Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1766

~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - [email protected] stares, then the complexion big change, he just about to prevents, but Space has not actually managed that many, white light directly the two people on Dao Lotus covering, Zhao Hai looked at this situation, knows that wants to prevent also late, a he cannot help but forced smile. Some little time white light vanished the person, Zhao Hai present moon Eight Trigrams pond there in one time lived the change, in the two fish eye places of Tai Ji Pond Yin-Yang fish, the distinction grew vine, these two vine extended in midair, then long in together, has formed even bigger vine, in this vine peak, was opening Dao Lotus, but above this Dao Lotus, was sitting well a person, this person body white long gown, black hair, the skin was fair, the hand tied Magic Seal to sit in there, the buddhist image was dignified, but in this person behind, Actually at the back of a jet black long blade, but this person of appearance is just the same as Zhao Hai, but closes one's eyes. Zhao Hai stares, he thinks that he tied Demon God that printed to vanish, now looks like does not have complete disappearance probably, in Zhao Hai was feeling strange time, his suddenly felt that in their Sentient some thing entered that person of body, Zhao Hai has been able to feel clearly, two black entered that person in within the body, that person probably became stronger. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also felt that own Spirit Platform clear and bright, then an information entered in his Sentient, his finally understand what's the matter. Originally before , his idea is wrong, the person himself has the mood, no matter friendly wicked, is the person mood constituents, if body only remaining good mood of person, then cannot be called the person, if body remaining evil mood of person, he changed cannot only call the person. Only the good and evil coexists, can be a person, if like Zhao Hai forcefully separates the good and evil. He really will turn into a schizophrenia. Was good because of Space present this point, therefore directly these two mood fusions in together. Has formed in the present Zhao Hai mutton smell that villain in hole. This villain can say that is Zhao Hai, before Space has helped Zhao Hai suppress these negative mood, but now was good, these negative mood can also turn into one type of energy. Had been used by the Zhao Hai absorption, Zhao Hai in does not need to fear that met possessed by the Devil. In does not need to be worried Heart's Demon existed, because he can use the wicked strength, he now is genuine was complete. His cultivation level also strove. Enhanced double compared with original minimum. Is good at wickedly forever is coexists, before Zhao Hai had used the friendly strength, now the wicked strength can also use, this let certainly his strength compared with before double. The good and evil look like the two hands of person, by only Zhao Hai continuously with a hand fight, but now he can fight with two hand together finally. The strength naturally is no comparison between them. Most makes Zhao Hai feel what happy is, when he congealed Demon God. He has seen all day Magic, he can use, originally he has 360 Law Idol, now one increased to 720. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, eye slowly the eye, his eyeball became blacker, saved the black, appeared that profound, simultaneously his temperament also lived the change, became is ordinarier! Not wrong, he was becomes was truly ordinarier, this cannot help but let a Zhao Hai forced smile, others' temperament changed more formidable, he may arrive, became more and more ordinary, what his don’t know also will turn really into.

However Zhao Hai immediately release own Law Idol, his Law Idol did not have what change superficially probably, is still Law Idol of thousand Goddess of Mercy, but arm were probably more, words that but carefully looks, presently is different, in Law Idol of that thousand Goddess of Mercy, the arm of has plenty looks like somewhat fierce. At this moment a Zhao Hai Law Idol revolution, one of the Goddess of Mercy has turned around, but should be the place of Law Idol back is actually another appearance, here unexpectedly appears Demon God Law Idol, this Demon God Law Idol also has the innumerable arms, only varies the arm to form different Hand-Seal, looks like is not quite a little same as Demon God Law Idol. However Zhao Hai actually knows that own Law Idol became stronger, but also complete in his control, his then let out a long breath, relaxed. Then the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in Vermillion Bird Space, called the demon feather they, when called the demon feather they, Zhao Hai specially was been closer by own temperament to own originally Demon God temperament, that callous, the body was Demon Qi overflows, probably was Heavenly Demon is the same. The demon feather their appears in the Zhao Hai side, immediately felt Demon Qi that on Zhao Hai has overflowed, they have gawked, then salutes to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „, you can be also familiar in here?” Demon feather several people of somewhat gingerly look at Zhao Hai, demon feather deep voice said : multi- thanks Young Master cared, we in here custom.” Zhao Hai nodded said : custom to be good, after a period of time I will catch some Heavenly Demon Race women to come, later this Fire God city, was your places of life.” Demon feather several people complied with one, Zhao Hai had beckoned with the hand, the personal appearance moved, returned to Space. Reason that Zhao Hai in the demon feather in front of them, reveals Demon Qi, wants to have a look at the response of demon feather , the demon feather they see his revealing Demon Qi, has shown a shocking facial expression, is very obvious, Zhao Hai Demon Qi is for pure Demon Qi, if not look at the semblance, that Zhao Hai pretends to be the Demon Race person completely. Zhao Hai returned to the villa, looked that Laura they are still manufacturing that documentary film, the day Demon Realm map that but the Liquid Silver needle records to was getting bigger and bigger. Zhao Hai looks at // bibliophile building quickest writing renewal. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion

- Did not have the advertisement // Laura their eyes, shaking the head of gently, smiled bitterly, Laura they is also because was too bored, therefore to manufacturing his documentary film such being careful, his these time closed up congealment Demon God, has used completely one month of time, has not thought that they were such full of enthusiasm. Zhao Hai accompanied Laura in Space their two days, paid attention to outside situation, the demon ritual about them in this nearly one month, did not have presently the Zhao Hai trail, thinks that Zhao Hai leave, they removed returned to to say in Demon Sect Main Force, only leaves behind a small number of people in Zhao Hai and demon feather they have fought the place inspection, but that turned into the one type of normal inspection, is not in finding the person. Is glad to see that regarding this situation Zhao Hai, clouds the Demon Sect people drew back, he can carry on then moved, Fire God city there also lacked many people. At the matter Zhao Hai although they received Fire God city there demon feather, making the demon feather they provide Strength of Faith to him, has not actually treated unjustly the demon feather they, he they have regarded a normal race in Space the demon feather, even he has still made an exchange system in Fire God city there, other planet of Fire God city there in Space did not have what difference. However wish makes Heavenly Demon Race unfold in Fire God city there, the just by demon feather they are impossible to achieve, he also needs many Heavenly Demon income to Vermillion Bird Space, including some feminine Heavenly Demon. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai started to take action, accompanying Laura them two days later, Zhao Hai came out from Space finally, his target still says Demon Sect. The evil clutches are clouds that Demon Sect Inner Disciples, the strength in Nascent Soul Stage, his strength in clouds Demon Sect is not very strong, but is not very weak, in Inner Disciples, is the medium grade level. Now says Demon Sect here calm, because before Cultivation World cultivator made noisily, now that matter passed, so long as their everyday routine inspected to be OK in there. Now the Heavenly Demon claw is bringing several cloud Demon Sect Heavenly Demon to inspect Zhao Hai has fought the local time, the suddenly far-transfer came intermittently bang the sound, one listens to know that some people are fighting. The evil clutches gawked, immediately have gotten his squad to fly. When the evil clutches they soon arrive in the battlefield time, two people who they presently battle finally, saw battle Law Idol of both sides, the evil clutches stare, then one happy, because of Law Idol of warring parties, day Magic, but in addition one actually obviously was Cultivation World Law Idol. Sees this situation evil clutches cannot help but great happiness, his very clear, clouds before Demon Sect, has been looking for that Cultivation World cultivator trail, but continuously not presently, if he reported this Cultivation World cultivator trail sect likely, that absolutely was great merit one. Thought of here, evil clutches immediately left signalling bat, then communicate Law Idol, overran toward the battlefield, attacked toward that Cultivation World Law Idol. However what the evil clutches have not arrived, they just a on battlefield, that day Magic and Cultivator Law Idol have turned around to clash toward them, these two Law Idol may be Transcends Tribulation Stage, the evil clutches they have not kept off two directly to grasp in Space.

This day Magic Formation and cultivator Law Idol is Zhao Hai makes, Zhao Hai Law Idol can be divided and can be combined, therefore uses in here is just appropriate, the evil clutches they basically did not have rebel several to be grasped in Space, as for that signalling bat that evil clutches release went, Zhao Hai has not actually managed, he must make the evil clutches reminder say Demon Sect, his Zhao Hai, came back. The evil clutches are not the first Heavenly Demon squad that Zhao Hai tidies up, before the evil clutches, he has caught five Heavenly Demon squads, reason that Zhao Hai must make the matter such in a big way, because of him so far, feminine Heavenly Demon has not caught, this lets the Zhao Hai very worried place. Afterward asked that the demon feather knows, feminine Heavenly Demon leave will not say Demon Sect generally, he wanted to grasp feminine Heavenly Demon to enter saying that Demon Sect was good. However clouds that Demon Sect there Expert is numerous, if Zhao Hai on such trade rashly rushes, that with courting death has not distinguished, therefore the Zhao Hai decision is noisy the matter, lets say that the Demon Sect people know his existence, in tidying up clouds that Expert in Demon Sect, lets say Demon Sect these Expert come out to chase down him, he in using this opportunity, enters to clouds in Demon Sect, catches some Heavenly Demon Race females to enter to Vermillion Bird Space, a such Fire God city there Heavenly Demon clan can unfold. After having tidied up the evil clutches, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback looked for another target, because there is Space, must look for target is very simple, but Zhao Hai actually does not want Heavenly Demon Race to know his Space Divergent Technique matter, therefore this target of looking, was some leaving was not very far target, what this was others endures to observe the scene also presently not. ~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;