Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1772

Any Great Sect wants to obtain good Magical Treasure, because one, but obtains that Magical Treasure, then in day Demon Realm, nobody was their matches, they left the dominate day Demon Realm day not to be far. However similarly, what these people want in most headache is, their simply could not find Zhao Hai, their don’t know Zhao Hai hid there to go, therefore they were want to cope with Zhao Hai unable to cope. Now day Demon Realm here various Great Sect almost knew, Zhao Hai meets Space Divergent Technique, otherwise impossible such mysteriously appearing and disappearing, making their trace unable to find. But this guess obtained the approval of many Demon Realm Great Sect, but similarly, makes these Demon Realm Great Sect feel that headache, has is not weak in Immortal Stage Expert Space Divergent Warlock , does the person who this wants want to cope? Only if you grasp his trail accurately, supposes to kill the bureau, otherwise you take his means not to have. However thinks that is supposing to kill the bureau to Space Divergent Warlock , that is very difficult, is adding on Zhao Hai simply not to have what fixed target, whom he wants to hit to hit anyone, everyone don’t know his next target is there, how this copes with him, therefore these Great Sect now to Zhao Hai also headache. Zhao Hai is also sitting in Space now look at for serveral days in Demon Realm the motions of these Sect, he also knows own in recent time is the motion has annoyed the human eye, he did not prepare to move, he planned to use the following some time, rich Space well, a research Fire God city well. But Zhao Hai don’t know , because of his such procedure, making him evade chasing down of day of Demon Realm there Expert completely. Day Demon Realm these Expert although could not find Zhao Hai in there, but after they pass through repeated deliberation, finally reached a conclusion, that is Zhao Hai possibly did not have leave to say the Demon Sect nearby regions, therefore various Great Sect sent out some Expert to arrive clouds nearby Demon Sect, has carried on the search of carpet type to Zhao Hai, one, but Zhao Hai, naturally will be presently impolite. Moreover these days Demon Realm Expert has not come with Transmission Formation, has not arrived at various Great Sect General Hall there to go, they contact with various Great Sect through signalling bat. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai and don’t know clouds that nearby Demon Sect came many Expert, but these Expert almost all are Immortal Stage Expert. But also just as is such that in day Demon Realm these Great Sect guess, Zhao Hai although knew day of Demon Realm here many places, but if he must exit, certainly will not examine will go to say nearby Demon Sect this, because nearby this he will be most familiar, if he really nearby clouds Demon Sect appears , that can presently. However day Demon Realm there Great Sect also really very bad luck, their there knows, when they sets firm resolve to look for Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has decided to hide in Space not , a special research Heavenly Demon city, simultaneously he must research well one his Law Idol. Zhao Hai felt now, the reason that because his Law Idol the good and evil unites, lived very big change with originally Law Idol, some styles in originally Law Idol, were not quite suitable his present Law Idol to use, no matter Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, is Demon Realm these Cultivation Method, was not quite suitable he, his nearest/recent was thinking that what Cultivation Method most suited own. Zhao Hai wants oneself all styles of meeting, mastery, like his fighting strength certainly in a promotion. But now he entered to day Demon Realm also already four months, in for seven months, he wanted returned to Cultivation World to go, he wants before returned to Cultivation World, to let his strength in a promotion. Do not forget, has many enemies in Cultivation World there Zhao Hai, especially Ten Thousand Monster Sect, they started to pay attention to Black Tiger Group now, if later Ten Thousand Monster Sect must cope with Black Tiger Group, no matter his certainly not look at, when the time comes he must face Ten Thousand Monster Sect Expert, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect dominate Northern Divergent Province these many years, who knew in their Sect had many Old Monster thing like Hu Dingshan, therefore Zhao Hai must enhance own strength as soon as possible, to guarantee the safety of Black Tiger Group. Naturally Zhao Hai not only must guarantee that Black Tiger Group security, he wants to make the Black Tiger Group show expand, this Ten Thousand Monster Sect regarding the suppression of Black Tiger Group, can regard as is opportunity, insurance wants Black Tiger Group not to be suppressed by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, that Black Tiger Group can soar, was not fearing any match.

Therefore Zhao Hai needs to enhance own fighting strength, he present forms of combat were too presently mixed, he can close combat Cultivation Method, meet farfight Cultivation Method, meets formation, but his beforehand wants to use any Cultivation Method with any Cultivation Method, not these Cultivation Method very systematic inductions together. Zhao Hai wants to use these days, oneself all Cultivation Method systematic inductions together, is using Universal Machine and Space powerful calculation ability, designs one type of most to suit his attack method to oneself, nearly is not the farfight or the close combat, he needs is one set can be wielded by own strength to biggest fight Cultivation Method. This is not easy, this equal to is self-created martial arts, moreover Zhao Hai study so is also mixed, wants to induce the together words these thing, is not that simple. But Zhao Hai completely put into during this work now, in his opinion, this regarding him is very important. Day Demon Realm there lived any matter, regarding Zhao Hai, was unimportant, he must wait can leave day Demon Realm time, direct returned to Cultivation World ended, other simply regarding him is unimportant. In day Demon Realm nearest/recent also very lively, this lively origin is these Insect Race, these Insect Race are several small Queen Nest that Julie release goes, but is this, instead clouds that Heaven and Earth turning upside down of several Sect near Demon Sect making, making these Sect lose seriously. Finally that several Sect have to result in Immortal Stage Expert make a move, this that several Insect Race Queen Nest thorough has annihilated, but that several Sect are also strength/Origin Qi damages severely, in a short time feared cannot restore. But these Insect Race corpses have actually brought to the attention of other Great Sect Expert, because before them, has not seen such Magic Beast, this was to say possibly does not have anything regarding other cultivator, after all day Demon Realm was so big, the appears 1 or 2 type has not seen Magic Beast, did not have quite strangely what. However is not quite same regarding these Immortal Stage Expert in this, most parts of these Immortal Stage Expert had lived several Yuan ten Yuan counting even, the long-lived over ten thousand years, day Demon Realm here anything thing they have seen, now suddenly appears one type of they had not actually seen Demon Realm, they felt certainly very strange. These Expert each got so far as some Insect Race corpses to analyze, the final result was, the insect corpse was very useful, although was unedible, however the Insect Race corpse can actually be used to manufacture Magical Artifact, this has made that several Great Sect feel that was very pleasantly surprised. These Sect lose seriously because of these Insect Race, now can gain one to come back from the bodies of these insect, obtained some compensations. However these Great Sect Expert actually not too happy, because they had still not found Zhao Hai, other places had not found Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai probably already vanish from sight from day Demon Realm. In fact Zhao Hai also truly not in day Demon Realm, but the person and don’t know in day Demon Realm, they think Zhao Hai hides in day Demon Realm where, therefore entire day Demon Realm starts imposing looking Zhao Hai, to is makes other Cultivation World cultivator relax. 900 Cultivation World cultivator, now remaining only then less than 100, other all died, all was chased down dead by the day Demon Realm person. These cultivator also present incorrect place, no matter they hide there, day Demon Realm these people always have the means to find them, they almost momentarily must face chasing down, momentarily must be careful that will fall into the trap of enemy, such life almost makes these cultivator fall insanely.

although these cultivator each and every one strength formidable, moreover after innumerable fights, but the day Demon Realm here situation they actually have not met likely, their nerves are at the conditions of tightly collapsing, because they will relax slightly can have are killed, this makes them have to will frequently be careful. Such day they cross for several months, if in cannot make them relax, these person of sooner or later will be insane, even if is not insane falls, meets possessed by the Devil, turns into one only to know the Lunatic of fight and murder. Now because these Great Sect attention centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, to relaxed to these cultivator pursuing types, they also obtained the rare respite opportunity, has rested well. Following several months, day Demon Realm there person also in full investigation Zhao Hai, but still has achieved nothing, gave up tracing to majority of Sect finally, they also looked at the person, Zhao Hai really have not possibly been able appears . But these months, Zhao Hai research in Space own Martial arts system, has been able saying that was in the situation of neglecting to eat and sleep, that also has the mood to pay attention to day Demon Realm the responses of these Great Sect. Naturally, his these days harvest is also very big, now he all Cultivation Method mastery of his meeting, in adding on the help of Universal Manufacturing Machine, Zhao Hai altogether manufactured Cultivation Method that five sets have most suited him to fight, one was hundred beast fists, in Zhao Hai Law Idol has plenty Law Idol is beast shape Law Idol, Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of beast shape Law Idol is very deep, in adding on some Martial arts of Zhao Hai from Earth, has profited from some thing, finally created hundred beast fists, hundred beast fists were together murder Fist Technique, on, if ferocious beast preyed on, make a move Assassin, was not forgiving. Second set of Cultivation Method, thousand Goddess of Mercy palms, this set of Palm Technique on the other hand, came to miss in the lethality compared with hundred beast fists, this was by one set of Palm Technique that Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method give priority to created, everywhere mercy, to guard give priority to, but the attack strength was not weak, did not have that killing aura steaming flavor. Third set of Cultivation Method, the Heavenly Demon claw, the Heavenly Demon claw evolves one set of Claw Technique that came from attack style of Heavenly Demon clan, has drawn also support from Martial Arts Cultivation Method on some Earth, such as Eagle Claw Technique and so on Cultivation Method, created this set of Claw Technique finally, attack strength very formidable, the lethality won a reward compared with hundred beast fists. The fourth set, Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, when listened to this name to know, this absolutely was Blade Technique of one set of murder, this set of Blade Technique killing aura was too heavy, leaving must see the blood, incurred to invite the human life, Zhao Hai has decided that later this set of Blade Technique little use to wonderfully. Fifth set of Cultivation Method is actually one set of Body-maneuvering Technique, this set is the known as stars universe changes, is based on Cosmos Profound Technique, simultaneously adds on one set of unusual Body-maneuvering Technique that all kinds of formation form, when this set of Body-maneuvering Technique moves, agrees without consultation with various formation, when the use stars universe changes Body-maneuvering Technique, absorption Strength of Stars that can keep, absorbs the strength of formation, lets Spiritual Qi quicker integration to own Body-maneuvering Technique, is one set not only suits long-distance hurries along, suits Cultivation Method that the range makes to fight. Temporarily Zhao Hai ~~ ef = " &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Net

Renewal ~~ created these five sets of Cultivation Method, looked like in Zhao Hai, these five sets of Cultivation Method were almost sufficient, These five sets of Cultivation Method although are close combat Cultivation Method, but regarding present Zhao Hai, will not have anything to affect, strength to his person of this level, fighting time, generally is the close combats, because of general long-distance attack, to their such Expert, could not withstand anything to do with, only if has Magical Treasure like Fire God city. Moreover now their fight uses Law Idol generally, Law Idol attack generally is close combat attack, these sets of Cultivation Method that therefore Zhao Hai creates now are also Cultivation Method of close combat. Besides Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai in these months in has also handled another matter, this matter had relationship with his Law Idol, his originally Law Idol was Buddhist Sect thousand Goddess of Mercy Law Idol, afterward join thousand arm Demon King Law Idol, two Law Idol had combined, looked like like pro and con of person. However that Law Idol Zhao Hai is not liking, because that Law Idol will expose his many thing, compared with saying among that thousand views Law Idol, making the person understand at a glance that was related with Buddhist Sect, but that day Magic told others clearly, that was Demon Realm Law Idol. These two Law Idol will bring to him some troublesome, after all before , all Law Idol that he lets who the person knows to use, is beast shape Law Idol, if suddenly has used such unusual Law Idol, really will make many people get suspicious. Zhao Hai does not want to make that many trouble, therefore he wants to become by his Law Idol is not so conspicuous, finally thinks it over, Zhao Hai decided that he must change his Law Idol, he must make Law Idol to come out with his image. This type handles the Law Idol matter with own image, is not rare in Cultivation World there, many Expert when the strength is low, may use the beast shape Law Idol, when their strength slowly, they have been able to try to change the Law Idol image, the has plenty person directly showed own appearance own Law Idol, therefore such does is not considered as that what shocked everybody the matter. However Zhao Hai completely with own appearance, he will actually not decide that makes Law Idol with the image of oneself within the body that villain, do not remove Dao Lotus, only leaves behind the image of person. After undergoing the experiment of several times, he has succeeded finally, now Zhao Hai Law Idol looks like with the villain looks like of his within the body, just his Law Idol is standing, a cultivator robe, the hand ties Magic Seal to stand in there, the back at the back of a black long blade. After Zhao Hai congeals this Law Idol is successful, to one year of time, remaining one month, Zhao Hai has not wanted to exit, he must as soon as possible is familiar with this Law Idol. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;