Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1748

seal activated my Spiritual Qi, I accept your surrender.” Very light words, suddenly has made a sound in the crafting valley, but makes these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert feel what is surprised, their not current. Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, their strengths, but very formidable, spiritual force formidable, may be such existence, person who actually presently has not spoken, this somewhat could not be justified. Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert one hear of Zhao Hai of that speech said that cannot help but has gawked, but he is complexion changes, deep voice said : your excellency, if my seal Spiritual Qi, by Earth Fire burning while still alive, below will be sincerity willing to surrender, asking your excellency to show a bright way.” Non- seal Spiritual Qi, that waits for death!” Therefore Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert of roaring flame sect hears this saying, cannot help but complexion changes, because they know, right that the opposite party said that if their seal activated own Spiritual Qi, that does not wait for death. Before roaring flame sect, that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that spoke, he did not want to surrender actually, he hopes that with this way knows how must leave here, after waiting for leave, they in trying to find the solution revenged, or delivered a letter to Sect. However they have not actually thought that the opposite party lets their seal activated Spiritual Qi unexpectedly directly, non- seal Spiritual Qi does not save them, these truly was to pinch on their pulse. In cultivator of these roaring flame sects, but also weak time, a suddenly sound conveys said : I am willing to surrender.” That several Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator turn the head to look, is several also living one of the Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, his body is bringing Magical Artifact of coke-bottle, this Magical Artifact his entire cover. Therefore he can insist now, but can look. He feared that could not insist how long. After that Nascent Soul Stage cultivator said that his immediately seal own Spiritual Qi, under not having the support of Spiritual Qi, his defense Magical Artifact also has his whole person to fall toward following magma, when the people do not endure to visit him, under that person of body suddenly appears Space rift, that person has fallen directly into Space rift to vanish. But afterward Space rift also vanished, all these come is too quick, other roaring flame sect cultivator, simply has not responded. But at the same time, outside crafting valley stone building, suddenly appears Space rift. Then Zhao Hai said in Space rift from that walked out. However in his hand also grabs a person.

But defends looks at the Zhao Hai appearance in stone building outside Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, cannot help but gawked, Zhao Hai has put the ground that person, this turned the head to these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert gave a salute said : several Martial Uncle, he was the person of roaring flame sect, but he seal his Spiritual Qi has surrendered now, please several Martial Uncle safeguard.” That several Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert one hear of Zhao Hai said. Stares, then turned the head to look at Nascent Soul Stage cultivator of good roaring flame sect, at their eyesight, nature could look, Spiritual Qi of this person truly by the seal, several people had not been said anything, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert nodded said : to give us, you do not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this person is in the roaring flame sect one of the famous Crafting Master. If we have destroyed completely the roaring flame sect, that later this crafting valley here feared that must restore. Has this person to crafting valley very familiar with, to our Black Tiger Group is very important.” That several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert one hear of Zhao Hai said. Stares, then several people looked that Nascent Soul Stage Expert look some are not right, must know that crafting valley here regarding Black Tiger Group, has to attract gravitational force really very much, if this person can help Black Tiger Group constructing really the crafting valley, then regarding Black Tiger Group, may really be too important, therefore this person in these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, immediately turned into the treasure now. The Zhao Hai look at that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he also really feared that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert one is mad, a palm of the hand fellow of this surrender patting, therefore he said such words, because fellow Zhao Hai of this surrender knew, before he, refines that crafting grandmaster of glove to Zhao Hai, the raging fire elder. Is elder who in a crafting valley became famous, is a very smooth person, he takes certainly protect his life as first to want the thing, therefore he, when to others crafting, good material, but has not collected little, Zhao Hai delivered in the past was eternally innumerable he to stay behind much, later he crafting has defended Magical Artifact with these materials to himself, was Magical Artifact of that coke-bottle, relying on this Magical Artifact, he can block Earth Fire, lives to the present. However this smooth fellow, most will actually look at the situation, he looked, keeps crafting valley there is waiting for death, but Zhao Hai after saying that a few words words, he instead to is thinks that Zhao Hai must accept their surrenders, after must accept a surrender of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, does not let his seal activated Spiritual Qi, that was too false, any Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert is not good to deal with, non- seal Spiritual Qi, they, if sticks out suddenly rebel to be what kind. Therefore Zhao Hai lets their seal Spiritual Qi, this point clarified him is a little sincerity, therefore the raging fire elder prepared gambling, he knows that his defense Magical Artifact could not support how long, that might as well was calling this time, bet one, if can live well, cannot live, was early dead a while, therefore he toward complied to surrender . Moreover the seal own Spiritual Qi, was very obvious, he bet to win. Zhao Hai looked that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert attached great importance to the raging fire elder, his then said : several Martial Uncle, some youngster also matters, here gave several Martial Uncle.” Several people nodded, the Zhao Hai then personal appearance moved, vanishes before the people. But at this time in the crafting valley several other Nascent Soul Stage cultivator somewhat could not insist that cultivator attach great importance to their Dao doctrines, valued own life, now looked that the raging fire was used this method rescuing unexpectedly, they also had some ideas.

But the Zhao Hai attention crafting valley there situation, has also delivered not long after the raging fire in Zhao Hai, several other Nascent Soul Stage strong Expert successively have also surrendered, these Nascent Soul Stage Expert have not been blocking them, they are also rotating now with these Nascent Soul Stage Expert same thoughts. cultivator, his strength is formidable, he more fears death, wants dead without any cultivator, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert naturally are also so, their very clear, oneself were enters in Black Tiger Group, by their strengths, minimum can also fish to elder dāng dāng, Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, no matter what in guaranteed in one Sect, was very important existence, Black Tiger Group is also same. although Zhao Hai did not have to say one belongs to that one Sect, but these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert have thought that the opposite party was the Black Tiger Group person, because of roaring flame sect with other Sect, not such big hatred, only then Black Tiger Group the person must extinguish a they reason, therefore they believe that their match certainly was Black Tiger Group. Reason that these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert were still insisting now that is because before them, lacks one to take the lead, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert has own dignity, is working as these many surface with level person, they are embarrassed the first surrender, this instead to letting them refused to compromise in there. However along with time past bit by bit, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert somewhat could not insist, because of present Earth Fire getting hotter and hotter, even if were their these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert feared that could not insist how long. The fierce good day looked at people one eyes, then deep voice said : everybody, is makes the choice the time, I also knew everybody behind the fellow, but sometimes must think for oneself, therefore everybody look at office.” Said fierce good day said loudly: My willing to surrender!” Said that his immediately seal own Spiritual Qi, like before, he also had then been picked. One has two, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert do not want in insisting, but somewhat cannot put aside the face, if the fierce good day said for one minute at the evening, feared that had others to surrender first, now the fierce good day this falls is better, other person immediately have also surrendered, but among in the blink of an eye, Zhao Hai has projected the crafting valley them. However Zhao Hai not really complete believes these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, when these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert enter Space rift, Zhao Hai in one time their Spiritual Qi to seal activated, having let opportunity that they want to strike finally not to them. crafting valley here these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert are in them Strongest, now these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert have surrendered, is only people in that several stone building, naturally insufficiency to ponder. After waiting for these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to surrender, Zhao Hai immediately control the Vermillion Bird seal, was receiving all magma, raging fire valley there Earth Fire was also smaller.

But these stone building make Earth Fire to come to them to provide energy, now Earth Fire is small, formation on these stone building, energy immediately was insufficient, but Zhao Hai seize the opportunity in one time has actually revealed Yama Ship, carries on the impact that keeps to that several stone building, quick stone building cannot insist, collapsed loudly, stone building inside person naturally had not run, all by these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert butchering. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert also felt that very aggrieved, entire crafting valley here equal to is a Zhao Hai person destroying completely, their although come, is a strength does not have, this said that enough loses face, now killed the inadequate tiger, several small fry were also good, most at least they also gave a little strength. Zhao Hai has not cared about that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert idea, these ordinary cultivator, butchered also butchered, his present although status is not ordinary, but could not have managed the heads of these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but he did not let the words that some Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert began, that appeared was too wide, will cause some Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert disaffection that he managed. Zhao Hai knows that these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is belongs to Black Tiger Group some big influence, he offended this Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, offended that big influence on equal to, this regarding him is not the good matter. After Zhao Hai hitting to collapse other three stone building, crafting valley here had been ruined finally completely, Zhao Hai immediately is putting up Yama Ship, is bringing these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, flies in the General Hall direction of roaring flame sect, there also has the fight to wait for them. To be continued.. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;