Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1759

Chapter 684 blocks the way the challenge Zhao Hai stands on a day Demon Realm uninhabited mountain, must get up , the day Demon Realm here environment is good, looks like with the Cultivation World there not too big difference, but Zhao Hai can actually feel clearly that in day Demon Realm here Spiritual Qi, Darkness Attribute Spiritual Qi must be more, possibly is also for this reason, therefore Heavenly Demon in day Demon Realm President becomes that appearance.[ I] please keep firmly in mind with me Zhao Hai stands on the mountain now naturally in looking at the scenery, at the matter he is counting the Cultivation World cultivator casualty situation that this Heavenly Demon practices wushu now. This Heavenly Demon practices wushu, has to recognize be defeated, because Cultivation World from most from the beginning by the day Demon Realm person planning, Cultivation World cultivator, just one came out from that Dark mist, met besieging of Heavenly Demon, a Heavenly Demon clan clearly early was prepared, this also made the Cultivation World cultivator casualty serious. 900 Cultivation World cultivator, just entered to day Demon Realm, unexpectedly already appears more than 500 people of casualties, only then more than 300 people ran away, but in these people, even more larger is wounded, the whole body walks, feared that has Zhao Hai. More than 300 people that naturally this runs away, majority are also Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, moreover Sect strength also very formidable that they are, their in hand Magical Artifact very formidable, therefore then makes them escape. Zhao Hai although not with Heavenly Demon head-on fight, but had certain understanding regarding Heavenly Demon fighting strength, these days demon strength unusual formidable, each equivalent to Cultivation World there best Body Cultivator, even if these Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, single Lun ** intensity, is not inferior in any Cultivation World Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator. Attack of Heavenly Demon Race very has characteristics, their attacks are the close combats, their very fast, defend is also very good, is adding on the formidable strength, such fighting method has a point image is Monster Race, very difficult entangles. But before had one with Zhao Hai reason of surface Lin Zhendong and Hua Wushang, lived, their strength very good, but they were also injured, now is healing from a wound. In young Expert that however these time lives, the strength strongest person also has two, one is Heavenly Sword Sect young cultivator, double-edged sword, attack strength extremely powerful. Another is Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect cultivator, this Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect cultivator unexpectedly is Body Cultivator, his Body Cultivator Cultivation Method very formidable, can therefore the type a bloody road run. The demon mountain that now Zhao Hai is, is an demon barren hill, only then such mountain by the person attention of day Demon Realm, Zhao Hai is not known, day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon now certainly full world is finds their more than 300 people.[. .cm I] please keep firmly in mind with me

Zhao Hai has not wanted to move with these fellow together, that earlier gives to bring in these Heavenly Demon, that is not Zhao Hai desired. Zhao Hai hopes that fights with these Heavenly Demon, but he does not hope one were besieged by Heavenly Demon of troop, he only hopes what he copes is these completed the order form Heavenly Demon that. Is observing these Cultivation World cultivator simultaneously, Zhao Hai has also carried on the surveillance to these Heavenly Demon Race, especially these besiege Cultivation World cultivator Heavenly Demon Race. Observed these Heavenly Demon Race Zhao Hai to know that on this day Demon Realm came compared with Cultivation World, incredibly big was not unexpectedly incomparable, but these Cultivation World cultivator appears positions, were actually various, left was too far, Zhao Hai noted, Heavenly Sword Sect that cultivator appears position, with him appears position, if placed Cultivator there, feared that most was away from two Great Province distances, lived far apart. But in this day Demon Realm deals with their people, probably is the entire day Demon Realm person, can know from the talks of these Heavenly Demon that day Demon Realm these time will also send out some young Heavenly Demon Expert to chase down them \; first, to kill them, two must let these young Heavenly Demon Expert, has with the experience that Cultivation World Expert fights, from this point, the 2 Realms person, to is the same idea of hitting. But now Zhao Hai monitors most, is one team to his nearest/recent Heavenly Demon Race Heavenly Demon, this team of Heavenly Demon have big Heavenly Demon and five ordinary Heavenly Demon compositions, that big Heavenly Demon strength, equivalent to Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but these ordinary Heavenly Demon strengths, was almost swindled in Nascent Soul Stage Expert, their population although are not many, but fighting strength is not absolutely weak. But Zhao Hai target is also these people, he wanted surrendering the these days demon, making the these days demon enter by Vermillion Bird Space goes. Meanwhile he also wants to come to see his strength to arrive at any degree through the these days demon. After deciding, Zhao Hai starts to pay attention to have this team to come, the person strength of this team is not weak, can look, that big Heavenly Demon of lead, his status should be not general, these follow to protect in his behind ordinary Heavenly Demon his. opportunity that Zhao Hai must wait for is, so long as the these days demon to other Heavenly Demon, their fights, in a short time other Heavenly Demon directing, him can begin to the these days demon. Quick Zhao Hai opportunity came, possibly because of long time not being able to find Zhao Hai, therefore area getting bigger and bigger of these Heavenly Demon ropes, the distances between several Heavenly Demon teams are also getting more and more far, Zhao Hai opportunity also came. Reason that Zhao Hai does not want to make their fights give to bring in Heavenly Demon of several other teams, because of the present in Heavenly Demon team altogether 13 of here rope, five are below ten people teams, five are among ten people to 20 person teams, three are 50 people of teams.

But in these teams, altogether had the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert population 30, by the Zhao Hai present strength, to previous independent Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, thinks that was defeating obtains fully, if met two, only then turn around on the share of running, was good because of him has Space, can escaping at any time. However he does not want always to use Space, his Space Divergent Technique with others is different, others' Space Divergent Technique is Space Divergent Technique, his Space Divergent Technique uses through Space, he feared himself, when uses Space, by Heavenly Demon Race these almighty presently existence of his Space, that troubled. The demon feather is day Demon Realm, clouds that Demon Sect Core Disciple, this time he has presented. in order these generation of Cultivation World cultivator, the truth, the demon feather and don’t know, why in the sect know that this generation has certainly Cultivation World cultivator, but the order in sect he does not dare not to listen, therefore he brought several sect Li disciple here to look up, now they looked up several days, still a person had not actually found The demon feather is somewhat disappointed, as young Expert that clouds the Demon Sect mileage results, he naturally is the hope can with Cultivation World cultivator well turns in a time hand, but he also knows that opportunity too, Cultivation World these time has sent the person in day Demon Realm not to be many, but the team like him, wants to find Cultivation World cultivator to fight, that is ocean fishes needle that without doubt. Because of this, therefore the manner of demon feather is not very enthusiastic, he is leading that several Heavenly Demon, leisure is flying in sky, probably is window-shopping, to is not finding the person likely. In this time, suddenly from their following barren hills, is emitting an institute potential of formidable, directly they flushed, meets being bewitched feather to feel innumerable flying sword from barren hill like arrow same has shot, encircled their six people directly. The demon feather sees this situation, not the startled counter- great happiness, he does not have to think really one unexpectedly so lucky, within gave to meet Cultivation World cultivator unexpectedly. Reason that what the demon feather such definitely blocks is in itself Cultivation World cultivator, but is not the day Demon Realm here personal enemy, because of these flying sword, in day Demon Realm here, will be few people will use flying sword, only then minority physique special Heavenly Demon will use flying sword, otherwise day Demon Realm here Heavenly Demon will use generally will be heavy weapon. Demon feather several people stopped, that several ordinary Heavenly Demon, he has revealed his weapon, but at this moment, a heaven-shaking beast roar transmits, then two metal beast suddenly appears in Sword Formation, flushed toward the demon feather, demon feather immediately turn around welcomed to that several metal beasts, but several other Heavenly Demon were also same, but at this moment, Sword Formation suddenly moved, the Sword Formation coordination and metal beast, among in the blink of an eye the demon feather was only separated in the demon with several other, simultaneously Sword Formation moved, the demon feather could not be seeing that several Heavenly Demon Simultaneously the metal beast also disappeared, flying sword also vanished, the demon feather presently probably were appears in starry skies. The facial expression of demon feather cannot help but concentrates, wants the Heavenly Demon Race person to have any can't compare with Cultivation World words, that first is Formation, a Heavenly Demon clan does not certainly have what talent regarding Formation, in adding on them unfolds inborn to Body Cultivator, little massive use Formation on weapon, this makes a Heavenly Demon clan regarding the understanding of Formation very few, therefore a Heavenly Demon clan most is not willing to bump into, is Cultivation World Formation Expert. When demon feather is thinking how must break this Great Formation, suddenly person appears in his front, this person appears ten points suddenly, he is one has braved probably, on moment there anything does not have, next quarter he has stood in there, resembles his originally in there, but you have not noted to be the same.

Sees this situation, in the eye of demon feather was more dignified, he thinks that the opposite party uses certainly this point that Formation achieves, but this is also the place that he most is worried about, a person can use this situation Formation, he absolutely is a dangerous character. Comes the person naturally is Zhao Hai, in front of Zhao Hai look at this stern-faced Heavenly Demon Race person, shows a faint smile said : Cultivation World Zhao Hai, comes to consult.” The demon feather looks at Zhao Hai such movement, was actually startled, in one hear of Zhao Hai words, stares, Formation Grandmaster, does not need Formation to cope with itself unexpectedly, instead to is runs up to itself in front, comes to consult with oneself, this clarified is thinks Great Radiant hit one, did his head make Monster Beast kicking to go bad? Demon feather puzzled look at Zhao Hai, he does not think that the head of Zhao Hai shattered, he thinks that Zhao Hai has certainly any plot, therefore his face sentiment on alert was thicker, has exhibited the appearance of defense. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at demon feather, often smiles, the facial expression moves, a in hand Magic Seal knot, whole person toward a there station, if a mountain, does not swing motionless, everlasting! Buddhist Sect Magic Seal, Immovable fundamental seal! !! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;