Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1752

? Zhao Hai sits in Space, outside look at still in bustling about people, now Black Tiger Group and war of roaring flame sect already past ten days, but in these ten days of lived a lot, first is Wandering Soul Group after knowing Black Tiger Group has destroyed completely the roaring flame sect, immediately has carried on the exploratory attack to Black Tiger Group, but at that time Black Tiger Group Main Force did not have the domain of complete taking over roaring flame sect, if were hit by Wandering Soul Group seize the opportunity, that situation on big was not wonderful. \; Books pavilion - ... Is good because in Hu Liangchen who Black Tiger Group General Hall there assumes, Hu Liang early morning this old fox is not good to deal with, although normally is very sly, but this strong time, he will not flinch absolutely, these time is, Hu Liang early morning immediately strong, sends out army directly, stubbornly Wandering Soul Group keeping off beside Black Tiger Group border, making Wandering Soul Group not obtain point cheap, but receives iron Zhan Tian after information, is sends Zhao Hai to go back to support immediately, passed Transmission Formation in a big way some to withdraw from fight Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to deliver returned to Black Tiger Mountain Waishan defense line there, Wandering Soul Group looked unable to obtain any small advantage, immediately retreated, they also really feared that was coming by Hu Dingshan, then on gain does not equal the loss. After Wandering Soul Group retreats, Zhao Hai did not have what matter, but he actually received duty, that repairs Great Magical Artifact, this roaring flame sect and Black Tiger Group war, the loss of Great Magical Artifact was is not not small, in Gang Great Magical Artifact, if lost are too many, that was very passive, therefore iron Zhan Tian after the war, to Zhao Hai first duty was, must immediately, fix these Great Magical Artifact. In the hot character tablet of that loss regarding the roaring flame sect, Black Tiger Group does not have any attention, because the hot character tablet is not very heavy wants regarding Black Tiger Group, in Black Tiger Group need the domain of roaring flame sect. But people of roaring flame sect these surrenders, to do not have what change, they have accepted fate, now the entire roaring flame sect disappeared, they the surrender to Black Tiger Group, can only surrender other Great Sect, or works as Rogue Cultivator. No matter surrenders other Great Sect, when Rogue Cultivator, regarding cultivator of these roaring flame sects, is not the good choice. cultivator of roaring flame sect, very clear, they, if stick together, in Black Tiger Group, will attach great importance, but must go to other Great Sect, that situation may not say, goes to other Sect, uncertain all people go, the one or two person goes, simply impossible to attach great importance. Ten days of in the blink of an eye on the past, now the domain of roaring flame sect already complete income Black Tiger Group domain, cultivator of these roaring flame sects, integration slowly to Black Tiger Group. But these Great Magical Artifact Zhao Hai fixed, Zhao Hai really does not have what matter now, he has prepared Fire God city there now. Laura they with Zhao Hai life long time, to Zhao Hai completely understand, they naturally also know that what Zhao Hai is thinking, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : „can Elder Brother Hai, go to Fire God city there?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this to go, I to have a look, the complete refining Vermillion Bird seal is any appearance.” The personal appearance moves, already appears in Fire God tablet there of Fire God city. The look at huge Fire God tablet, Zhao Hai cannot help but at heart sighed, but he also sighed, a personal appearance revolution, appears in the back of Fire God tablet, has then flown the place that had been dug, the hand wields the hot character tablet to take, then goes to toward that gap upper control the hot character tablet. .... The hot character tablet had forced in that gap slowly, the solid perfect fitting of seams, Zhao Hai has not really guessed the wrong, hot character tablet digs from the Fire God tablet. When hot character tablet complete in that gap, on the suddenly Fire God tablet red light broad and magnificent, bright of that red light, letting Zhao Hai has to close the eye, but his spiritual force could not feel that what change now Fire God tablet there lived.

Then Zhao Hai heard one rumbling sound, he felt that probably entire Space vibrated, entire Fire God city in gently is rocking, this makes Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but change. However quick this rocking stopped, Zhao Hai searches with spiritual force, presently the entire Fire God city returned to normal, but those who make Zhao Hai strangeer is, although Fire God city here does not have what change, entire city by red made of stone, but Fire God in the city that strong fire element actually vanished, besides can see red giant city, almost did not have any special place. In looks at that Fire God tablet, became very ordinary, in point imposing manner, the character on Zhao Hai look at Fire God tablet, these characters has not become was very probably ordinary, without any beside, that most profound feeling vanished specially before. Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, meets to begin a revolution, has put out flying sword, a sword cuts toward the Fire God tablet on, after Zhao Hai wants to have a look at this Fire God tablet returns to normal, can be what change, can collapse flies his sword. The Clang! Zhao Hai sword cuts on the Fire God tablet, the bang, on entire monument suddenly emits the flame that soars to the heavens, the body of Zhao Hai is special, words that flying sword or Liquid Silver that he uses change, now feared that was he is fired the ash, flying sword feared also turned into the molten iron. The Zhao Hai clear feeling, just flame attack of Fire God tablet, was really too formidable, feared that was Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert does not have the protection words, was meeting the [say / way]. Zhao Hai understand why Fire God city here will have changed like this, the beforehand Fire God city looks is one fires, has burnt in him, all people can visit him to have very much strong attack strength, all saw that the people in Fire God city know this Fire God city is not affable, naturally, the Fire God city had not been seen by others. However the present Fire God city actually varied to want, the present Fire God city turned into one pile of gunpowder, normally looked like does not have anything probably, so long as your attack he, his immediately will explode, its explosion time, but attack strength very formidable. If the beforehand Fire God city is one long sword of sheath, that present Fire God city was one is put the long sword in scabbard, although left the long sword of sheath seems like more threatening, this that but all saw will guard against him the person of sword, but was put double-edged sword in scabbard, few individuals will actually guard, however his attack strength, compared with the long sword of sheath must even formidable. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, looked at a Fire God city, this personal appearance flashes, appears above the fire temple long table, but the Vermillion Bird seal is also placed above the long table now, nobody moves. Zhao Hai fell by the Vermillion Bird seal, looked at a Vermillion Bird seal, this slowly searched toward the Vermillion Bird seal with spiritual force, prepared to give refining the Vermillion Bird seal. However Zhao Hai spiritual force enters to the Vermillion Bird seal, he feels in the Vermillion Bird seal to have a soul to be the same probably, but this soul has actually been resisting with him, is not willing to submit to him. This cannot help but makes Zhao Hai stare, he has not thought that will experience this matter, but Zhao Hai has not actually thought the present withdraws, his immediately transfers own spiritual force, entered in the Vermillion Bird seal, has carried on the war with that consciousness in the Vermillion Bird seal. appears in the Vermillion Bird seal Zhao Hai phantom, but the Zhao Hai phantom opposite, is standing Vermillion Bird to confront with him. Zhao Hai conveniently Spiritual Attack, but Vermillion Bird phantom is no exception, flame are straight ~~ renewal ~~ meets Zhao Hai to attack. Zhao Hai does not dare to be negligent, that flame he can hide hides, really cannot shunt, uses Spell to block, does not dare to make his flame moisten to his body. Reason that Zhao Hai does not dare to make that flame moisten to his body , because he now energetic body, if were injured, that may really injure, moreover is very difficult to cure. Is good all Spell of meeting can use because of him, therefore he to does not fear this hear of Vermillion Bird birds, but Zhao Hai present lets he very surprised matter, that is the strength of this only Vermillion Bird bird probably slowly is stiffening, and is getting stronger and stronger.

This lets Zhao Hai greatly surprised, now this Vermillion Bird very difficult has only dealt with, if in the strengthen, he may unable to cope. Moreover Zhao Hai presently he now all Spell of meeting, copes with this only Vermillion Bird probably not too big use, Bright Sword Profound Technique is the same. Bright Sword Profound Technique specifically is used for Spiritual Attack, but to that only Vermillion Bird use is actually not big, this makes Zhao Hai feel being startled. That Vermillion Bird imposing manner is getting stronger and stronger, the brow of Zhao Hai is the wrinkle is also tighter, he has not really thought that this Vermillion Bird strength unexpectedly so is only strong, is so difficult to deal with, this way, feared that was this Vermillion Bird prints him not to have means refining, such words his equal to anything has not been fishing. although Zhao Hai not very cares about this side Vermillion Bird seal, but this type felt that he actually does not like, this person promised probably gives him thing, making him help to handle a matter, finally he has held the matter, but the opposite party actually did not plan that has given him thing, how this makes him not be mad. Reason that Zhao Hai look at that only Vermillion Bird , the intention phonograph, this only Vermillion Bird the strength becomes stronger and stronger, certainly has relationship with the Fire God tablet, certainly is because he Fire God tablet demobilizing, therefore this Vermillion Bird will only revive, and becomes stronger and stronger. suddenly Zhao Hai flash of intuition, his suddenly has thought thing, that is his 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation originally can only kill the thing of Five Elements, but after passing through his repeatedly Level Up, now 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation has been able to kill thing of Five Elements and spirit, can that cope with this only Vermillion Bird with 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation? Thinks that the here Zhao Hai intention moves, 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, immediately covers toward that only Vermillion Bird , that Vermillion Bird has not thought obviously Zhao Hai will come such one, one by 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation covering, then 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation started shrink slowly, that Vermillion Bird also presently the incorrect place, immediately wants to run out of 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, but he just hit on 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, is in a point, flame was also paler. Vermillion Bird has feared, but he also knows, if do not flush, that was waiting for death. That Vermillion Bird is different from the person, he did not have the means to run out of 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation getting smaller and smaller, strangled to death Vermillion Bird finally finally. Vermillion Bird one was strangled to death, Zhao Hai felt that Vermillion Bird printed immediately with having the contact, some one type of bloodline interlinked feelings, in Zhao Hai are infatuated with , in this feeling, the suddenly massive information, one entered in Zhao Hai mind, by Zhao Hai now that formidable spiritual force, felt head corona. When Zhao Hai dumbfounded, the entire Fire God city started to sway gently, then the Fire God city changed smaller, changed smaller, finally the entire Fire God city unexpectedly entire shrank inside Vermillion Bird Seal, but the Vermillion Bird seal was actually one submerges in the body of Zhao Hai. But what is more strange, the Fire God city vanished, these magma have not actually fallen, probably there still by any thing keeping off, magma still above slowly is flowing. But now Zhao Hai on static standing in that small Space that the Fire God city is, closes one's eyes, slowly is digesting the information in his head. Information that some little time Zhao Hai let out a long breath, just in that Vermillion Bird seal came, about the Vermillion Bird seal and Fire God city. This Fire God city Immortal Realm known as Fire God unsurpassed Magical Artifact of almighty construction, that known as Fire God almighty has used the millenniums the collection all kinds of materials, have then used for several hundred years, this Fire God city refining successfully, finally also obtained a piece Space Spirit Stone to make this side Vermillion Bird seal with him, and built up the center of Fire God city the Vermillion Bird seal, because simultaneously the Vermillion Bird seal was a piece Space Spirit Stone, therefore the Fire God city can receive in the Vermillion Bird seal, the Vermillion Bird seal on was the Fire God city, the Fire God city on is the Vermillion Bird seal. Because this Fire God city with planting various type most Advanced level fire attribute materials makes, therefore this Fire God city can absorb fire attribute Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth automatically, is helping the cultivator practice, moreover this Fire God in the city, but can also be occupied by the person, Fire God in the city can be occupied by any attribute person, however in the child of Fire God in the city birth, lived is inborn Fire Vein, regarding practicing fire attribute Cultivation Method was it can be said that twice the result with half the effort. It can be said that this Fire God city looks like Zhao Hai Space is the same, is a motion city, will make the in the city person stronger and stronger, absolutely is very formidable Magical Artifact, such Magical Artifact, naturally is the hiring caring, therefore refines Fire God city didn't have long time in Fire God, met attack of several people, Fire God has opposed the enemy with the Fire God city, finally actually the Fire God tablet destroying, Fire God also self-exploding died, when he died, the Space barrier actually cannot bear his self-exploding severe impact, but appears a crack, inhaled the Vermillion Bird seal and Fire God city., Lost in this Cultivation World finally.

Naturally these information are that only Vermillion Bird in Vermillion Bird seal pass to Zhao Hai, that only Vermillion Bird is Fire God, when makes the Fire God seal Artifact Spirit, in that only Vermillion Bird Soul Mark, only then Fire God Master, but the Fire God city when falls to Cultivation World , had been split up, was good has the function of self- repair because of the Fire God city, moreover these fragments left was not far, the Fire God city has used for a long time Fire God city fixing again, the remaining last fire character tablets had not only been taken back, but that fire character tablet had not been taken back, Vermillion Bird has not regained consciousness on the means.. Happen to at this time Zhao Hai came, moreover can carry on communicate with Mastering Infinity Profound Technique with the Vermillion Bird seal, Vermillion Bird was awakened consciousness, therefore he will make Zhao Hai go hot character Bei Zhao to come back, the hot character tablet installs, Vermillion Bird regained consciousness, Vermillion Bird awaking naturally cannot let the Zhao Hai refining hot character tablet, therefore lived the battle, because what a pity Vermillion Bird has not restored fighting strength, finally by Zhao Hai extinguishing, the Vermillion Bird seal lived however also by Zhao Hai refining, the Fire God city naturally also fell Zhao Hai in hand. .. Are more, address Looks without the advertisement welcome To -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - …… Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;