Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1777

What concept are 100 million? Feared that the entire Black Tiger Group population adds not to have 100 million, Zhao Hai has one killed unexpectedly 100 million people? This was too scary Some little time iron Zhan Tian take deep breaths, look at Zhao Hai said : has not thought that you less than half unexpectedly is a butcher, ok, you I do not want to manage at the Lower Realm matter, you said that also has one type of Monster Beast? What Monster Beast?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, release Insect Race, look at Insect Race appearance, iron Zhan Tian and knitting the brows head, because this Monster Beast he has not seen. Zhao Hai smiles said : this Monster Beast is I subdues in cultivator there, their very suitable digs a hole, what most important is, this Monster Beast within the body can secrete the one type of material, this material can stick to the fire, can isolate spiritual force of person.” Said that Zhao Hai waved, that Insect Race immediately rushes to side, fast has dug one group of earth, then sticks to earth with Insect saliva, before long the earth became very hard, Zhao Hai waved, has attained in hand the clay lump, has given iron Zhan Tian. After iron Zhan Tian received that group becomes the hard incomparable clay lump, with spiritual force induced, nodded said : truly to isolate spiritual force, but looks like your youngster in hand this Monster Beast quantity are many.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile has not spoken, iron Zhan Tian is not managing him, threw that group of earth, transfers right people said : everyone/Great Clan to say to look how our next should walk?” Very obviously, iron Zhan Tian does not think that was asking the matter of Zhao Hai about base there, Zhao Hai had the strength that anything wanted, with their it doesn't matter. Hu Liang early morning they were also calm, can say Zhao Hai the base appears , while taking to Hu Liang early morning they incomparably shocking, made Hu Liang early morning they at heart have the energy, Zhao Hai said his base there situation to their detailed, base there formidable degree, their imagination. What most important is, the base there power system is the raging fire valley, insurance wants raging fire valley Earth Fire one day to extinguish, their bases do not lack the power, even has human form beforehand Zhao Hai to be the same, causes Earth Fire to fluctuate, impossible to cause any damage to the base, after all beforehand Earth Fire is Zhao Hai causes, he is impossible to be unexpected this. This base gave Hu Liang early morning their confidence, Hu Liang early morning they have believed that with this base, they can defeat any enemy. Hu Liangchen has hesitated next step: This that five Sect cope with us, is very likely is appointed by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, this also possibly is Ten Thousand Monster Sect to our probe, so long as we can defeat these five Sect, Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants in coping with us must think well, but these five Sect this although do not have fully, but wants in coping with them is also not that easy, I thought that we must shift the in the gang people to the base in now first, then in slowly tidies up them.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, deep voice said : base must enter, but I to do not want such already to expose complete fighting strength of base, I thought that we can shift the in the gang majority to the base, but outside we also remain resist, when can not enter the base, try not to enter the base.”

Hu Liang early morning immediately understand the meaning of iron Zhan Tian, his deep voice said : „is Gang Master the preparation keeps the base to cope with Ten Thousand Monster Sect?” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, at this time Zhao Hai deep voice said :Gang Master, we, so long as in supporting for about one year, can not need to be worried about Ten Thousand Monster Sect.,... Iron Zhan Tian puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai deep voice said :Gang Master, you forgot, what did we construct this base to study most from the beginning? I have gone to day Demon Realm there, now I can also going day Demon Realm there at any time, simultaneously I also leave behind many Undead Creature to inquire information in there, now day Demon Realm there full preparation, in having about one year, they can prepare to complete, when the time comes feared that must invade Cultivation World, day Demon Realm invaded Cultivation World, Ten Thousand Monster Sect in having the energy copes with us. One that iron Zhan Tian shouted has stood, face excited look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what you said was real? Can the day Demon Realm person invade Cultivation World really? Moreover has about one year 9 Zhao Hai nodded said : not to be absolutely wrong, about matter last this year, they are carrying on the final preparation, beforehand a long time, they have been doing this preparatory work.” Iron Zhan Tian transferred two on the ground, look at Zhao Hai said : your information was too important, we must make entire Cultivation World know, when otherwise day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon has invaded, we trouble.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this to yes, but we said to various Great Sect directly that they instead to do not believe that Gang Master, you looked that we your rumor same biography will be directly what kind of this information? The most minimum this will bring to the attention of some Sect.” Iron Zhan Tian thinks that finally nodded said : „the present looks like also can only like this, now but we must do how to cope with five Great Sect matters.” Zhao Hai nodded said :I to is sinks this is rare opportunity, even the invasion of day Demon Realm, regarding us is rare opportunity, day Demon Realm invades, when it clashes is Pill Sect, at the appointed time influence certainly shuffle of entire Cultivation World again, so long as our losses are not too big, when the time comes in Cultivation World Great Sect, will have our position, as for these five Sect, I thinks at present we must attack on own initiative, first chooses one to hit, gave the dozen to be remnant them, if they attacked, we first resisted in the ground, if lost is too big, changed to the base to resist, so long as blocked their attacks, we can divide forces in their Sect to disturb, when the time comes they on have to go back, so long as. Their retreat, that should be our make a move time. ” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, turns the head look at Hu Liang early morning said : good early morning, do you think?” Hu Liangchen nodded said : to be very reasonable, selects one to hit from these five Sect, first hit him painful, hit remnantly, has frightened, in slowly coped with several other Sect, so long as our General Hall here safe and sound, their plans were defeated.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : well, that chooses one to hit, you think that chooses that!”

The people you have a look at me, Lou Kankan you, almost simultaneously said : Wandering Soul Group!” Iron Zhan Tian already knows probably this answer, he laughs said : well, that chooses Wandering Soul Group, but these time copes with Wandering Soul Group, gave Xiao Feng and Little Hai your young man, our these old fogies, at home looked after the house to you, what kind of? But confident?” Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng have simultaneously stood, holds the fist in the other hand said : Venerable the Gang Master command to iron Zhan Tian!” Iron Zhan Tian beckoned with the hand said : well, that such has decided that after the people go back, arranges in order a list to come out, was right, copes with Wandering Soul Group time, is certainly careful, heard that Wandering Soul Group these fellows are not good to deal with, perhaps also has Immortal Stage Expert.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is, inviting Gang Master does not need to be worried that actually Supreme Elder has bestowed I unsurpassed Magical Artifact, but before , I am only Nascent Soul Stage, simply do not have the means to use that Magical Artifact, now I Transcends Tribulation degree, has been able to use that Magical Artifact, has that Magical Artifact in the hand, even if Immortal Stage Expert, the strength of my also war.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then complexion happy said : really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is.” The hand turns, took the Vermillion Bird seal, but he does not have the release Fire God city, he made iron Zhan Tian they see the Vermillion Bird seal, what ability had as for the Vermillion Bird seal, he had not said. Iron Zhan Tian looked at a Zhao Hai in hand Vermillion Bird seal, plan that has not actually wanted, he nodded said :Supreme Elder this weapon give you, is makes you protect Black Tiger Group, 1 】, The sea, the present is to use his time. Zhao Hai nodded said : is, invited Gang Master feel relieved.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, turns the head good to Hu Liang early morning said : early morning, our immediately/on horseback goes back, after going back, immediately in in the gang Secret Warehouse all thing delivers to the base, delivers to the base in the gang all classics, simultaneously selects to help most loyal disciple enter the base, the crafting valley, disciple in Alchemy Room sends in the base, selects some loyal handymen disciple to enter the base, immediately gives to plant Medicine Fields, base there immediately revolves, uses all Great Magical Artifact, must complete all these within the shortest time.” Hu Liang early morning complied with one, iron Zhan Tian turned the head look at Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng said :Little Hai, 1 】, The phoenix, after you two exit, must first do elects the person, after electing the person, immediately/on horseback left, this time do not keep the hand, even if cannot extinguish to me Wandering Soul Group, must make into the disabled person them to me. ” Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng have simultaneously complied with one, iron Zhan Tian then let out a long breath said : well, goes back, after going back, immediately carries on according to the original plan, goes.” People simultaneously has complied with one, sits Transmission Formation returned to base there, after base, their immediately sits Treasure Ship leave, after returned to Black Tiger Group General Hall, iron Zhan Tian they went to be busy, surface Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng actually returned to on Zhang Feng Treasure Ship. They sit in Zhang Feng in the room, Zhang Feng turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, regarding this motion, what you have to plan?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :not to have what to calculate greatly that adjusts some Expert to come out from in the gang, brings some Great Magical Artifact, I use Undead Creature to operate Great Magical Artifact, Wandering Soul Group these Expert let the gang(

In Expert copes, if real appears Immortal Stage Expert, I am beginning, actually this is the best method, like the fight, simply does not need to make anything to prepare, by the incomparably powerful strength, swept away to be OK. ” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then laughs said : well, such settled, adjusted the matter of person to give me, you prepared Great Magical Artifact, base there Great Magical Artifact that many, you should use.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : these Great Magical Artifact originally for the combat readiness, but before the use, must say one to Patriarch.” Zhang Feng nodded, their immediately/on horseback moves separately, Zhao Hai prepares Great Magical Artifact, Zhang Feng adjusts the person. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;