Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1757

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 17 th ~ , Nbsp \; Chapter 682 is in a dilemma If any secret is too easy to know that is not valuable, secret has plenty on Zhao Hai, biggest secret naturally is existence of Space, he will not make anybody know existence of Space.( -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Network shuhaige selects com But Vermillion Bird Space exists as the shield of Space, sooner or later will make the person know that but Zhao Hai deliberately will not make the person know, because such words instead attend the meeting to annoy the person to suspect. Moreover Vermillion Bird Space although can't compare with Space, however such Magical Artifact, actually still very formidable, meets the hiring to covet, therefore Zhao Hai will not expose Vermillion Bird Space easily. However he if actually wants, Vermillion Bird Space one, but after the exposition, will have any consequence, therefore he needs to receive in Vermillion Bird Space these Heavenly Demon. But made matter that Zhao Hai has not thought of live, in Ten Thousand Monster Sect that elder said the words that will not force them to form a team, sound suddenly transmitted said : I to form corps, doesn't anyone of you want to participate?” Zhao Hai stares, looks following the sound, is that doubtful Ten Thousand Monster Sect, face arrogance cultivator, when Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, Ten Thousand Monster Sect elder deep voice said : I forgot to introduce to everybody, this was our Ten Thousand Monster Sect this time participates in the representative who Heavenly Demon practiced wushu, my Ten Thousand Monster Sect Core Disciple Lin Zhendong.” Zhao Hai to does not have what response regarding Lin Zhendong this name, but other Sect the responses of that cultivator were actually somewhat big, because they have heard Lin Zhendong this name. Lin Zhendong is Ten Thousand Monster Sect in recent years new young cultivator, he becomes famous in the nearest/recent several years, at that time he was Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, however his strength was actually very formidable, has experienced every large or small war more than hundred, did not have a defeat, moreover he in Nascent Soul Stage, with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert hard fierce, finally although has defeated, but actually the whole body drew back, that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert cannot leave behind him, can look from this point comes out his strength. Three years ago, Lin Zhendong finally Transcends Tribulation has succeeded, became Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, strength formidable, these three days of times, he is in Ten Thousand Monster Sect three ** the Core Disciple powerful competitor, the people have believed in fact, if not the practice commodity that 30 big Core Disciple obtains are more than Lin Zhendong, he feared that now is became three ** one of the Core Disciple. In Northern Divergent Province, Ten Thousand Monster Sect is Eldest Child, was existence of being a focus of public attention, in Ten Thousand Monster Sect appears any fierce character, other Sect were clear, therefore Lin Zhendong the reputation, other Sect also knew. h

hne-&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - / Advertisement entire writing tt downloading However Zhao Hai to Lin Zhendong actually don’t know many, because he in the past about ten years, has been closing up, regarding the Northern Divergent Province here situation is not very concerned about. However can also look from response Zhao Hai of these people, this Lin Zhendong certainly is a character, otherwise these people will not be such response. But now Lin Zhendong proposed that must construct the team, moreover opens the mouth who not to participate on said :?” Like this threatening meaning exists obviously, this makes Zhao Hai know that this Lin Zhendong, absolutely is a ten points overbearing character, if you if has rejected him, then offended him on equal to, with such person, you hasn't held true to say. Zhao Hai knows that the Black Tiger Group present situation, he cannot offend Lin Zhendong at this time, therefore Zhao Hai has not made noise, Lin Zhendong has swept people one eyes with the eye, in the eye has revealed smug look. But Zhao Hai has not looked at each other with Lin Zhendong, when Lin Zhendong looks looks like him, he lowered the head, his although does not want to form a team with the person, but similarly, he does not want to offend Lin Zhendong, because of his very clear, you, if offended Lin Zhendong, Lin Zhendong will certainly look for your trouble, sometimes, will maintain the low key will bring the unexpected advantage to you. Lin Zhendong looks at the Zhao Hai low head, the facial expression that in the eye cannot help but flashes through despising, but is only flashes does not have, disappearance shadowless does not have the trace. When Lin Zhendong proud, suddenly another sound conveyed said : not saying that won't force the person to form a team?” This sound, people stare, Zhao Hai cannot bear turn the head to look the person who that speech looks, that is cultivator of blue cultivator clothing/taking, looks like also young of two 15 ~ 16 years old, naturally, in regarding cultivator, you, if depends upon his semblance to judge his age, you feared that also guesses for a lifetime to one time, this person does not have how old, feared that is nobody can guess. In this person to person impression deepest is also not his age, but is his appearance, this fellow long was really too charming, a black, although was only simple in the Shangzha ponytail, but actually used a blue belt to be, but that took, the golden silk thread has embroidered a Tenglong, looked like is really attractive extremely. The skin is fair, if baby, even if the common woman sees his skin, meets the envy and hate the craziness, in his hand is taking blue jade Ruyi Scepter, on jade Ruyi Scepter is leading a wisp of yellow Ying, this makes him look like resembles a deity people.

However his body is having a evil aura, this evil aura not only has not made him look like appears evil, conversely, will also make his temperament have the one type of qualitative change, that evil aura will produce one type of very fatal attracting gravitational force to the woman, the women likes that type looks like badly the bad man, but he is. However Zhao Hai sees this cultivator time, at heart is actually the alarm big sound, because he felt that from the body of this person a very dangerous aura, although this person was also not enough to cause anything to threaten, but Zhao Hai actually does not like this person. Zhao Hai can feel clearly that this person evil aura, not because of disposition reason, because he has practiced one type of Cultivation Method, one type of very Evil Sect Cultivation Method, therefore evil aura such, but this Evil Sect Cultivation Method, may have relationship with the woman very much. However same Zhao Hai did not know that this person, however other cultivator actually knew this person, this person in Northern Divergent Province also very famous, he becomes famous, not only because of his Sect, but also because of his strength. Sect that this person of institute is was called Hundred Flower Valley, do not think that this name is anything feels all right, in fact Hundred Flower Valley absolutely is an evil faction, Cultivation Method that they practice is one type of harvest cultivation Cultivation Method, they will train themselves or grasp some female cultivator, then enters harvest cultivation, to let in Hundred Flower Valley these core disciple strengths stronger. Naturally Hundred Flower Valley there not only also carries on harvest cultivation to female cultivator, male cultivator is also same , because of this, therefore this Hundred Flower Valley in the Northern Divergent Province reputation is not very good. However you have to recognize, in Cultivation World here, be cultivator that most does not lack, but Hundred Flower Valley with this harvest cultivation method, can let their cultivator practice, distant is higher than other Sect, therefore this Hundred Flower Valley in Northern Divergent Province here, is one is next to Ten Thousand Monster Sect Great Sect. Ten Thousand Monster Sect it can be said that kept promises in Northern Divergent Province here, in Northern Divergent Province here, there is one Sect to the ten thousand sects gate words, complied in public but opposed in private, even sometimes simply paid no attention, but this Sect was Hundred Flower Valley. But young cultivator that the cultivator that now speaks, in Hundred Flower Valley in recent years becomes famous, Ruyi Scepter Young Master Hua Wushang, this person of young, but has also achieved Transcends Tribulation Stage, its reputation is not smaller than Lin Zhendong. Also because of this, what therefore everyone/Great Clan looks at the speech is Hua Wushang, all people have not revealed extremely in the surprised expression, very obviously they regarding Ten Thousand Monster Sect and Hundred Flower Valley dirty is knows that therefore Hua Wushang stands to curl Lin Zhendong the face, these people will not feel strange. Zhao Hai although does not have what understanding to Hua Wushang, but he is not quite good regarding the impression of Hua Wushang, but he will certainly not stand in this time on the side of Lin Zhendong, that clarified must offend Hua Wushang, this matter he will not do, he must maintain the low key now, must along with greatly smooth, how everyone/Great Clan did, how he did. Zhao does not matter, but some people have so-called, this person naturally is Lin Zhendong, Lin Zhendong originally is the God's favored one, the person of Ten Thousand Monster Sect key trained, he naturally is having an arrogance, he thinks that own saying words, in those present, is nobody dares to oppose that but he presently has made a mistake now, words that he said that some people dare to oppose that moreover clear opposition. Lin Zhendong wicked look at Hua Wushang, deep voice said : I naturally do not compel the meaning that everyone/Great Clan is forming a team, all look their, what opinion does what? spend Junior Brother to have?”

Hua Wushang is holding appreciatively in hand jade Ruyi Scepter, shows a faint smile said : little brother naturally not to have what opinion, but the little brother has been used to freely, does not want to be shouted to drink, therefore the little brother also plans to form a squad, does don’t know everybody has to participate?” Hits Arena, this was clarifies must hit Arena! However Hua Wushang such procedure, was lets cultivator headaches other on the scene, because hits Arena these two now, they could not offend. Representative Lin Zhendong Ten Thousand Monster Sect, naturally cannot offend, but his Hua Wushang, they cannot offend, this mainly has relationship with the Hundred Flower Valley reputation. Hundred Flower Valley reputation completely difference, this point gives people a hard time Cultivation World to know that however Hundred Flower Valley another reputation resounding, that seeks revenge for the slightest grievance! Hundred Flower Valley can be said as Sect that Northern Divergent Province most bears a grudge, one, but you offended them, that feared that because of a minor matter, that Hundred Flower Valley also meets the retaliation of frantic, you look like one flock of mad dogs, do not stare by them, so long as stared by them, your undead will also lose a piece. Because of Hundred Flower Valley such characteristics, therefore Great Sect like Ten Thousand Monster Sect not easily provokes them, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength is formidable, but similarly, they also from the place of arrow, entire Northern Divergent Province are staring at them, even if they have a grudge with Hundred Flower Valley, if they one, but full attack Hundred Flower Valley, will certainly let the Northern Divergent Province chaos, the people can think that Ten Thousand Monster Sect can under the pretext of this, can carry on again to Northern Divergent Province has shuffled? Such idea these small Sect will have certainly, when the time comes feared that is entire Northern Divergent Province full guarding Ten Thousand Monster Sect, this is not Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants to see that therefore Ten Thousand Monster Sect although looks at Hundred Flower Valley not along with the eye, uses all sorts of excuses to suppress Hundred Flower Valley, actually not really with Hundred Flower Valley official battle. tp1endtips( . &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;