Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1749

The fight of crafting valley here ended such quickly is these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert has not thought that they think crafting valley here will have one to turn struggles hard, after all the crafting valley here material they have also looked, but they have not actually thought that to here they hitting several flies, any matter has not done, this makes these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert at heart somewhat awkward. Now they also really feared that General Hall there of roaring flame sect also by Black Tiger Group defeating, them has been possible really to complete fighting of time most relaxed extermination. However very obviously that is impossible, General Hall there of roaring flame sect is not crafting valley there, crafting valley there strength although is good, but crafting valley there actually biggest imperial, that is the place canyon is small, not suitable Great Magical Artifact to war, therefore crafting valley there does not have Great Magical Artifact. But Zhao Hai uses the method these Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, gave to stop up in the crafting valley, making these person of simply not have the means to come out, then with Earth Fire attack, these Earth Fire attack compared several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert also to want formidable. But roaring flame sect the situation of General Hall there may not be different, but since there the center of roaring flame sect, has defended is strongest, moreover in roaring flame sect all Great Magical Artifact, almost centralized in General Hall there, Black Tiger Group wants to capture General Hall of roaring flame sect is not that easy. Great Magical Artifact of roaring flame sect, in Northern Divergent Province here is also being very famous, known as raging fire War Chariot/Tank, listening to this name to know, this was one type of is partial in fire attribute Great Magical Artifact, attack strength very formidable. When Zhao Hai they arrived at General Hall of roaring flame sect. The liveliness of here hit. although Zhao Hai gave the seal roaring flame sect here all Transmission Formation, moreover their General Hall Mountain Guardian Great Formation destroying, but generally speaking, General Hall here of roaring flame sect has withstood Black Tiger Group attack. Sect Master of roaring flame sect stands on raging fire War Chariot/Tank personally, the Black Tiger Group war, Black Tiger Group here iron Zhan Tian is also personal putting on armor and going to battle, two Great Sect Sect Master personally began, the following person naturally is the attack of going all out, but until now, both sides by Great Magical Artifact attack give priority to. At this moment Zhao Hai they arrived. Looks at the situation in battlefield, Zhao Hai immediately to these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said : Martial Uncle, please first keep on Yama Ship , helping youngster. We destroyed Great Magical Artifact of several roaring flame sects to say first.” These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert know that Zhao Hai regarding the operation of Great Magical Artifact may also very formidable, previous time with Wandering Soul Group to the war, he refer to near Zhang Feng Treasure Ship, has ruined the Wandering Soul Group about ten ghost's face ships, this matter has spread in Northern Divergent Province, now may nobody dare underestimated Zhao Hai to drive the Great Magical Artifact ability. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert nodded, Zhao Hai wields, in the Yama Ship direct battlefield overran, the arrival of Yama Ship has naturally brought to the attention of both sides. Iron Zhan Tian looked at Zhao Hai they such quickly on appears in here, cannot help but gawked, he does not think that Zhao Hai will give to destroy completely crafting valley there within such short time, therefore he saw Zhao Hai their appears in here, thinks that crafting valley there had anything to change. When iron Zhan Tian wants called Zhao Hai to come to ask, present signalling jade sword has flown his front, he received the signalling jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, this presently this jade sword unexpectedly is the Zhao Hai combat report. Zhao Hai told him, crafting valley there had been destroyed completely. Just saw this information time, the first response of iron Zhan Tian does not believe that but afterward is actually a great happiness, because he believes that Zhao Hai will not deceive at this matter his. This let iron Zhan Tian mind Dading, started command(er) these Great Magical Artifact fully carried on attack to Great Magical Artifact of roaring flame sect. However in the following battlefield actually turned into the Zhao Hai performance time. Zhao Hai drives Yama Ship to batter in the battlefield, flexible looks like swimming fish, but the body of this fish is actually the belt thorn, the raging fire battlefield that so long as was bumped into by him, does not have one to be complete, almost all received the heavy wound, some ruined directly. Zhao Hai such performance, naturally also caused the roaring flame sect Sect Master attention, roaring flame sect Sect Master regarding the Zhao Hai name knows that must say, now Zhao Hai in Northern Divergent Province here was also known, the person who his true strength, knew was few, the people mostly only know that good of his Great Magical Artifact operation, met Space Divergent Technique, other on and don’t know.

But now Zhao Hai drives Great Magical Artifact to batter in the battlefield, Sect Master of roaring flame sect thinks that does not pay attention to him to be difficult, but after noting Zhao Hai, he understand, why Northern Divergent Province here spreads Zhao Hai to be good at operating the Great Magical Artifact rumor, the rumor is not false, Zhao Hai uses the flexibility Great Magical Artifact like small Magical Artifact, this when to the war, naturally fights completely the small advantage. Sect Master naturally not look at Zhao Hai of roaring flame sect this way, therefore two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said : of his immediately to his side you sends out ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, must I block the Zhao Hai person, killing him was best.” That two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert complied with one, immediately transmitted orders, before long ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert threw toward Yama Ship. Zhao Hai also Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that notes these to throw, he shows a faint smile, turns the head several Martial Uncle to behind numerous Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said :, a while please 20 Martial Uncle make a move, as soon as possible that ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert solving, has been able to kill as far as possible kills, wound its ten fingers are inferior to its one finger.” These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert have stood on Yama Ship look at Zhao Hai command(er) Great Magical Artifact is performing, they are really some understand, why Zhao Hai do not make them keep on Yama Ship, they busily cannot add on, is keeps them to see a play on Yama Ship? They had several to be discontented to Zhao Hai in that moment. However was quick they not to think, because that ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert threw toward Yama Ship time they also saw, in one hear of Zhao Hai words, they cannot help but has had a respect to Zhao Hai, obviously Zhao Hai because has already thought this point will therefore make them keep on Yama Ship. Therefore now one hear of Zhao Hai said. The people nodded. Has not spoken, Zhao Hai has not cared, he has been paying attention to that ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, simultaneously control Yama Ship is retreating toward the battlefield outside, thinks evidently probably is getting rid of the pursuit of these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. But on the ship Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, saw that the Zhao Hai procedure knows he wants to do, on the ship these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert cannot help but excited, because they know, they give full play must arrive. Iron Zhan Tian also noted the Zhao Hai there situation, his immediately turned the head black mole to his side Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said :. Quick, arranging the person to support Little Hai.” This black mole old name called wooden black, was iron Zhan Tian Junior Brother, was iron Zhan Tian hardcore supporters and brain truster. But his very low key, iron Zhan Tian is meeting time, little will be leading him, in Black Tiger Group, knows the person who he has are really not many, he looks like the iron Zhan Tian shadow, except for Hu Liang early morning their a small number of several people knows that outside his existence, other people regarding do not have what impression. These time copes with the roaring flame sect regarding Black Tiger Group important, therefore he appears in the iron Zhan Tian side, having helped iron Zhan Tian offer advice. One hear of iron Zhan Tian said. Wooden black cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Senior Brother, do not worry, you have forgotten, may not come back with these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that Little Hai goes, I think that these people certainly also on Little Hai Great Magical Artifact, Little Hai draws back now, fears to tidy up these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert of roaring flame sect.” A wooden black such saying, iron Zhan Tian cannot help but gawked, then has patted head said : right, these fellows have not come back. It seems like is really the idea of Little Hai, this youngster, HaHaHa.” But when the iron Zhan Tian speech, Zhao Hai Yama Ship the battlefield, that ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert have been in hot pursuit in behind. Saw that this roaring flame sect Sect Master suddenly has the one type of not wonderful feeling. At this moment, suddenly from Zhao Hai Yama Ship put on 20 people to come. These 20 people may be Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, they fly from Yama Ship, throws toward these Expert of roaring flame sect. Sees this situation, Sect Master complexion of roaring flame sect changes, then said loudly: Was not good, was swindled, quick, sent for supporting there.” Along with his order, immediately/on horseback 20 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert fly toward Yama Ship there, but Yama Ship here stopped, coordinating Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator of these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert right roaring flame sects to carry on attack.

But at this moment, the person of roaring flame sect support arrived, on Zhao Hai Yama Ship immediately/on horseback departed 20 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, both sides launched a war in there, although said that Black Tiger Group had the superiority in population, in a short time the person but who wants to tidy up the roaring flame sect was also not that easy, after all in Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert of both sides, did not have the strength to cross opposite party too many Expert, cannot play doing that gave the final word to use, both sides one under on refusing to compromise to live. But Zhao Hai actually withdrew from the fight at this time, in the there fight may all be Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, although he does not fear these people, but he does not want too early exposed his strength, therefore he withdrew from the fight directly, harnessed Yama Ship in one time to crash in the main battlefield. Saw that Zhao Hai flushed, the Sect Master cannot help but headache of roaring flame sect, to be honest now roaring flame sect although he has defended, but actually continuously at inferiority, but Zhao Hai this flushed to be extraordinarier, the defense line of roaring flame sect is in imminent danger, what was most essential, he did not have the means to cope with Zhao Hai now. Strength although of roaring flame sect is very strong, but actually impossible appears that many Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if their Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that many, they feared really already went extinguishing Black Tiger Group, but like the present, did not get the gate to come by Black Tiger Group. Enters from Zhao Hai to the battlefield to the present, he has ruined five Great Magical Artifact, this is not a small number, this is also the roaring flame sect Sect Master most headache place. Iron Zhan Tian is actually excited of face, Black Tiger Group other person also excited, their morale rises sharply, attack was fiercer, the roaring flame sect danger. In this time, a suddenly coldly snorted sound is transmitting, then incomparably powerful imposing manner shoots up to the sky from the roaring flame sect, presses toward the Black Tiger Group people. Felt that this imposing manner Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, he knows that finally was guessed by oneself unfortunately, in the roaring flame sect really also likes Hu Dingshan same Supreme Elder. Thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately command(er) Yama Ship has been drawing back slowly, simultaneously Black Tiger Group other people also felt that this imposing manner, they also gave up their match, retreat slowly. But the person // quickest writing of roaring flame sect Renew -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Does not have the advertisement // one to feel that this imposing manner, is actually complexion changes, then the great happiness, attacks toward the Black Tiger Group person, but Black Tiger Group originally occupies superiorly, they want to draw back, the person of roaring flame sect also takes them not to have the means that even the fights of these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert stopped, returned this square-shaped formation camp. The Black Tiger Group person naturally does not have what good complexion, just that imposing manner was really too astonishing, making them think of Hu Dingshan, how Hu Dingshan previous time coped with Wandering Soul Group, many Black Tiger Group people may be have seen, to be honest, they also really very much feared, the Expert of roaring flame sect also like Hu Dingshan. Quick fire light shoots up to the sky from the roaring flame sect thorough mountain, that flame reflected sky probably red, was similar to the volcano spurts was the same, then that fire light changed prescriptions, flew toward battlefield here, in that flame had one to destroy all imposing manner, was really too astonishing.

Before long that fire light to two battle formation light, then saw clearly that fire light true feature from the person, that fire light is a diameter about hundred meters big Fireball, but in that big Fireball middle, is sitting cross-legged to sit a person. That is white light old person, he looks like already very old, the head ended white, on the face has covered entirely the old person spot, appearance that two eyes also muddy, being on the verge of death, was so more miserable than Hu Dingshan. Stature very tall and big of this person, even if sits in there , has almost the height of normal person, a red cultivator clothing/taking, actually still cannot cover his senile. However old person still the angry-looking look at Black Tiger Group people, coldly snorted said : Black Tiger Group youngster, who have given your courage now, dares to run up to our roaring flame sect to come to act unruly unexpectedly?” This old person although was very good, appearance that momentarily possibly can die, but his imposing manner is actually not weak, presses feeling that Black Tiger Group some people one type of have not gasped for breath, this shouts a question, like blow to the head same hitting in iron Zhan Tian their heads, iron Zhan Tian they felt own a little dizziness vision, the breath is impeded. Is entering in this, a lion roar spreads from the Black Tiger Group team, along with also similarly astonishing imposing manner that the sound of lion roar spreads, this imposing manner appears , one imposing manner that roaring flame sect that Supreme Elder came out keeping off, but took advantage of opportunity has pressed, making that Supreme Elder complexion of roaring flame sect change. Then a sound conveys said : fiercely positive, has not thought that you are also living, good, HaHaHa, fantastic, made you run in the past, this time I thought that you run toward there, take this.” The voice falls, 12 giant metal beasts toward that Supreme Elder fierce Yang Pu of roaring flame sect in the past. These 12 metal beasts naturally are the Zhao Hai 12 metal beasts, but now operates these metal beasts, is Hu Dingshan. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;