recovers, crafting valley here means anything regarding the roaring flame sect, his very clear, sees this situation, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Quick, sends letter to Sect Master, told him the situation in crafting valley, all people, organized evacuation.” At this moment. suddenly Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert flies the fierce good day the side to fierce line of Heavenly Dao: Good day. Some do not suit, all Transmission Formation had more than enough.” That Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert just said that another Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert came, he has also flown the fierce good day side, complexion ugly look at fierce line of Heavenly Dao: Good day, we definitely had been planned, several accesses were sealed up.” Fierce good day one hear of this person of this by, cannot help but stare, then does complexion change cave entrance that said : who seals up? The immediately/on horseback organization, must make a connection with Cave Mansion.” That Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said : don’t know is cave entrance that who seals up. The one who seals up cave entrance is one type of metal wire, very tenacious.” A fierce good day complexion paleness, deep voice said : concentrates all Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, from here upward. Gives my direct making strip passage to come together, is quick.” That two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert one hear of fierce good days said that cannot help but complexion changes, but they also know that this is the final means that but speaks the truth they to this means that also does not have the too high hope.

crafting valley here has spent a roaring flame sect several hundred years of time completes, when constructs the crafting valley, to prevent the crafting valley present easily, here had been used the massive very precious materials, not only can block spiritual force of person. Simultaneously also reinforces the fierce valley wall, general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, simply does not have the means to attack, but similarly, inside person wants to hit, very difficult. But fierce good day very clear, now cave entrance there is also sealed, if can make a connection easily, that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert already passage making a connection with, him said that cave entrance was sealed. Good definitely is very difficult to make a connection. Is adding on the opposite party to cope with them, not only so will be simple with metal wire one cave entrance, will certainly remain to defend cave entrance outside of cave entrance, cave entrance there not Sir, if really outside sealing up. They want, difficulty. Therefore the fierce good talent thinks. Position that is at from him, proceeds to open passage directly, because of his very clear, only by doing so, can in quicker returned to ground. That two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert lead other Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert are making a connection with passage the time, the fierce good day other cultivator is actually making to resist Earth Fire formation in command(er) in crafting valley there, makes some Nascent Soul Stage Expert immediately/on horseback try the arrangement, returns to roaring flame sect General Hall Transmission Formation directly, like this no matter passage makes a connection, Transmission Formation constructs, they can escape ascended to heaven, but will not keep here to turn into the roast chicken. However at this time, in massive magma each every Craft Room braved, that law fire resistance formation point of achievements of predecessors good day prepare he to do with not to have, these fire resistance formation, after meeting Earth Fire, was burnt down directly. But at this time Zhao Hai was actually standing in crafting valley above, through the Space observation team the situation in crafting valley, area of crafting person valley is very big, but similarly, crafting valley there Craft Room also has plenty, but when first Craft Room formation are also many, but these formation below, had from raging fire Gu Yin past Earth Fire, now these formation turned into getting angry of each and every one, massive magma have braved coming out from there, the entire crafting valley is piece of Inferno. Zhao Hai has not thought, this Earth Fire unexpectedly such overbearing, but thinks that he has also felt relaxed, here Earth Fire is not ordinary Earth Fire, here Earth Fire undergoes a Divine Fire Law many years of assimilation Earth Fire, Fire God Law that in although these Earth Fire contains, does not arrive at true Fire God Law extremely one, when massive Earth Fire gather together, Might that can wield, be very astonishing. But these are making a connection with passage Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, Zhao Hai was not worried that when they clear the way passage, feared that was the person in crafting valley had been finished. The fierce good day somewhat despaired, just he let person of Transmission Formation, after the prepare, actually suddenly by don’t know a Huang Dao photo that shot from there, Transmission Formation has had more than enough, but made a connection with passage there very was also not smooth. As for originally that several accesses, now by that metal sealing up, him has tried, good metal attribute very tenacious, even if by his strength, cannot break that metal wire, with Magical Artifact attack, is impossible, that metal wire very thin, but represents sharp, general Magical Artifact thin is attacking, directly by metal wire lacerating, if not the situation so critical, how the fierce line of days also really want research under that metal wire to be make.

Also some Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, want to dig around metal wire two, broke cave wall, found the head of metal wire, like this they can metal wire making, however the final result they were disappointed, metal wire all around cave wall, probably by metal wire protecting, wanted to dig, simply was impossible. cultivator suddenly of roaring flame sect present, they complete a very firm fortress crafting valley here, but now this fortress, actually became the grave that they construct. magma has welled up, massive Inferior level cultivator were burnt directly, but all burnt cultivator, before the body had not been destroyed completely, was received in Space by Zhao Hai, turned into Undead Creature, he does not think that these cultivator directly by Earth Fire turning into ash, that too wasted. But at this time, these arrived at here Black Tiger Group cultivator with Zhao Hai, was relaxed, they encircled stone building, did not have initiative attack, stood in there is waiting, so long as there is a person who came out from stone building, they began to butcher and that's the end. However until now, the person who comes out from stone building does not have, cultivator of these roaring flame sects, after presently stone building is encircled, each response opens protective shield, then sends for in the crafting valley praying for rescue, then gives General Hall of roaring flame sect to send the letter, but they presently, want to achieve this point to be very difficult quickly, sends the person who the crafting valley prays for rescue to be needless saying that they directly by wire netting keeping off, the Zhao Hai wire netting is not one layer two, but has many, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert hits these wire netting not means that on do not say. In stone building these strength not high cultivator. Goes to the crafting valley to pray for rescue is impossible, that can only wait for Sect to rescue, what they have not thought that Transmission Formation in stone building, cannot the user, they only be able to request reinforcements by the signalling jade sword completely, but those who make them unable to think, these signalling jade sword simply have not passed delivers to General Hall of roaring flame sect to go. These signalling jade swords departs after stone building, by these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert present, these are staying bored Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, convenient gave to destroy these signalling jade swords, as soon as they sealed the support requirement letter unable to deliver. But now entire crafting valley there fell into Inferno, beside Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert and Nascent Soul Stage Expert when except for minority strength formidable, or has to be strong Magical Treasure protects oneself, other cultivator did not have escaping by luck, was burnt completely, but these Transcends Tribulation Expert know that they could not support how long. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert had not felt that such aggrieved, they were given to stop up unexpectedly in their base, has burnt while still alive, this aggrieved cause of death, simply is the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert shame. However their means do not have, the reality is this, they had not even seen including the surface of enemy to the present, even to surrender, simply cannot find the person, such aggrieved matter, their first meeting, feared that is also last time meets. Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that fierce good day look at these bedding bags gather round, cannot help but a forced smile, he has not thought at heart will have such one day, the person of playing with fire dies of the fire, this is also the one type of causes and effects retribution.

When the fierce good day is thinking these, suddenly Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said loudly: Where the person of high skill to me in the deathtrap, please face to face see in advance.” Complete had not responded that opposite party simply pays no attention to this stubble, the words that in fact that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert spoke, Zhao Hai also heard, but he naturally cannot see these people, at this time saw them, that was really an idiot. The opposite party looked that Zhao Hai had not responded, then said loudly: I am willing to surrender, please keep the next life!” Zhao Hai one hear of he such spoke has gawked, he has not thought really that Expert of these roaring flame sects have surrendered unexpectedly, thinks that Zhao Hai decided to accept his surrender, Strength of Faith in his Space, already many cannot be many, did not miss these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, they fell fall, can increase the add some strength to Black Tiger Group. Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert of that roaring flame sect , is probing, he wants to have a look at the opposite party to accept his surrender, if the opposite party accepts, must make from here him, so long as outside, by his strength, has surrendered, that may not say.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;