Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1774

Chapter 699 hands over give you They do not want to make Cultivation World cultivator know that they are doing?” Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng almost simultaneously open the mouth and said. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, reason that day Demon Realm these Heavenly Demon such attack we, will fear that by us is known they are doing, but under what situation, they such will fear us to know that they are doing? That certainly is when they must take an action to Cultivation World, they do not hope that Cultivation World obtains any information.”. A complexion paleness of iron Zhan Tian, his look at Zhao Hai and Hu Liang early morning they, deep voice said : „, if is really such, that matter has troubled, we must the quick point tell nine Great Sect to be good this information, if the gathering entire Cultivation World strength, did not fear that does not have the means to deal with the Heavenly Demon Race person.” Zhao Hai sighed, shook the head, Hu Liangchen also almost made the same movement, iron Zhan Tian puzzled look at they, Hu Liang early morning the look at iron Zhan Tian appearance, forced smile said : Gang Master, first did not say they can believe your words, even if were they have believed the words of person, started to get ready fully, how many that can prepare? How many years Heavenly Demon Race don’t know has prepared, will they let off this time opportunity? said it, Gang Master, you think that these Great Sect big shots, what will care about you to say really? I thought that they may regard Lunatic you.” Zhao Hai also deep voice said : we can wait a moment, look that what response nine Great Sect will then have, if nine Great Sect also present the unusual place of this matter, they will certainly make us be careful that will possibly mobilize entire Cultivation World full meeting head-on, but if nine Great Sect presently this matter, that has not been we reminds, feared that is will not have any effect, Gang Master, feared that is thing that you must remind, simply to nine Great Sect Sect Master in front.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that sighed, he has to recognize Zhao Hai was right, iron Zhan Tian although was Black Tiger Group Gang Master, even if in Black Tiger Group, however his status that he said looked like in nine Great Sect, actually anything was not, he wanted with the Sect Master direct dialogs of nine Great Sect, feared that was also unqualified. Hu Liang early morning deep voice said : currently speaking, we should first since we start, first protects us real.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : to prepare, prepares fully.” Zhao Hai shook the head said :Gang Master, I think before has not obtained the explicit instructions of nine Great Sect prepares, may make Ten Thousand Monster Sect these fellows think that we must in an expansion, when the time comes fear does not use and other person arrivals of Heavenly Demon Race, they first began to us, therefore we must prepare now , can only carry on quietly, cannot absolutely on a grand scale. Bang iron Zhan Tian makes an effort pounds on the table, has stood, on his face piece of angry look, but all people know, he is angry to abreast is not Zhao Hai, what because Zhao Hai said is right, now Ten Thousand Monster Sect started to suppress Black Tiger Group, if made them presently Black Tiger Group fully prepare, that consequence feared that will not be good. Some little time iron Zhan Tian calm, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, now what to do do you think us should?”

All people have gawked, they have not thought that iron Zhan Tian interrogates jointly unexpectedly asks Zhao Hai, must know that in entire Black Tiger Group, the first wise of recognition, is Hu Liangchen, this iron Zhan Tian has not gone to ask Hu Liangchen unexpectedly, but asked Zhao Hai, this stemmed from the anticipation of Black Tiger Group people. Currently some people in Black Tiger Group will have also some prejudices to Zhao Hai, does not have the means that because the Zhao Hai family background was too low, Battle Slave, even if he by the Supreme Elder belt in the side some time, nobody thought that his status high goes to that but accepted him. Iron Zhan Tian such asked today that has indicated that the Zhao Hai status was different in Black Tiger Group, can participate in the Black Tiger Group decision-making strata. Zhao Hai looked at iron Zhan Tian one, deep voice said : Gang Master, if trusts me, the matter of this preparation gives me, moreover starting today, crafting valley there must be a forbidden area, inside all people must come out, anybody can not enter, I must carry on transform to there.” Iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai face calm is looking at each other with iron Zhan Tian, some little time, iron Zhan Tian laughs said : well, my immediately ordering makes crafting valley there all people come out, crafting valley there hands over give you.” Zhao Hai hides to iron Zhan Tian said : „the thanks a lot Gang Master trust.” The in the room other person of look at Zhao Hai looks actually changed, must know that crafting valley there now soon became the pillar industry of Black Tiger Group, at this time Zhao Hai said that must want, but iron Zhan Tian complied unexpectedly, it seems like iron Zhan Tian regards as important Zhao Hai really. Zhao Hai looked at in the room people said : everybody to invite feel relieved, my although has sealed up the entire crafting valley, but crafting does not change from producing of there everyday, if in the gang some people wanted to refine any weapon, can still give us, but cannot go in oneself, must request the record own crafting material, then put in Transmission Formation to deliver to go, in brief, cannot allow the person to enter to the crafting valley.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : well, Little Hai, this matter I said give you is give you, you have anything to request saying that has remembered, what I want is a base, but going forward or retreating depending upon circumstances base.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to make Gang Master satisfy surely.” Iron Zhan Tian laughs said : well, I believe you, you and prepare.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked.

After waiting for Zhao Hai leave, Hu Liangchen cannot bear to iron Zhan Tian said : Gang Master, do you trust Zhao Hai probably very?” The iron Zhan Tian look at Hu Liangchen appearance, shows a faint smile said : Old Hu, he is the hope of our Black Tiger Group, person who when you Supreme Elder elect, is that simple character? This Zhao Hai not only strength very formidable, but also his also has some of our don’t know abilities, I think on this youngster certainly also to have other secret, but he will not say, this time I am want to take a look at him, what ability has, what ability no matter he has, so long as he is loyal to our Black Tiger Group, that all said.” Hu Liangchen nodded, he to did not oppose that the iron Zhan Tian words, Zhao Hai strength these days he also saw, to be honest, what method he cannot see clearly Zhao Hai to the present, this also lets Hu Liangchen to Zhao Hai very curious. Iron Zhan Tian actually does not think that was continuing this topic, he looked at other people said : these days, why we should also do, preparation quietly, but must pay attention to the Ten Thousand Monster Sect there sound, light do not think Heavenly Demon Race, has forgotten Ten Thousand Monster Sect.” People simultaneously has complied with one, they will certainly not forget Ten Thousand Monster Sect, in Zhao Hai enters to the day Demon Realm this year time, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect has not been short Black Tiger Group suppresses, first is suppresses Black Tiger Group economically, Black Tiger Group Monster Beast pill and Magical Artifact exit / to speak came under very serious influence. However this type suppresses although to make Black Tiger Group come under some influences, has not actually come under the too tremendous influence, because in Black Tiger Group also has one type of unknown medicine pill, Rejuvenation Pill. This cosmetology medicine pill has become famous in entire Cultivation World now, innumerable female cultivator for it frantic, even if male cultivator also wants to get so far as Rejuvenation Pill, because is male cultivator, they do not want to see one are gradually old appearance. Rejuvenation Pill irritable already in Zhao Hai is expected, Zhao Hai very clear, nobody can reject the beautiful enticement, moreover afterward he also had made into the men's and women's two types Rejuvenation Pill, women's is not no need saying that can make the woman more beautiful, however men's Rejuvenation Pill had another one type of ability, can make the man retrieve own strong wind. Do not think that cultivator strength formidable, certainly is a formidable man, in fact some old cultivator, their bodies will also degenerate, will lose the abilities of some men, they are only Spiritual Qi in within the body are sufficient, the fight can have, but sometimes, some matters, actually cannot be solved by Spiritual Qi, therefore Zhao Hai Rejuvenation Pill promotes, quick received welcome of some male cultivator, now in Cultivation World here, Rejuvenation Pill became a Gold [金] character advertisement. But makes the people on Continent feel what is strange, Rejuvenation Pill source nobody has actually known, medicinal herbs that Rejuvenation Pill uses, nobody knows that can say this Rejuvenation Pill looks like confuses to be the same, his suddenly appears , letting the person is unable to look up. Cultivation World here has several Great Sect, wants to find out the Rejuvenation Pill source with own authority, but has not actually thought that quick was sold the Rejuvenation Pill person by these present, then Rejuvenation Pill was out of stock directly.

These held hornet's nest, these cannot obtain Rejuvenation Pill female cultivator, could not be selling Rejuvenation Pill male cultivator, each and every one frantic, going all out looks like that several Great Sect exerted pressure, that several Great Sect did not have the means finally, must cancel this thought. Because has this secret income channel, therefore Black Tiger Group did not fear moistening of ten points the suppression of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, still crosses. However afterward the issue came, Ten Thousand Monster Sect has carried on the suppression to Black Tiger Group in other aspects, first is almost all foreign Space smelting trials does not have the Black Tiger Group share, is actually secret has struck to kill Black Tiger Group cultivator duty to various Great Sect cloths, so long as you have killed Black Tiger Group cultivator, that can obtain some rewards in Ten Thousand Monster Sect there. Has to recognize, this move very be really virulent, these Sect fear Ten Thousand Monster Sect, but they actually do not fear Black Tiger Group, therefore Black Tiger Group disciple in following some time, loses very miserable to be heavy, especially disciple of some going out smelting trials, lose seriously. Iron Zhan Tian they after knowing this matter, knew Ten Thousand Monster Sect that duty, their although vitality, actually does not dare to begin to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, but iron Zhan Tian has actually thought another means that he has extracted some Elite from in the gang, then enters to the peripheral several influences, so long as is presently cultivator of that influence, no matter the strong and weak, one rate executes. This retaliates, retaliation of frantic, the effect of but such making is actually very good, these influences had feared Black Tiger Group the frantic vigor, the suppression of Ten Thousand Monster Sect at a failure, after this twice suppresses, one year almost passed, Zhao Hai returned to Black Tiger Group, but also brings returned to day Demon Realm information, Black Tiger Group started to prepare fully. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;