Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1770
Chapter 695 alliance encircles In Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! demon pass/test day Magic, one by one pats toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not dared to meet the person now hardly, has been moving aside, but in the demon that the exploitability keeps pass/test first striking also very fast, can probably pat violent the air, leaves one intermittently bang sound. /- &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion \; Books pavilion - Advertisement entire writing Zhao Hai very fast, he currently has also used Cosmos Profound Technique, this set of Body-maneuvering Technique worthily is Buddhist Sect to high Body-maneuvering Technique, in the demon under pass/test attack, is one is hit unexpectedly. In the demon closes looked that Zhao Hai had not been hit by him, somewhat cannot help but angry, when he has eaten delicacies, then body of Law Idol slowly changes is small, simultaneously his Law Idol also congealing reality, to finally with the Zhao Hai Law Idol general size time, his Law Idol looked like was the same with a person, looked like a giant is the same, a point could not look at that is Law Idol. After the demon pass/test Law Idol changes small, quick, strength also even bigger, under each ejects, already from original rumbling the sound, turned now ping sound. Zhao Hai looked that this situation cannot help but complexion changes, then the personal appearance moves, Law Idol one received, simultaneously keeps in hides to be bewitched pass/test attack, however in his hand has not been idling, in the pass/test to the demon is carrying on attack. In the demon closes looks at Zhao Hai this situation, cannot help but sneered, Zhao Hai communicate Law Idol, the volume truly is not small, but similarly, his protected imperial strength actually missing, so long as he were hit, he ended. Moreover communicate Law Idol, in fight did not supplement that Spiritual Qi near, lasting fighting strength short, in this case, Zhao Hai wanted to defeat in the demon to close is difficult. Zhao Hai also knows that this situation, his complexion complexion becomes very difficult looked that meets to begin to move, side lithography appears in in his hand, a pulling giant city departs from the lithography, in Guan Za toward the demon goes. In the demon closes has paid attention to the Zhao Hai movement, looked that Zhao Hai in hand suddenly is many a side lithography he to have been vigilant, his very clear, at this time, Zhao Hai has put out thing, is not certainly simple. In the demon closes vigilantly, a giant city toward pounding, in the demon closes complexion changes, the personal appearance moves, hides toward side. However that city in instantaneous become bigger, in the entire city has actually ignited the flame of soaring to the heavens, pounds toward him, in the demon pass/test does not have other means now, can only meet hardly. Boom! a loud sound, in the demon pass/test Law Idol keeps is rocking, probably is momentarily must burst to be the same, in demon the complexion paleness of pass/test, scared look look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai has not actually thought that this Fire God city strikes unexpectedly such formidable, pass/test Immortal Stage Expert to block like the demon, must know this struck is not the Fire God city struck fully. However Zhao Hai looks usefully , was impolite, the Fire God city in one time proceeds to strike, also the secret sigh, sighed that at heart own strength is too bad, if own strength, can the Fire God city decomposing, inside material join to Liquid Silver, when the time comes he can have the innumerable Fire God cities, when the time comes let alone is in an demon closes, is entire cloud Demon Sect, entire day of Demon Realm, he also has there to not.( -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Network shuhaige selects com) In the demon closes complexion palely has blocked Zhao Hai strikes, simultaneously personal appearance fast toward retreat, Zhao Hai naturally is in hot pursuit in behind, the Fire God city in one time has pounded. In the demon closes retreat was quicker, simultaneously he also prepared for has made that the strength met head-on! In the Boom! Boom! Boom! Zhao Hai demon the pass/test has met the approaching enemy three times one after another, on this day in an demon closes is one does not have avoid, was given in pounding by Zhao Hai. Connected three times attack, in the demon pass/test Law Idol soon burst, in the demon the pass/test corners of the mouth overflowed the blood, at this moment, Zhao Hai felt that in clouds Demon Sect, another formidable imposing manner proximity fast, Zhao Hai has been estimating, even if were he still uses the pass/test of Fire God city to the demon to carry on attack, impossible before that Immortal Stage Expert arrived pass/test the demon in extinguishing, by that time he will fall into to two Immortal Stage Expert converging attack, when the time comes he on troublesome on even bigger. Thinks of here, the hand of Zhao Hai moves, Fire God city immediately was received in Vermillion Bird Space by him, then in his look at demon closes, coldly snorted said : today puts your horse, has another chance to meet.” The personal appearance moved, vanishes in the demon the pass/test front, in the demon has closed although also to pursue, but moved Spiritual Qi, felt that his meridians ache, he knew himself injured, his immediately has subsided own Spiritual Qi, look at Zhao Hai helplessly walked. In the demon closes the air/Qi to result in the tooth to fasten to nip, but means do not have, before long a person's shadow on appears in the demon pass/test side, that person looked in the demon to close said : Second Child, you how? Probably how injured?” In the demon the pass/test looked at that person of one, has sighed deeply tone said : Eldest Child, rapidness that luckily, you come, you slow that if comes, feared today could not see me.” Eldest Child cannot help but complexion changes, deep voice said : what's the matter? Cultivation World did there send out Expert to come? Person who the situation of listening to other Sect response, this Cultivation World there sends, the although strength is good, but is impossible to injure you?” In the demon the pass/test has smiled bitterly next step: Naturally is impossible, this fellow is definitely different from these Cultivation World cultivator, on this fellow has very formidable Magical Artifact, looks like looks like an appearance of city, attack strength very formidable, I with fully also can only block three to strike, if he is not felt that you came the person, feared that was I keeps here today.” Eldest Child complexion changes said : such character absolutely cannot remain, if this person remains regarding my day Demon Realm, absolutely is not the good deed, I looked that should report this matter, lets these Great Sect unified deployment, encircles him, we can put other Cultivation World people to go back, but cannot put him to go back absolutely.” In the demon the pass/test nodded said : „should, this person cannot remain.” In Eldest Child nodded, holds to be bewitched Guan Wangyun Demon Sect to fly. But Zhao Hai actually the look at screen in the world, is listening to their words now, one hear of they said that Zhao Hai cannot help but coldly snorted said : looks like this clouds Demon Sect has not been taught, it seems like my next time cannot keep the hand.” Laura shows a faint smile said : I look, crosses several days we unable to let say that Demon Sect stopped, if they arrange to cope with us, I looked that Elder Brother Hai you keep in Space not exit to well.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not, more is this I more must exit, they do not encircle me? Encircles me needs the military strength, they dare to encircle me, my appears in their Sect, carries on attack to their Sect, I must let all attack my God Demon Realm Sect, has great disturbance!” Julie who has spoken little is actually the young lady tenderly smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, if you think, you can put several small shapes on here Insect Race Queen Nest, when the time comes suffices their headache.” Zhao Hai one hear of Julie said that cannot help but stares, then two eyes bright said : great idea, day Demon Realm here Dark Energy, just at the time of the Insect Race survival, places here to be just appropriate Insect Race Queen Nest, good, we put several Insect Race Queen Nest on this nearby.” Julie shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, making my these treasure absorb some Heavenly Demon Race genes, they will be when the time comes more difficult to deal with, suffice their headache.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, such manages, Cai'er, your immediately/on horseback arranges, does not use too, five Queen Nest have been OK, has remembered, fight Insect Race.” Cai'er has complied with one with a smile. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai was actually relaxed, he did not have to clouds Demon Sect carries on attack, because following several days clouds that Demon Sect protection very strict, that several Immortal Stage Expert, the time paid attention to say the situation in Demon Sect, he wanted to begin not to have opportunity. Because in the demon the pass/test is living the reason, clouds that Demon Sect knows Zhao Hai had a flying apsaras iron gong centipede, therefore these days clouds that the flying apsaras iron gong centipede in Demon Sect has been grounded . Moreover the demon ritual also became about them clouds criminal who in Demon Sect issued a warrant for arrest, Zhao Hai like before to clouds Demon Sect lost raids, can only use the strength of Space. However Zhao Hai actually does not want to use the Space strength, the key was these Immortal Stage Expert strengths was too strong, if made them present existence of Space, that may not be good. Because clouds Demon Sect here continuously very careful, therefore Zhao Hai nearest/recent has to stay in Space, the harassment clouds that the plan of Demon Sect has to stop. However Zhao Hai does not calculate that idled completely, because he uses these days, is monitoring was saying that around Demon Sect several other Sect trails, because of Zhao Hai very clear, in the demon pass/test them saying that must ask day Demon Realm here to encircle his matter, not only absolutely said that certainly will take an action. Also really let alone, clouds that around Demon Sect several Sect also really take an action, that several Sect have sent out army, before Zhao Hai pass/test the fight the place to encircle with the demon, encircled, while to them all places, have carried on the search of carpet type. Simultaneously clouds that Demon Sect is also coordinating several other Sect, has carried on a search to all places of their within the boundaries, before Zhao Hai, that Cave Mansion that hides searched. Zhao Hai sees this situation in Space, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he knows the time that one move arrived, when several other Great Sect must carry on to him encircles the nest, Zhao Hai several other Great Sect surrounding has given to detect found out, is waiting for several other Great Sect person leave Sect time, he was beginning. Now several other Great Sect people already leave their Sect, arrives Zhao Hai began, Zhao Hai first target situated in clouds Demon Sect northeast one Sect, this Sect strength, comes to miss on some compared with the Cloud Sea sect, in their Sect has Immortal Stage Expert Zhao Hai don’t know, Zhao Hai only knows that copes with their Sect, he on the other hand safety. The Sect that they designate called severe Demon Sect, this motion, severe Demon Sect very meticulously, was led the sect to make majority of Expert go by Sect Master personally to participate, Expert that in Sect left behind were not many, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai must cope with this Sect, he knows that this Sect will certainly leave leeway the subsequent party, cannot say that they intentionally must pretend to transfer all Expert, but in Sect kept previous two Immortal Stage Expert to wait for him, prepared to tidy up him at one fell swoop. However Zhao Hai was not worried that his these time wants to severe Demon Sect attack one time, to strike walks, cannot severe Demon Sect counter-attack opportunity.

Naturally, he has had to use the strength of Space at this time, because of him does not need positive with Immortal Stage Expert to war, therefore Zhao Hai is not extremely worried, what most important is, the Zhao Hai preparation puts Insect Race Queen Nest in severe Demon Sect, making these Insect Race cope with the fierce sect. Severe Demon Sect in day Demon Realm, can only be medium grade below small Sect, like Sect, normally, if in day Demon Realm has any good matter, will be will not think absolutely their, because of this, therefore severe Demon Sect person to encircling Zhao Hai being careful such. In their opinion, this is opportunity, if this time they in encircling the nest Zhao Hai process, performance very spectacular, that will certainly cause some Great Sect attention, they know that they are impossible to substitute for these Great Sect, good that so long as they display, they can hire oneself that Great Sect, like this their equal to had a backer, this regarding them is very important. In day Demon Realm here, survival of small Sect is not very easy, they might anytime be given to destroy completely by some Great Sect, but if they can find Great Sect to work as the words of backer, they did not use in being worried about the extinguished issue, regarding small Sect, hired oneself Great Sect, was not the matter of humiliation, but was the one type of survival strategy. However severe Demon Sect is not a fool, in the information that since they obtain can look, clouds that Demon Sect suffered a loss in Zhao Hai in hand, this wants various alliance Sect together to move, therefore severe Demon Sect although wants relying on Zhao Hai to become famous, actually does not think try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it. In this severe Demon Sect although surface has carried off majority of Expert, but in their Sect only two Immortal Stage Supreme Elder keeps Sect to assume personal command, what matter no matter in the sect lived, this two Elders, can react immediately, if Zhao Hai dares to run up to their Sect to cause trouble, this two Elders can certainly defeat Zhao Hai, even if cannot get up to defeat Zhao Hai, can tie down Zhao Hai, is waiting for the rescues of other people. Naturally, this is only the idea of severe Demon Sect, Zhao Hai actually does not think that looks like in Zhao Hai, this severe Demon Sect is the a piece lush juiciness barbecue, is waiting for him to nip one. After previous time in clouds Demon Sect there frantic grabs, the Zhao Hai in hand male Heavenly Demon day and female Heavenly Demon quantity basically has achieved balanced, in other words, he does not receive Heavenly Demon toward Vermillion Bird Space in now, can let these Heavenly Demon cloning, finally turns into a new day Demon Seed clan. Previous time he when uses the Fire God city to close the war with the demon, before the war, he received the Space city Fire God in the city all Heavenly Demon, if he keeps Fire God in the city these Heavenly Demon, in Fire God has these Heavenly Demon Strength of Faith blessing/additional support, fighting strength will be stronger, naturally, these Heavenly Demon will also suffer loss, Zhao Hai does not want to make these Heavenly Demon suffer loss, therefore he received in these Heavenly Demon Space, but used the Fire God city to fight. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;