Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1775

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 23 rd ~ Zhao Hu in Space, the look at screen, on the screen is currently having one crowd of very special constructional forces, this crowd of constructional forces within however is Insect Race, they are centered on the crafting valley, goes all out like all around is digging the hole, with Insect saliva the hole sticking, others will not have the means to examine the situation in hole with spiritual force. Reason that Zhao Hai durable crafting valley here takes the center , because crafting valley here can provide the power to him, he must by the crafting valley be the center, builds a huge underground base, but in this underground base may by defensive formation, all formation be needed the power, but raging fire valley there underground magma is the best free power. although said Zhao Hai taking from there from the Fire God city, but the heart of there actually also Earth Fire took the power . Moreover the heart of that Earth Fire probably was at growth Stage, therefore Zhao Hai not will not have energy to use. A Zhao Hai preparation turns into a huge three-dimensional formation base entire crafting valley here, when the time comes this huge formation base, can go forward or retreat depending upon circumstances absolutely. But the operate place of this formation base, Zhao Hai has thought that places under magma, before that Fire God city, in subspace that is. This is a vast work, although has designed the blueprint in Space, but wants to construct this base is not that easy, if not use Insect Race, considers prevents the person spiritual force survey variously the material, makes Black Tiger Group go bankrupt on being probable may not. Most from the beginning Zhao Hai has not thought with Insect Race, he was also worrying for the material that this base needs, but afterward Julie reminded Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai uses Insect Race to construct, has not actually thought that effect unexpectedly extraordinary good. These Insect Race dig a hole leaves the imagination of Zhao Hai absolutely, to let this base perfect, Zhao Hai has also used massive Undead Creature, making these Undead Creature carve some hidden Runes on cave wall of base, these talisman article normally to did not have what to use greatly. However really to wartime, so long as in subspace under magma, can complete control even be the surveillance entire base. Moreover that Runes will also look like vein, allowing you to understand in the base the fresh each matter, even can be used to oppose the enemy. To wartime, so long as starts the those talisman article. That underground magma slowly seeps through the those talisman article to the entire base, becomes in the base the most important power. Moreover what this base is centered on raging fire valley, both banks use, in original roaring flame sect Li. Because the topography is quite smooth, therefore Zhao Hai can only the base place the underground deep place. But approaches Black Tiger Group that. ** -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion

- * actually the has plenty mountain, is some extinct volcanos, but these extinct volcanos were actually used now, these extinct volcanos have the very enormous crater, but these craters, Zhao Hai will become Great Magical Artifact difference passage their transform. Because must make such big project, Zhao Hai has to use massive Insect Race and Undead Creature, other Magic Beast help. Zhao Hongji the base. But very enormous. Advocates passage there, can let several Great Magical Artifact abreast flights, but will not appear crowded, but other passage there, some can also allow a Great Magical Artifact flight to turn around. This innumerable every large or small passage, gave to relate the entire base, the entire base turned into a huge underground city. Naturally, if turned into the underground labyrinth about a person base that here did not know. The matter that project incomparable vast, Zhao Hai worries about to is not many. He arranged to be OK duty, these Insect Race had Julie command(er), Undead Creature had Cai'er command(er), basically did not need him to worry. Currently his returned to Black Tiger Group also had nearly one month, this month, Black Tiger Group full preparation, naturally, Ten Thousand Monster Sect also the reward that Zhao Hai earned, because before the Zhao Hai position did not depend, therefore reward of Zhao Hai also very few. Naturally now Black Tiger Group also nobody cares about this, entire Black Tiger Group in preparation of secret, who also has mood tube these, now Black Tiger Group through various types of channels, collection strategic resources some slowly, simultaneously Magical Artifact and medicine pill volume of exports also fell, leaves behind a large part to store up. Said that this matter also wants thanks a lot Ten Thousand Monster Sect, because of Ten Thousand Monster Sect to the Black Tiger Group suppression economically, had not stopped, therefore the medicine pill exit / to speak and Magical Artifact exit / to speak of Black Tiger Group originally were greatly affected, the stock of has plenty, now was better, these were the stock transform the strategic reserve directly. Naturally the light is these or insufficient, Crystal Stone, the reserves of various medicinal herbs, Black Tiger Group fully moved now, like miser that a person cannot only enter, going all out moves thing toward Black Tiger Group. If makes other Sect know that the Black Tiger Group situation, will certainly be startled, because of them with Zhao Hai some words, full preparation, this really a little cannot unexpectedly only be justified. However iron Zhan Tian actually has to take seriously the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai although arrives at the Black Tiger Group time not to be short, but the merit is not small, moreover he also with Supreme Elder Hu Dingshan, in adding on performance in several times war, full explanation strength of Zhao Hai, therefore iron Zhan Tian regarding Zhao Hai opinion attach great importance to. Moreover Zhao Hai said also right, even if will be this day Demon Realm person will not attack them, they should also prepare to be good, not only this preparation to day Demon Realm, will be to Ten Thousand Monster Sect.

Ten Thousand Monster Sect carried on the twice suppression to Black Tiger Group, although has not made Black Tiger Group have a fracture, but also made Black Tiger Group eat the twice invisible losses, the effect on Black Tiger Group was not small, in this case, Black Tiger Group naturally must full preparation, to prepare to deal with the Ten Thousand Monster Sect following movement. Iron Zhan Tian and Hu Liang early morning they are very clear, if Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants to cope with that one Sect, generally will suppress that Sect first, that Sect to not gasping for breath of suppression, then has been looking for a excuse, directly that Sect destroying completely. Now although their don’t know Ten Thousand Monster Sect must destroy completely their Sect, but iron Zhan Tian they actually must be ready first, they may be needless, when others get gate to come, preparation that they are thrown into confusion, that may be is inviting trouble. Because of such reason, therefore iron Zhan Tian decided that making Zhao Hai construct that base, in fact this is also a test of iron Zhan Tian on Zhao Hai, is to a probe of Zhao Hai. Iron Zhan Tian had thought Zhao Hai has plenty secret, these secret although do not become to other party anything will injure, but under the hand/subordinate has such one not by own control person, iron Zhan Tian has the headache, therefore he wants to know that Zhao Hai ability strong, this has given Zhao Hai duty of this construction base. But Zhao Hai in this month, although has stayed in Space, but he very cares regarding the Black Tiger Group there fresh matter, not only in fact Black Tiger Group, the day Demon Realm there fresh matter he also caring, why this is also he such reason that worries to build a base, because day Demon Realm there is preparing. Day Demon Realm there person, full preparation, but Cultivation World here nine Great Sect, do not have presently any order of preparation, in other words, nine Great Sect simply had not realized that the day Demon Realm there movement, perhaps they this day Demon Realm person to Zhao Hai their chasing down, regarding were day Demon Realm there one time ordinary move. Most from the beginning Zhao Hai also feared is Ten Thousand Monster Sect has a grudge with Black Tiger Group, therefore has informed other Sect, but has not informed Black Tiger Group, therefore however quick Zhao Hai knows is not, nine Great Sect do not certainly have the present day Demon Realm there movement, the price of strategic special capital because Black Tiger Group these days sells, actually does not have a point increase scope. If nine Great Sect inform other Sect, day Demon Realm must invade, various strategic resources in that market will be certainly scarce, simultaneously price also large scale rising of these strategic resources. However now does not have, Black Tiger Group strength although is not weak, but compares to entire Cultivation World to come, is actually nothing, their money, throw into Cultivation World this giant market, feared that could not have turned any storm to come, therefore the prices of these strategic resources have not promoted, this arrived is makes Black Tiger Group save a lot of money. Zhao Hai in the surveillance day Demon Realm there situation, he has calculated probably, in having about one year, feared that is day Demon Realm there will complete pre-war equipment, will carry on full attack to Cultivation World. One year, sounds probably is not short, but regarding cultivator was saying that the time actually absolutely was is not long, in Cultivation World here, some Immortal Stage Old Monster, some lived over ten Yuan lives, one year, regarding them, feared similarly with one day.

After about one month construction, Zhao Hai the underground base, finished on the whole, remaining was some tiny work, but Zhao Hai will actually not relax, because of these tiny work slightly important. Because this underground base was really too big, therefore Zhao Hai in this underground base, even has arranged several planter areas, there can plant some medicinal herbs to come out, although may not make Black Tiger Group self-sufficient, but can actually on a certain degree, ease the Black Tiger Group pressure. If must with Heavenly Demon Race to the war, fear that is really the time of this war will not be short, when the time comes that consumes is extremely astonishing, does completely safe some prepares necessary. Time day-by-day past, among in the blink of an eye Zhao Hai returned to Black Tiger Group had two months, now underground base here, basically completely has completed him, can move at any time, even under the magma that subspace there control room, Zhao Hai has also completed, but Zhao Hai has not thought wants immediately to give iron Zhan Tian this base them, because Zhao Hai present, nearest/recent Black Tiger Group feared that has the matter fresh. Before the person cloth of Ten Thousand Monster Sect to Black Tiger Group hunted and killed duty, although finally under the frantic retaliation of Black Tiger Group, this hunted and killed duty was failed, but let several Sect of Black Tiger Group and surroundings ties the enmity, as the matter stands Black Tiger Group wanted to obtain some information, was difficult, but now is so, now around Black Tiger Group several Great Sect, in secret building up army, must take the appearance of action probably, but their target, might be able to be Black Tiger Group very much.( To be continued.. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;