Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1769
~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 21 st ~ Zhao Hai face calm command(er) iron gong centipede toward forward flight, iron gong centipede enhanced quickly, the iron gong centipede was not swinging like the wave now, but is such as an advantage arrow same proceeds to fly. In the demon closes two eyes closely is staring at the front, calm of face, however his at heart calm, is not clouds that one of the Demon Sect Supreme Elder, in the demon pass/test the has plenty year not to have make a move, this was many years later, his first make a move. In the demon closes has not really thought that cultivator that came from Cultivation World, actually will affect saying that Demon Sect future, this cultivator first in clouds Demon Sect here disturbs, to be honest, in the demon pass/test at that time has not cared this matter, lives over ten thousand years of demon to close, has experienced too repeatedly such matter, Cultivation World will send the a batch person to come out to day Demon Realm every 50 years, this point he already knows that he also knows, that on is Cultivation World sends to come out the time smelting trial of to gain experience new person, he has not cared. However gets bigger and bigger the matter along with Zhao Hai, in the demon the pass/test felt that some do not suit, finally even/including Moli about has folded unexpectedly, this made in the demon close to Zhao Hai information paid attention. But he has not thought that the courage of Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly big, dares unexpectedly directly comes attack to say Demon Sect, this stems from his unexpected. When he feels does not suit, investigates with own spiritual force entire says Demon Sect, finally has an iron gong centipede unexpectedly in grasping clouds when Demon Sect female Heavenly Demon, he has one type of to feel that is Zhao Hai. Therefore his immediately pursued. But he has not thought. That iron gong centipede to Zhao Hai in hand, unexpectedly such quick, this big has stemmed from his anticipation. However this has strengthened his idea, he must destroy completely Zhao Hai, because besides iron gong centipede, he also present another matter, that is he presently has plenty Demon Race is serving for Zhao Hai, in these Demon Race, he even could feel aura that the demon ritual gathers. Demon Race serves for cultivator, he knows certainly that is why. That was that Demon Race complete submitting to that cultivator, this regarding him was not good information. this closes regarding the demon, is not good information, the has plenty year had not heard Demon Race to submit to at the cultivator matter. If makes other Sect know that clouds Demon Sect really has Heavenly Demon to submit to Human Race cultivator, then regarding clouds Demon Sect, when can be a huge attack, can think highly to say Demon Sect with the fear on nobody, especially in these Heavenly Demon, unexpectedly also like demon ritual about Expert. Naturally in the demon closes also a some don't outside point, reason that was he fears Zhao Hai can surrender these Heavenly Demon Race people to use any Spell, if were really such, that Zhao Hai was too dangerous the ≥* book *() he absolutely is an archenemy of entire Heavenly Demon clan. In the demon closes also wants to know that what if Zhao Hong is surrenders the Heavenly Demon Race person with one type of Spell, that Cultivation World there also many people meet this Spell, if has plenty, that this matter to a Heavenly Demon clan, affected on even bigger. In the demon closes from this Heavenly Demon Race High level copes in the Cultivation World cultivator method, saw some clue, before Cultivation World also sent cultivator to come the day Demon Realm here smelting trial, but day Demon Realm High level regarding the Cultivation World these cultivator manner, not like these time such ruthless spicy. Conversely, they will also send out some young Heavenly Demon to meet head-on, as the matter stands young disciple of both sides obtained to gain experience.

But this day Demon Realm High level, actually wants to catch the whole lot in a dragnet Cultivation World these cultivator, this absolutely is not normal. Can look from this point, day Demon Realm these Great Sect / must have one time to move to Cultivation World there greatly, therefore they can such doing. If guesses like him, on that day Demon Realm and Cultivation World feared that must make war, if Cultivation World there has one type of Spell, can surrender Heavenly Demon Race, on that day the motion of Demon Realm feared that must be doomed to be defeated. Because has thought of these, therefore in the demon closes will be in hot pursuit to Zhao Hai, he wanted to kill Zhao Hai, searched for soul Ben Po to Zhao Hai, how having a look at Zhao Hai can surrender the Heavenly Demon method to come. But Zhao Hai now is actually at the one type of absolutely calm condition, he knows that in having dozens minutes, in the demon pass/test can overtake him, but Zhao Hai had designated that now the direction, there clouds Demon Sect with another Demon Sect buffer zone, moreover there normally simply nobody will go, even if were he in the pass/test with the demon hits to overturn the heavens, some people will not note. Quick Zhao Hai arrives at the place that they have been scheduled, Zhao Hai waves, iron gong centipede immediately draws back, the intention moves, the iron gong centipede took in Space by him, Zhao Hai in in midair, the look at distant place has kept in close demon closing. In the demon closes also to see Zhao He, he has cannot help but gawked, but he has not stopped, but flew the Zhao sea surface first hundred meters place to draw back, calm look at Zhao Hai. In the Zhao Hai also calm look at demon closes, then shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai to see this elder, you are said certainly that Demon Sect Supreme Elder, was disrespectful below.” In the demon closes looks at Zhao Hai so politely, cannot help but stares, then complexion changes, coldly snorted said : little tries to get close, Zhao Hai, you dare to run up to us saying that today unexpectedly Demon Sect acts unruly, I must make you die without the burial ground today.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : this elder, my Cultivation World with day Demon Realm originally is the big enmity, I the grave offense clouds Demon Sect before, you were more impossible to let off me, said that these were useless, if you wanted my life, that began.” In the demon the pass/test sneers said : young man, do not think that strength well that rampant, this world has the matter the person who you are stronger, today makes you experience the strength the disparity, suffers to death!” The hand wields, a giant palm goes toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai saw that this palm actually cannot help but complexion changes, this palm although feeling probably is in cultivator most common Five Elements Divine Palm, but Zhao Hai can actually feel clearly, energy that in this palm can feel, compared with Five Elements Divine Palm too many generations.

Zhao Hai moves, Sword Qi cuts together toward this giant palm, Sword Qi Sword Breath Profound Technique that this time Zhao Han uses, Sword Breath Profound Technique, did not mean that must shout the one breath to come out, this Profound Technique refer to one type of very quick Sword Qi, during the expiration Sword Qi raises, is this Profound Technique strongest place, in other words, this Profound Technique strongest place is shoots is quick. Shooting of Sword Breath Profound Technique is very quick, but similarly, his also characteristics, that is the attack strength was inferior that other Profound Technique, Sword Breath Profound Technique looks like a machine gun, shoots is quick, no matter in firing distance in lethality, can't compare with cannon, therefore beforehand Zhao Hai little uses Sword Breath Profound Technique. However now Zhao Hai to can use, this Sword Breath Profound Technique because of his several times Level Up, the attack strength very good, in adding on Heavenly Tribulation of nearest/recent this Zhao Hai process, in his attack also had strength of the lightning, therefore Zhao Hai the attack, although has not wielded the complete strength not to be weak. Moreover Zhao Hai, when Sword Qi, body also direct retreat, in hand Sword Qi is, was welcoming outward to the demon has closed the big hand that release came. Used 50 Sword Qi, Zhao Hai the demon to close the big hand that release came to give in to rout, in the demon pass/test looks at this situation cannot help but, he can feel clearly, Zhao Hai level only then initial period Transcends Tribulation, but he has not actually thought that the Zhao Hai strength so will be unexpectedly strong, unexpectedly his attack striking the wave, must know that a Transcends Tribulation initial period cultivator, was impossible to rout his attack. In the demon closes coldly snorted said : „, really has real skill, no wonder can tidy up the demon ritual to gather, but you must die today! Said that his right hand makes a fist, a fist strikes toward Zhao Hai, concentrates together solid incomparable Qi Strength, looks like a fist strikes equally toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks in the demon pass/test attack, cannot help but complexion changes, then his immediately communicate own Law Idol, has shone own Law Idol, then on his Law Idol 50% palms proceed to extend, all kinds of abilities depart from these palms, moved forward to meet somebody toward the palm vigor. Qi Strength that Boom! fist force and Zhao Hai come out has hit continuously, in demon pass/test fist force immediately vanish from sight, but Zhao Hai Qi Strength actually also remaining many, in Guan Gong toward the demon goes. In the demon pass/test complexion cannot help but changes, coldly snorted, left Qi Strength conveniently, Qi Strength that Zhao Hai release comes counter-balancing, then his coldly look at Zhao Hai said : „, but arrived!” Said that his intention moves, his appears huge Law Idol. This Law Idol very enormous, comes out compared with Zhao Hai Law Idol greatly ten times, not only, is huge day Magic, this sky Magic shines, a immediately claw toward Zhao Hailai, evidently looks like, correct use own hand grasps apple. Zhao Hanse changes, intention moves, on his Law Idol all arms upward wield, incomparably huge Qi Strength, pass/test the claw of this Law Idol to welcome toward the demon in together.

Bang, a loud sound, Zhao Hai Law Idol rocked gently several, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, in the demon the attack of pass/test left his imagination, he has not thought, Immortal Stage Expert strikes, such terror, his beforehand estimate somewhat will be unexpectedly wrong, he thinks own present full strikes, has been enough to compare favorably with Immortal Stage Expert, but he now present, oneself have made a mistake. Actually this was Zhao Hai has thought mistakenly, he guessed not wrong, his present struck, truly can with Immortal Stage Expert struck to compare, but that refers to general Immortal Stage Expert, but in the demon pass/test is actually not general Immortal Stage Expert. In fact in the demon the pass/test is clouds that in Demon Sect one of the strongest Immortal Stage Expert, this strikes is not that simple, even if general Immortal Stage Expert, is impossible to block this strikes, he cannot break Zhao Hai Law Idol suddenly, has made him feel accident. However this also made in the demon pass/test kill the heart of Zhao Hai more abundant a point, his keenly blowing one, the left hand is proceeds to strike, this struck just that strike was fiercer, this struck had caused probably nine days of Fenglei moved, did not refuse stubbornly to give up the appearance that Zhao Hao.( To be continued.. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;