Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1780

The people unite are one type of boundary, theoretically said that has been able to achieve boundary that the person unites each to the people of Law Idol boundary, person but who can achieve truly, in ten-thousand does not have one. \; Books pavilion -( Wants the achievement person to unite is very difficult, first, your Law Idol must achieve the high level metallography, whole body can move is good, moreover your Law Idol must the congealing reality, very suitable be good. This is not a simple matter, many people when congealment Law Idol, and don’t know that Law Idol suits itself, when they congealed Law Idol, they present, this Law Idol was not very suitable, but at that time already late. Law Idol and not suitable that naturally the average person possibly for a lifetime also presently oneself congeal, only then good true Expert can presently this issue. Many people cannot their Law Idol condense to metallography degree, do not say that for a lifetime presently Law Idol suitable not suitable own, is more impossible to achieve the person to unite, therefore the person coincides one by one is one type of has boundary in theory, the person who achieves is very few. But Zhao Hai Law Idol actually does with moving of opening eyes, lets all person understand, his Law Idol arrived at boundary that the person has united. Zhao Hai Law Idol has opened the eye slowly, looked at that two Immortal Stage Expert one, now that Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert, by 12 metal beasts that Zhao Hai release went to tying down, Zhao Hai vision nature centralized to that Zhu Elder body. That Zhu Elder looked at Zhao Hai Law Idol one, on the face has also shown the dignified expression, his coldly snorted, then the personal appearance moved, entire one vanished, but appears in his position there, unexpectedly was a incomparably huge wild boar! This Zhu Elder unexpectedly is Monster Cultivator, the main body is Monster Cultivator of wild boar! Must mention Monster Cultivator to come, they when are the Law Idol time very to fight the small advantage, when arrives at the Law Idol time, they can doubt Law Idol their main body. The wild boar that therefore now Zhao Hai sees, can be Zhu Elder main body, can be his Law Idol. This is the Monster Race one type of special ability, it can be said that the person on other one type of situation unites. Zhao Hai look at Zhu Elder Law Idol true body, deep voice said : pig? HaHaHa, good. I kill a pig today.” Said that Zhao Hai moved, the black long blade that carried on the back arrived at in his hand, a blade in hand, imposing manner big change of Zhao Hai.

Before Zhao Hai to the feeling of person is very temperate, that feared is his overbearing time. Words that he said that did not have too many dirty words, when a Zhao Hai blade in the hand, his temperament actually completely changed, boundless killing aura from his body he has dispersed, by his killing aura influence, gave people a hard time among Heaven and Earth to turn into the blood red probably, the air became viscous. Among Heaven and Earth is flooding the smell of blood. Breath cannot help but of person boundless solemn killing aura, lets player and enemy. Now stands in there Zhao Hai, you could not be feeling that temperate air/Qi, he Incarnation became slaughters ten thousand people of Demon King probably, his in hand raises the long blade of drop blood to stand in there, is overlooking the common people. But all people in his eyes, but is under his blade the ghost! If heavy killing aura. Is presents all people not to see, Zhang Feng they are first time see such Zhao Hai. In that flash, Zhang Feng they already own eye flower. However at this moment Zhao Hai moved, the Zhao Hai cross previous step, in the hand the black blade raises deep voice said : Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, phecda behead! this blade wields, is actually all over the sky black blade light, such as one group of dark clouds curled toward Zhu Elder equally in the past. Zhu Elder looks at Zhao Hai blade maneuver, does not dare negligent fierce, giant plump pig body fierce proceeding clashes said : god pig to hit the tree!” Welcomed toward Zhao Hai blade light! Boom! their collisions, then listened, works as, such as the sound of raindrop common pointed weapons occurring together transmits, but in Zhao Hai and Zhu Elder by that group of black blade light complete binding in inside, bystander simply could not actually be seen clearly the situation of fighting at this time, even if them Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert like Zhang Feng, is impossible to know inside situation, because their Divine Sense simply did not enter in that piece of blade light. At this moment, heard in blade light in one time to transmit Zhao Hai sound speaking sounds: Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, mizar behead! rumbling Boom! one after several other huge bang the sound, blade light collects, Zhao Hai appears before Yama Ship not far away, but Zhu Elder also drew back returned to Wandering Soul Group Battalion nearby. However now the situation on Zhao Hai Law Idol is not quite good, Zhao Hai the position of Law Idol left arm, was made large hole, this large hole almost the Zhao Hai left arm hitting vanish from sight, fortunately this is Law Idol, so long as there is Spiritual Qi and Strength of Faith, can restore. However people also understand, Zhao Hai Law Idol incomparable congealing reality, is at boundary that the person unites, his Law Idol is injured, can affirm that his main body was also certainly injured. HaHaHa, happy, was too happy!” The right hand is raising Zhao Hai of black long blade, face upwards and laugh, look at Zhu Chang Old Daoist that two eyes shines: Today a war, was really too happy, worthily was Immortal Stage Expert, fierce, was too fierce.” Zhu Elder complexion is actually not good, although he has not been injured, moreover was in the upper hand, however his complexion is not quite still good, his look at Zhao Hai, sneers said : well, worthily is Zhao Hai, this elder to underestimated you, if made you grow, the person certainly was Expert that in Cultivation World knew how things stand, what a pity, this elder actually cannot make you grow, killed!” Said that Zhu Chang throws honest toward Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai look at Zhu Elder, actually laughing said : suddenly I today tries blade maneuver with you, has not thought must go all out with you, suffers to death, Fire God strikes!” This Fire God strikes is Zhao Hai speaks thoughtlessly saying that after a just war, he knows one and disparity between Immortal Stage Expert, he and between Immortal Stage Expert also had the disparity, but the disparity was actually not very big. Reason that like this \; first, because of Cultivation Method of Zhao Hai practice, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art real very formidable that he practices, the Spiritual Qi density is other Cultivation Method about ten times, moreover this set of Cultivation Method very mysterious, Zhao Hai when does not have ascend to start to practice, has been practicing this set of Cultivation Method to the present, but this set of Cultivation Method does not have to be the same probably, the practice of his one layer one layer, practices to the present to Sixth Layer, actually already compared with a Immortal Stage Expert difference not how many. Second because of Zhao Hai good and evil combine together, becomes by own Law Idol concentrates really incomparable, moreover was more formidable than before were too many, therefore he can on Zhu Elder with that fight two moves, but dropped the wind. Now Zhao Hai has used own Assassin finally, the Fire God city from Vermillion Bird Space one flew, pounds toward Zhu Elder. Zhu Elder this move to is too fierce, was too quick, he wants to hide now also without enough time, Fire God city pounding on his body, heard with a bang sound, Zhu Elder Law Idol one to be disillusioned, the whole person was not pounded to fall suddenly toward the ground. In the whereabouts, Zhu Elder has bled profusely from the head, is seriously injured. Reason that the Fire God city can strike achieves this effect , because has without any preparation, Zhu Elder thinks that knew the Zhao Hai strength, prepares Zhao Hai strikes to kill, suddenly by Zhao Hai with the Fire God city is actually given such, the attack strength of Fire God city, is not Zhu Elder can mortgage, therefore a move was pounded the severe wound by the Zhao Hai person, if Zhu Elder is guarding against Zhao Hai this point, he so will not be definitely miserable. A Zhu Elder severe wound, Zhao Hai will actually not let off this time opportunity, the in hand black blade flashes, calls out said : Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, benetnasch behead! along with the Zhao Hai words, incomparably huge black Blade Qi, cuts together toward Zhu Elder body. At this moment, that probably already severely wounded dying Zhu Elder, actually fierce one has anchored the whereabouts personal appearance, then his body looks like a top same transferred, one lets that together Blade Qi that Zhao Hai had come out, then his personal appearance fierce toward high pulls out, appears in the Zhao Hai opposite. Now Zhu Elder bleeds profusely from the head, the appearance looks like pitiful incomparable, but facial expression actually vicious, two eyes such as blade is staring at Zhao Hai, silently said: „Did you injure me unexpectedly? Your ants did like existence, injure me unexpectedly? Is unforgivable, dies!” Zhu Elder calls out said : „the god pig shape!” A incomparably huge wild boar, is growing two long buckteeth, that two buckteeth are similar to two long Scimitar are the same, flushed toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai sneers said : Fire God to strike!” The hand proceeds to wield. Eats Zhu Elder of owing to hear this sound, is one smart, he drinks said : fiercely god pig turning over!” A huge personal appearance revolution, hides toward side, but he does not have presently in the Zhao Hai eye that flashes, but sly color.

When Zhu Elder just had let, giant city silent appears in his front, has pounded fiercely! Boom! a loud sound, Zhu Elder Law Idol was broken in one time, his blood has also spurted, the dizziness brain rises falls toward the ground. At this moment, his suddenly felt that neck one cool, then he felt that a day spin domain, he lost all strengths, fell into boundless Darkness. But in bystander opinion, Zhao Hai release city same Great Magical Artifact, one has pounded on Zhu Elder body, Zhu Elder Law Idol is broken, spits blood falls toward the ground, but by personal appearance that next quarter Zhao Hai true body actually suddenly appears in Zhu Elder falls, a knife handle Zhu Elder head cutting. Zhu Elder first one falls, he naturally also died, the personal appearance increased instantaneously, restored his true body, a golden fur/superficial knowledge wild boar. However Zhao Hai has not actually given them too many ornamental time, the hand wielded Zhu Elder received in Space, then the personal appearance moved, threw toward Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Expert. Must say Wandering Soul Group the Immortal Stage Expert, suffices the tragedy, as soon as he came out not to speak a few words, directly made the metal beast that Zhao Hai release came entangling, these metal beasts personally were operated by Hu Dingshan, the strength was extraordinary, was adding on his strength itself to be inferior to Hu Dingshan, but that metal beast was the Liquid Silver change lives, will not have any damage, in this case, he was wants to help Zhu Elder not help, now also in metal beast wrapped around. But at this time, Zhao Hai has solved Zhu Elder, came toward the homicide, this elder time Expert at heart cannot help but complaining of hardship. To be continued.. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;