Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1779
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Books pavilion - [email protected] Gang Master dark night wandering soul ghost sees to worry that now stern-faced sitting in his study room, in his opposite, is sitting several his Wandering Soul Group High level characters and Core Disciple. The ghosts saw to worry to look at several people of one, deep voice said : several, said that now feared that was the Black Tiger Group fleet, soon arrived at our General Hall, should we also make the response?” At the same time was saying the ghost saw to worry also to look at one to sit by him not far away, wear hid cultivator of cyan cultivator clothing/taking, this cultivator looked like over 30 years old, lived is dashing, moreover looked at the bearing, obviously was not the Wandering Soul Group person. The people in Wandering Soul Group have not opened the mouth, the ghost saw to worry also already to think of this point, he turned the head look at that to hide cultivator said : of cyan clothes Mr. Ma', does not know that you did have what respected opinion?” Mr. Ma' that partly closes one's eyes has opened the eye, cast aside a ghost to see to worry that probably was simply has not paid attention to be the same him, then deep voice said : ghost saw to worry that Gang Master does not need to be worried, I asked Immortal Stage Expert that in my Sect these time sent to support, believes that he soon arrived now, has been adding on your Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert, two Immortal Stage Expert make a move, destroyed completely Black Tiger Group the fleet, simply is not a problem, so long as extinguished this fleet, that Black Tiger Group strength/Origin Qi will damage severely, you were attacking Black Tiger Group, will be more relaxed.” The ghosts see to worry that look at this Mr. Ma', actually knitting the brows head of gently, he to is not because this Mr. Ma' despises him to frown, because of another matter, his deep voice said : Mr. Ma'. You also saw. This Black Tiger Group full attack we, our Wandering Soul Group loss wants very miserable to be heavy, mister you looked, if we have destroyed completely Black Tiger Group, whether you obtained in Black Tiger Group, can apportion our some, making our Wandering Soul Group also good to restore?” This saying said is very polite, his ghost sees to worry after all is also Master of a gang, now is so submissive to this Mr. Ma', was really did not have the face very much. However he has not actually thought. That Mr. Ma' principle does not have to manage him, but coldly snorted said : ghost saw to worry that do not give to be concerned about face, the share of this assignment is in Sect decides. Is who wants to change to change? Did you say Black Tiger Group attack you? Why haven't they gone to attack others? Also is not because before you, has a grudge with Black Tiger Group, our present equal to are helps you revenge, but also apportions your thing, this has given you very much the face, you do not want not to be content!” The ghosts see a complexion paleness that worries, but actually a few words do not dare saying that this Mr. Ma' is also Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, the ghost sees to worry although is also Transcends Tribulation Stage, but he is Master of a gang, anybody has not dared underestimated he. Does not have anybody to dare to him such to speak, but some people have actually dared today . Moreover the opposite party is also Transcends Tribulation Stage, but his actually does not dare to leave. The ghosts see to worry that does not fear this Mr. Ma', if they put, dying certainly is this Mr. Ma', but he actually has no alternative but to consider this Mr. Ma' behind person, this Mr. Ma', what standing is the Northern Divergent Province first large Gang faction, Ten Thousand Monster Sect. His Wandering Soul Group do not say that does right with entire Ten Thousand Monster Sect, even if in any facing Ten Thousand Monster Sect opened mountain gate/entrance Core Disciple, feared that is they share that also is failed. The ghosts see to worry that has closed the eye slowly, deeply has attracted two tones, deep voice said : is. Mr. Ma', was I makes an indiscreet remark. Transmitted orders, prepared fully, must to me who Black Tiger Group invading enemy did not remain butcher!” These Wandering Soul Group people complied with one, turn around walked, just in the place that Mr. Ma' could not see, facial expression that in their eyes, flashed through a humiliation. The Mr. Ma' look at ghost saw appearance that worried, on the face cannot help but appears a proud facial expression, he was likes this feeling, the look at these small Sect Sect Master level characters, under own drinking scolded, has to swallow an insult, even the gingerly appearance, he felt specially happily. They were saying the voice, very formidable imposing manner suddenly transmits from Wandering Soul Group, the ghost sees to worry to stare, when that Mr. Ma' actually has stood first, deep voice said : ghost sees to worry Gang Master, please greet Supreme Elder along with my together.”

The ghosts see to worry that immediately understand, this was that Supreme Elder that Ten Thousand Monster Sect sent came, his immediately/on horseback complied with said : is, Mr. Ma' invited.” Mr. Ma' nodded, when walks first outward, is a little meaning of reverse the positions of the host and the guest. They arrive at Wandering Soul Group Transmission square there quickly, in this Transmission square there, is standing now Fatty, this Fatty very fat, he almost does not have neck, is impossible to lower the head, even if he can lower the head, he could not notice that his foot refers, his head is a sphere, his body is a even bigger sphere, his whole person looks like the each and every one sphere strings together, looks like very funny. However Wandering Soul Group people nobody will think that this person is funny, because of imposing manner of that soaring to the heavens, comes out from the body of this person. Each cultivator, when forms Gold Core, almost can change own appearance, like Fatty, is almost impossible appears , but this person obviously is extremely powerful Expert, actually is still so fat, this somewhat felt strange. However Mr. Ma' has not felt strange, his quickly has arrived around that Fatty, bows said : Ma Yun to see Zhu Elder to that Fatty, has not thought that these time is the elder kisses unexpectedly, the elder invited, the place that you rested has prepared to you.” That Fatty although already fat visible eye, but does not have general Fatty that simple and honest vigor, but is facial expression ice-cold, vicious tendencies of face, one hear of Ma Yun said now, not only also snort|hum, proceeded to walk, Ma Yun followed hastily, to that Fatty finger of road, but from beginning to end, that Fatty does not have to see the ghost sees to worry one, the ghost sees to worry even not to have including speech opportunity. The ghosts see to worry that is actually one does not dare to leave, because this Fatty formidable existence with their Wandering Soul Group Supreme Elder same level, is Immortal Stage Expert. In this time, suddenly is giving people a hard time in Wandering Soul Group the alarm to do greatly, the ghost sees to worry to stare, but his immediately understand. Black Tiger Group fleet. The ghosts see complexion that worries change. Muttered said : not to think that such quickly came.” Zhu Elder and Ma Yun also stopped, that Zhu Elder coldly snorted said :I just now arrive at them to bring death, is good, solved them to be possible( -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - Room. Quickest renewal.) to return to in the gang. ” The personal appearance moves, vanished in same place. Meanwhile protecting of Wandering Soul Group helped Great Formation also start, in Wandering Soul Group remaining Great Magical Artifact, Expert in gang also all left to fly outward.

Zhao Hai stands in Yama Ship, look at slowly appears Wandering Soul Group army, but his present attention, strongly on the Wandering Soul Group army two people. These two person very fat, look like one string of balls, another place is actually very thin, looks like looks like a dry corpse is the same. Reason that Zhao Hai pays attention to these two people. Because on the bodies of these two people, he felt that Immortal Stage Expert aura, he has fought with Immortal Stage Expert, therefore to the Immortal Stage Expert aura very sensitive. appears these two Immortal Stage Expert, Zhao Hai first put out hold a conversation Jade Token , deep voice said : various ship people paid attention, various ship people paid attention, in Wandering Soul Group, there are two Immortal Stage Expert appears , various shipboard staff. When has not been ordered, can not act rashly.” Said that Yama Ship toward forward flight a distance, spread out with the fleet, Zhao Hai look at that fat thin two people, deep voice said : has not thought, in Wandering Soul Group unexpectedly two Immortal Stage Expert, it seems like our information some mistakes.” Zhao Hai this start to talk, complexion of that fat thin two person changes \; first, because the opposite party presently they are Immortal Stage Expert, in the expression does not have the respectful meaning. Probably has to hold not fears, another is, opposite party these words also learned, the opposite party does not wait for them to open the mouth, both talked into two people directly is the Wandering Soul Group person. Leave alone the opposite party is intentional or really don’t know, these two Immortal Stage Expert. Now is the Wandering Soul Group person, later really had any matter, the people only will also say that they are the Wandering Soul Group people, nobody said that they are the Ten Thousand Monster Sect people. However that two Immortal Stage Expert change mind thinks that to thought Zhao Hai said that to them very advantageous, in these two originally is Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert, another is actually Ten Thousand Monster Sect Immortal Stage Expert, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect actually does not want to make others know that now they participated in this matter, now an opposite party such saying, to was solid his status, later did not need to fear that others traced. Thinks of here, on that Zhu Elder face has cannot help but shown a smiling face, his look at Zhao Hai, suddenly Ha Ha knows said : greatly young man, you are very interesting, say your status to come, having a look at you to have the qualifications to be impolite in my front.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Black Tiger Group, Zhao Hai, has seen two elders, the younger generation is not impolite, but looks at Wandering Soul Group is really not pleasing to the eyes, therefore comes here today specially, making Wandering Soul Group remove in Cultivation World from now, was right, two elders also lived such long time, should accompany your family members, naturally, I hope that you do not have the family member also to live in Cultivation World here, otherwise, they must bear the pain of parting forever!” Aggressive, this saying although was said by Zhao Hai with a smile, but in that words aggressive is actually no matter what everyone listened, presented all person dull look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought that Zhao Hai dares to say unexpectedly. Must know now what Zhao Hai faces is two Immortal Stage Expert, wasn't two just cultivator Body Refining time cultivator, the team unexpectedly dares such with two Immortal Stage Expert speeches? What status Immortal Stage is Expert? Casual called one, will vibrate existence of entire Cultivation World, he unexpectedly dares now such with these two Immortal Stage Expert speeches? Isn't he crazy? Zhu Elder and Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Expert also dull look at Zhao Hai, they also by the Zhao Hai words shocking, some little time two talented people have recovered, Wandering Soul Group a paleness of that Immortal Stage Expert face, but that Zhu Elder is opening the big mouth, has a good laugh: HaHaHa, is really interesting, was too interesting, many years, I have forgotten to have many year nobody to dare such to speak to me, HaHaHa, has not thought that today the kid runs up to nearby me unexpectedly, shouted hits to shout " kill ", interesting, was too interesting.” Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, looked at Wandering Soul Group other cultivator one, then shook the head, sighs said : originally, Wandering Soul Group does not need to perish, you in the past were also able to move unhindered existences of Cultivation World, now was compelled here, can only exempt strongly Dao doctrines pass down, this already was very not easy, you should inherit your Dao doctrines to be right honestly, but you actually must do right with our Black Tiger Group, this my some were been awkward, finally I have to give to be cut off your Dao doctrines, by the inheritance of Wandering Soul Group, was stopped, law this everybody please feel relieved, I will go back saying that with Gang Master, selects some disciple to study Wandering Soul Group Cultivation Method from Black Tiger Group, no matter what, must pass around Wandering Soul Group Dao doctrines, everybody did not need to thank me, I will turn into Undead Creature you, making you see with one's own eyes arrival of that day.” Too rampant! Realization was too rampant, ghost saw to worry that has not seen such rampant person! The Zhao Hai name he has heard, but he has not cared \; first, because the Zhao Hai family background is too low, second because of the Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai were most before is also the Nascent Soul Stage strength, like the person, simply has not been worth him paying attention.

Now Zhao Hai although is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but regarding any Gang, the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert quantity is not infrequent, therefore this Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, cannot really be regarded anything. However today sees Zhao Hai, hears the Zhao Hai words, the ghost sees the first response that worries is, this fellow is Lunatic, his brain definitely has the issue! However is also angry said : youngster, talk big, depends on you also to break my Wandering Soul Group Dao doctrines, has a dream!” The Zhao Hai look at ghost sees to worry that then shifted the body of that two Immortal Stage Expert the vision, held the fist in the other hand to them said : two senior, the time not early, please two senior start off.” Said that his hand wields, 12 metal giant beast suddenly appears , then roared is flushing away toward Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Expert, but he was actually the personal appearance moves, flew from Yama Ship, simultaneously appears his Law Idol. Zhao Hai Law Idol turned into his appearance now, a cultivator clothing/taking, the hand ties Magic Seal, carries on the back at the back of a black blade, but this Law Idol actually wants compared with general Law Idol on slightly many, only then about other person of Law Idol half high, but is actually concentrates really incomparable, looked like looks like Zhao Hai enlarges was the same. Zhao Hai Law Idol appears time, partly closes one's eyes, but was quick his eye to open, saw that the eye, why don’t know, presented all person some one type of very strange feelings, they felt that was not eyes of Law Idol, Master of that eye was Zhao Hai. Felt that this feeling, presents all Expert cannot help but mind to shake, because of their very clear, this on behalf of anything, this, not only represents an eye to be so simple, is representing one type of boundary, one type of to practice method, unique boundary, the person unites! Does Zhao Hai achieve boundary that the person has united unexpectedly? This was too inconceivable! ~. &\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - ~ &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;