Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1762
A incomparably huge centipede is flying in sky, this giant centipede from beginning to end, is swinging like the wave, making him have the aesthetic sense of one type of alternative. ( 1 _ 1 ) However the body of this centipede actually flood one layer iron cyan, moreover this giant centipede although looks like very flexible, however in movement, can see his some stodginess, because this is not a real centipede, he is says Demon Sect Great Magical Artifact, the flying apsaras iron gong centipede. Flying apsaras iron gong centipede very enormous, but the huge pair does not lose flexible, this is also he can become in day Demon Realm one of the most famous Great Magical Artifact reasons. In the bodies of this flying apsaras iron gong centipede, very big rooms, are sitting big Heavenly Demon in this in the room, this big Heavenly Demon long ten points close person, his head still grows two curved surface steep, on the skin is not having the scale, but becomes appears one type of iron cyan, the two blood red eyes color, a full beard of face, the body puts on black fighting armor. However now this big Heavenly Demon is actually a face angry look look at his opposite person, stands in his opposite is also big Heavenly Demon, this big Heavenly Demon demon eye, searches Zhao Hai that cloud Demon Sect Expert with demon feather together. However this Transcends Tribulation Stage cloud Demon Sect Expert, actually likely was one has done now the misdemeanor, was been same by the teacher present elementary student, face gingerly standing in there, the appearance that the atmosphere does not dare to leave. That big Heavenly Demon look at demon eye deep voice said : you can determine that the small feather did have an accident?” This big Heavenly Demon status is not simple, he is clouds that the Demon Sect Battle Hall elder demon ritual gathers. although he has not achieved Immortal Stage. But is also recognition half-step Immortal Expert, but so-called half-step Immortal, very much may break through Immortal Stage level Expert, their present although also belong to Transcends Tribulation Stage, but actually compared in general Transcends Tribulation Stage to be too many, but the demon ritual gathered also the status, that was Master of demon feather. Some demon eye fears looked at the demon ritual uniting eye, respectful sound said : returned to the words of elder, now was unable to determine, but we now actually could not find demon feather master disciple now. Moreover before we presently that Heavenly Tribulation sound probably was too big, Heavenly Tribulation ability also very formidable, therefore we cannot affirm now that demon feather Junior Brother was murdered.” The demon ritual gathers look at demon eye said : demon eye. You speak the truth with me, how do you regard this matter?” The demon eye look at demon ritual gathers, deep voice said : does not dare to hide the truth from the elder, what if that Transcends Tribulation is really that Cultivation World cultivator, that Junior Brother feared that is more unfortunate than fortunate.” Demon ritual about two eyes ominous light flashes, demon eye cannot bear at heart trembles, lowered the head hastily, he feared that really very much the demon ritual gathers, because demon ritual about, but clouds ominous person who in Demon Sect became famous. Demon ritual to say the Demon Sect Battle Hall elder good-fittingly, is naturally initiative. Sect lives the conflict with other Sect, most from the beginning forces up is Battle Hall, but the demon ritual about is in Battle Hall the most militant elder, dead in his hand Heavenly Demon number not abundant number, even if says in Demon Sect, is also not infrequent by Heavenly Demon that the homicide falls, therefore clouds that the person in Demon Sect, the has plenty very happy demon ritual gathers.

The demon ritual about to is not what kind of the demon eye, his although wishes one could to kill people, but his actually very clear. This matter cannot blame the demon eye head, is not the demon eye frames the demon feather, the demon feather has the matter, is only an accident. However his look at demon eye look or very bad, but he bears finally has not begun. But beckoned with the hand said : you, and goes, I give you three days. Within three days, must find that Cultivation World person to me, if you could not find, the electrical connector sees!” Demon eye although shouted darkly bad luck, but actually does not dare to violate the order that the demon ritual gathered, he can only nod said : is, invited elder feel relieved, my certain effort.” The demon ritual gathers beckoned with the hand, demon eye then bowed to draw back. When the demon eye retreated, the demon ritual about slowly has then closed the eye, but the facial expression on face was more stern, the death of very obvious demon feather, aroused his True Fire. But Zhao Hai now actually and don’t know these, he still in research his Law Idol, his Law Idol has produced variation in the pass through Heavenly Tribulation time now, all Law Idol with his main body Law Idol about for a body, turned into thousand Goddess of Mercy same Law Idol, this is Zhao Hai has not thought that he wants research well now, own Law Idol variation, what change will have, what this can have influence to his fight. Tried Zhao Hai to know, Law Idol of his thousand Goddess of Mercy, but also really a little meanings of thousand Goddess of Mercy, because fused Law Idol that many Law Idol have composed, therefore this Law Idol strength very formidable. Every two hands are one group, each group of arms can come in handy a Law Idol ability, he can also together use all Law Idol abilities, looks like he in Transcends Tribulation, finally to tribulation cloud that strikes, Zhao Hai had estimated that he that strikes finally, even if Immortal Stage Expert, feared that is also can only exempt receives. He can make these Law Idol divide now to oppose the enemy, is divides about only in his living read, but now he regarding the operation of Law Idol, with original completely is two thick times. Zhao Hai to this situation to is very happy, no matter what, this regarding him is a good matter, his strength in a promotion. Zhao Hai now is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, moreover when Zhao Hai tribulation cloud scattering, he also received in the tribulation cloud with Space Space part, but in Space also produced the tribulation saying that even this tribulation cloud can also be used by him, in join to Zhao Hai attack lightning attribute, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is the good matter. In adding on tribulation cloud by Space join to the cloudy Yang lightning pond, now his cloudy Yang lightning pond formidable, cloudy Yang lightning pond formidable has represented his Magical Artifact attack strength to be stronger, was representing his fighting strength. Has tried carefully own Law Idol, Zhao Hai after completely mastered own ability, this thinks that must cope to say Demon Sect.

clouds that Demon Sect there situation Zhao Hai has understood from demon feather there some, moreover he also knows the arrival that the demon ritual gathers, he moved trick/hand and foot on the body of demon eye after all. Zhao Hai although him with trace of demon feather fight cancelling, but he changed the small Liquid Silver needle kept there, because he believes that other Heavenly Demon will certainly go to there examination, so long as these people arrived at there examination, his these changed the small Liquid Silver needle can attach on the bodies of these people, can make him obtain more situations. When sees the flying apsaras iron gong centipede, Zhao Hai really somewhat surprised, he has not thought, unexpectedly Great Magical Artifact can do so flexible and overwhelming power, even if the Black Tiger Group tiger ship, feared that is also can't compare with this flying apsaras iron gong centipede. However Zhao Hai these time has not actually regarded target that flying apsaras iron gong centipede, because he looked, that demon ritual about was not absolutely affable, now he must do was copes with the demon eye they. The demon ritual about must look for Zhao Hai, by his status, is certainly impossible to depend entirely on him to look, clouds that the Demon Sect control domain is not small, if depends entirely on him to look, he was impossible to find, therefore he must use to say the Demon Sect strength, so long as he used saying that Demon Sect strength, that was easy to do, Zhao Hai had opportunity, Zhao Hai can with clouds Demon Sect consumes, whose to had a look at energy consumption finally anyone. The demon eye their also don’t know they stared by Zhao Hai, now the demon eye they may somewhat worry, they receive duty that the demon ritual has gathered, if cannot complete duty, feared that will be the demon ritual about will not let off their. Demon ritual about saying, if could not find Zhao Hai, making their electrical connector see, this saying is not cracking a joke, if they had not found Zhao Hai within three days, that demon ritual will unite will butcher them surely, this matter demon ritual before also will have to do. The demon eye is bringing one team of 50 people of cultivator, is centered on place that Zhao Hai crosses, like all around keeps spins to seek, because now they, only then a little clue. But at this time demon ritual about clouds Demon Sect believed that let say that the Demon Sect Battle Hall person sent out, helping his together seek for Zhao Hai, during his order had very special, after that was found Zhao Hai, must Zhao Hai give to tie down, and first told him the place, not only this order to clouds Demon Sect Battle Hall has gotten down, even if were the demon eye they, was under the type order. The demon ritual looks like somewhat strange about this order, but the demon eye they have not actually felt strangely, demon ritual about in clouds Demon Sect, that is hiding shortcomings and retaliation that heart became famous, he issues such order, but was wants to kill Zhao Hai personally, the demon eye they have not felt strangely. The although demon ritual about has sent the demon eye to seek for Zhao Hai, but he has not been idling, he also sits Great Magical Artifact, seeks in a Zhao Hai Transcends Tribulation, hopes that can find Zhao Hai. However their movements actually all fell into the Zhao Hai eye, Zhao Hai now designation next target, is the demon eye they, this Transcends Tribulation made his strength increase, made Zhao Hai have the confidence, although demon eye side with 50 people, but Zhao Hai actually believes one can certainly cope with them.

Demon eye look at all around suddenly, suddenly were many a person in their front, Cultivation World cultivator, this Cultivation World cultivator appears , two, large quantities of flying sword, such as the ocean waves curl equally to them. The demon eye stares, then is actually the great happiness his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Ties, informing demon ritual to gather the elder.” His skill cultivator of these Heavenly Demon Race, immediately has formed Battle Formation, Heavenly Demon was release communication bat, but these Heavenly Demon Race people also communicate their Law Idol within the shortest time, all people were the law want to cover the body. Law Idol of Heavenly Demon clan, is almost the demon that various types want respectively, these demons look like are fierce incomparable, understood at a glance that is not good to deal with. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, after Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation the demon eye their 50 people cover, he then moved, the personal appearance moves, the Zhao Hai personal appearance on appears 50 Law Idol, these Law Idol is animal Law Idol, but Zhao Hai main body also release thousand Goddess of Mercy Law Idol, along with Zhao Hai Buddha, that 50 animal Law Idol they overran toward the demon eye. But demon eye their present feelings are not quite good, because during they presently arrive at one piece to be void, all around is planet that moves slowly, they know certainly that they were stranded in big in the formation, but in this big in the formation, their strengths was also suppressed.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;