Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1773

~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ before to seal|confer Motai, monument in one time flew, Dark mist in time appears , but stands in to seal|confer Motai the there nine Great Sect elders, look at that piece of Dark mist that two eyes decides, they want to know that who will walk from that Dark mist. Good long some time, actually still nobody to come out from Dark mist, this makes nine Great Sect elder complexion somewhat ugly, their simultaneously raised at heart not the good thought. Some little time, finally person's shadow flew from Dark mist, sees that person, nine Great Sect elders then relaxed, some people come out well, they just also think that this motion, was annihilated. Afterward one after another had some people to fly from Dark mist, the person were getting more and more, finally more than 50 flew personally from Dark mist. However nine Great Sect complexion of elder is still not very attractive, reason that they will have such expression , because they know, the person who this coming back feared will not be many. Reason that will have such idea, because of these cultivator appears , these cultivator appears was too slow, more than 50, used quick one hour to come out from Dark mist, on the intent leaf, they are wanting in very difficult, good was representing Heavenly Demon there danger. But in more than 50 people, including Lin Zhendong and Hua Wushang, but has not come out Zhao Hai to the present, eye look at monument must fall, even if comes back not to come back, a person's shadow from his Dark mist flew, this person's shadow Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai when has not entered Dark mist. Sent massive Expert to locate on present day Demon Realm there respectively the place there protection of Dark mist. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, for serveral days Demon Realm Expert, let off some Cultivation World cultivator to enter Dark mist not to have attack unexpectedly. Zhao Hai is somewhat puzzled, when his appears near Dark mist, Zhao Hai knows for serveral days before Demon Realm Expert, why make a move, because of these people in he, he just did not come, for serveral days Demon Realm Expert immediately has attacked, Zhao Hai cannot favor, directly entered in Dark mist on the flashes body. After Zhao Hai comes out. immediately to the side of Ten Thousand Monster Sect that elder, has bowed said : Zhao Hai to see the elder to that elder.”

That elder noticed that Zhao Hai comes out safely, nodded, has not said anything. Regarding him, Zhao Hai has not died in day Demon Realm there, he also has is some disappointed, but he will not say at this time. At this moment, to seal|confer Mobei fell slowly, Dark mist also completely vanished, Heavenly Sword Sect that elder in time walked out, deep voice said : this time Heavenly Demon practiced wushu has completed, various Sect brought their disciple to go back, disciple must hand over your Jade Identity Card. We with according to your victory, will give you to evaluate the position, divides to reward.” Cultivation World person on a exquisite reality, therefore does not have too many polite speeches, after Heavenly Sword Sect that elder said that the Ten Thousand Monster Sect elder turns the head their said : to give me to Zhao Hai your Jade Identity Card.” Zhao Hai naturally has not said anything, put out Jade Identity Card to give Ten Thousand Monster Sect that elder, that elder received Zhao Hai Jade Identity Card to look at one, on the face has cannot help but flashed through a contemptuous facial expression, but in the blink of an eye endured. Also received in hand Jade Identity Card of other people, when especially he attains Lin Zhendong Jade Identity Card, on his face appears a satisfactory facial expression, could look, Lin Zhendong the result should be good. In fact these time is living the person who comes out from day Demon Realm. Their result are good, because when just since day Demon Realm. They have been fighting, is that very intense fight, therefore their result very good, must say that the here result is worst, feared that was Zhao Hai. On Lin Zhendong Jade Identity Card, records him to kill the Heavenly Demon quantity in more than 300, other cultivator also more than 200, the quantity of only then on Zhao Hai Jade Token recording only then more than 100, Northern Divergent Province all participates in the person who practices wushu minimum. It looks like in Ten Thousand Monster Sect that elder, Zhao Hai does not certainly dare to fight with these Heavenly Demon, he escapes certainly using Space Divergent Technique, otherwise the result will not be bad. But in fact that digit on Zhao Hai Jade Identity Card, was not in cultivator that this Heavenly Demon practiced wushu minimum one, Zhao Hai has planned, this Heavenly Demon developed the lane, was living cultivator altogether 57 people, but Zhao Hai that killed the enemy the digit, can make him be placed in 33 rd about, was not minimum, but did not calculate many. Zhao Hai has not wanted to stir up the attention of Ten Thousand Monster Sect now, if he displays is good, his don’t know can Ten Thousand Monster Sect coping let, if Ten Thousand Monster Sect must cope with him, does not want to let his returned to Black Tiger Group, that arrives is a troublesome matter. After Ten Thousand Monster Sect that elder Jade Identity Card receives, brings Zhao Hai they to sit Transmission returned to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, after Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Zhao Hai with other Sect cultivator, sits Ten Thousand Monster Sect there Transmission Formation returned to directly own Sect, the although Ten Thousand Monster Sect there good intention to them has arranged the rest place, but nobody keeps the Ten Thousand Monster Sect there rest, because of their very clear, if you run up to Ten Thousand Monster Sect to rest to the rest place that you prepare, feared that has the life to go, dies. Do not think Great Sect like Ten Thousand Monster Sect not to assassinate such matter dry, at the matter most likes does to assassinate such matter is these Great Sect, they have killed the person, so long as you do not have the evidence, cannot take them to be what kind, your Sect wants to revenge for you are impossible.

Zhao Hai sits Transmission Formation returned to in Black Tiger Group, iron Zhan Tian heard that Zhao Hai came back, immediately summoned his study room Zhao Hai, simultaneously in study room of team did not have Hu Liang early morning their these Black Tiger Group High level. Iron Zhan Tian sized up Zhao Hai some little time, has then laughed said : well, was very good, has not thought really that your youngster Transcends Tribulation has succeeded unexpectedly, fantastic, HaHaHa, my Black Tiger Group were also many Expert, it seems like that this time Heavenly Demon practiced wushu, wasn't your harvest small?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : harvest not to be small. However compares my Transcends Tribulation. A harvest is actually even bigger, that is the understanding day Demon Realm there, Gang Master, we must prepare, nearest/recent day Demon Realm feared that will take an action.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then said : of complexion big change Little Hai, what meaning is your this saying? Day can Demon Realm in an invasion?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: although I do not hope this, but the matter feared that is really this, this time I just to day Demon Realm there. By the day Demon Realm person surrounding, them already knows probably I will come out from there, had sponsored at that time two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is bringing dozens Nascent Soul Stage and Gold Core Stage Heavenly Demon besieges me. Rapidness that I run luckily, but then has troubled, how also don’t know comes back, these Heavenly Demon Race people can clearly know me probably in there, no matter I hide there, they will chase down there, making me be tired out by dealing with.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that a complexion dignity of iron Zhan Tian, he turned the head to look at Hu Liangchen one eyes, Hu Liangchen turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai. You meant that the day Demon Realm person can use the one type of odd things method, knows your positions?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to guess that possibly is this, will otherwise not be skillful, our appears in there, their pursuing troops will rush within the shortest time, I felt that I looked like rushed in Old Mouse of cat country's, was besieged and pursued to block off by these cats, does not dare to relax, was good succeeded because of afterward my Transcends Tribulation. The strength increases, otherwise feared that was really did not come back, but more than 50 people that 900 cultivator that going, came back, moreover all was Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Nascent Soul Stage and Gold Core Stage, are one have not actually come back.” complexion of in the room all people very dignified. Loss that this Heavenly Demon practices wushu, to is surprises them somewhat, before Heavenly Demon practiced wushu, many times, 50% cultivator can live coming back, few times can also come back more than 100 people, has not actually thought that these time unexpectedly be only more than 50 came back personally, this quantity was too few. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, forced smile said :is then worse, my appears place, is day of Demon Realm one in Sect potential and range of calling Yun Demon Sect, this Sect, in the day Demon Realm demon body boundary, can only be medium grade Sect, the status should be similar to our Black Tiger Group, but was in such one Sect, had two Immortal Stage Expert, I when investigated this trace gate, by their Immortal Stage Expert presently, a difference // bibliophile building quickest writing renewal. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Does not have the advertisement // points dead in that Immortal Stage Expert in hand, at that time I Transcends Tribulation degree, actually still in depending on Space Divergent Technique escaped, the speech truth, clouds the Demon Sect strength, compared with our Black Tiger Group in many. ”

Iron Zhan Tian complexion was uglier, his very clear, Zhao Hai said on strongly many, but considers his face, according to the speech of Zhao Hai, feared that is not only on strong many were so simple, but is on strong many. Hu Liang early morning look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, why you said that day Demon Realm there nearest/recent will possibly take an action to Cultivation World?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : I before day Demon Realm, read the record that next beforehand Heavenly Demon has practiced wushu, beforehand Heavenly Demon practices wushu, has several times in our Black Tiger Group also to have cultivator to participate, some people have come back, with according to his memory, Heavenly Demon practices wushu, probably is day Demon Realm and Cultivation World approximately good one time tries to practice, Cultivation World will send young Expert to go to day Demon Realm there, day Demon Realm will also send young Expert to fighting, young Expert of both sides obtained some exercises, therefore Cultivation World here although can the appears comparison big casualties, but actually never appears , likely this time. Such situation, therefore in my opinion, the motion of this day Demon Realm there is unusual, their such chases down Cultivation World cultivator, is unprecedented.” Hu Liang early morning they nodded, regarding this point that Zhao Hai said that they are also know that they also approve the view of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, then said : actually passes through these many years, every 50 time Heavenly Demon practices wushu, both sides are know that the day Demon Realm there person, can with participate in the place that Heavenly Demon practices wushu according to these many year of Cultivation World cultivator, calculates our appears place, even possibly makes some trick/hand and foot to chase down us on our bodies, if this is really the case, that represented day Demon Realm not to make Cultivation World cultivator in entering to day Demon Realm, why don't they want to enter by Cultivation World cultivator to day Demon Realm? This is the key of issue!” ~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;