Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1768

Chapter 693 Immortal pursues A Zhao Hai face calm look at screen, on the screen clouds the Demon Sect there situation, but clouds that the Demon Sect surrounding, clouds Demon Sect core there, Zhao Hai does not dare extremely Yu Shentan. Zhao Hai knew about their there from the demon ritual clouds the Demon Sect here situation, is adding on his detection, regarding clouds the situation in Demon Sect surrounding he already completely understand, target that this time he begins says Demon Sect demon Medicine Garden. Also has Medicine Garden in Demon Realm here, after all no matter in that Sect, must use medicine pill, clouds that Demon Sect here is also same. Heavenly Demon Race body although very formidable, but does not have the help of medicine pill, the influence regarding them is also very big. But reason that Zhao Hai chooses Medicine Garden \; first, because Medicine Garden here in clouds the Demon Sect core region, clouds the Demon Sect core region, moreover clouds that Demon Sect sent to handle the medicine circle, many were some feminine Heavenly Demon, this to Zhao Hai was very important. Masculine Heavenly Demon Zhao Hai in hand were many, is only in a flying apsaras iron gong centipede can install several thousand masculine Heavenly Demon, is adding on Zhao Hai to grasp scattered, now Vermillion Bird Space there masculine Heavenly Demon quantity already about ten thousand. Therefore now Zhao Hai must grasp some feminine Heavenly Demon to go in toward Vermillion Bird Space there urgently needed, therefore he has chosen Medicine Garden, Medicine Garden to clouds the Demon Sect core has a distance, so long as like this he kicks Medicine Garden, there Transmission Formation one, even if clouds that these Immortal Stage Expert in Demon Sect, wants to rush to here in a short time is also impossible. Reason that he now has not moved Medicine Garden to begin , because clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master has not arrived at him about making that place of war with the demon ritual, so long as clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master to that place, he has been able to begin. Laura they anxiously are also staring at the screen, they are very clear, this clouds that in Demon Sect also has other Immortal Stage Expert, by the Zhao Hai present strength, is not the Immortal Stage Expert match, one, but by these Immortal Stage Expert present, feared that is share that only then escapes. Quick Cai'er on deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, good.” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Cai'er, the meaning of Cai'er is, clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master soon arrived at him with the demon ritual about the fight place, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved appears in Space outside, his appears place, was not far from Medicine Garden, along with his together appears also had a flying apsaras iron gong centipede. The flying apsaras iron gong centipede in clouds Demon Sect here absolutely is the status to drafting, in clouds Demon Sect here, even if these heart disciple few can be useful, can use, only then clouds several elders and Sect Master in Demon Sect.

Because of this, so long as Zhao Hai sits in the flying apsaras iron gong centipede, in clouds the Demon Sect domain, besides minority Forbidden Land, other places it can be said that opens access. Zhao Hai entered in flying apsaras iron gong centipede, control the flying apsaras iron gong centipede was flying in the Medicine Garden direction, before long he approached the Medicine Garden range. The Medicine Garden here although person are many, but is actually not very lively, few people come, except for in the here planter and manages beside Medicine Fields feminine Heavenly Demon, other Heavenly Demon little have here to come, these feminine Heavenly Demon once in a while, will collect medicinal herbs, then unifies delivers returned to to say in Demon Sect, in clouds in addition Demon Sect feared Heavenly Demon in Sect comes here to steal medicinal herbs, therefore the management to Medicine Fields here is very strict, these Heavenly Demon have not obtained permission, is no matter at will to here. Naturally, the elder has been an exception, especially sits the flying apsaras iron gong centipede the elder, can sit the flying apsaras iron gong centipede the elder, the status is not ordinary, this elder had certainly the qualifications to come to here. Zhao Hai already this Medicine Garden inside and outside investigates was clear, he knows this time, these feminine Heavenly Demon are reorganizing Medicine Fields in Medicine Garden there, so long as goes to Medicine Fields there, their cannot be inescapable. Flying apsaras iron gong centipede is quick, but Zhao Hai has not let the flying apsaras iron gong centipede with the quickest flight, but is leisure toward forward flight, looks like does not worry, he is makes these manage Medicine Garden a vigilance of feminine Heavenly Demon not point. However huge flying apsaras iron gong centipede, has brought to the attention of Medicine Garden there feminine Heavenly Demon, but these feminine Heavenly Demon status are not very high, they noticed that the flying apsaras iron gong centipede flew, bowed to salute in there, dares to come up to interrogate one without any, in a Heavenly Demon clan, the division of level was very strict, if you dare to disrespect to a real power elder, if that elder sad has killed you, you were also die in vain. Let alone feminine Heavenly Demon must miss compared with masculine Heavenly Demon in the day Demon Realm here status on many, they do not dare to stop the flying apsaras iron gong centipede. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at the Medicine Fields sky, at the same time he seal Medicine Fields there Transmission Formation, then stopped the flying apsaras iron gong centipede, the flying apsaras iron gong centipede looks like Giant Dragon is the same, in the Medicine Fields sky, the body is standing in these feminine Heavenly Demon bows that in Medicine Fields works in there horizontally, actually somewhat is at heart anxious, don’t know this elder comes to here for anything. In this time, big gate of these female Heavenly Demon suddenly present flying apsaras iron gong centipedes were being opened, then large quantities of male Heavenly Demon flushed from the flying apsaras iron gong centipede, throws toward them, when they did not have understand what's the matter, the majority of people were trigged. These female Heavenly Demon at once some ignorant, how don’t know this was, some person even simply forgot to resist lowly, simultaneously Zhao Hai in one time sent out the demon ritual to gather them, grasped in all Heavenly Demon in this Medicine Garden Space.

Entire process very fast, these female Heavenly Demon simply not rebel, because they have not made clear the condition to be caught in Space. However this Medicine Garden female Heavenly Demon also more than 1000 people, Zhao Hai also needs to grasp several Medicine Garden female Heavenly Demon to be good, the Fire God city is very big, Vermillion Bird Space even bigger, Zhao Hai planned, Vermillion Bird Space there has definitely been able hundred thousand in survival well, even also had the surplus, therefore Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, can grasp many to grasp many. After having swept Medicine Garden, Zhao Hai went to next Medicine Garden, clouds that the Demon Sect domain may be many, Medicine Garden naturally impossible, only then, entire clouds Demon Sect here, every large or small Medicine Garden added to have more than 100, Zhao Hai did not fear that caught the insufficient person. Quick Zhao Hai has swept five Medicine Garden, but at this time, appears the mistake, the Zhao Hai surveillance clouds that Demon Sect time after all long, when don’t know each every Medicine Garden hands over medicinal herbs, when he sweeps fifth Medicine Garden, third Medicine Garden there has a matter, hands over medicinal herbs female Heavenly Demon because of Zhao Hai the Medicine Garden Transmission Formation person seal, without means returned to Medicine Garden, she realized that this possibly is the matter, therefore reported this situation, clouds that Demon Sect immediately sends for examining, looked really has had an accident, in Medicine Garden all female Heavenly Demon disappear., But also has been short of some precious medicinal herbs. On day Demon Horse that these examine reported the matter, entire clouds that Demon Sect one was vibrated, must know Medicine Garden although in clouds the Demon Sect core region, but also is in clouds the Demon Sect center, if there had an accident, might threaten saying that very much Demon Sect General Hall, clouds Heavenly Demon in Demon Sect does not dare to neglect, immediately told cloud Demon Sect Sect Master this information. clouds after Demon Sect Sect Master receives letter, cannot help but the complexion big change, he turned the head to Supreme Elder said : Supreme Elder, in Sect to have an accident, all disciple vanish from sight in Medicine Fields, precious medicinal herbs also lost.” That cloud Demon Sect Supreme Elder is not the idiot he, as soon as listens saying that Demon Sect Sect Master said that complexion also changes, deep voice said : some people did trace to say Demon Sect? Can be he?” He who Supreme Elder said at this time, naturally is Zhao Hai, clouds that Demon Sect Sect Master also understand this point, his deep voice said : „the present was unable to affirm, but we go back to have a look, if is really he, before him , the attack demon ritual gathers them, is intentionally.” Supreme Elder complexion heavy nod said : good, if is really he, his beforehand attack is intentionally, for must give to direct us, walks, we go back.” Sect Master has complied with one, they greeted these saying that Demon Sect disciple entered the flying apsaras iron gong centipede, toward clouds Demon Sect in flew. Zhao Hai also knows that clouds Demon Sect present, but clouds that now the Demon Sect there person has not responded, therefore he with quickest has swept two Medicine Garden, when he hit swung eighth Medicine Garden, he felt saying that in Demon Sect the interior had dominates world imposing manner to shoot up to the sky together certainly, simultaneously spiritual force also swept toward all around, Zhao Hai gawked, then complexion changed, he knows that certainly was clouds in Demon Sect was hiding Immortal Stage Old Monster make a move. Zhao Hai knows one were dangerous, he used quickly caught in female Heavenly Demon in that Medicine Garden the flying apsaras iron gong centipede, then harnessed the flying apsaras iron gong centipede to run, because he noted, that spiritual force already presently he, if he escaped directly into Space, may be given by the opposite party presently, therefore he has not entered Space, but harnessed the flying apsaras iron gong centipede to escape.

Zhao Hai this runs, clouds that Demon Sect that Immortal Stage Old Monster immediately present, Zhao Hai can feel that said overbearing incomparable imposing manner, by one type of astonishing pursues toward his here, Zhao Hai these time does not dare to neglect, full moves the flying apsaras iron gong centipede, fast runs away toward the distant place. Must know that now flying apsaras iron gong centipede although looks like with clouds the Demon Sect flying apsaras iron gong centipede does not have what difference, but the interior was different, the power system changed into the cloudy Yang lightning pond, compared with clouds the Demon Sect flying apsaras iron gong centipede on quickly many. However some Zhao Hai underestimated these Immortal Stage Old Monster strengths, this tightly pursued cloud Demon Sect Immortal Stage Old Monster that he is not putting, the strength is out of the ordinary, the rapidness, left the imagination of Zhao Hai, he by one type of entire fast, is pulling closer distance between him and Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also felt that this situation, his cannot help but complexion changes, immediately let flying apsaras iron gong centipede of Undead Creature in Space toward in poured into Spiritual Qi, the flying apsaras iron gong centipede in an enhancement, but wanted to throw off that Immortal Stage Old Monster actually to have a dream, but can make him late be overtaken a while by that Immortal Stage Old Monster. However Zhao Hai not startled, deep voice said : Cai'er, calculates among us the distance, calculates his how long to overtake me, chooses the route, must be far away says Demon Sect, my these time to wants to try, how has a look at this Immortal Stage Old Monster strength.” Cai'er complied with one, immediately has been busy. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;