Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1764

~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ flying apsaras iron gong centipede stops in the one side, the demon ritual about standing in the head of iron gong centipede, is shutting two eyes, in front of feeling calm that piece of Space, transmits the intermittent disorderly Spiritual Qi fluctuation in that piece of Space, so long as is experienced cultivator, immediately knows that some people have begun in here, but the demon ritual about the present was feeling that these disorderly Spiritual Qi, how he wants to know the demon eye they. The demon eye in fights before Zhao Hai, made the person let off signalling bat to gather to the demon ritual, tells the demon ritual to meet the Zhao Hai place about them, therefore the demon ritual has caught up at earliest convenience, from the demon ritual connecting to the letter to rushing to here, altogether has also used for two hours, but other demon rituals about rushing, demon eye they already by Zhao Hai taking away. The demon ritual about naturally will not care about a disciple life and death, what he wants to know, Zhao Hai strength, although his present don’t know Zhao Hai status, but Zhao Hai has the big enmity with him, he naturally must many understanding Zhao Hai. Some little time the demon ritual about then has opened the eye, however in his eye actually flashes through a puzzled color, because he just felt thing that was really too strange. He can feel that demon eye their aura, he can also feel that with demon eye fighting the aura of that person, but makes him feel what is strange, he feels in here, the opposite party really has 50 aura, what's all this about? Spiritual Sense that the demon ritual gathers is very sensitive, the clear feeling, the essence of that 50 aura is the same, but attribute of these 50 aura are also various, very unusual. The demon ritual gathers puzzled also this point. He felt that copes with the demon eye they are not. But is more than 50 people, but more than 50 people of aura, are actually completely same, this gathers in the demon ritual looks like, was too unreasonable. Each under individual aura is only one of its kind, is different, that feared that is the twin brothers, their aura are not same, in the world does not have the people of two completely same aura. However in here, same aura actually appears 50. This most lets his surprised place, 50 same aura, what concept is that? Does this person meet Doppelganger to be inadequate? Thinks of Doppelganger, the demon ritual at earliest convenience puzzled. The technique of Doppelganger in Cultivation World is not very unusual Spell, no matter Cultivation World is also good, is also good because of day Demon Realm, Doppelganger Technique has much, but this Spell, is actually some weaks. Cultivation World and day Demon Realm here Doppelganger Technique, said strictly that is one type of Illusion Technique, the person who he comes out is not the true strength, but is Illusion that one type of transforms. Fantasy although some of like this transforming can confuse falsehood with the truth, but the real space can play is actually not many, fake that achieves after is fake. Especially to the demon ritual about this level Expert, simply point of Doppelganger Technique regarding them with did not have, is the true body or Illusion, they use the spirit god easily can distinguish, moreover is you in brilliant that Doppelganger Technique uses, cannot leave behind your aura, in other words, even if uses Doppelganger Technique. Branches out 50 Doppelganger to come, is impossible to leave behind 50 aura. The demon ritual about wrinkled under the brow lightly, deep voice said : came the person!” On Nascent Soul Stage day Demon Horse flies the demon ritual has gathered, unites to salute said : to the demon ritual elder has any instructions? The demon ritual about looking at this Heavenly Demon one, deep voice said : sent the letter to in the gang. Let in the gang additionally appoint the manpower, must find, in we clouds that Cultivation World cultivator that in Demon Sect moves. That cultivator possibly one type of special Cultivation Method, can make Doppelganger oppose the enemy, reminds the in the gang person, the population of each search squad can not be less than 200, each search squad, must have minimum 20 Transcends Tribulation Stage to teach the hand to sit, if presently this cultivator, has tied down, so long as catches returned to in the gang him, searches for soul Ben Po, can know Cultivation Method that he uses was any Cultivation Method, this to us clouds that Demon Sect very heavy wanted.”

That Heavenly Demon bows said : is, Venerable the elder command!” Said that has drawn back slowly, then immediately clouds in Demon Sect went to signalling bat. The status in demon ritual about in clouds Demon Sect is very high, these years he to say west the Demon Sect eastern expedition asks, establishes the innumerable meritorious military service . Moreover the demon ritual about a little most lets the person appreciation in sect, that is he wholeheartedly to say Demon Sect considers, so long as presently good thing, his first thought to snatch returned to to say in Demon Sect him, when manages the proper business, he has made a clear demarcation between public and private interests, will never work for one's own interests under the guise of working for the public, therefore in cloud Demon Sect, his status, but very high. The demon ritual about looking at that Space one, coldly snorted, the personal appearance moved, returned to in flying apsaras iron gong centipede, huge flying apsaras iron gong centipede in a start, slowly flies toward the distant place , to continue to seek for Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai actually minute of that Jade Token is analyzing now, analyzes Jade Token with Liquid Silver directly, this ability Zhao Hai already had, but he with this, he does not want to make Liquid Silver analyze now, after this Jade Token decomposes, whether in a restoration. Some little time the Cai'er sound conveys said : Elder Brother Hai, this Jade Token can recover, but in this Jade Token , has the function of video recording probably, he all the places of having been, will record, if must recover he, must forge many scene to him, the work load is not small.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, decomposes him, then starts to cheat, cannot make these fellows know that absolutely our situations, was right, this can Jade Token relate with Cultivation World there now? Can the Cultivation World there person feel the change of this Jade Token now?” Cai'er shook the head said : „unable completely, Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, begins, was right, has remembered, arranges for one year, looks like makes the movie documentary film to be the same, best to come to see thing release that in Jade Token records good, is deferring to that style to photograph.” Cai'er their these time to came the interest, has complied with one, made Zhao Hai receive in Space Jade Token directly, several people fiddled with. No matter Zhao Hai also they, Cai'er present ability, but very formidable, making him make at will, situation that the demon ritual that he pays attention to now gathers. Zhao Hai assigned out the demon ritual to gather just situation. Carefully looked. Had seen order that demon ritual gathers, Zhao Hai then let out a long breath, deep voice said : really fierce, can guess correctly that unexpectedly I have used one type of special Cultivation Method, 200 people, interesting, I have a look am our 360 Doppelganger formidable, is your formidable.” However Zhao Hai suddenly has patted head said : now I already Transcends Tribulation, whether that could be trying precise Law Idol, um. here is day Demon Realm, with is some Heavenly Demon Race people who I fight, they come out precise Law Idol are Heavenly Demon Law Idol, Law Idol although of these days demon looks like the wicked shape villainous visage. However its attack strength is actually not weak, am I can also be precise two day Magic?” Thinks does, the Zhao Hai flashes body entered in Space, looked for nobody's planet, sitting cross-legged sat, explain/transfer Cai'er their, having made them do not disturb him, he then started condense day Magic. However Zhao Hai quickly presently incorrect place, day Magic was not that good condense, Law Idol condense. Is needs your completely understand you to want condense that Law Idol, but Zhao Hai regarding Heavenly Demon not any understanding, naturally also on condense not coming out day Magic. However Zhao Hai has actually thought means that his personal appearance moves, appears in Vermillion Bird Space, now demon eye and demon feather they in Vermillion Bird Space here, everyday the practice, crosses to also relaxed comfortable.

Several people looked at Zhao Hai to come, bowed said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, deep voice said : sits. Today I come, wants to ask, your day Magic how condense comes out, the demon feather, you told me.” The demon feather complied with said :is. Young Master, my Heavenly Demon clan from birth on that day starting from. Must believe in Heavenly Demon, the Heavenly Demon variable shape, does not have the habit, everyone Heavenly Demon is different, Heavenly Demon, to put it bluntly is Demon Sense in your heart, you use yourself ~~-&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Net. Renewal ~~ the consciousness, congeals Demon Sense in own heart, what will see Heavenly Demon in your heart is, but Heavenly Demon in our heart do not have the appearance generally, only when worship who of our sincerity, Heavenly Demon in our heart, slowly will turn into his appearance. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that Law Idol of Heavenly Demon clan practices unexpectedly like this, in own congeals at heart Heavenly Demon! This Cultivation Method Zhao Hai to is first meeting. Zhao Hai cannot help but gently has closed eye, recalled that the words of being bewitched feather, the demon feather look at Zhao Hai appearance, does not dare to make noise, is only static sitting in the one side. In Zhao Hai present mind is actually the intention phonograph, his very clear, the person have good and evil both sides, looks like Tai Ji is the same, within Yin have Yang, within Yang have Yin, the cultivator practice points to the conscience generally, but the practice of Heavenly Demon is actually a little special, they only practice oneself evil thought at heart, at heart regards evil thought is one type of Faith practices, the way of this practice with cultivator is completely different. However this practice way not necessarily is not good, otherwise a Heavenly Demon clan will not become can exist with Cultivation World equally. Moreover this practice method, regarding the Cultivation World person, there are has the advantage very much. The evil thought beautiful individuals have, in Cultivation World, Cultivation Method that some calm the mind specially, Cultivation Method of these peaceful mind, specifically are used to cope with the evil thought in person heart actually. The evil thought in Cultivation World not necessarily refers to kill people and set places on fire and so on idea, like greedy, infatuated, gets angry, these look like belong to cultivator the evil thought. although said that the practice of cultivator points to the conscience, what the people accepted after the birth was what education, this has very tremendous influence regarding a person, sometimes this will influence affect the conscience of person. For example a person in the vitality, he will have the evil thought that if really points to the conscience, he should according to such do, however most cultivator that the evil thought in own heart thinks, actually generally really do not want to do according to the conscience, but this evil thought has produced after all, will leave such trace during person's consciousness. Regarding the ordinary person, this possibly does not have anything, but regarding cultivator is actually very dangerous, because cultivator in the practice, in their consciousness, cannot in too many distracting thoughts, otherwise, be able possessed by the Devil, the ten points bad risk. But such distracting thoughts in Cultivation World, have the one type of name, is called Heart's Demon! Also because of this, therefore in Cultivation World there, has plenty Cultivation Method, is special-purpose eliminates these evil thoughts, making the person not be affected by Heart's Demon, cannot possessed by the Devil. However this Heart's Demon regarding level high cultivator influence actually even bigger, after many cultivator to Transcends Tribulation Stage or to Immortal Stage, was very difficult in having the little advance, why? Is because they cannot cut Heart's Demon in oneself heart, cannot let own Spiritual Wisdom clear and bright, therefore their cultivation level will be affected.

However day Demon Cultivator practices is this reads the evil thought exactly, they at heart evil thought that when the god practices intentionally, therefore they can congeal easily day Magic. Zhao Hai knows, Cultivation World these so-called purifying the mind Cultivation Method, they not true that evil thought at heart eliminating, but that evil thought suppressing, this regarding any cultivator is the one type of hidden danger. But if cultivator can also practice Heavenly Demon the method? They can also in their at heart, congeals Heavenly Demon to come, then injects own evil thought to Heavenly Demon, this equal to in practicing Heavenly Demon Cultivation Method, but also equal to cultivator evil thought at heart eliminating, such cultivator practice naturally not possessed by the Devil, moreover they also formidable Heavenly Demon, will also make their strengths increase, this regarding cultivator absolutely is the good matter. Thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately has opened the eye, he turned the head look at demon feather said : demon feather, how in the congealment heart the Demon God method to tell me you, detailed was better.” Although the demon feather in understand Zhao Hai is not any meaning, but he has complied with one, careful in how congealment heart Demon God the method told Zhao Hai. Words of Zhao Hai one hear of demon feathers, cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, this type at heart the congealment Demon God method is not that simple, wants to congeal Demon God at heart, must invest own complete mind into Heart's Demon, fully understood own most dark side, such did to say at heart easily, but did is actually very difficult, you invested in the complete mind Heart's Demon, on equal to by change, was turned into another person completely, if your mental cannot be firm, that you on being possible to fall into to Heart's Demon In was also coming out, finally turns into true Demon Race. Even if your mental firm, can leave from Heart's Demon, restores the intelligence, that very much might also turn into a schizophrenia, then danger regarding cultivator, will therefore want to congeal Heart's Demon to come, regarding cultivator, will not be an easy matter, conversely, the congealment Heart's Demon process will be able be said as the bad risk is incomparable. The demon feather said after congealment Heart's Demon process, looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, did not dare to make noise, was only careful sitting in there, does not dare to disturb Zhao Hai, the demon eye they were also same, they do not dare to have disrespecting to Zhao Hai. Has thought some little time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, transferred to looking at the demon feather their said : you, and practiced in here, has the matter I to look your.” The personal appearance moved on vanish from sight, the demon feather and demon eye actually still bowed to see off. ~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;