Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1778

Chapter 703 wild attack Standing of Zhao Hai face calm on Yama Ship, in the Yama Ship side successive, with 20 flying apsaras iron gong centipedes, 20 tiger ships, 20 ship Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, 20 ghost's face ghosts, is adding on Zhang Feng Treasure Ship, entire 82 Great Magical Artifact. In these Great Magical Artifact, in first Great Magical Artifact sits two or over two Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, their not command(er) Great Magical Artifact fight, but in having Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert attack Great Magical Artifact, or needs their make a move to cope with opposite party Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert the time, they will begin, normally they only needed to stay in Great Magical Artifact have been OK, all Great Magical Artifact, were operated by Zhao Hai Undead Creature. This army strength is nothing less, iron Zhan Tian these time also high and low initial capital, he is makes Wandering Soul Group come but not return. Zhao Hai that flown, in hand suddenly were many a piece Jade Token , then his deep voice said : various ships pay attention, various ships pay attention, about one hour, wants officially entered the battlefield, when entered the battlefield, them do not tell that any wasting breath, was direct attack!” Zhao Hai in hand Jade Token is one type of signalling Jade Token , like the intercom on Earth, but the effect is better, other on the ship all Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in hand have such a piece Jade Token , includes Zhang Feng. All people complied with one in Jade Token , Zhao Hai have then put down Jade Token , a face calm look at front, to be honest he actually did not worry to this motion, now Undead Creature in his Space has completed the trading shape of flintlock, the flintlock that now they use, has basically been able to create to injure to Expert of Law Idol time, if several flintlocks simultaneously dealt with a person, even if were Gold Core Stage cultivator, feared that must cherish hatred at the scene. But on the ship cannon Might on even bigger, has been able directly to cause the damage to Nascent Soul Stage cultivator , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai present attack strength formidable. Great Magical Artifact that however this time he uses, besides Yama Ship, other was not Liquid Silver changed, therefore cannot use cannon, however on the ship Undead Creature all has actually provided the flintlock, considered these Undead Creature, was not weak fighting strength. Moreover like this destroying person country, extinguishes the Human Race matter, Zhao Hai in fact little has not done, therefore Zhao Hai simply not anxious, excited, regarding him, this will not be one time that in many fight his life will experience. One hour quick on the past, Zhao Hai has been able to see distant place Wandering Soul Group camp, said is camp, actually has constructed some temporary Cave Mansion on the mountain, is stopping some Great Magical Artifact in Cave Mansion outside, Zhao Hai calculated, Great Magical Artifact that Wandering Soul Group these time sent, the quantity had about 60 However now Wandering Soul Group that camp, very lively, large quantities of cultivator were flying from their Cave Mansion, flies toward Great Magical Artifact on, obviously they also present Zhao Hai their this fleets.

Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, entire only fleet instead to instantaneously enhanced, flushes away toward opposite party camp, the flight altitude of fleet is also reducing simultaneously, looks at such, probably under takes one to hit to be the same toward the mountain on. Zhang Feng they stand in bow there now, but sees the fleet frantic stance, each and every one somewhat is also flustered. Wandering Soul Group these people also present incorrect place, some ghost's face ships just flew, but many ghost's face ships actually also stop in there, the person who appearance that looks at Zhao Hai their this going all out, many embarked, actually audiences on the ship flew, scatters in all directions to run away. Zhao Hai actually not polite, his careful command(er) the fleet, the fleet is flying to the hand of certain altitude, must be the horizontal flight, their target are these ghost's face ships. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! loud noise one after another, transmit from Wandering Soul Group camp, all ghost's face ships that Wandering Soul Group brings, almost immediately were hit to fly, loses ability that has made to fight. But the Zhao Hai command(er) fleet does not have what loss, the fleet to raise the head, pulled out to soar, but at this time Wandering Soul Group these cultivator, to had stabilized instead, under Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert command(er), has killed toward Zhao Hai fleet here, these Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator want to cope with these Great Magical Artifact obviously, so long as were these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, can block these Great Magical Artifact, that other cultivator had opportunity. When these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert fly toward fleet, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in fleet also moved, moved forward to meet somebody toward Wandering Soul Group these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but these Great Magical Artifact, actually turn circle in Space, moved forward to meet somebody toward opposite party these Nascent Soul Stage Gold Core Stage cultivator. This Wandering Soul Group copes with Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, altogether more than 100, the quantity are few compared with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that Black Tiger Group these time sends, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried that Black Tiger Group will suffer a loss, is only command(er) these Great Magical Artifact, encircles Wandering Soul Group other cultivator. Normally these Great Magical Artifact, encircle cultivator of these individuals, the effect will not be good, Magical Artifact was too big, that cultivator can definitely raise advancing line of judgments, has let these Great Magical Artifact attack. However these time is different, but this command(er) these Great Magical Artifact people Zhao Hai, that 82 Great Magical Artifact, after destroying the ghost's face ship of opposite party, Zhao Hai immediately has composed Rubik's Cube Great Formation these Great Magical Artifact, directly Wandering Soul Group these cultivator encircling. Then these Great Magical Artifact have carried on harvesting to Wandering Soul Group these cultivator, not wrong, harvests, all Great Magical Artifact all staggered strip positions, then start parallel advancement, like is one knife switch, from all directions toward these cultivator extrusions of Wandering Soul Group in the past.

In Cultivation World here, some first people use Great Magical Artifact like this, and has the person to think such use Great Magical Artifact, the issue is they cannot, in entire Cultivation World, nobody can like Zhao Hai, have at one's command same command(er) these many Great Magical Artifact, does not have that Magical Artifact driving team, can like these Undead Creature, not bad operation these Great Magical Artifact, if others also come command(er) Great Magical Artifact with this method, the final result on will be these Great Magical Artifact will hit becomes a group, minimum will lose more than 50%. However these Great Magical Artifact in Zhao Hai in hand, is a counter- harvesting life sickle, these Wandering Soul Group cultivator, under the leadership of these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, think that is carrying on one time to counter-attack to Black Tiger Group, but to the present they present, they entered in a giant meat grinder, wants to exit from this meat grinder, feared that is difficult. Reason that these Wandering Soul Group cultivator in losing all Great Magical Artifact situations, but also is thinking counter-attack, one is because since they continuously superiority feeling, since previous time compelling to draw back by Hu Dingshan, Wandering Soul Group has had the one type of superiority feeling to Black Tiger Group, in their opinion, the Black Tiger Group person with Supreme Elder is supporting in behind the pitiful creature, simply is not their Wandering Soul Group match, now these pitiful creatures dare to come attack unexpectedly we, dares to destroy our Great Magical Artifact, this is unforgivable. The second reason because of the Wandering Soul Group guild regulations, in Wandering Soul Group, the guild regulations is very strict, if you go out to make the war, actually defeats to turn over, that will receive very serious punishment, they do not want to be punished, therefore can only counter-attack. However they have not actually thought that will run into the Zhao Hai such abnormal match, can the Great Magical Artifact use so flexible, if they presently they, when Great Magical Artifact was destroyed runs away, that also ray of hopes, now were actually already opportunity that lost escapes. These people of Zhao Hai to Wandering Soul Group may not have politely, all dying the people of Wandering Soul Group, were turned into Undead Creature by him, simultaneously he also wants Divided Spirit to pay attention to the fights of these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert wars cultivate also very smooth, but Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert that Zhao Hai continuously waited, did not have appears , this arrives is disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat. Quick that the fight finished, Wandering Soul Group these people have not thought that Black Tiger Group dares suddenly to carry on attack to them unexpectedly, actually their sinking soldier here, truly wants attack Black Tiger Group, reason that has not begun to the present, because of them in the wait command, waits for the order of Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Before iron Zhan Tian them such that guessed, this Wandering Soul Group their motions, truly were Ten Thousand Monster Sect by intent, therefore these five Sect met alliance to move, these were also most positive by Wandering Soul Group, because before them, had the knot with Black Tiger Group, eye look at Black Tiger Group was getting more and more formidable, they more and more were also worried that now had such opportunity, their will have received, naturally fully coordinated. However they have not actually thought that Black Tiger Group initiative comes attack they, because five Great Sect make alliance move, several other Great Sect are also the sinking soldier borders, if Black Tiger Group dares at this time attack they, that several other Sect people, certainly not to let off this opportunity, if several other Sect person seize the opportunity attack Black Tiger Group, that Black Tiger Group ended. Therefore in their opinion, any one Sect, defends strictly the gateway in this time best choice, defended to have opportunity to inherit to several Great Sect retreats Sect, if were dividing forces attack, that Sect there defense capability will reduce, may be broken through Sect, that ended.

However is very obvious, Black Tiger Group this time has not played a card according to the sign, they must each every defeat five Great Sect, because of the Zhao Hai base, has given their this confidence, they believe that has the Zhao Hai base, they can conquer these enemies. But Wandering Soul Group person, regarding Black Tiger Group the procedure, obvious is underprepared, therefore came up destroying Great Magical Artifact by Zhao Hai, during one fell into to be passive. More than 30 people that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that Wandering Soul Group these time sends, runs away, moreover mostly is wounded, Nascent Soul Stage following cultivator runs away has many don’t know, but can know that ten 67 kept here. Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, after letting on all Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert Great Magical Artifact, Great Magical Artifact expunged toward Wandering Soul Group General Hall directly, this time they may the army that not only need send Wandering Soul Group destroyed completely settles, their this time was tidies up Wandering Soul Group. Their such sounds, are naturally impossible to hide the truth from Wandering Soul Group, Wandering Soul Group after receiving this information, has made the response immediately. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;