Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1754

? Original Chapter 679 secret base Wandering Soul Group naturally very anxious, because of their very clear, the roaring flame sect and Black Tiger Group grievances, has a large part Reason because of them, if not they reaches agreement to want together to cope with Black Tiger Group with roaring flame sect, Black Tiger Group and enmity of roaring flame sect Hates not to good type the situation of destroying the sect extermination Now the roaring flame sect was extinguished, this regarding Wandering Soul Group absolutely is not good information, because Wandering Soul Group is big with the hatred of Black Tiger Group, anxiety that therefore they naturally also add. \; Books pavilion - …… Also because of this, therefore Wandering Soul Group after knowing roaring flame sect by attack, immediately carries on attack to Black Tiger Group, was thinks him extinguishing Black Tiger Group with roaring flame sect together. However he has not actually thought that the fight of Black Tiger Group ended that finally they can only dingy retreated, but also because of this, therefore Wandering Soul Group adds to Black Tiger Group dreaded, they know that they lost latter to deal with the Black Tiger Group opportunity person, Black Tiger Group after obtaining the domain and person of roaring flame sect, formidable that their strengths can add, they in have wanted to cope with Black Tiger Group not to be impossible. Another to Black Tiger Group copes with the roaring flame ancestor's matter response quite in a big way is Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Ten Thousand Monster Sect is Northern Divergent Province first large Gang, they will not allow some people to challenge their status, matter that therefore their being forgiving Black Tiger Group very cope with the roaring flame sect, if Black Tiger Group in having anything moves, Ten Thousand Monster Sect feared that must meddle. However after the understanding, Ten Thousand Monster Sect to was not instead good to meddle, after all the roaring flame sect and Black Tiger Group hate enmity was placed in there, both sides pinched life and death simply are not any matters. However Ten Thousand Monster Sect has prepared for suppressing Black Tiger Group, they will not make Black Tiger Group unfold absolutely, otherwise that will possibly threaten them in the Northern Divergent Province here hegemonic position. But now Black Tiger Group and don’t know these, iron Zhan Tian is still busy absorbing the domain of roaring flame sect, if the domain of roaring flame sect absorbing Black Tiger Group, and has digested well, then to a Black Tiger Group not point advantage. Zhao Hai sits in Space look at these people are busy, he has not thought really must help, Zhao Hai does not like handling these matters, if he comes across these matters, generally gives Laura them to process.

In this time, suddenly Space promotion sound is transmitting said : subspace Level Up to be completed, asking Host to search and collect.” Zhao Hai one has stood, the personal appearance moved leaves the villa to arrive at Vermillion Bird to print there, Vermillion Bird seal static float in in midair, but the Vermillion Bird seal became was very now small, only then palm of the hand size. Zhao Hai spiritual force searches toward the Vermillion Bird seal, one was shocked, Space in Vermillion Bird seal became very different, Fire God city still in the Space middle position, but other places in Space become have the mountain to have the mountain to have the fertile farmland, probably turned into Cultivation World of his shrink sign completely. What is main, Space also planted a Elf tree in there unexpectedly, that was a very big Elf tree, moreover Zhao Hai can feel, in the tree root of that Elf tree, the root was spirit root. Before Zhao Hai, received spirit root to enter to Space, root unions of that spirit root with hundred Spirit Tree in together, but also slowly turned into spirit root hundred Spirit Tree other roots, but this Space also used this ability in Vermillion Bird Space, but Space has replaced hundred Spirit Tree with the Elf tree. Zhao Hai can imagine, Spiritual Qi in this Space will be certainly getting more and more full, besides these plants, in this Space really also has a Crystal Stone mineral lode, even also some Monster Beast. This makes Vermillion Bird Space Bireuen beautiful is fresh, Zhao Hai looked that this situation has cannot help but smiled bitterly, after this Vermillion Bird seal, must be used to fight, in the fight, feared that was here surface thing must be destroyed, now makes was too attractive and useful. However transmits the information on Vermillion Bird Space in very much, originally this Vermillion Bird Space himself has the automatic repair capability, now can the Space Riga spirit root, his self-recovery ability, so long as Vermillion Bird seal not by complete damage, that Vermillion Bird seal automatic repair slowly, but the Fire God city in Space, can put outside Space to carry on the fight, fire Tree City is also can be either big or small, very formidable. But the Vermillion Bird seal can also almighty be small, can use the Vermillion Bird seal direct fight, not near Vermillion Bird seal can only put to several meters high greatly, has not managed Law Idol to compare with the Fire God city, moreover must turn hard degree to come, he feared that is inferior to the Fire God city. Vermillion Bird prints itself not to be used to fight, he is in control constructs, thinks of the double-edged sword scabbard, the attack strength is not naturally good. Zhao Hai has not cared, to be honest, he had not planned fights with the Vermillion Bird seal, inside Fire God city he does not want to use, the Vermillion Bird seal covers to Space. Looked at the Vermillion Bird seal, after Zhao Hai the Vermillion Bird seal receives, Zhao Hai this returned to in Space Villa, he has planned in Space rest several days well, then, his present duty cultivates after all also requires the time. Also has rested for five days in Space, Zhao Hai this comes out from Space, then looks for iron Zhan Tian, now iron Zhan Tian must almost finish, the reconstruction of crafting valley there arranged, the roaring flame sect all domains of also received to complete, these roaring flame sect elimination cultivator, arranged, iron Zhan Tian naturally not to opportunity that they will bring together, therefore gave to separate to arrange them. However iron Zhan Tian also knows, the present is a very sensitive time, if their these cultivator to roaring flame sect, has the place that anything does not suit, these fellows will be will certainly not comply.

However iron Zhan Tian has not wanted to be what kind of them, so long as they do not cause trouble, betrays Black Tiger Group, wish of sincerity integrates in Black Tiger Group, iron Zhan Tian will accept their. Iron Zhan Tian is busy handling matter now, suddenly guard said loudly: Gang Master, Zhao Hai interview.” Iron Zhan Tian stares, but the immediately/on horseback said : guard has complied with one, then the gate pushes, Zhao Hai walked. Iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai laughs said : to be good to be small, now in entire Black Tiger Group feared that is you for relaxed, what kind, these repairs how?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to return to the Gang Master words, these have repaired have completed, today here hands over the command to Gang Master.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded, let out a long breath said : Artifact Cultivator good good, as the matter stands we no one feared that come, sits. ” Zhao Hai expressed gratitude, sat. Iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Little Hai, what method you with caused that before Earth Fire does fluctuate? Also with Earth Fire the crafting valley destroying, us has can reconstruct the crafting valley now, Earth Fire will not fluctuate in appears ?” Zhao Hai one hear of iron Zhan Tian said is exactly as one wishes, his immediately/on horseback said : Gang Master does not need to be worried, before coming here, I went to raging fire valley there to look, Earth Fire will definitely not have any issue, moreover today my also matter must you say to Gang Master, I when direct Earth Fire, went to the raging fire valley to search checked, in the below of raging fire valley, I present subspace, this subspace looked like foreign Space like existence, but there anything is not long, was only a big stretch of open area, but Spiritual Qi sufficiency, looked like can regard a secret base. With me has established Transmission Formation in there, Gang Master you looked that can send for having a look?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that iron Zhan Tian to stares, then his puzzled said : you determined that is subspace? Is he too the below of raging fire valley?” Zhao Hai nodded said : determination, that Space I have looked with own eyes, raging fire valley magma river from that Space above flow through.” Iron Zhan Tian deep voice said : that can Space ensure the security?” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that Space in the below of magma river, started to be worried about that Space security problem on immediately/on horseback unexpectedly. Zhao Hai nodded said : „should not to have issue, or Gang Master has a look with me.” Iron Zhan Tian thinks that nodded said : well, our together has a look.” Said that does not have immediately/on horseback to go with Zhao Hai, but makes people go Hu Liangchen, wooden black and iron hawk also had Zhang Feng their several people to invite. After waiting for several people, iron Zhan Tian this deep voice said : Little Hai in the below of raging fire valley, presently Space, there has been able to regard a secret base to use, he has established Transmission Formation in there, our together had a look such as, if there suited really works as Transmission Formation, that to us was also a good deed.” As soon as the people listened to him saying that shifted the body of Zhao Hai the vision, Zhao Hai also nodded to several people, Hu Liang early morning this turned the head to iron Zhan Tian said : Gang Master, I think that had a look also well, if there suited really builds a secret base, to us only then the advantage did not have the fault, now our Black Tiger Group although show good of , because these time among fight with roaring flame sects, made these big influences stare at us, we can many keep two cards in a hand to ourselves, has the advantage to our exhibitions very much.”

Iron Zhan Tian nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, arranges Transmission Formation, we have a look with your together.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, walks outward, he will certainly not arrange Transmission Formation to outside, but has arranged Transmission Formation in a Black Tiger Group General Hall yard. Before long Transmission Formation on the prepare, Zhao Hai asked iron Zhan Tian they to sit Transmission Formation, then flash of white light, the people arrived in that Space under magma river. One to that Space, iron Zhan Tian they have gawked, although Zhao Hai said the magma river in Space above, but looks now in the magma river that on Space calmly flows, iron Zhan Tian they were shocked, they have not really thought that can see the magma river in this Space unexpectedly directly. Some little time several people of let out a long breath, iron Zhan Tian turned the head I to say Little Hai to Zhao Hai forced smile said :, you slightly also were really fierce, such place can make you find, no wonder you said that here can regard a secret base, here truly was a secret base, if not through Transmission Formation, but also few individuals can come in, how did you come in?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to come here busy that but Supreme Elder helps.” As soon as the people listened also to feel relaxed, after all in their at heart, Hu Dingshan that was omnipotent existence. To be continued Looks without the advertisement welcome To -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - …… Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;