Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1767

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month 2 o date ~ Chapter 692 defeat demon ritual gathers The demon ritual about complexion pale sitting in the iron gong centipede, he has not thought that one month ago that in clouds Demon Sect stirred the wind to stir the rain Cultivation World cultivator to come back unexpectedly, and has seized dozens cloud Demon Sect disciple at one fell swoop, this was he unforgiving. The demon ritual about continuously takes to heart for the demon feather seized matter, the demon feather is one of disciple he most regards as important, lost the demon feather to lose about regarding the demon ritual is not small, but Zhao Han has actually hidden some time, the demon ritual was wants to look for Zhao Hai unable to find at earliest convenience. Now Zhao Hai in appears , this has let the demon ritual about while angry , some joyful, he is receiving there that the information the earliest possible time rushes to has an accident, comes with his together, are many his under the hand/subordinate, was only Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert came more than ten. In the iron gong centipede quick moving forward time, suddenly piece of densely packed black spots appears on the advancing path of iron gong centipede, iron gong centipede blocking. The demon ritual received situation about immediately, he with oneself quickest appears in the head of iron gong centipede, in front of distant look at has been blocking thing of their way. Saw these thing, demon ritual about has cannot help but held breath a cold air, because he saw a giant fleet unexpectedly. Not wrong, is the fleet, this giant fleet comprised of 100 ship gigantic shape warships, 1000 boat, these boat around giant ship, keep roaming, a such fleet, is very astonishing. The demon ritual about transporting the strength looks as far as the eye can see toward the fleet, was quick he to see a person on huge ship, Cultivation World cultivator, this Cultivation World cultivator, a cultivator clothing/taking, standing of face calm in there. That cultivator also saw him obviously very much, that cultivator showed a faint smile to him, has held holding the fist in the other hand. The demon ritual wrangles the tooth to fasten to nip, his deep voice said : „the future usual name, the demon ritual about does not kill the nameless person.” HaHaHa!” That cultivator laughing, then deep voice said : Zhao Hai sees the demon ritual to gather the elder, heard that in the past demon ritual about elder in looking for me, is only below preoccupied by lot of things, cannot see the demon ritual to gather the elder, really has been disrespectful, today accompanies the crime especially!” Does the demon ritual accompany the crime about coldly snorted said :? You truly are the heinous crime, and I asked you, was my disciple demon feather killed by you?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well!” The demon ritual about face upwarding long and loud cry said : Zhao Hai, you must die, I must tear to shreds you!” Said that his personal appearance moves, threw toward Zhao Hai, probably simply has not been serious opposite party that a large number of Great Magical Artifact. The fact also is really so, like demon ritual about the strength, truly did not need to care about any Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact regarding him, simply were some ornaments, did not have the too big use. Demon ritual about, when throws, does not have communicate own Law Idol, he threw, but Zhao Hai looked appearance that the demon ritual gathers, shows a faint smile, then the personal appearance moves, flew from Yama Ship, toward demon ritual about throwing.

The demon ritual about has not thought Zhao Hai dares unexpectedly actively comes out to meet head-on, this makes him stare slightly, then the great happiness, the although demon ritual merge does not fear Great Magical Artifact, but if must break these Great Magical Artifact, rushes to the Zhao Hai front, is a very troublesome matter. Now Zhao Hai flushed from Great Magical Artifact unexpectedly, this regarding him, to has saved lots of troubles. Their proximity fast, quick met together, the demon ritual about calling out one, a claw grasped toward the Zhao Hai crown on, but Zhao Hai actually lifts fist one, they fought in one. The Demon Race being good at close combat, in adding on Demon Race is militant, their bodies compare in general cultivator to be too many, therefore in close combat, Demon Race has profited very much. However the demon ritual has thought mistakenly about quick presently him, he in close combat aspect, has not profited on the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai strength very formidable, has hit an evenness with him unexpectedly. This presently makes the demon ritual gather greatly surprised, he has not thought that Cultivation World these time will send out such Expert to come day Demon Realm unexpectedly, this regarding day Demon Realm absolutely is not the good matter, he also knows that the demon feather defeats in under the hand/subordinate of such person, defeat is not injust. However at the same time he also had killing intent to Zhao Hai, in his opinion, like Expert, cannot make him live absolutely Cultivation World, otherwise the threat to Heavenly Demon Race was too big. Their fights were extremely intense, gathers here cloud Demon Sect Expert simply not to have opportunity to meddle with being bewitched ritual, naturally, they do not have the time to meddle now. The iron gong centipede when Zhao Hai with the demon ritual about the war, the Zhao Hai fleet has gathered to the demon ritual has carried on attack, but with these that being bewitched ritual gathers clouds that Demon Sect Expert has to make a move cope with these Great Magical Artifact. These clouds Demon Sect Expert too has not been serious these Great Magical Artifact, because crosses time Expert, can cope with Great Magical Artifact with ease, this is one pulls in day Demon Realm here. However is quick they presently own pulls not suitable to use in here, Great Magical Artifact that because they must face is not the ordinary goods, these Great Magical Artifact do not fear their attack unexpectedly. These Great Magical Artifact attack very fierce, but Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert attack are most is makes these Great Magical Artifact offensive one slow, even takes these Great Magical Artifact not to have the means that this lets say that Demon Sect these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert greatly surprised, their really understand, how this Great Magical Artifact does not build up, will become anything so will be strong. In fact beforehand this Great Magical Artifact so will not be strong, since Zhao Hai congealed Demon God, and melted the good and evil after one, Great Magical Artifact became stronger. Reason that Great Magical Artifact will have such change , because cloudy Yang lightning pond formidable in Great Magical Artifact, cloudy Yang lightning pond originally lived because of Dao Lotus of Zhao Hai within the body, digestion energy is limited, however the strength promotion of Zhao Hai, Dao Lotus level also promotes, but level of cloudy Yang lightning pond also promotes, energy that the cloudy Yang lightning pond can digest was also getting more and more formidable, that Great Magical Artifact strength nature on was also getting more and more formidable. These Great Magical Artifact gather round attack that the iron gong centipede keeps, making these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert be tired out by dealing with, at this moment, command(er) Great Magical Artifact fight Cai'er they, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert let out in Zhao Hai Space, no matter Undead Creature or Heavenly Demon are the same. Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in Zhao Hai Space were many, but majority Heavenly Demon and Undead Creature, these Expert come out, has struck wave these saying that Demon Sect Transcends Tribulation Stage Heavenly Demon, but other Heavenly Demon say nothing, simply could not block these Expert attack, the quick iron gong centipede fell Zhao Hai in hand, directly by Zhao Hejin in Space.

After waiting iron gong centipede received in Space, these people turn the head toward Zhao Hai and demon ritual about the fight place kill, quick has formed a giant encirclement ring, encircled them. Demon ritual about although continuously with Zhao Hangdou, but lived anything regarding the battlefield, he is very clear, he has not thought that rapidness that their these under the hand/subordinate can defeat, is adding on him to be entangled by Zhao Hai, the time that he rescues does not have, insurance can look at own under the hand/subordinate helplessly be eliminated. Actually these Heavenly Demon already by Zhao Haijin in Space, naturally, these rebel extremely in intense Heavenly Demon, was butchered much. But appears of demon feather, makes the mind that the demon ritual gathers shake crazily, he thinks that the demon feather had been killed, has not actually thought that the demon feather fell Zhao Hai unexpectedly, such attack regarding demon ritual about, but very enormous. A Heavenly Demon clan is militant, similarly, they also defeating the surrender are regarded as the one type of shames, therefore these many years, every 50 years of Cultivation World will have sent for day Demon Realm one time, but can catch Heavenly Demon truly, is few person who Heavenly Demon surrenders, but reason that Zhao Hai can surrender Heavenly Demon, depends also most probably is the Space strength, true surrender Zhao Hai Heavenly Demon are not many, majority of by Zhao Hai to Space, is surrendering through Space. But the demon ritual about most looks down upon the surrender Heavenly Demon, but he has not actually thought that disciple that oneself most regard as important, has surrendered unexpectedly . Moreover the surrender has given Human Race cultivator, this is he does not have the means to accept. His strength comes compared with Zhao Hai, on striving to excel some, but in this case, ten layers fighting strength are most only to wield six, seven layers, therefore unexpectedly falling slowly to leeward. But at this moment, Zhao Hai not in polite, let other Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert make a move directly, the demon ritual about was more passive at once, his immediately communicate Law Idol, wanted to make the final resistance, but Zhao Hai has not actually given him this opportunity, Zhao Hai communicate Law Idol, then has also used his thousand Goddess of Mercy Law Idol, about struck to the demon ritual finally, jointly attacked the severe wound the demon ritual, grasped in Space directly, after surrendering, cured his wound. Was has also achieved to this time Zhao Hai point, he must destroy completely clouds that Demon Sect Expert, let say Demon Sect felt to be startled, like this clouds that Demon Sect will send out massive Expert to look for him, but he can General Hall of seize the opportunity to clouds Demon Sect begins. This time motion very successful, Zhao Hai not only has achieved own point, meanwhile obtained large quantities of Expert, obtained refinement method of iron gong centipede, later his Great Magical Artifact were also many one type of. Zhao Hai in tidying up demon ritual, immediately leave there, besides erased the trace that some must erase, other traces he has not moved, especially he strikes the energy fluctuation that leaves behind finally, he is more useless, he must with the energy fluctuation that strikes, draws out says Expert in Demon Sect. A Zhao Hai minute of clarity, he that strikes finally, basically has achieved half-step Immortal Stage Expert has struck fully, but was saying Demon Sect there, Expert of half-step elder time was also not many, clouds Demon Sect , to cope with him, wanted to remove annihilating of bottom him, that only will not send the half-step elder time Expert to come out, certainly please move Immortal Stage old demon make a move, but such Zhao Hai had opportunity. The fact also like Zhao Hai thinks, Zhao Hai and demon ritual about this war, the sound that makes is not small, quick had cloud Demon Sect Expert to arrive at the scene examination, observes passes on returned to to say Demon Sect the result of examination a later immediately face was startled to accommodate, invited saying that Demon Sect Sect Master and Supreme Elder handled this matter, because this matter was too big. half-step Immortal Expert, inconvenient in there, is one existence that is good to deal with, if has Cultivation World cultivator of half-step elder to run up to really clouds that the Demon Sect domain disturbs, regarding clouds Demon Sect, absolutely is not the good matter, like clouds Demon Sect medium grade Sect, if were entangled really by half-step Immortal Expert, that final result feared that was on the danger, did not do well the Sect strength in a big way to damage, on was given seize the opportunity to annex by other's Sect. Do not think that day Demon Realm here day Demon Realm is a monolithic whole, that is impossible, day Demon Realm here day Demon Realm, is Sect are innumerable, each every battle between Sect, compared with Cultivation World, brutal, therefore this time matter, clouds that Demon Sect does not dare to neglect, because this relationship to clouds the Demon Sect rise and fall.

clouds that Demon Sect after receiving information, immediately set out more than ten iron gong centipedes, is led by Sect Master personally, accompanying also Immortal Stage Supreme Elder, together rushed to Zhao Hai with the demon ritual about the fighting place. The iron gong centipede arrives at there immediately to draw back, clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master and Supreme Elder, walked out from the iron gong centipede, the appearances of these two people looks like closer Human Race, Yun Moshi Sect Master, gathers with the demon ritual almost, the head Immortal corner/horn, the body wears the black robe, the skin is iron cyan, other aspects with Human Race are actually very similar. But that cloud Demon Sect Supreme Elder, looks like Human Race, he besides the head is growing the corner/horn, other places look like with Human Race do not have much difference, moreover his head corner/horn, comes compared with other Heavenly Demon, wants on short many. They flew from the iron gong centipede, that cloud Demon Sect Supreme Elder felt after all around Spiritual Qi fluctuation, deep voice said : truly is Expert, he strikes finally, should be uses Law Idol, the demon ritual about has also used Law Idol, but actually cannot block his strikes, but the demon ritual about has not wielded the complete strength probably, but in Law Idol attack of that person, but also has Demon Qi, strange, was too strange.” clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master frowns said : elder, the strength of this person how? Whether I do cope with him? If his strength is too strong, clouds Demon Sect regarding us, the influence was too big.” Supreme Elder nodded, deep voice said : strength very formidable of this person, if, you most hit an evenness with him one-on-one, such person keeps us saying that in Demon Sect domain, truly very thorny, Sect Master, can you have solution?” although Supreme Elder status very honored, but in his common situation will not meddle the management of Gang, no matter in Cultivation World in day Demon Realm here is almost same, because of these Supreme Elder, will use the majority of spirits in the practice, only then practices them to be stronger, they can live is longer. Therefore clouds that what to do Demon Sect Supreme Elder will ask Sect Master this matter should. clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master knit the brows said : matter really not quite to be easy to do, this fellow very sly, my although wants to ask several Supreme Elder make a move to strike to kill him, but must find him to be good first, what most important is, General Hall there must keep several Supreme Elder to assume personal command, otherwise very dangerous, if that fellow runs up to General Hall there to cause trouble, but we also do not have enough strength to cope with him, that was dangerous!” Supreme Elder nodded, at this time signalling bat flew clouds that nearby Demon Sect Sect Master, clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master received signalling bat, looked at inside content, was actually the complexion big change...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;