Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1761

Chapter 686 demon feather surrenders Along with the Zhao Hai sound, on Zhao Hai all arms, simultaneously has lifted, these arms, in each in hand will project different thing, some are Swastika [卐] character Buddha mark, some are actually Tai Ji Diagram, some are actually animal, these animal are all sorts of strange and unusual, what has. These compose various designs energy, is bringing with these design same attribute Spiritual Qi, flushes away toward the tribulation cloud, quick all energy submerged to plunder Yun Li. The demon feather stands in the one side, feeling that Heavenly Tribulation plundering Yun Tu stopped, all Lightning Snake stopped, motionless, the clouds that tumbled also stopped, in this moment, the time stopped probably, probably that tribulation cloud turned into the television to be pressed down the picture of suspension key, probably turned into a picture. Wants an demon feather time, hears Boom! one, this sound was too huge, even if this sound not to being bewitched feather, he was also shaken dizziness blurred vision, must know that the demon feather is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, can shake such sound him, can imagine well big. When the demon feather has finally restored a time, he presently the tribulation cloud in sky completely vanished, but Zhao Hai also received Law Idol, was standing in there, smiling look at he. The demon feather stares, subconscious wants communicate Law Idol, but his actually immediately stopped, he knows that he possibly is not the Zhao Hai match. Appearance of look at Zhao Hai smile, demon feather at heart one startled, then his let out a long breath, holds the fist in the other hand said : demon feather to be willing to follow Master to Zhao Hai!” The demon feather said that this saying Zhao Hai was shocked, because his present demon feather said after this saying, his body has emitted Strength of Faith unexpectedly, moreover that Strength of Faith wells up toward his body, this is makes Zhao Hai be startled. Zhao Hai look at demon feather, but the demon feather has held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, lowers the head to hide, motionless, probably is Zhao Hai does not make him move, he forever will be different. Zhao Hai looks at the appearance of demon feather, finally determined one are is not having a dream, he beckoned with the hand said : „, and you come with me first, we want quick leave here.” The demon feather has complied with one, has flown the Zhao Hai side, was motionless. Zhao Hai wielded to receive all Magical Artifact, simultaneously erased all traces, then brought being bewitched feather flashes body to enter in Space, the demon feather just entered Space, Space to did not have any prompt sound to transmit, this also let Zhao Hai feel relieved. Before was grasped Space that several Demon Race by Zhao Hai, when entered Space, in Space may have the prompt sound to pass on, these Demon Race initially refused to accept Zhao Hai, therefore Space has carried on surrendering to them, but the demon feather did not have, in other words, Space thinks that the demon feather complete submitting to Zhao Hai, he will not have made any to the Zhao Hai disadvantageous matter. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat stares, he really somewhat does not think understand, why a Heavenly Demon clan like this, will be only a few words, on complete submitting to oneself? Did this resemble some extremely? What Zhao Hai don’t know is, this is characteristics of Heavenly Demon clan, a Heavenly Demon clan, no matter handles any matter, will not renege on a promise, they said that must submit to Zhao Hai, that is forever submitting. This is Faith of Heavenly Demon clan, a Heavenly Demon clan is different from the Cultivation World there situation, Cultivation World there, will raise many disciples to provide Strength of Faith for them, but a Heavenly Demon clan, a Heavenly Demon clan will not have a disciple saying, but they actually never lack Strength of Faith. Please keep firmly in mind

A Heavenly Demon clan cultivates the demon, each of them when practices most from the beginning, in own stands up at heart firmly Demon God, but this Demon God is not illusory existence, person but who is stronger than them. Compared with if Heavenly Demon Race started to practice, they in own condensed Demon God at heart, but this Demon God was the person who they most worshipped, very my Heavenly Demon Race, their Demon God were their teacher or the father, so long as they have given birth to such Demon God, that will produce Strength of Faith, but became their Demon God person, will obtain this Strength of Faith. However a Heavenly Demon clan also because of this characteristics, therefore meets appears kills the phenomenon frequently, because a Heavenly Demon clan wants truely becomes Expert, if wants the means to jump over Demon God, one when they presently cross Demon God in oneself heart, Demon God in their heart will vanish, then they in condensation again formidable Demon God. Because of this, in the has plenty Heavenly Demon Race person to prove own own Master is strong, they will challenge their Master, even kills the master, kills the father. But now in day Demon Realm here, strength not strong Heavenly Demon, almost will not accept the apprentice generally, because they feared the apprentice who one accept accidentally is a talent, that may turn head butchering oneself, that too gain does not equal the loss. Actually a Heavenly Demon clan wants to become stronger, simply does not need to massacre Master, so long as your strength truly were your Master, your Heavenly Demon naturally will vanish. A Heavenly Demon clan is not only militant, therefore a Heavenly Demon clan likes meeting to challenge oneself Demon God at heart, one, but they challenge successfully, their Demon God will vanish, but their strengths will increase. However has the one type of situation is actually exception, is when a Heavenly Demon clan sincerity clothing/taking person, they with the person who oneself will admire, takes, when Demon God in originally heart, but the demon feather such will do, he at heart again set up Demon God firmly, this Demon God was Zhao Hai, therefore he can immediately provide Strength of Faith to Zhao Hai. But a Heavenly Demon clan with Demon God that the method of this substitution sets up firmly, is is very difficult to vanish, moreover Demon God that similarly, produces like this, regarding a restraint of Heavenly Demon clan is also very strong, a Heavenly Demon clan almost in betraying that person, will not do to his disadvantageous matter, from this point, a Heavenly Demon clan whom, if were using to substitute for Demon God in originally heart really at heart, that they gave to look for Master on equal to. Zhao Hai regarding a matter understanding of Heavenly Demon clan are not many, therefore he and don’t know these, but he actually believes Space, Space thinks that the demon feather cannot cope with him, good will not cope with him, therefore Zhao Hai to the demon feather is very feel relieved. After returned to Space, Zhao Hai immediately has projected on Vermillion Bird Space there the demon feather, Vermillion Bird Space there although is not big, but is not small, let the demon feather they to the there life is it would be the best. not long after when Zhao Hai leave, his Transcends Tribulation place suddenly comes large quantities of Heavenly Demon, after the these days demon to hear the tribulation cloud was scattered that huge sound, feels. That sound was too huge, do not say that their these in this nearby Heavenly Demon, feared that has alarmed the Heavenly Demon Sect gate of control this area. Heavenly Demon that these catch up with, seeks for Zhao Hai Heavenly Demon Race in this nearby. After they arrived at here, immediately feels, when here that type crosses Heavenly Tribulation energy fluctuation that leaves behind. Just Zhao Hai although the here trace cancelling, what he cancelled was only he with the trace of demon feather fight, regarding crossing the Heavenly Tribulation trace, he has not cancelled.

But now Zhao Hai actually left Space, he just entered Space is makes Space surrender the demon feather, looked that demon feather simply has not surrendered with Space, Zhao Hai immediately came out from Space, is good does not have prompt on his Identity Card, his leave day Demon Realm, otherwise has troubled. These searched Zhao Hai Heavenly Demon Race only to feel the Transcends Tribulation trace to there although, but they felt that this Heavenly Tribulation differences, they felt that this Heavenly Tribulation probably was very formidable, wanted formidable compared with their Heavenly Tribulation of crossing many. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Heavenly Demon also presently, the demon feather has been simultaneously missing, in the these days demon, status although of demon feather is not considered as that highest, but is in them is youngest, now the demon feather has been missing, this regarding them, but big matter, because they are clouds that Demon Sect person, the demon feather can be said as their Junior Brother. Heavenly Demon looked at other Heavenly Demon one, was too strange, had not heard in the gang that deep voice said : this Heavenly Tribulation came who wanted Transcends Tribulation, moreover in the gang made us come here to look for Cultivation World cultivator, this Heavenly Tribulation possibly was Heavenly Tribulation that Cultivation World cultivator crossed.” Another Heavenly Demon nodded right that said : demon eye said that I also think that moreover the demon feather has been missing, I looked that is also related with this Heavenly Tribulation, on Heavenly Demon energy that from remaining can look, this crosses Heavenly Tribulation Cultivation World cultivator certain very formidable, I looked that the demon feather feared was more unfortunate than fortunate.” The demon eyespot the nod, then his hand wielded, release one group of black gas, this group of black gas have gathered round him to transfer, then turned into one black by the small bat, flew toward the distant place. The small bat that demon eye release goes, is Heavenly Demon Race one type of very common Spell, known as signalling bat, is similar to the Cultivation World signalling jade sword, just the Cultivation World signalling jade sword can use repeatedly, but this signalling bat can only use one time, next time in using, must use Spell to condense again is good. After release signalling bat, the demon eye then looked at all around one, deep voice said : „the everyone/Great Clan minute has launched, is centered on here, like the search of all around carpet type, the slow point did not have saying, was certainly careful.” The people complied with one, turn around walked, but their actually don’t know, Zhao Hai now already arrived at beyond ten thousand li (0.5km). Day Demon Realm here are not less than Cultivation World, let alone was a person hides to be very difficult to find, even if ten thousand people wanted to hide, was very difficult to find, but Zhao Hai has not actually thought has been hiding, he also wants to receive some Heavenly Demon Race to enter to Space. Surrendered the Heavenly Demon Race advantage, Zhao Hai looked, therefore he was certainly receiving some Heavenly Demon Race to enter to his body is good, but his target decided that in clouds on Demon Sect, was Sect that the demon feather was. Zhao Hai has constructed very covert Cave Mansion on that uninhabited barren hill, then demon feather let out, the demon feather comes out to hide said : to see Master to Zhao Hai.” After Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „, called me Young Master, you stayed in Vermillion Bird Space was also familiar with?” Demon feather face excited said : custom, thanked thanks Young Master to care that there was really fantastic, not only Spiritual Qi was rich, but also I also let formidable in my attack, I presently in my Spiritual Qi, probably also had fire attribute, this was really fantastic.” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at demon feather, has not said anything, but shows a faint smile said : custom to be good, now I want to make you say that Demon Sect situation, I want my to receive some Heavenly Demon Race to enter to Vermillion Bird Space in as far as possible.” The demon feather has complied with one, deep voice said : is, clouds that Demon Sect is in day Demon Realm demon body medium grade Sect, Expert that in Sect known on has plenty, including Immortal Stage the old demon, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert were more, I know on no less than about 2000, Nascent Soul Stage Expert my many my don’t know, has not calculated, always knows has plenty.”

Zhao Hai one hear of demon feathers said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head, he has not actually thought this clouds Demon Sect strength actually such formidable, the light from the strength, probably also will want on strong some compared with Black Tiger Group. However he is deep voice said : must know saying that what Great Magical Artifact in Demon Sect has?” The demon feather nodded said : to have, clouds that the Demon Sect flying apsaras iron gong centipede in existence that in day Demon Realm became famous, this flying apsaras iron gong centipede, is Great Magical Artifact of one type of like centipede, the span over 500 meters, altogether the person 20 feet, move do very flexible, attack strength very formidable.” Why did Zhao Hai nod said : you to search in there? Also, the Heavenly Demon boundary here person knows that Cultivation World cultivator will come appears from there? Cultivation World cultivator has appears , met why besieging of Heavenly Demon Race?” Demon feather one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback said : returns to the Young Master words, this I also real don’t know, but this is the order in Sect, in Sect knows Young Master probably you in that piece of region, therefore makes us go to the there search specially, as for the Cultivation World cultivator appears place, listened to the person in Sect to say probably, the entire day Demon Realm person already knew Cultivation World cultivator probably appears the place of time, therefore had already been ready.” Why did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : to know don’t know to be able appears this situation? Day Demon Realm High level from there knows entirely body time and place that Cultivation World cultivator requires to come?” The demon feather shook the head, he and don’t know this matter, he only knows that day Demon Realm High level already knows Cultivation World cultivator must come day Demon Realm, moreover day Demon Realm there information came from there, is actually not his Core Disciple can know that the demon feather after is only Core Disciple, is unqualified open the entrance, do not say that knew these secret matters. Zhao Hai has thought a while, decides certainly puts down this matter, later has opportunity to inquire, even if no opportunity to inquire the truth, waits for returned to Cultivation World there, must tell Cultivation World High level this situation, making them pay attention. Zhao Hai knows that Cultivation World and day Demon Realm not only has lived a war, the here war, practices wushu this attack to be possible completely to be with Heavenly Demon two characteristic, day Demon Realm and Cultivation World war, that is two big Interface wars, setting out Expert to be innumerable, is only Great Magical Artifact is feared that meets thousands, that called the genuine war, in such war, Immortal Stage Expert damaged to fall is not the too strange matter, on do not say Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. But now day Demon Realm can actually clearly know that next motion of Cultivation World, this most makes Zhao Hai be worried that if day Demon Realm can clearly know each motion of Cultivation World, then regarding Cultivation World, absolutely is not the good matter. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;