Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1760

Looks at the Zhao Hai movement, complexion of demon feather stares, imposing manner that then a immediately/on horseback dignity, Zhao Hai now comes out is not absolutely ordinary, he feels being startled, but this arrived also lets his feel relieved. { Http: . The friends upload to renew }, because he looked, Zhao Hai feared that wanted to hit one with him. In although surface Zhao Hai probably only then Nascent Soul Stage strength, but the demon feather actually does not dare underestimated he, Zhao Hai imposing manner was really too astonishing, the demon feather was in itself Expert, his very clear, some Nascent Soul Stage people, were capable of challenging Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Thinks that the here demon feather to is some excited, he stretched out the tongue to be to lick his lip, Ha Ha laughed wildly said : well, I just think that can Cultivation World Expert, you to were deliver, your courage won my respect, please! said that demon feather an upright expression, then both hands to become Claw, previous was placed in own front, however his body actually suddenly huge phantom, this huge phantom, unexpectedly is incomparably huge Heavenly Demon, this only Heavenly Demon lived two horns, such as the sheep, both eyes were red, two eyes was sharp, each. On the ear has three big copper collars, the nose such as the hawk hook, in the mouth had four buckteeth to disburse outside the mouth, on two, next two, the body has covered entirely the scale, a back pair of bat same meat wing, long tail, in the head of tail, but also was having an arrow same incisive thing, the nail of both hands was very long, iron cyan, was sharp cold light, the nail of both feet not compared with the fingernail difference, looked like fierce incomparable. Zhao Hai looks at the opposite party to use Law Idol, he will be naturally impolite, the mouth proclaimed Buddha, his body also appears Law Idol, this Law Idol is actually one falls Law Idol of dragon arhat, then the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, has exhibited Dragon Descend Profound Technique the hand signal, the look at demon feather that two eyes decides. The demon feather completely hidden entered day of Magic now, on that day Magic was similar to entity, two giant blood red eyes, tight was staring at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai personal appearance also slowly hidden entered to fall in Law Idol of dragon arhat. When personal appearance complete disappearance of Zhao Hai in falling dragon arhat Law Idol, falls Law Idol of dragon arhat, has opened the eye suddenly. two eyes is looking straight ahead day Magic Formation. Falls the dragon arhat, originally is a fighting strength very formidable arhat, Law Force is boundless, can overcome powerful foes. Therefore in his appearance naturally is having a dignity, when he opens the eyes two eyes, in that is the anger sparkles, for Vajra with terrifying face, Protector subdue demons! The demon feather felt very tremendous pressure. He felt opposite party Law Idol unexpectedly faint has the meaning of restrain own Law Idol, this cannot help but lets his greatly surprised, he knows that cannot wait, he face upwards a long and loud cry, a stride attacks toward Zhao Hai. **(.) As soon as he cried loud and long, his Law Idol also made the same movement with him, such as water ripple same sound wave attack, flushed away toward Zhao Hai. This is in day Demon Realm a famous move of attack method. known as Heavenly Demon kills the sound, is the technique of one type of sound killing. But Zhao Hai at this time mouth Xuan Buddha said : Amitabha!” A simultaneous move likes Chan sound Profound Technique to move forward to meet somebody, simultaneously his personal appearance also moves, attacks toward the demon feather.

Zhao Hai felt now one with the Law Idol complete union in together, his precisely is Magic, Law Idol are he. He makes any movement, Law Idol makes any movement. Law Idol looked like his body is enlarged was the same. But the demon feather is also such feeling, if there is a bystander to look at the scene. Presently, two incomparably huge Law Idol, look like two cultivator is the same, first will be move of sound wave attack, after sound wave attack simultaneously lowly has disappeared, two huge person's shadows, have fought in one. A side is Heavenly Demon, a side is the Buddhist Sect arhat, side evil clutches dance in the air, the claw claw is fatal, side actually fist and feet adding together, incurs move of fierce, they tumble in this piece of Space, fight the delight. Zhao Hai is first time with Law Idol and person such fights, each minute, he can feel clearly own attack, his style uses was more flexible, the style in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, he can leave conveniently, attack is getting more and more smooth. Moreover Zhao Hai felt one with own Law Idol union was more perfect, this type felt before him, has never had, even if in Space closes up, does not have this feeling. most important, Zhao Hai can feel clearly own progress, he not only has been able to use 18 Arhat Profound Technique now conveniently, the styles of all his meetings, he can put forth with Law Idol conveniently, this before was unable to achieve, before Zhao Hai only then in did not use Law Idol, was the main body time, can achieve this point, but now he has actually achieved, in this moment, Law Idol was he, his precisely is Magic, the person united! But the demon feather also felt that now own progress, his feeling is similar to Zhao Hai, he felt that he unified with his Law Idol completely in together, the demon feather has been able to affirm, present, absolutely are their strength strongest time. However the similar demon feather can also feel that the progress of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai the rapidness of progress, making him feel to be startled, but simultaneously he also feels excited. Heavenly Demon Race is militant, Heavenly Demon Race person who first grows, almost pass through when fight, therefore their fight experiences very rich, when simultaneously they run into the well-matched match, they will feel excited. The demon feather now is this. But that several did not have lucky that with Heavenly Demon of being bewitched feather, they by Cai'er command(er) Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation catching in Space, making in Space many a race, later threw into Vermillion Bird Space them, Zhao Hai originally must shut in Vermillion Bird Space the these days demon, Cai'er first gave a try, having a look at the these days demon to shut in Vermillion Bird Space, can have any illness. These Heavenly Demon when were grasped Space, had been surrendered, was closed Vermillion Bird Space there to not to have any illness, moreover their body real appears Strength of Faith, Strength of Faith of these Strength of Faith in Space were the same, continuous entered Zhao Hai within the body.

But Zhao Hai with the fight of demon feather still in continuing, Zhao Hai compared with demon feather, strength in difference some, now but was in the upper hand is actually Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can feel clearly own progress, simultaneously he also faint has one type of to feel, that was he wants Transcends Tribulation. Zhao Hai originally at Nascent Soul Stage Peak, has missed one step to be able Transcends Tribulation, so long as he has sensed, can Transcends Tribulation succeed, but currently Zhao Hai had the sensibility, that is the person unites. They more fight the demon feather to be startled, he had not seen such person before, more hits is stronger, does this also hit? At this moment, big thick dark clouds, suddenly appears sky over two head have gone against, the dark cloud is getting more and more thick, inside Lightning Snake puts on randomly, momentum scary. Sees this momentum demon feather is one startled, his very clear, this is the Transcends Tribulation phenomenon, he is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, pass through Heavenly Tribulation, naturally knows that but he has not thought that Zhao Hai in this time Transcends Tribulation. Zhao Hai when did not have Transcends Tribulation to cross, after that his Transcends Tribulation Stage, what becomes? Thinks that this issue, the demon feather feels from at heart the braving cold air outward. At this moment, suddenly with a bang sound loud noise, a giant lightning, toward the Zhao Hai detachment, the demon feather sees this situation, has cried out strangely, could not be attending to Zhao Hai, turn around will fly to draw back in the future, he felt that he drew back was very far, but took a broad view looks, he cannot be separated from that Great Formation, the demon feather cannot help but stopped, he wants to have a look at Zhao Hai Transcends Tribulation to be any situation, if Zhao Hai Transcends Tribulation succeeded, that naturally is not no need saying that he definitely was not the Zhao Hai match, if Zhao Hai Transcends Tribulation were not successful, that this Great Formation naturally also broken by Heavenly Tribulation, he. Can safe leave. However saw when Heavenly Tribulation that Zhao Hai crosses, appears that on the face of demon feather cannot bear shocking facial expression, Heavenly Tribulation that because Zhao Hai crosses was really too strong, formidable his imagination, the demon feather can affirm, oneself Transcends Tribulation time, what if appears was such Heavenly Tribulation, he feared that now already was by Heavenly Tribulation to the deducting ash. incomparably huge lightnings toward the Zhao Hai detachment, but Zhao Hai simply has not hidden, he could not hide, Heavenly Tribulation started, how he in hid, Heavenly Tribulation also certainly will looked for him, only if he entered to Space, forever did not come out, otherwise, this time Heavenly Tribulation he could not shunt. But Zhao Hai these time has not used own special physique to resist Heavenly Tribulation, Law Idol appearance that he now still maintains, transported all Cultivation Method of his meeting, was resisting with Heavenly Tribulation. Also is a giant lightning chops toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai Law Idol actually at this time, a fierce fist strike left, was striking on that lightning! The Boom! lightning must crush by a Zhao Hai fist strike, this is Zhao Hai first time carries on rebel to Heavenly Tribulation, but his rebel, has enraged Heavenly Tribulation probably, Heavenly Tribulation attack was fiercer.

Now Heavenly Tribulation turned into another appearance, lightnings turned into arms probably, but in the lightning acme, turned into an appearance of each article weapon unexpectedly, the weapon that these comprised of the lightning, attacks toward Zhao Hai, probably is innumerable Expert is in attack Zhao Hai to be the same. But Zhao Hai cannot attend to now that many, his Law Idol shape in a flash, one turned into all over the sky Law Idol, altogether more than 300 Law Idol appears in the Zhao Hai surroundings, these Law Idol manners varied, some people have the beast, simultaneously with these Heavenly Tribulation to. These may be serious, that Heavenly Tribulation resembled True Fire, more lightnings have divided, weapon of more lightning have attacked toward Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai these Law Idol have also encircled, is resisting these lightning weapon. The demon feather presently, Zhao Hai Law Idol probably are but getting fewer and fewer, but that Law Idol of Zhao Hai main body, changed, that Law Idol appearance and Zhao Hai are getting more and more close, even also the head grew the law, although is still buddhist monk's robes, but looked like actually is not the appearance that fell the dragon arhat. But what is more strange, the Zhao Hai side vanishes every time Law Idol, on his Law Idol leaves two arms on President, these two arms look like inherent , helping the Zhao Hai together fight, but Zhao Hai does not have the jerky feeling, but the Zhao Hai main body actually stands in there, both hands Heshi, is built on the front, the two eyes semi-closure, probably is ten thousand years of ancient! Slowly, Zhao Hai Law Idol are getting fewer and fewer, but the arm on his Law Idol is actually more and more, when last Law Idol vanishes, Zhao Hai main body Law Idol has opened the eye fiercely, shouted: Opens!”( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;