Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1750
? Hu Dingshan now in Space ten points comfortable, he does not use for his life worry, moreover presently he had many friends, although these friends a little are strange, they only like making itself the matter that likes handling, his present slowly, this life style was very afterward good, can make itself the matter that likes handling, is really a very lucky matter. \; Books pavilion - ... Hu Dingshan has been used to the life in Space now, looks like in Hu Dingshan, even if were his already becomes in his memory fuzzy native place Immortal Realm, feared that was also inferior in Space the comfortableness, because in here, without any battle, you can do the matter that you want to do. However regarding the Black Tiger matter, Hu Dingshan is very careful, after all Black Tiger Group is effort of their Black Tiger clan, what represents is their Black Tiger clan in the Cultivation World here mark. But Zhao Hai before attacks roaring flame sect, has thought most badly has planned, therefore he had greeted with Hu Dingshan ahead of time, making Hu Dingshan want make a move when necessary. Hu Dingshan recovered to the optimum condition now, his strength also restored to the optimum condition, therefore is he now cannot personally act, can only operate Great Magical Artifact in Space, its strength also absolutely was quite terrifying existence. When Hu Dingshan command(er) 12 metal beast release come, when imposing manner, immediately has crushed the elder of roaring flame sect, but the elder of roaring flame sect is fierce, in hears the Hu Dingshan sound, is complexion changes. Hu Dingshan sound although comes out through 12 metal beasts, but can actually hear, in his strength sound the air/Qi is full. Does not reveal the senile, aggression that in that sound disclosed. Is everybody can hear, that does not have aggression continually, if king of beasts, is inspecting own territory. The person of roaring flame sect hears the Hu Dingshan sound, complexion changes, waits to see that 12 metal beasts clash likely the fierce positive time, their complexion were uglier. Fierce positive look at that 12 metal beasts. coldly snorted said : your this old ghost has not died, I give up dead, how many only mechanism beasts puts to cope with me? Hu Dingshan, you were really more live.” Unyielding that on his mouth although said that in the hand has not actually stopped, his hand proceeds to wield. Everywhere Inferno welcomed toward 12 metal beasts. That fire is passing purple in red unexpectedly, looks at the flame is not easy with it generation. The fact fiercely positive seems like the flame that exits conveniently, is his one type of important attack method, fierce positive True Fire, according to legend was fierce positive integrates in the flame the prestige of Sun's True Flame, one type of special flame that manufactured, attack strength very formidable. Magical Artifact meets this type of flame, meets first falls by refining.

However 12 metal beasts may, no matter these, they have crashed directly in the flame, the effects of these flame on 12 metal beasts is it can be said that minimal. Fierce positive sees this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, then his hand pinches Magic Secret Art, silently said: Heavenly Flame meteor!” Along with sound, his head sky suddenly by one layer thick red Cloud blocking from. Then meteor come down from the sky, pound toward 12 metal beasts. 12 metal beast immediately divide six. Welcomed to the meteor that these have pounded, but other six then went toward the fierce false attack. But fierce positive this time was actually both hands continually wields, Fire Dragon departed from in his hand, after waiting for Fire Dragon to depart, person slowly increases, then attacked toward 12 metal beasts. But that six welcomed to the meteor metal beast, quick gave to shoot down these meteors, these Fire Dragon as if have not had the tremendous influence to them, therefore they still toward fierce positive flushed away. But fierce positive complexion in one time changed, nobody compared with him understood that own situation, his situation was similar to the former Hu Dingshan situation, they have come to the life end, the life completely, this regarding any cultivator, is a very sorrowful matter, especially regarding Expert, they always felt own has plenty matter has not completed, but they that time, their almost anything have not actually done, because they all time and experiences used, in has continued in own life. Fierce positive these time comes out, is wish makes Black Tiger Group give way before difficulties, but he has not actually thought that unexpectedly Hu Dingshan directing, his situation not suitable has fought, now his strength, 1/10 of insufficient most flourishing time, but Hu Dingshan although in the command(er) Magical Artifact fight, but the strengths of 12 metal beasts, can actually make Hu Dingshan wield his most flourishing time 50% fighting strength, two a comparison, fierce Yang Ziran completely comfortable leeward. Fierce positive although also wants to counter-attack, but did not have opportunity, 12 metal beasts threw the fierce positive side, the strength of fierce positive present also only remaining defense. Black Tiger Group and person of roaring flame sect, is paying attention to the fights of person fierce Yang He 12 metal beasts, in their opinion, that is determines the both sides destiny the war. However Zhao Hai actually does not think that now two Old Monster of both sides in the there fight inextricably involved, they do not have the means to come other Doppelganger tube matters, the matter that under that they must handle only then, was calling this opportunity, defeats the roaring flame sect at one fell swoop. Thinks of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai without demur, the hand wields, before the Yama Ship light goes flushes away, simultaneously Zhao Hai also knows that at this time was not when the hideaway strength, his hand moved, his all Great Magical Artifact by let out, Yama Ship, the pagoda, were adding on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the sword shuttle, these Great Magical Artifact by Zhao Hai let out, were all attacked toward the defense line of roaring flame sect. But at this time the attention of both sides people also centralized in raging fire with the battles of 12 metal beasts, nobody wants to meet Zhao Hai attack since this time. Iron Zhan Tian and Sect Master of roaring flame sect stares, but their immediately responded afterward, iron Zhan Tian naturally was needless saying that his first response was the big hand wields, fully attack, but Sect Master of roaring flame sect was actually complexion changes, aspect appears that because he most does not want to see. However he has to meet head-on now, because Black Tiger Group has unleashed an attack all along the line. But Zhao Hai this takes the lead to attack, most uncomfortable must say that was fiercely positive, he thinks one acted, will make Black Tiger Group give way before difficulties. Has not actually thought that will fall to this situation, now the roaring flame sect here air/Qi gentleman compared was lower before. This may absolutely not be good deed.

But fierce positive does not have the means to change this condition, because attack of 12 metal beasts was really too violent, he from giving a thought to not flaw, that sometimes bypassed other people. But at this time Zhao Hai attack also arrived, Yama Ship has crashed raging fire Yu Che directly, then other Great Magical Artifact also prestige, hit toward these War Chariot/Tank of roaring flame sect on. These people of roaring flame sect were perplexed at once unexpectedly. How their really don’t know must deal with this situation, but is Sect Master although of roaring flame sect in the command(er) fight of going all out, however the final result is not quite good, roaring flame sect because of fierce Yang Luo in leeward, but morale frustrates greatly, was adding on Zhao Hai attack is really too fierce, therefore they at once unexpectedly complete falling to leeward. Fierce does not have positive is more miserable. But afterward iron Zhan Tian their also completely join to regiment . The situation of roaring flame sect was more critical at once, but fierce positive sees this situation, is both eyes wants to crack, in the fierce positive eye flashes through a ruthless color, then his hand turned, has put out medicine pill, this medicine pill all over the body was fiery-red. Above mist twines, looks like Fireball that looks like burnt. This medicine pill in Cultivation World is very famous, the known as raging fire commits suicide by fire pill, one hear of this probably are not good thing, like aphrodisiac, but in fact is not, this is medicine pill that can the instantaneous strength increase, but after this medicine pill eats. Combustion Life Force of person, one, but this person fights too long words. Feared is other after the fights, his life also arrived. But fierce positive say nothing. He is the life near person, now he eats up this raging fire to commit suicide by fire pill, almost with courting death has not distinguished, but fierce positive actually has to such do, if he cannot shiver 12 metal beasts, cannot repel Black Tiger Group, that roaring flame sect was finished. But the fierce positive movement actually all looked by Zhao Hai in the eye, Zhao Hai although fights the delight with the person these people of roaring flame sect now, but he actually continuously attention fierce positive situation, his very clear, if makes fierce get strength back really positive, that bad luck was they. Now looked that fierce positive suddenly put out strange medicine pill to eat, Zhao Hai did not know well, looked that fierce positive that face expression Zhao Hai of renouncing knows, this old youngster must go all out. The first response of Zhao Hai is, immediately command(er) these Great Magical Artifact give to tie down Magical Artifact of roaring flame sect, simultaneously Yama Ship immediately has been separated from the battlefield, flies tiger ship there that iron Zhan Tian was at directly, then the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved appears in the iron Zhan Tian side, iron Zhan Tian looked at Zhao Hai to come, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : how Little Hai?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : Gang Master, quick is more centralized Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to my Yama Ship on, I just noted, has eaten medicine pill fiercely positive, he ate medicine pill at this time, definitely was not the good deed, if made him get rid of the entanglement of Supreme Elder Magical Artifact, our troubles were big.” Iron Zhan Tian complexion changes, his immediately/on horseback turns the head to wooden black said : small black, makes Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that all has not begun enter to Little Hai Yama Ship in quickly, Little Hai, do you have to note, what he eats up is what medicine pill?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have, red medicine pill, above has the mist winding, probably is small Fireball is the same.” Iron Zhan Tian complexion changes said : raging fire commits suicide by fire pill, it seems like that old youngster must go all out.” At this time under the wooden black arrangement, in Black Tiger Group remaining Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert entered in Zhao Hai Yama Ship, wooden black, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert naturally are knew that wooden black, but wooden black with, did not have to facilitate Zhao Hai command(er), wooden black was feared that Zhao Hai could not suppress these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert did not listen to Zhao Hai, that may trouble, therefore he also followed.

But Zhao Hai looked that all people got up Yama Ship, immediately holds the fist in the other hand to iron Zhan Tian, the flashes body returned to on Yama Ship, has harnessed Yama Ship to overrun in the direction that fierce is at positive. Actually these Undead Creature in just by Zhao Hai Space, Zhao Hai completely had confidence to cope was fiercely positive, but he does not want to expose his practice, therefore invited on these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert Yama Ship.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come the beginning to cast the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power.).. Are more, address Looks without the advertisement welcome To -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - …… Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;