Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1765

Universe probably throughout is comprised of the pro and con, will have will only have the darkness, will have cloudy will have the positivity, will have friendly will have the wickedness! The cultivator practice must achieve to point to the conscience, has one's wish, but does not have that cultivator really to achieve to have one's wish, therefore cultivator in the process of practice, meets Heavenly Tribulation appears , will have Heart's Demon appears . { Http: . The friends upload renewal }. The cultivator has plenty method copes with Heart's Demon, but all copes with the Heart's Demon method to suppress, suppresses Heart's Demon, impossible true makes Heart's Demon vanish . Moreover the time of along with you practicing is longer, more many that your Heart's Demon accumulates, when the time comes you want opposite Heart's Demon to be also getting more and more formidable. Many cultivator think that was own cultivation level enhanced, therefore Heart's Demon will stiffen, was actually not, but was you too me who Heart's Demon suppressed, therefore Heart's Demon will stiffen. But a practice way and cultivator of Heavenly Demon clan have the similarity, however practice thing is actually completely opposite, if Cultivation Method of cultivator practice is belongs friendly, a that Heavenly Demon clan practice is wicked, they practiced wickedly extremely. Zhao Hai although cannot affirm, but he believes that reason that Heavenly Demon Race President becomes that appearance, feared that with practicing this Heart's Demon is related, they have regarded themselves the demon, therefore their appearances also slowly turned into that appearance. But Zhao Hai is sitting in Space on now nobody's planet, closes one's eyes, facial expression piece of calm on face, he has thought that he must practice the technique of Heart's Demon, he must congeal his Heart's Demon. Heart's Demon is thing that any cultivator is afraid, because Heart's Demon is lives by the heart, it can be said that is virtually impossible to guard against, Zhao Hai although has Space, but he does not have what experience regarding Heart's Demon, is good does not have to meet the Heart's Demon big violent because of him, otherwise that was really dangerous. However Zhao Hai after asking Cai'er, feels a fear, because his Heart's Demon actually has existed, but by Space suppressing, therefore he does not have the meeting the feeling. This also made Zhao Hai strengthen own idea. He must within the shortest time, Heart's Demon solving, but solution Heart's Demon best method. Without doubt is makes Heart's Demon use for him, in they have greeted after Cai'er, Zhao Hai decided that on this peaceful planet. Full congealment Heart's Demon, if successful, he can at one stroke worrying of Heart's Demon. Zhao Hai thinks one will certainly succeed, because there is Space, he will not wallow in Heart's Demon. Is adding on him also to have 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation to protect Spirit Platform, various Buddhist Sect Mental Technique self-defense, therefore he thinks that he can certainly concentrate Heart's Demon. 1(1) After being fully prepared, Zhao Hai started to get ready to doubt to tie Heart's Demon, his bit by bit let loose own mind, slowly was seeking for evil thought in the heart.

When Zhao Hai complete relaxation mind, he felt that he entered in piece of golden ocean, in this golden ocean. Each water drop is his thought. He probably in all that look at make, understood own all ideas. This is the one type of very marvelous feeling, he enters mysterious Space probably, this Space is also now comprised of his past, pictures, have composed his all and his life. Zhao Hai probably complete wallowing in this Space. However at this moment, a suddenly strange fish came out. This strange fish body bone armor, appearance very fierce. All over the body is the black, in this piece of Space slowly is hovering, they probably by any thing suppressing, hovered the very wasteful vigor. Zhao Hai immediately knows that this strange fish certainly is an own evil thought that his immediately takes bearing that strange fish with own thought that but that strange fish after feeling his thought that not only has not hidden, instead to welcomed, this makes Zhao Hai be startled. The quick his thought with that strange fish contact, Zhao Hai felt that strange fish one melted in own thought that but among oneself suddenly to this motion has had one is indefinite, his don’t know such made is good or bad, if his success that said really fortunately, but if he were defeated, that possibly schizophrenia. Thought of here, Zhao Hai almost directly withdrew from own Sentient, when he must withdraw, he actually fierce one startled, because his suddenly thought that own idea, unexpectedly was Heart's Demon! He responded finally, Heart's Demon was own negative mood, any one type of negative mood was Heart's Demon, but just that strange fish, certainly was the one type of negative mood, hesitant! Zhao Hai knew fierce location of Dao Heart demon finally, this Heart's Demon attack was not outside, but was, in his Sentient, the team will integrate in your Sentient, making you production unconsciously not seek the one type of mood, this was very dangerous, fought like two Expert, suddenly your suddenly had a hesitation, then the opposite party will certainly not let off this opportunity. Zhao Hai on calm, he has been defending strictly the conscience quickly, was turned into an observer of keeping aloof by oneself, overlooks all that are making, in this moment, Zhao Hai absolute calm, in his does not have at heart even a mood, some , is sane. Slowly, that strange fish in time appears , Zhao Hai spiritual force is extruding that strange fish slowly, that strange fish actually extraordinary has not struggled, but along with the Zhao Hai regard, is changing the shape slowly, The pitch-black head, snow white skin, a blood red eye, black clothes, in hand is taking a black long blade, the appearance and Zhao Hai are exactly the same. This is Zhao Hai congeals, Demon God in oneself heart, he will certainly not doubt the person who ties any most wealth worship, therefore his Demon God image is he. Moreover he at heart will not make the fiendish features oneself Demon God, therefore he in Demon God by his heart has become his appearance.

This Demon God is very small, but it doesn't matter, so long as Zhao Hai keeps grasps various Heart's Demon to the body of this Demon God, he can increase slowly. The intention of Zhao Hai moves, just about to grasps other Heart's Demon, actually saw Demon God that just congealed to open a blood red eye suddenly, raised the blade to flush away toward Sentient. Zhao Hai suddenly has one type of to feel that he one turned into that Demon God probably, he can feel clearly in their Sentient all Heart's Demon are, he recorded the direction to kill, before long saw a black Python, Zhao Hai jumps to throw toward that Python, a blade Python to result, but that Python also immediately made energy, integrated in his body, the one type of incomparably comfortable feeling has spread over Zhao Hai fully, he can become the clear feeling to was formidable, became had the strength, this. Plants the feeling to make Zhao Hai somewhat immerse. However Zhao Hai immediately calm, he knows that own present in Heart's Demon, is only in control own Heart's Demon, his sooner or later wants leave Heart's Demon. Zhao Hai calms down, immediately felt that various negative situations, wild, slaughters, greedy, and so on negative mood must give to surround him probably, Zhao Hai has not cared, he is still maintaining calm, but the quick these negative mood vanished, he in one time became Demon God, in all directions is seeking for Heart's Demon. Knows to present Zhao Hai that his Heart's Demon is such, arrives at his imagination, moreover arrives finally, these Heart's Demon are also getting stronger and stronger, Zhao Hai to the present present, his control Demon God, wants these Heart's Demon strengths, the income to own body, needs to carry on the fight, Demon God that if congeals, is defeated during the fight, that possibly by that Heart's Demon swallowing, such that Heart's Demon feared that will be immediately will work loose the suppression of Space, by Zhao Hai possessed by the Devil. Zhao Hai to the present understand here surface the place of bad risk, but reason that these Heart's Demon change meets formidable, because of them in very long some time, other absorption small and weak Heart's Demon that can keep, becomes by oneself more and more formidable. But beforehand absorbs Python time, reason that relaxed , because that the strength of Python is not strong, is adding on is given the suppression by Space, therefore that relaxed by Zhao Hai absorbing. Will be in the future, his Heart's Demon are more . Moreover the shape also jumps over strangely, Zhao Hai still remembers that he has met a piece of water plant and coral in his Sentient, there is very beautiful, but he can actually feel clearly through Demon God that these water plants and coral unexpectedly are also one type of Heart's Demon, but this Heart's Demon entices! Zhao Hai Demon God is getting stronger and stronger, but Zhao Hai is getting more and more calm, although he can feel clearly, when each Demon God becomes stronger, the comfortable feeling of that difficult spoken language, Zhao Hai now already completely calm, he does not care about that feeling, he has remembered his duty, eliminates all Heart's Demon cleanly, maintains clear and bright by own Sentient. don’t know how long, don’t know has carried on many time slaughtering, Zhao Hai felt finally an own Sentient Qing, is Demon God he, could not be feeling Heart's Demon, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, because he knows that he succeeded. Zhao Hai immediately withdrew from the body of Demon God, slowly has taken back own intention, calm is regarding, this in regards Zhao Hai present, that villain of originally hole there in his mutton smell, unexpectedly had the change now, is still in the mutton smell the hole still has the starry sky, still has Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart, still has Dao Lotus, but that Dao Lotus actually lived the change, that Dao Lotus was turned into two by one, does not have the flaw pure white, jet black such as black ink.

Sits two villains on two Dao Lotus, a white robe, silver white, sits in the white Dao Lotus seat of honor pinches Magic Seal, the treasure is likely dignified, as if has filled the heart of mercy to all of world. Another person is actually a black robe, black head, skin ***, jet black such as long blade of black ink, horizontally on his knee, evil different, the body that the feeling of person could not say was killing aura is also steaming. The heads of these two people, are going against Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Cube is also one black one white, in Rubik's Cube above is still the starry sky, often has the star light to sprinkle. Such change makes Zhao Hai be unexpected, he has not thought that Demon God in oneself heart, unexpectedly with that villain simultaneously appears in here. When Zhao Hai stares, suddenly Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: Warning, the warning, the Host within the body appears two extremist sentiments, are very disadvantageous to Host, easy makes the situation of Host appears schizophrenia, immediately/on horseback carry on the emergency treatment, combines two mood!”( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;