Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1763

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 19 th ~ The Heavenly Demon Race person regarding formation very dreaded, because of their very clear, a Heavenly Demon clan on formation the attainments have missed compared with Cultivation World cultivator much, therefore their most headache is also Cultivation World formation. Because of this, therefore demon eye they see one fell into formation, has been careful, because they could look, this formation was not definitely ordinary. But at this time, wild beast Law Idol of suddenly troop flushed toward them, complexion of demon eye cannot help but changed, deep voice said : paid attention to meet the enemy.” Demon eye already present, this formation has certain pressure manufacture to use to their strength although, however doing of suppression uses is not very big, therefore he is not. However when Law Idol of these beast shapes clash toward them, planet that around suddenly these are moving slowly, suddenly moved, all planet have hit to them, these they give to have a scare the demon eye, demon eye immediately/on horseback said loudly: 50% people, block these planet, other people cope with these wild beast!” His decision is nothing less than quick, but had actually underestimated Zhao Hai strength, on planet that these fly, suddenly turned into great nets, to these Heavenly Demon, when under the bow cap, these Heavenly Demon days strength although are not weak, but worst is also Gold Core Stage Expert, opportunity that no matter Gold Core Stage or Nascent Soul Stage, by a that great net cover, simply had not been escaped. But in Heavenly Demon of demon eye belt, majority is Nascent Soul Stage and Gold Core Stage Heavenly Demon, true Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert has five. Just blocked there planet. Is Nascent Soul Stage and Gold Core Stage Heavenly Demon, but just one on the bedding bag coating half, 20 Heavenly Demon had been given to coat by the great net, moreover was drawn big in the formation vanish from sight directly, only remaining 30 Heavenly Demon also follow in the demon eye side. Demon eye actually by such accident making in great surprise, his Law Idol is also eye incomparably huge Heavenly Demon, on the face of his Law Idol, has shown the surprised expression. At this moment, these beast shape Law Idol flushed, the demon eye does not have the time to think that these are many. immediately moved forward to meet somebody, he looked, these beast shape Law Idol each and every one were flexible, understands at a glance strength extraordinary. He does not dare neglecting a little. However after begin the exchange, demon eye talent has presently made a mistake, these beast shape Law Idol of strength, his imagination, each beast shape Law Idol fighting strength, compared with their much stronger, this let the demon eye they at once complete falling to leeward. This has not calculated that now Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, moved, ” often that Formation to demon eye their influence getting bigger and bigger will also come attack their, Great Formation each attack one time, will seize several Heavenly Demon, after several times, demon eye presently own side, only then that five Transcends Tribulation Stage Heavenly Demon has still been supporting, but could not support how long. The demon eye somewhat cannot help but unwilling, in this time, attack his several beast shape Law Idol is actually drawing back, the demon eye stares, looks at all around one. Presently that 50 beast shape Law Idol draw back, but also encircles them, but that Great Formation has not removed.

Demon eye not understand what's the matter, at this moment, suddenly in front of him not far away appears a person's shadow. Sees that person's shadow, demon eye two eyes cannot help but narrows the eyes. Because that person of he knew that is the demon feather. appears of demon feather lets demon eye being startled extremely, their these time comes is looks for the demon feather, has not actually thought that saw the demon feather in here unexpectedly. When demon eye is startled, the demon feather is actually holds the fist in the other hand said : to see demon eye Senior Brother to the demon eye.” Demon eye although not understand what's the matter, but is face alert said : demon feather, are you meaning? Can you appears in here? The demon ritual is looking for you about the elder.” The demon feather often smiles said : to be good to call demon eye Senior Brother to being bewitched eye you to know that I followed Young Master now, Young Master takes into Demon God in my heart, after my demon feather, in did not say the Demon Sect person, but was the Young Master servant, demon eye Senior Brother, I urged you also to follow Young Master along with my together, together with Young Master, followed that Eternal Life Grand Dao.” look at demon feather that an demon eye face cannot believe that some little time silently said: Demon feather, you may know that what you were saying? Do you dare to betray to say Demon Sect unexpectedly? Your non- idea? I told you, the demon ritual came toward here about the elder, so long as his Senior arrived, saw your appearance, certainly personally will clean up the gateway.” Does the demon feather laugh said : demon ritual to gather? Also wants to cope with Young Master depending on him? If Young Master is not the scruples clouds that Demon Sect also several Immortal Stage Expert, already killed to say Demon Sect, entire clouds Demon Sect control in in his hand.” The appearance of demon eye look at demon feather, was a shock of face, what person the demon feather is he was too clear, the demon feather although says ordinary Core Disciple in Demon Sect now, but he was clouds the talent that in Demon Sect recognized, otherwise the demon ritual personally will not receive him about the elder for the disciple, reason that he did not have open the entrance, was because his present strength is also not very strong, is insufficient open the entrance. This demon ritual about is only makes him come out to try to practice, if there is opportunity to hand over to fight with the Cultivation World person were better because of this, therefore the status in demon feather in clouds Demon Sect was not low, was adding on the talent is somewhat arrogant, therefore in Sect continuously arrogance, to his demon eye Senior Brother, not what respect. However just received that Young Master time in the facial expression to look from the demon feather, he respects that Young Master, that is one type of from the worship of innermost feelings, he said that Young Master became Demon God in his heart, it seems like feared that is not false. But this is also lets the demon eye surprised reason, demon eye very clear, Young Master in demon feather mouth certainly is Cultivation World cultivator, lets the demon feather such supercilious person, Cultivation World cultivator that can so esteem, what person can that be? Demon eye some do not dare to imagine.

The demon eye sends for the day Demon Realm matter knowing regarding this Cultivation World, he knows that Cultivation World will send a batch cultivator to come day Demon Realm to carry on the smelting trial every about 50 years, called Heavenly Demon to practice wushu in some Cultivation World there also names, comes day Demon Realm cultivator, was Cultivation World there young Expert, in other words these came Cultivation World cultivator, was not in Cultivation World is strongest, they were young in the generation Expert, was with they almost existence. In this case, that Cultivation World cultivator, but can also make the demon feather so worship him, obviously the place of his fierce, this lets dreading of demon eye to Zhao Hai cannot help but. The demon feather looked that the demon eye quite a while has not spoken, complexion cannot help but sinks said : demon eye Senior Brother, my this is giving you opportunity, if you if not comply, that do not blame Young Master impolite, I fall ten, if you are not willing to surrender Young Master, that Young Master is impolite to you, was beginning to be a casualty, regardless.” One hear of demon feathers said that complexion of demon eye cannot help but changes, he just with these beast shape Law Idol fought, already present, these beast shape Law Idol each strengths have wanted him, but under these beast shape Law Idol did not have Assassin, therefore made him support such long time, if that beast shape Law Idol wanted, regardless of life and death coped with him, that consequence was really dreadful. One, two and three,......” this time demon feather started to count. The appearance of demon eye look at demon feather, is not cracking a joke likely, his complexion cannot help but more bitter, the demon saw several other Heavenly Demon, several other Heavenly Demon also look at he, in their eyes also same flashes through a fearing intent. although said that a Heavenly Demon clan is militant, dares to fight, does not fear the war, but they do not want to sacrifice in vain, Zhao Hai was tyrannical they to ask for advice, if they did not surrender, that feared that was is really the consequence is serious. Six, seven and eight......” demon eye intention phonograph, he knows, if do not surrender could die, but surrender is certainly will not actually die, thinks of here, demon eye immediately/on horseback said loudly: Junior Brother, my willing to surrender.” Ease in doing of lead, several other Heavenly Demon immediately have also surrendered, as soon as they surrender, Zhao Hai personal appearance immediately appears in side of demon feather, the demon feather to Zhao He a ritual, deep voice said : Young Master, the good fortune has not failed in one's mission!” Did Zhao Hai nod said : you really to be willing to surrender in me? Turns into my appearance Demon God in your heart?” Demon feather several people nodded said : are, I and others am willing to surrender Master.” Said that their bodies have emitted Strength of Faith, but beneficiary Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai feels this Strength of Faith, cannot help but nodded said : well, you cut along with the demon feather.” Demon eye several people have complied with one, arrived at the side of demon feather, Zhao Hai has waved to receive Vermillion Bird Space them, to Vermillion Bird Space, in Space has not really transmitted the prompt sound, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, but he sighed, this Heavenly Demon Race also was really a strange race, they said surrender anyone, was surrendering of sincerity, even immediately met appears Strength of Faith, such race also was really very unusual. However Zhao Hai has not thought that his hand wielded to receive Liquid Silver flying sword, then the personal appearance moved vanishes in there, this time he did not have to erase the trace, because did not have that to will, clouds in any case the Demon Sect people know his existence, did he erase the trace to be the same. returned to beforehand that secret Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai has cannot help but scooped up that Ten Thousand Monster Sect elder to his Jade Identity Card, careful look at, this Jade Token not anything specially, but above has the digit, now the figure on Zhao Hai Jade Token turned into 57, this is all Heavenly Demon digit that he subdues, Qing of this Jade Token record gave unexpectedly neatly. Clarity that such Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, on this Jade Token records, really somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, lets the Zhao Hai minute is unhappy, feeling that the digit on look at that Jade Token , he always has one type of monitor. However he actually does not dare the trade rashly putting Universal Machine will decompose this Jade Identity Card, Cultivation World here almighty are too many, if makes people present, that may has troubled, not only he troubles, will also bring the huge trouble to Black Tiger Group. However makes him be treated in this Jade Token , he some are not also willingly, finally Zhao Hai or the sleep decide, first carries on to analyze to Jade Token , but this time he actually does not dare to bring Jade Token to Space, but wraps up Jade Token with Liquid Silver analyzes.( To be continued., Casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;