Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1753

? Zhao Hai is knows that now the origin of this Fire God city, this unexpectedly is Great Magical Artifact, can be either big or small Magical Artifact, what most important is, this Magical Artifact came from Immortal Realm, fears in Immortal Realm there, belongs to topest Magical Artifact, otherwise the hiring will not snatch. \; Books pavilion - ... But these information that he obtains, is passes to him by Vermillion Bird , but Vermillion Bird passes to his thing, mostly is some application method about Fire God city, as for the Immortal Realm there situation, had not mentioned that this makes Zhao Hai many somewhat depressed. However must say that this Fire God city also is really very good Magical Artifact, now the Fire God city can say that is also only a half-finished product, so long as in the add some material, the Fire God city can Level Up, the Fire God city slowly even be able Level Up to become relative independent space, the people live in there, looks like the life is the same in Small World, but this is also doing of Space Spirit Stone uses. The average people when manufacture Space equipment, use is ordinary Space Stone is adding on formation, manufactures subspace to come, but this subspace cannot be loaded with life thing, Space equipment that therefore general cultivator uses, can only regards Portable Warehouse. But Space Spirit Stone is different, Space Spirit Stone has Space, this Space size, has big relationship with the Spirit Stone level height, similarly , has big relationship with the refinement technique of person, highest level Space Spirit Stone can achieve a sand world the level, in other words, sand big scrap Space Spirit Stone, can form Small World generally. Let the people live in inside. Fire God is used to manufacture the a piece Space Spirit Stone of Fire God city. Obviously is also Advanced level goods, his inside Space size, Zhao Hai had looked, Space of there surface, does not compare planet to be small, for this reason, therefore Zhao Hai will think that this Fire God city has not finished. The fact is also so, the Fire God wind wanted to complete each and every one Small World internal Space of Vermillion Bird seal, even he also plans to receive some disciple same cultivator of toward Small World, comes to provide Strength of Faith to him. But was a pity that he just built up the Fire God city, was ganged up to surround and beaten up lethal, therefore cannot complete the Fire God city. Not only this Fire God city can be used for the person. Is Magical Artifact that may the merit be possible to defend, this Magical Artifact can be either big or small, strength very formidable, if at that time Fire God because of refining the Fire God city, but the strength drops, the help in Fire God city, he possibly also meets the whole body to draw back, fierce that too because what a pity the strength drops, he does not have the means to wield complete fighting strength of Fire God city, finally was given exterminate. Now this Fire God city fell Zhao Hai in hand. Makes Zhao Hai feel some weaks, but changes mind thinks that he feels relaxed, this Fire God city falls to his in hand, to is also a good deed, now good thing in Space to be many, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, Space is he biggest secret, how he does not have round cannot present, but thing in Space was too big to his help, he must use. Therefore the best means look for thing that can shield to Space, but this Vermillion Bird seal happen to meets his requirement obviously. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai looked that the look of this Vermillion Bird seal changed, he wants now the Vermillion Bird seal to the complete refinement success, after such words, he uses thing in Space. Was more righteous.

Zhao Hai carefully looked at Vermillion Bird to print one, the hand moves. Received in the Vermillion Bird seal Space directly, the Vermillion Bird seal just entered Space, in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: subspace of existing Host mark, may complete Small World, Space may provide the Level Up service for it, whether Level Up?” Zhao Hai one hear of this prompt sounds have cannot help but gawked, but immediately/on horseback said : Level Up!” a white light immediately the Vermillion Bird seal covering, also appears on white light a data strip, above had been demonstrating from zero to 100 digit, behind also hundred Branch, very much obviously that demonstrates the Level Up progress. This Level Up progress is not quick, can only be general, some little time that data strip starts slowly proceeds, but looks at that feared that is few hours is impossible to complete. Zhao Hai and Laura they stood in there looked at that data strip some little time, this returned to in the villa, sat one after the villa, Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I thought that the matter a little did not suit probably, you looked that we have taken away the Fire God city, why these magma have not fallen, moreover these didn't magma have an appearance of weakening? Doesn't this little suit probably?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded said : you to say also is really, I in careful look.” Laura nodded, the returned to of Zhao Hai flashes body that place that from Space the Fire God city was also. To that place that the Fire God city was, Zhao Hai stares, because can see in sky from there that magma river, that magma river entire Space reflecting red, but actually could not feel that a point quantity of heat, is only fire element is richer than other places. Zhao Hai has sized up that Space one, loses the Fire God city, this Space complete picture entered in the Zhao Hai eye finally, this Space real very enormous, because at that time the Fire God city at attire condition of maximization, Space very enormous that therefore occupied, now the Fire God city one is also received by Zhao Hai, here appeared specially the spatial ore, different big. area that this Space occupies, feared that has the 50% sizes of roaring flame sect domain, is the entire place of roaring flame sect, is not their General Hall there, obviously here big. Moreover here however fire attribute Spiritual Qi do not are more active than other places, however other Spiritual Qi are also many, are not less than General Hall there of outside roaring flame sect, if roaring flame sect there person earlier presently here, they can definitely become Northern Divergent Province few big influences. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, slowly has flown Space above, look at in the magma river that on Space calmly flows, cannot help but sighed at heart the god of creation is uneven. His personal appearance moves, entered in the magma river from that Space, Zhao Hai entered the magma river, for was feels, why the magma river will not fall to that Space.

This enters magma river Zhao Hai also really to feel that left some thing, is not that magma river does not flow toward that Space, but is that Space simply is small subspace, looks like these foreign Space is the same, he is ** beside Cultivation World, therefore magma cannot fall in that Space. This presently arrives makes Zhao Hai one happy, because this Space is not small, he can definitely make iron Zhan Tian they complete a secret base this Space, in that case, to the Black Tiger Group advantage is very big. Knows that Space is independent space, Zhao Hai does not have what is good because of the note, now what he wants to know, this magma river what's the matter. After the magma river transferred several, Zhao Hai finally understand here what's the matter, in this magma river here, has the heart of a piece Earth Fire, because has existence of heart of that Earth Fire, had this magma river, naturally here must have fire attribute Crystal Stone, but Zhao Hai actually does not want takes away the hearts and these fire attribute that Earth Fire Crystal Stone, because absolutely does not have that necessity. The heart of Earth Fire, in his Space has, moreover wants Advanced level compared with magma river here the heart of Earth Fire, as for fire attribute Crystal Stone, he does not lack, therefore Zhao Hai simply has not wanted the heart and Crystal Stone Earth Fire takes away. Zhao Hai leaves behind this magma river, to protect following that Space, this magma river, because long time comes under the influence of Fire God city, had has certainly realized, not only this consciousness these magma have, the heart of that Fire God also has, is keeping this magma river, looked for a free guard on equal to to following that Space, moreover can be reconstructed the crafting valley by Black Tiger Group in raging fire valley there, this is one is absolutely good to buy and sell, compared with takes to walk the watch the good business the heart and fire Crystal Stone Earth Fire. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but in time returned to that Space, then he started to establish Transmission Formation in Space, this Space he planned to give Black Tiger Group, making Black Tiger Group unfold with this Space. Quick Transmission Formation constructed, the Zhao Hai then flashes body entered in Space, looked at the Level Up situation in Vermillion Bird seal, has not thought that Level Up of Vermillion Bird seal somewhat left his imagination, compared with wants on quickly many, in having one hour that he estimated that feared that was can all levels of succeed. This presently lets Zhao Hai very happy, his returned to Space Villa, sat in there with Laura their together look at outside situation, now the person in Black Tiger Group very busy, because they just took over the domain of roaring flame sect, the has plenty matter must be done, what most important is, iron Zhan Tian wants to reconstruct the crafting valley, therefore was busy. But at this time, Northern Divergent Province has actually exploded the pot, in Northern Divergent Province here, like this extinguishing person Sect, seizes the person base industry the matter, had for a long time not to live, especially roaring flame sect Ke is not considered as that small Sect, but is medium grade on Sect, copes with one Sect, naturally is not easy. However Black Tiger Group has actually achieved, this is anybody has not thought that the Black Tiger Group strength, the Northern Divergent Province here people are clear, must destroy completely the roaring flame sect at one fell swoop, even if regarding Northern Divergent Province first Great Sect Ten Thousand Monster Sect is not the easy matter, do not say Black Tiger Group, because of this, therefore Black Tiger Group destroys completely information of roaring flame sect to pass on, the people's first response does not believe that after confirming information, the people on will feel that surprise, wants to know how Black Tiger Group is achieves. However actually nobody had the idea of Black Tiger Group at this time, because they know that Black Tiger Group in this fight, lost is not very big, moreover received the people of roaring flame sect many surrender, crossed the time Expert to be also many, can say that this fought, not only has not made the Black Tiger Group strength reduce, instead to was makes their strengths increase, began to Black Tiger Group at this time, that on was does not hit comfortably, nobody will do matter like this.

Is adding on Black Tiger Group and roaring flame sect originally has a grudge, Black Tiger Group copes with the roaring flame sect to be also normal, other Sect regarding the Black Tiger Group procedure, to do not have too many responses, has one Sect to be quite anxious, that is Wandering Soul Group.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come the beginning to cast the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power.).. Are more, address Looks without the advertisement welcome To -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - …… Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;