Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1758
~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ The real men fear! No matter what your hero, if has run into a rascal, that also meets the headache extremely, if Ten Thousand Monster Sect is that real man, that Hundred Flower Valley is that rascal, therefore Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not have the means with Hundred Flower Valley now, therefore Hua Wushang dares such does not give the forest to shake east side. However other cultivator have the one type of deity to fight, the idea that the mortal met with a disaster, now Hua Wushang and Lin Zhendong must draw them to enter to the squad that oneself form, but these two side that sides they cannot offend, therefore these other Sect cultivator, you have a look at me, I have a look at you, no one spoke. But at this time, several cultivator arrived, these cultivator arrive at here, registered, after receiving Identity Card, felt that atmosphere some of scene do not suit, these cultivator people stand in there, no one said that even no one looked at anyone, probably each and every one turned into the wood or clay figure to be ordinary. Looks at this situation, these cultivator are not the fools, naturally will not open the mouth. In the people, to naturally is Lin Zhendong who this situation most was angry, if has not spent to insert that foot boundlessly, he can form a squad smoothly, all people could join, when the time comes he can lead Northern Divergent Province all cultivator, entered to day Demon Realm, that sight. But all these by Hua Wushang destroying, how this lets Lin Zhendong to swallow under this tone, therefore he has glowered to Hua Wushang. But Hua Wushang is actually holding appreciatively in hand jade Ruyi Scepter now, the appearance that probably simply has not noted Lin Zhendong in fact, he said that must form team anything, but was speaks thoughtlessly a saying, he does not want to form any team, he said that wants disgusting Lin Zhendong, Lin Zhendong the matter stirring yellow. He does not want to become Lin Zhendong under the hand/subordinate, because of his very clear, if he has become Lin Zhendong under the hand/subordinate, finally that dies certainly is they, but harvest biggest is Lin Zhendong, therefore his clearly know will such do will offend Lin Zhendong, has actually done, because he knows that Hundred Flower Valley will not fear Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Zhao Hai looked that all people did not speak, on the meanings of understand these people, before this, Lin Zhendong powerful pressed them to form a team, if were not Hua Wushang opposes, that this team has also composed, although everyone/Great Clan was not glad, but Hua Wushang this together opposed now that other people naturally have pretended ignorance on seize the opportunity, simply was not mentioning the matter that formed a team. Moreover he believes that Lin Zhendong does not have the thoughts now, did not have that face the matter that mentioned forms a team, therefore he also pretended ignorance. However Zhao Hai actually notes, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect two elders looked that the Hua Wushang look is actually some does not suit, Lin Zhendong proposed the matter that very much must form a team, does not conceive a plan temporarily, was very likely obtained inciting of Ten Thousand Monster Sect High level. Zhao Hai treats as has not seen, static standing in the one side, one, performance that is wants the multi- low keys low-key, but he in these people, but also is really not conspicuous. Today arrives at here is young Expert that in Northern Divergent Province became famous, must say really that the Zhao Hai fame feared is smallest, the family background is also lowest, he is a Battle Slave family background, now feared that is the entire Northern Divergent Province people knows his life experience, this is why these cultivator have not paid attention to the Zhao Hai reason.

Battle Slave looks like in these cultivator, that is equal to disciple like existence, in their opinion, stands with Zhao Hai together in here today, is insulted to their one type of, do not say that moved with Zhao Sea Lord speaks. The time is not long, all participated in cultivator that Heavenly Demon practiced wushu to arrive, Ten Thousand Monster Sect that two elders looked that all people arrived, in which then open the mouth and said: „ Person already( -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Room. Quickest renewal.) has arrived in full, that leaves, we must go to to seal|confer Motai the there set first, then feeds in day Demon Realm your together, to day of Demon Realm there, all by you, your target, only then, lives in day Demon Realm for one year, if within one year some people dare to come out from day Demon Realm ahead of time, that loses not only your face, face of your Sect, even also lost the face of our entire Northern Divergent Province, anybody lost the face of Northern Divergent Province, must receive the punishment. ” Speaking of here, that elder has also swept Zhao Hai with the eye, they know certainly that Zhao Hai was Space Divergent Warlock , they also really feared that Zhao Hai will run first, therefore he will speak these words, to strike Zhao Hai, broke the thoughts that Zhao Hai has run away. Zhao Hai also felt certainly the vision of Ten Thousand Monster Sect that elder, but he has not cared, still standing of face calm in there. That elder looked that Zhao Hai had not responded, has not cared, he wants to strike Zhao Hai, does not want to be what kind of Zhao Hai, then he turned the head to be good to other person of said :, everyone/Great Clan came with me.” Said that got the people to arrive at Transmission Formation there, then has been adjusting to Transmission Formation, white light person flashes, all people disappeared in same place. When Zhao Hai they in appears in time, presently they arrived on a mountain, on this mountain, very great monument, but that monument is flashing the sparkling stone light to be the same probably. Zhao Hai carefully looked at that monument, presently that monument unexpectedly is all over the body with the person who high grade Jade Marrow makes, above picture has filled Runes, obviously that monument is not simple. Jade Marrow is the purification of jade, in very big yumen oil field, will produce Jade Marrow, moreover usually Jade Marrow will not be big, makes monument such big Jade Marrow like this, that was really too rare, did not say other, was only this Jade Marrow can be considered as on is a treasure. At this time one after the other had Transmission Formation radiance to flash, a batch batch of cultivator were to arrive on this mountain, altogether nine batch, 900 people arrived. Zhao Hai looked at these cultivator one, these cultivator are very mostly young, an arrogance of face, understood at a glance that is young Expert in various Sect. After some people who waits to, cultivator slow walked walked out, this person of white clothing, the back at the back of a long sword, looks is sword cultivator, but can stand the speech at this time, his status is not certainly simple, Zhao Hai suspected that this person certainly is the Heavenly Sword Sect person. Really, that person has arrived in front of people, after standing firm, holds the fist in the other hand to the people said : everybody, time Heavenly Demon practiced wushu every 50 years must start, now centralized in here, was young outstanding who my Cultivation World became famous, your this went to day Demon Realm, to raise my Cultivation World power and prestige, making the day Demon Realm person know that my Cultivation World capable person was numerous, was not that affable, if you if can subdue several Heavenly Demon, that was better, they can help you fight, but can also provide Strength of Faith for you, but be easier-to-use than the common pet many, old man. Also is not talking too much, to seal|confer Moshi immediately opens, asking fellow young outstanding to be ready.” These that actually he said are some idle talk, these young cultivator think that does not participate is not good, these words feared that can only be used to deceive the child.

However these young Expert have not cared, although this goes to the day Demon Realm danger extremely, but similarly, if they can day Demon Realm come back, that harvest is also huge, because day Demon Realm there, not only Heavenly Demon is useful, Heavenly Demon that even if dying also very useful, Heavenly Demon after dying, can him leave behind an demon nucleus, this demon nucleus can be used for crafting, can be used for refining pills, is the one type of very precious material. Moreover some day Demon Realm there also various Cultivation World here no medicinal herbs and ores, these thing, if makes, regarding them, is very precious, therefore these young Expert although were forced partly, however the resistance of people to is not very big. The foot of Cultivator does not have the level road, you want in achieving Peak, want one to overcome all sorts of difficulties fully, but goes to day Demon Realm there to carry on Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, is one in practice on the way numerous checkpoint. After that Heavenly Sword Sect elder has spoken, immediately/on horseback turn around to monument that by that Jade Marrow has made, then in the mouth mumbled, then the audiences own body has put out a piece Jade Token , entered above monument, then on several Runes on monument, selected according to certain order, this entered. He just drew back, sees that monument suddenly to emit intermittent green light, green light is then getting more and more abundant, finally green light has wrapped up entire monument, then monument slowly upward rises, along with monument raising of slowly, monument below, appears slowly the very enormous spin nest, this spin nest getting bigger and bigger, has spun central there of nest, slowly revealed black mist, the mist was also revolving along with the spin nest, looked like very scary. At this time, that Heavenly Sword Sect elder actually said loudly: All people, enter in Dark mist.” Has not experienced this scene year to harness cultivator to stare, Dark mist that then looked at that group revolve, in the eye has revealed a fearing intent. Heavenly Sword Sect that elder also expected this situation obviously, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: A bit faster enters to Dark mist, Dark mist passes the bygone days Demon Realm road.” One hear of he said that these young cultivator in waiting , the personal appearance moved, flies toward Dark mist, these also include certainly Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is not first enters Dark mist, is not last, he placed the middle position, this most will not pay attention. Entered to Dark mist Zhao Hai has gawked, because in this Dark mist was very probably big, moreover his some one type of entered to the feeling of Underworld, this Dark mist not only can tunnel his vision, can isolate his Spiritual Sense, he one turned into a blind person probably, this feeling was very uncomfortable. However Zhao Hai has not stopped in same place, but is goes toward the forward flight, non-stop flew for about a half hour, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that at present one bright, he can see thing finally, Spiritual Sense also returned to normal, but this restores Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai present matter some are not quite right, because his was given to surround. Zhao Hai look at these black, look like the fellow big bat at present, he can affirm that these fellows feared is Heavenly Demon, but now he by large quantities of Heavenly Demon surrounding, him has been calculating probably, surrounds his Heavenly Demon, population approximately about 1000, but this its, only then several Heavenly Demon strengths are not weak, can look from their imposing manner comes out, in the these days demon, fearing of strength most difference also has Gold Core Stage cultivator, strength strongest, really has two Transcends Tribulation Stage Heavenly Demon. But that two Transcends Tribulation Stage Heavenly Demon, has very big difference with other Heavenly Demon, other Heavenly Demon look like likely is the big bats, but that two Transcends Tribulation Stage Heavenly Demon actually not too, them is more like puts on cultivator of black long gown, just their heads are growing two curved angles, two blood red eyes, the body has been covered with the tiny scale, looks like very scary. When Zhao Hai is sizing up these Heavenly Demon, Transcends Tribulation Stage big Heavenly Demon deep voice said : stupid humanity, can't you change time? Comes our day Demon Realm one time every 50 years, this with bringing death to have anything to distinguish, oh, has not thought that humanity already stupid to this situation!”

I depend!” Zhao Hai air/Qi straight shows the whites of the eyes, he has not thought really that this big Heavenly Demon unexpectedly is Expert of satire person, this fellow, was really too can taunt the person. But that big Heavenly Demon words, actually caused all around Heavenly Demon he he smiles strangely, probably was ridiculing Zhao Hai is stupidly same, the Zhao Hai air/Qi does not hit one to that big day Demon Path: You think that I want to come, but you want to kill me, feared that was difficult, everybody, I walked first, our see you later.” Said Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes on vanish from sight. These Heavenly Demon still laugh in there, suddenly presently own target vanish from sight, this has made them cannot help but stare, big Heavenly Demon complexion cannot help but changes said : is not then good, Space Divergent Technique, projects on him quickly, has killed him!” These Heavenly Demon one hear of big Heavenly Demon said that has complied with one, four exhibitions flew. But position that Zhao Hai big Heavenly Demon is at now, was very far, in entering before Dark mist, Zhao Hai already, in all enters to cultivator in day Demon Realm on, sprinkled the Liquid Silver needle, but at that time these cultivator attention had placed on Dark mist, therefore simply nobody noted, when Zhao Hai entered to Dark mist, his immediately felt that these cultivator positions, these cultivator also with him almost, after most dumbfounded from the beginning, some choices directly toward the forward flight, some are actually elects to include to use Spell or Magical Artifact illuminates, that success, because that. Dark mist can absorb the ray to be the same probably, on all Spell and Magical Artifact came out light, just to come out, by that Dark mist absorbing, simply could not illuminate all around situation, these cultivator must toward the forward flight, they also fly with Zhao Hai finally similar some time, then on appears , but these cultivator, some were several person appears in a place, some were actually person appears in a place, the sole common ground on are, their appears place, had large quantities of Heavenly Demon and other them, probably these Heavenly Demon knew them to be able appears . there is the same. Therefore these cultivator appears , immediately with these Heavenly Demon exchange hands, some cultivator was appears just, was besieged by Heavenly Demon until death, the wonderful injustice that dying is incomparable. However these cultivator after dying, their corpses by Space taking away, this makes these Heavenly Demon somewhat be perplexed, cultivator that their really understand, these did not die. although these cultivator died, but these Liquid Silver needles actually still received in the map of place them Space, therefore Zhao Hai can at any time to any cultivator appears place, but these cultivator appears places, some were really too bad the hundred thousand eight thousand li(500 km), therefore these surrounded the Zhao Hai big devil, wants to find the person unable to find. ~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;