Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1776
Iron Zhan Tian complexion pale sitting in the room, Hu Liang early morning their complexion also very difficult looked, information that they also just received, around them several Great Sect, built up army to Black Tiger Group border there, may attack anytime, but in these army, has Wandering Soul Group. { Http: . The friends upload renewal }. Altogether five Sect, although these five Sect and may not put out the complete strength, but five Sect motions, regarding Black Tiger Group, the threat are also very big. What most important is, why these five can Sect together movement Black Tiger Group begin? Said that they are alliance get up in secret, feared that will be this saying nobody believes that also in other words, in these five Sect back, some people will certainly be supporting, but this support these five Sect people, iron Zhan Tian will not need to know that certainly will be Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Ten Thousand Monster Sect has suppressed Black Tiger Group in more than one year, but has not made Black Tiger Group have a fracture, this possibly makes Ten Thousand Monster Sect somewhat annoyed, therefore they will certainly find the way to cope with Black Tiger Group, but these five Sect, may is Ten Thousand Monster Sect gets up to alliance. Iron Zhan Tian can deep voice to Hu Liang early morning said : know when they do attack? Military strength how?” Hu Liangchen sighed said : force ratio we to be many about double, moreover possibly also one to two Immortal Stage Expert participation, this time my Black Tiger Hu Wei!” Iron Zhan Tian coldly snorted said : transmitted orders, entire sect prepares, wants to eat up my Black Tiger Group, I die, must collapse his two teeth.” In this time, sound suddenly is transmitting said : Gang Master not to need to lose one's temper, I have good information to deliver!” Iron Zhan Tian and in the room person, as soon as hears this sound to stare, then they turn the head to look, actually presently Zhao Hai don’t know, already appears in in the room. Iron Zhan Tian sees Zhao Hai, cannot help but one stood got up said : Little Hai, you came, base how? What good information?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be just about to tell Sect Master, the base has completed, now Sect Master moves into the entire Black Tiger Group people to base this. Will not have the issue, moreover I can affirm that do not say five Great Sect people attack our Black Tiger Group. Even if Ten Thousand Monster Sect leads entire Northern Divergent Province all Sect to cope with our Black Tiger Group, they cannot capture our bases.” Iron Zhan Tian they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has held breath a cold air, Zhao Hai the saying was a little big. They are really some cannot believe the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai looked at iron Zhan Tian their eyes, shows a faint smile said : Gang Master not to need to be worried that although Wandering Soul Group their several Sect building up military strength in Black Tiger Group even/including Jing, however within ten days they will not attack, because they ordered. These ten days, enough we all in Black Tiger Group, moved to the base to go, invited Gang Master and everybody with me, as soon as urged to go faster has a look at the base.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded said : well, listens your, we have a look at that base with you, how to go? But can sit Transmission Formation?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need. Sits Great Magical Artifact.”

Iron Zhan Tian they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai to say. The personal appearance cannot help but shakes, iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you will not tell me, your base does there have the access to let the Great Magical Artifact direct difference?” Zhao Hai smiles said : also really to have, Gang Master, walks. * 1 * 1 * walks me while explained to you.” Iron Zhan Tian take deep breaths, nodded said : well. Walks while said that I to have a look at the place that you said to be mysterious.” Other people have also stood. With iron Zhan Tian to outside, iron Zhan Tian turned the head to Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, release your Great Magical Artifact to come, to stand in on the ship, clarity that but compared with standing looks on Treasure Ship.” Zhang Feng has complied with one with a smile, release Treasure Ship, then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this Treasure Ship is you helps me make, when the time comes Treasure Ship can not go in your base, you may lose face.” Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : Zhang Feng Big Brother, your feel relieved, I ensure gives you to arrange.” Zhang Feng then nodded, iron Zhan Tian has gotten the people to get up Treasure Ship, Treasure Ship flew slowly, under Zhao Hai command(er), flies in the direction of raging fire valley. These people on Treasure Ship, lived in the Black Tiger Group domain for a lifetime, regarding Black Tiger Group each inch place completely understand, they have not felt surprised, after all Zhao Hai initially must construct the base in crafting valley there of roaring flame sect, now walks toward crafting valley there is also normal. However when Treasure Ship passed through being unable to start mountain group, Zhao Hai suddenly turns the head to Zhang Feng said : Zhang Feng Senior Brother, making Treasure Ship enter to the crater, casual that crater.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, but he nodded, after having issued the order, Treasure Ship has flown a place above of crater, then slowly falls toward the crater. After Treasure Ship falls into volcano not long after, Zhang Feng they have been shocked, because in their front, the picture that appears piece of difficult has sent a letter, in them presently, the below of this volcano, basically had scraped out, has become incomparably huge Space, in this Space is stopping Great Magical Artifact of each article, these Great Magical Artifact have tiger ship-shape, has ship-shape, one type of they have not seen, big centipede same Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact static stopping in there, on Magical Artifact is flashing likely iron cyan radiance. In this huge Space, all around wall and hole go against, is glittering one type of faint white light, this white light very gentle, lets entire Space very bright, but is not dazzling. Great Magical Artifact, pendulum in turn in there, quantity enough about hundred, law these more than hundred Great Magical Artifact, occupied a small part of this huge Space to recall that Zhang Feng they have calculated, this huge Space, can put down about thousand Great Magical Artifact. Now Treasure Ship stopped, iron Zhan Tian they dull look at here, Zhao Hai looked at iron Zhan Tian their eyes, shows a faint smile said : here is the airport in base, all Great Magical Artifact when do not use, can stop in here, the entire airport is divided into three layers, now what we see is First Layer, on under also two, but in that two may not have Great Magical Artifact, is spatial.” Iron Zhan Tian one recovers, he looked at this huge Space, turns the head look at Zhao Hai, straight trembling of mouth excited, some little time he flutters said : Little Hai. These are our Black Tiger Group?” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : „, these are our Black Tiger Group, because the time is too short. I can only make these to come now, in giving my time, after I believe us , the Great Magical Artifact quantity will be more.” Iron Zhan Tian laughed said : not to need to be too many, in many also had more than enough. HaHaHa, fantastic, had these Great Magical Artifact, I must make these grandsons unable to eat to capture walking.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Gang Master, has a look to inside.”

Iron Zhan Tian excited said : good. Has a look to inside, has a look to inside, I to more and more anticipate to your this base now.” Zhang Feng also smiles said : I also more and more to anticipate, considers one to stop the Great Magical Artifact place to make you make such in a big way, real don’t know your this base big.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to have a look to know.” Said that under the direction of Zhao Hai, Treasure Ship flies into the character base, main road 38 of base, these main roads have 50% are horizontally. Half are firm. It looks like meets vice- giant checkerboard to be the same. In some middle positions of this main road, but also some cavities, this Space very enormous, is in the main road in the connection some passage of lower level. Along with the explanation of Zhao Hai, the place that iron Zhan Tian they see are getting more and more, iron Zhan Tian their also finally understand. Zhao Hai this base some were big, moreover formidable of this base defense. Already complete left their imagination, what most important is. This base also has the ability of attack, the entire base is centered on the raging fire valley, soon hollowed out entire Black Tiger Group underground. The entire base is divided into nine layers, each one layer has the different uses, original crafting valley, but has stood the small part of base, in the base also has big piece Medicine Fields, for Cave Mansion that the person rests, the Alchemy place, the practicing martial arts place, the preaching place, the storehouse, Scriptures Pavilion wait / etc. places, can say that in this base all facilities have, so long as the Black Tiger Group person comes from outside, horse Ru on can move. Iron Zhan Tian they from the beginning the present were completely numb from most shock, their eyes actually probably insufficiently looked were the same, in all directions was sizing up, regarding this giant base, they except for shocking or shocking. Has used several people of hours, Zhao Hai brought iron Zhan Tian they to visit the entire underground base, finally passed Transmission Formation, to under magma river that subspace. In this subspace the present became a Black Tiger Group base, inside has suspended many commodities, but Zhao Hai actually in here, made one is not very big stone building, the entire stone building were most can only live about hundred people, naturally here to not let the people met to prepare, but here the central control room in entire base. In this central control room here, Zhao Hai has put many machines, these machines are Space make, has used many high level materials, inside also has massive formation, all machine operate get up very simple, looks like intelligent computer of high accuracy is the same. Zhao Hai iron Zhan Tian they explained likely the usages of these machines, after waiting for iron Zhan Tian their understand, Zhao Hai this please all people sit. After iron Zhan Tian they sit down, good long some time not to have made noise, iron Zhan Tian has even closed the eye, probably in digesting all in this base. Some little time iron Zhan Tian let out a long breath, slowly has opened the eye, the look at similar look is blurred, beyond patrolling day people, turned the head to look at one to sit in the one side, was drinking Spirit Wine Zhao Hai one, then laughed said : Little Hai, came out with the liquor quickly, I must drinking today well two cups!” His bellows, one gave to be called the soul of people, the people were the body form, recovered. Then all person one face shocking look at Zhao Hai, don’t know must say that any was good, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, meets to begin to wield, has put out several altar|jar Spirit Wine, has put out big pile of wine glass , everyone has handed over wine glass, then gave the people to get up the liquor but actually. Iron Zhan Tian is taking wine glass, looked at people said : everybody, Little Hai the base has completed, this is I have seen the grandest base, can say that this is miracle, come, for miracle, dry!” The people held up wine glass said : to do!” After iron Zhan Tian cheers the liquor, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I want to know really that you achieve, such big project, how can you complete? Moreover I just paid attention, in the base can isolate spiritual force, even if Immortal Stage almighty, feared that cannot existence of present base, how do you obtain these many precious materials?”

Not only this issue iron Zhan Tian wants to know that is also all people wants to know look at Zhao Hai that all people decide, wants to know the answer from his there. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : naturally possibly is not I completes, but from some degree, is my Yuan becomes, I am Dark Magician, I have countless Undead Creature, these Undead Creature can help me work, when cultivator, I also receive some Monster Beast to make Battle Pet, there are help of these Monster Beast, I can such quickly construct the base.” Iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai said : how many Undead Creature do you have?” This is also all people wants to know that Zhao Hai has also used Undead Creature before them, most one time, Zhao Hai one has put out hundred thousand Undead Creature, they to some Zhao Hai in hand many Undead Creature, really feel very curious. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, then shook the head said : this, you must ask me, I also real don’t know, because were too many, but according to my estimate, total over 1 billion.” In fact Zhao Hai was really too modest, Undead Creature in his Space, the quantity was not only 1 billion, feared that was 100 billion continues. However iron Zhan Tian they hear this digit, has actually held breath an cold air/Qi, they stare the eye like the lamp, iron Zhan Tian is said : this 1 billion Undead Creature, obtains? You will not tell me, after is you killed people, them turned into Undead Creature?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „majority is not, I come up from lowest level plane ascend, in our that position there, is a population that the fight spells, a battlefield dies tens of thousands people very ordinary, after war, I gather up dead bodies, then turned into my Undead Creature, only then few parts are the hands that I move.” Iron Zhan Tian they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that this relaxed, thinks that Zhao Hai has killed about 1 billion people unexpectedly, they felt their dorsal fine hair straight vertical stroke. At this moment, Zhang Feng suddenly open the mouth and said: „Does the small part that Little Hai, you said how many have?” Zhao Hai looked at Zhang Feng one, shows a faint smile said : 100 million.” The Boom! people felt that a thunderclap has made a sound in their ears, they bit by bit practice from low level, everyone in hand is stained with the countless blood, but compares with the quantity of Zhao Hai murder, they simply are Monk that is a vegetarian to pray to Buddha, the people looked at once the Zhao Hai look changed.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;