Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1755

Hu Dingshan looked at that Space all around one, nodded, deep voice said : here to is really a good base, if constructs a base in here, feared that is nobody can presently.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : here truly is good, but I looked that here is more suitable to practice the fire attribute Cultivation Method person to practice in here, Gang Master do you look?” Hu Dingshan nodded said : well, here truly is very good, here fire attribute Spiritual Qi is probably richer, if lets practice the fire attribute Cultivation Method person to practice in here, that effect will be better.” Spiritual Qi actually also has attribute, just no matter any attribute Spiritual Qi, can be inhaled in the body with ease, can change into own Spiritual Qi, what if you absorb is with Spiritual Qi of Cultivation Method that you practice with attribute, the practice will be quicker. Comes the here people are some Expert, naturally also understand this truth, moreover they can also the feeling of light Chu, Spiritual Qi in this Space be attribute that anything wants, therefore to the view of Zhao Hai and Hu Dingshan naturally will not oppose. Several people transferred a while in this Space, this through Transmission Formation returned to in the ground, in a returned to ground, the Hu Dingshan immediately arrangement person started to get ready in that Space to build the base, moreover elects is some loyal, practices fire attribute Cultivation Method cultivator. But Zhao Hai actually nothing, has established the matter of base not to need him to worry in that Space now, moreover his although is Core Disciple, but also opened mountain gate/entrance, but he has not received to a present disciple. Cannot strive for power and position. Therefore has not taken care these matters, instead to Black Tiger Group in idlest. However at this time, iron Zhan Tian actually received a signalling jade sword, iron Zhan Tian saw the content in jade sword, cannot help but complexion changed, then immediately Black Tiger Group all upper layer characters called in his study room, naturally also included Zhao Hai. When the people arrived at his study room, iron Zhan Tian complexion ugly looks at people said : today to call everyone/Great Clan, the matters must say to everyone/Great Clan that just I received the Ten Thousand Monster Sect letter. Ten Thousand Monster Sect this designation wants Little Hai to participate in Heavenly Demon to practice wushu!” Hears Heavenly Demon to practice wushu four characters, in the entire hall the flash has arranged, then buzz has blasted out, making to stare being perplexed Zhao Hai. Why understand everyone/Great Clan will not have such big response. Stands is complexion is also ugly in Zhao Hai Zhang Feng, but he sees the Zhao Hai puzzled appearance, immediately deep voice said : this Heavenly Demon practices wushu, is Cultivation World 9 Province one time acts in unison, main point to cope with a Heavenly Demon clan in territory Space, this Heavenly Demon clan is in foreign Space one of the strongest races, once for a while will rip open Space to invade Cultivation World, but Cultivation World once for a while entering to Heavenly Demon Space, will also go to carry on the war with that Heavenly Demon, enters Heavenly Demon Space. Called Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, for kills Heavenly Demon, to raise the Cultivation World prestige, although sounded scenery , was actually in Cultivation World most dangerous duty, the people who went to were a narrow escape, person who naturally, lived, the advantage were also many.” Speaking of here Zhang Feng to stop, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Heavenly Demon to surrender. But Heavenly Demon that surrenders can receive to Space equipment , can also load in pet equipment, the these days demon besides can help you fight, a most important point can provide Strength of Faith to you!” Does Zhao Hai stare, turns the head look at Zhang Feng said : Strength of Faith?”

Zhang Feng nodded said : well. Is Strength of Faith, is the Saint strength. Heavenly Demon one, but was surrendered, immediately can provide Strength of Faith for you, this regarding cultivator was really too important, but, Heavenly Demon was not similarly good to surrender, moreover in Heavenly Demon Space, has plenty day Demon Realm Expert, for serveral days Demon Realm Expert, not compared with the Cultivation World here Expert difference, therefore every time went to Heavenly Demon Space carry out arms drill, that was a narrow escape, was Cultivation World here most dangerous duty.” Speaking of here Zhang Feng to look at all around one, presently everyone/Great Clan look at he, obviously is made his well to Zhao Hai explains, Zhang Feng immediately then said : also because of this, therefore in recent years, little had cultivator to go to Heavenly Demon Space there carry out arms drill voluntarily, although said that Strength of Faith was very important, but the life was more important, now these Great Sect people, duty that Heavenly Demon Space practices wushu, regarding suppresses other Sect one type of methods, so long as various Sect ~~ - renewal ~~ had any famous young Expert, will be selected to enter to Heavenly Demon Space, but these people little had to come back. But well in this practicing wushu every 50 years one time, therefore various Sect to have not said anything, these time also really to Heavenly Demon has practiced wushu, but has not thought that they actually will directly mention by name to make you go, it seems like our Black Tiger Group these days show, entered the line of sight of these Great Sect, they wanted to suppress us, therefore first in looking for you, your youngster past was rushes to become famous.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice does said : go to Heavenly Demon Space to want how long? Their don’t know, can I pass and out all I have gone to foreign Space at will?” Zhang Feng shook the head said : to fear that is not good, all enters to the Heavenly Demon Space person, must stay full one year in Heavenly Demon Space, all people before entering Heavenly Demon Space, the body will have a piece Jade Token , only if you die in inside, otherwise this Jade Token will record you to do anything in Heavenly Demon Space, if you do not have dull full one year in Heavenly Demon Space, that nine Great Sect to you in Sect punishes, before , has to be able the Space Divergent Technique person, after entering Heavenly Demon Space, on immediately/on horseback back-spacing Sect, these Sect finally nine. Not gasping for breath of Great Sect suppression, the strength drops sharply with this excuse.” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he to nine Great Sect this overbearing procedure feeling by loathing, but he does not have the means that by his present strength, but also is not enough to contend with nine Great Sect, it seems like that this Heavenly Demon Space he did not go also to. Iron Zhan Tian turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these time feared that was you must. By our Black Tiger Group present strength. Also is insufficient rebel nine Great Sect, in any Great Sect in nine Great Sect, Expert like Supreme Elder, more than one, strength extremely powerful, is good because of you can Space Divergent Technique, to Heavenly Demon Space there, the whole body has drawn back should not be difficult, but you must guard against these other Sect cultivator carefully, if nine Great Sect people must cope really intentionally your. Certainly after will have, no matter what, protect own life is coming back, these Heavenly Demon. Does not want.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : went to not anything not, I am very confident to myself, moreover happen to I presently must practice a bottleneck, should exit to try to practice.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : on this jade sword saying that lets you five days later goes to the Ten Thousand Monster Sect set, when the time comes I will send several Transcends Tribulation Stage elders to go with your together, but they also can only arrive at Ten Thousand Monster Sect with you, goes to Heavenly Demon Space there not to be impossible, at the appointed time you must add carefully.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to need to be so troublesome. Now in the gang just needs to choose a person, I had been OK in the past, wants before has not gone to Heavenly Demon Space, they will not begin to me.” Iron Zhan Tian looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : well, depends on you, Little Hai, these time goes to Heavenly Demon Space there, what need do you have? No matter you have anything to request, so long as you say. in the gang will certainly achieve for you.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to use, my present condition is very good, Gang Master does not need to be worried, Gang Master, I went back first. Five days later leaves Ten Thousand Monster Sect.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, Zhao Hai to people gave a salute. Then turn around retreated. The iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai back, sighed lightly, deep voice said : everybody, I looked at the suppressions of various Great Sect to our Black Tiger Group, but just started, we should prepare now first.”

Hu Liangchen nodded said : I to look at Ten Thousand Monster Sect give priority to, otherwise Ten Thousand Monster Sect will not mention by name to make Little Hai go, Little Hai was very abundant in the Northern Divergent Province here reputation in the past, Ten Thousand Monster Sect there has possibly regarded a threat Little Hai, can therefore select the Little Hai name, now what I want to know, Ten Thousand Monster Sect is prepares fully the suppression we, but also wants to us a lesson, to let us honestly?” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : well, I also think that we can look at their follow-up actions, if they must the suppression we, that certainly have the subsequent party really fully, to us a lesson, behind that not to have extremely motion out of the ordinary, we wait to look.” The people nodded, although says by the Black Tiger Group present strength, but also is not enough to defend the Ten Thousand Monster Sect status, but has to recognize, Black Tiger Group after swallowing the domain of roaring flame sect, strength big increased, this made Ten Thousand Monster Sect have a vigilance, therefore they will want to suppress Black Tiger Group, so long as Black Tiger Group can pass through this difficulty, that future show be limitless in the future. In Cultivation World here, one Sect is powerful or not, wants the technique to have big relationship with several points, first looked that you have Expert to assume personal command, have Expert to make the town, other Sect do not dare to touch you easily, how second looks at your in the gang strength, if your in the gang, only then Expert, in any noteworthy character, that could not have said that is Great Sect, is third is to look at your in the gang rich, regarding any one Sect, money is very important, the richness on representing you will be having more commodities, has more commodities. You can train many Expert, your Sect also powerful, therefore is rich, is weighs a gang gate strength the important criterion, but the last point is look at you to have the domain. Not only this domain refers to the place that your Sect is at having Spirit Vein, but also refers to your Sect domain area, in your Sect domain has any special product, your Sect domain was big, the special product are also naturally many, Spirit Vein are also many, your Sect trains the place of capable person also to be naturally many, Sect naturally also slowly will expand. Entire Cultivation World, naturally is Central Saint Province there Spiritual Qi sufficient, commodity of practice also rich, therefore Central Saint Province there Sect, the strength compared with other places Sect of same level scale, the strength will also strive to excel on some, they naturally also think a cut above others. But Northern Divergent Province to other states, is not the good place, regarding Central Saint Province, Northern Divergent Province is barren land. However regarding Black Tiger Group, Northern Divergent Province here is actually a good place, moreover Black Tiger Group one swallowed the domain of roaring flame sect now, as the matter stands Black Tiger Group in the Northern Divergent Province here domain has in a big way, besides minority several Great Sect, other Sect, only from area of domain, is can't compare with Black Tiger Group. But most makes thing that in Black Tiger Group domain Ten Thousand Monster Sect they pay attention, Black Tiger Group by refining Monster Beast pill in Northern Divergent Province here becomes famous, but roaring flame sect there actually becomes famous by crafting, but in the Black Tiger Group domain, not only there is Black Tiger Mountain to produce the Monster Beast place like this, Luye mountain big mountain range, raging fire valley such natural crafting, these place any place almost can support medium grade Sect like this, but now Black Tiger Group unexpectedly under one has occupied three, this has no alternative but to be felt some envy by Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Ten Thousand Monster Sect currently very clear, Black Tiger Group had into Great Sect all conditions, must say Expert to assume personal command, they have, heard that Hu Dingshan is also living, did not say others, is only Hu Dingshan, sufficing lets the head pain, in the past Hu Dingshan was also able to move unhindered Cultivation World Expert, rushed out the illustrious prestige with own strength in Cultivation World, a such character, so long as knows that he was also living, any one Sect wanted Black Tiger Group to thinking well be good. Other strengths in Sect, Black Tiger Group also has, Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert may be many, but Nascent Soul Stage cultivator are more, comes forth generation of strengths of can say that is not weak in any medium grade influence, even is stronger than these influences, what did this explain? This indicated that Black Tiger Group training system does not have issue. Money Black Tiger Group does not lack, Black Tiger Group Monster Beast pill is very famous in Cultivation World, very marketable, every year can bring the huge income to Black Tiger Group, currently also has the crafting valley of roaring flame sect, Black Tiger Group was not short of money.

Domain Black Tiger Group does not lack, all into the Great Sect factor had, the Black Tiger Group future show, will be naturally limitless, but that might threaten Ten Thousand Monster Sect very much in the Northern Divergent Province status, therefore Ten Thousand Monster Sect will want to suppress Black Tiger Group. Hu Liangchen looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : Gang Master, I think that we should help two hands prepare now, first is to strengthen our defenses, in order to avoid Ten Thousand Monster Sect, if copes with us , our preparation does not have, that will be will suffer a loss, second will be relation other Sect that we must accumulate extremely, making Ten Thousand Monster Sect want to move us, will be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : „should such to do, strengthens defends this aspect to give me, relates other Sect matters to hand over give you, I to with other Sect communicate, am not really an expert, now Black Tiger Group is at a very crucial time, so long as we unfold, did not need to fear anybody.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : Gang Master feel relieved, gives me, Ten Thousand Monster Sect these years run amuck overbearing in Northern Divergent Province here, person don’t know that offend has many, I believe that we will certainly find the ally.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, he also hopes Black Tiger Group to be able pass through this time crisis. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;