Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1771

Chapter 696 is badly battered Severe Demon Sect General Hall but on horizontal Breaking Mountain, severe Demon Sect in the here inheritance already had tens of thousands years, although they were not formidable Sect, but these Great Sect not easily came them, because in severe Demon Sect each generation, several Immortal Stage Expert appears , these Immortal Stage Expert, became the guarantees that severe Demon Sect inherited. Please keep firmly in mind Naturally, severe Demon Sect can inherit smoothly, another reason, that is the position that severe Demon Sect is , the horizontal Breaking Mountain [lineage/vein], are not the good place, here Spiritual Qi are not absolutely rich, does not have too many producing, possibly said that absolutely is a poor place. Because of this, therefore does not have that influence to come severe Demon Sect, the big influence cannot have a liking for the horizontal Breaking Mountain [lineage/vein], small influence not for the place that will not have what to use greatly comes with severe Demon Sect for the enemy, therefore severe Demon Sect has existed, moreover live will be very good. However this generation of severe Demon Sect Sect Master somewhat are discontented with the severe Demon Sect present situation, in his opinion, severe Demon Sect should formidable be more right, should have the even bigger place, should not always defend in a horizontal Breaking Mountain [lineage/vein] such broken place, therefore he wants to hug a Great Sect influential or powerful person, when these Great Sect requests them to encircle Zhao Hai, that severe Demon Sect most extremely accumulates. However severe Demon Sect Sect Master is not a fool, him has not led the two Immortal Stage elders in Sect, simultaneously Sect Mountain Guardian Great Formation also opened, to guard against Zhao Hai attack. But Zhao Hai look at severe Demon Sect General Hall the situation in Space, regarding severe Demon Sect General Hall, Zhao Hai is not having any favorable impression now, in fact comes here to carry on the destruction. However he also knows that severe Demon Sect here has certainly Immortal Stage Expert, he has opportunity that strikes, strikes walks, therefore Zhao Hai has been observing severe Demon Sect, is waiting also for best opportunity. A day passed by, two days passed by, three days passed by, Zhao Hai did not have make a move, he has the patience, is waiting for severe Demon Sect lax that moment. The people have thousand day to be a thief, does not have thousand day against thief, is such truth, various Great Sect spent many strengths to look for Zhao Hai, but besides demon abandoned Cave Mansion, their anything had not found, this made various Great Sect have idleness, they suspected that Zhao Hai was already leave here. Now clouds that the people of Demon Sect nearby Heavenly Demon Sect gates knew the name of Zhao Hai, because in the Zhao Hai demon the pass/test has reported likely various, but in the demon closes has not died, he naturally will tell these people the Zhao Hai name, meanwhile has the Zhao Hai picture. What what a pity is these people feared that was forever impossible to find Zhao Hai, the time too could not find long, during these people were impossible are at highly have been intense, naturally can relax, but they relaxed, Zhao Hai opportunity came. The demon sheep is only in severe Demon Sect can Inner Disciples, his strength is not very strong, is different from general Heavenly Demon Race, the courage of demon sheep is very small, this in Heavenly Demon was also different type, because of this, therefore he will be called the demon sheep.

The demon sheep has not searched Zhao Hai with severe Demon Sect Sect Master, he has kept severe Demon Sect General Hall here, guard General Hall, but demon Yang Ke does not think that General Hall here will have any matter. This Heavenly Demon sheep as usual, inspected outside, on returned to in own Cave Mansion, the preparation has practiced, in this time, his suddenly was feeling that very formidable aura appears in severe Demon Sect, the demon sheep stares, the personal appearance moved already appears in Cave Mansion outside, but appears in Cave Mansion outside, his immediately was shocked. He presently sky over severe Demon Sect General Hall, could not see sky, there appears a incomparably huge city, not wrong, is an demon city, when this demon city don’t know is appears , naturally this is unimportant, more importantly, this city downward is pressing by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt. The demon sheep has not even come to have a sound, that demon giant city has pressed, listens to with a bang sound, entire severe Demon Sect General Hall looks like pasta, by person ruthless has pounded a hammer, one became flatbread. Then that city on vanish from sight, but severe Demon Sect General Hall here, could not actually be seeing living person, all severe Demon Sect people, were battered to death in General Hall, these hid the person in their Cave Mansion cannot escape by luck, because their Cave Mansion had also been pounded to collapse. This is Zhao Hai does certainly, Zhao Hai uses the severe Demon Sect person, has taken into severe Demon Sect General Hall the Liquid Silver needle, like this he can come out in severe Demon Sect General Hall directly, but he does not have appears , but was directly on release the Fire God city, in has pounded that on severe Demon Sect General Hall made an effort, then received the Fire God city, no matter what no one could find. Zhao Hai just the Fire God city receiving in Space, in severe Demon Sect suddenly ran out of two incomparably powerful imposing manner, but obviously their appears was a little late. That two imposing manner somewhat breathless roves near severe Demon Sect General Hall, finally expanded the scale of search, but actually still has achieved nothing, this made that two aura be angry, anxiety that they searched, a point with did not have. Tidied up severe Demon Sect, Zhao Hai transferred the vision image rotation other Sect, he has thought that this time he was not grasping these Heavenly Demon Race, he killed people, kills these Heavenly Demon Race frantic, he to wants to have a look, these Heavenly Demon Race can he be what kind. In following several days time, besides clouds Demon Sect, all participates in Zhao Hai various Sect that encircles, received different degree attack, each attack these Heavenly Demon Sect gates by Heavenly Demon of attack place, were killed completely, a living witness has not stayed behind. Moreover cause of death also very strange thing of these days demon, their some are by inexplicable fire burning, some were actually actually assassinated by some until death, some are killed by poison, what cause of death has in any case. Various Great Sect participated in these people who encircled naturally also receiving information, they also know certainly that was who is coping with them, but until now, they actually depended on cannot find Zhao Hai.

But afterward makes various Great Sect feel that the matter of incomparable headache lived, in their Sect domain, unexpectedly appears one type of very hard to deal with Monster Beast, these Monster Beast long grotesque shapes, but these Monster Beast strength actually very formidable, moreover these Monster Beast lairs unexpectedly in underground, but can also isolate spiritual force, very difficult entangles. What most important is, these Monster Beast anything eat, no matter medicinal herbs is also good, the weed is also good, so long as can things to eat, they eat, their appears , looks like the locust transit is the same, any thing will not stay behind. Moreover these Monster Beast are simply does not fear death to be the same probably, they only know to slaughter, only knows the feed, all can things to eat, be their food, that feared that is this food very formidable, can massacre their many companions. Various quick Great Sect could not sit still, they have to send out Expert to exterminate these Monster Beast, although hit returned to these Monster Beast finally their underground den, but wants to remove the elimination of bottom these Monster Beast, actually is almost impossible. Moreover in coping with these Monster Beast processes, various Sect let also die many Expert, what making various Sect not think, after these Expert died, these Monster Beast level were also promoting, various Great Sect present, they must cope with these Monster Beast to be getting more and more difficult. In this case, various Great Sect that have the time to cope with Zhao Hai, they the complete attention use, in has coped with on these Monster Beast, after Zhao Hai had been thrown into the brain, by them. But ten points free and unfettered nature that Zhao Hai actually crosses these days, he sits in Space sees a play, while will cope with once for a while various Heavenly Demon Sect gates, some male Heavenly Demon or female Heavenly Demon in Heavenly Demon Sect gate grasps some toward Space, as for Heavenly Demon that these died, Zhao Hai has not actually managed, he has not received these Heavenly Demon toward Space. Zhao Hai has not become Undead Creature these Heavenly Demon Transformation, is not because his big benevolence, because he must frighten, he must use these Heavenly Demon deaths, frightens these Heavenly Demon Sect gates. When Zhao Hai clouds Demon Sect there makes Heaven and Earth turning upside down, entire day Demon Realm also starts slowly spread the Zhao Hai name, not having the means that day Demon Realm these Great Sect to pay attention to Zhao Hai this name, because this name also made them feel headache. In Heavenly Demon Sect here Great Sect, naturally also has plenty Immortal Stage Expert assumes personal command, but clouds that Demon Sect and other Sect have, even clouds that Demon Sect also sends out Immortal Stage Expert to chase down Zhao Hai, actually cannot be what kind of Zhao Hai, instead to was makes Zhao Hai injure Immortal Stage Expert, but this was also lets these Great Sect very headaches the place. Immortal Stage Expert does not have the means to cope with Zhao Hai, what method can they also with cope with Zhao Hai? These Great Sect some are the Zhao Hai matter can have the headache now. However while headache, they also had killing intent to Zhao Hai \; first, because Zhao Hai is Cultivation World cultivator, if not Zhao Hai, except that then the threat to day Demon Realm is too big, two are Fire God city that because Zhao Hai shines.

In the demon closes has not planned to deceive people, reason that he said him is wounded by Zhao Hai , because Zhao Hai in hand has very formidable Magical Artifact, that is urban same Magical Artifact, this Magic very formidable, looks like this Immortal Stage Expert, is impossible to block that Magical Artifact. But because of this information, lets these Great Sect had has coped with Zhao Hai borrow, they must cope with Zhao Hai, has killed Zhao Hai, snatched that Magical Artifact. In fact currently day Demon Realm here had the legend, Zhao Hai in hand is used to cope with Immortal Stage Expert that Magical Artifact, is not Magical Artifact, but is Magical Treasure. Magical Treasure and Magical Artifact have only missed a character, however significance is entirely different, Magical Treasure only exists in the legend, but Magical Artifact is only weapon of people usually use. according to legend when the ancient times, weapon that some almighty their in hand had is Magical Treasure, these Magical Treasure each have the world-shaking invincible might, even if were taking Magical Treasure to low level cultivator, can defeat high level cultivator easily, that was not the cultivator strength, because of Magical Treasure, Magical Treasure has the incomparably formidable strength, any cultivator wants to obtain Magical Treasure. However unfortunately, Magical Treasure information, the has plenty year did not have appears in day Demon Realm, when the people only Magical Treasure is one type of exists in the legend, weapon that the people conjecture, few people have believed really had existence of Magical Treasure. But Zhao Hai puts out the Fire God city time, making people immediately think of Magical Treasure, to confirm their ideas, Zhao Hai must die! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;