Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1781
That Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert has not really thought that the Black Tiger Group casual faction cultivator, will really have so formidable fighting strength. **(.) He is knows regarding Zhao Hai, but before , the material that he obtains was said that the Zhao Hai strength was good, but also was only good, Zhao Hai most famous his operation to Great Magical Artifact, but looked like actually completely makes a mistake today.

Zhao Hai throws toward that Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert, while simultaneously they have issued the order of attack to Zhang Feng, but at this time, Wandering Soul Group depending on to protect protecting helps Great Formation, actually suddenly burst, burst from inside, probably some people destroyed this Great Formation to be the same from inside. Zhang Feng they after being under the order of Zhao Hai, first flushes, first naturally moves is these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, afterward is these Great Magical Artifact. But at this time Zhao Hai with that Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert exchange hands, Zhao Hai on one time had also put own Law Idol, Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades has launched in time. The Zhao Hai present attack strength, comes also the disparity compared with Immortal Stage Expert, but is not very big, manipulation that now a he full attack, Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage elder naturally must be careful. Because this long Old Lady is careful, therefore Zhao Hai has 12 metal beasts to help in the one side, in a short time did not have the means with that Immortal Stage elder. However this was unimportant, more importantly Zhang Feng their there attack is actually very smooth, Zhao Hai, because must fight, naturally did not have means command(er) these Great Magical Artifact, therefore these Great Magical Artifact give Laura them to go and come to refer to now. To be honest, Laura their command(er) ratio Zhao Hai command(er) being better of. But Wandering Soul Group there is morale is now low, they saw with one's own eyes Immortal Stage Expert to be given exterminate by Zhao Hai, but Immortal Stage Expert in oneself Sect. Also hitting fell by Zhao Hai on leeward, in this case, the Wandering Soul Group person, can have morale that to call strangely. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, his attack was quicker, but with the Fire God city, because of Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Expert very careful, he has not actually wanted not to have opportunity with the Fire God city. Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Expert Law Idol very unusual. Unexpectedly is a skeleton, but the attack strength of this skeleton is actually not weak, Zhao Hai added on 12 metal beasts to attack such quite a while, cannot others be what kind. However Zhao Hai had idea. He directed that Immortal Stage Expert to be far away from battlefield there with 12 metal beasts slowly, when Zhao Hai thinks that a safe place, he tightly has then attacked Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Expert several moves, then the intention moved, Zhu Elder in a summon. * 1 * 1 * Undead Creature suddenly appears of Immortal Stage Expert strength. When that Wandering Soul Group elder stares, Zhu Chang expert moves, began attack directly. Wandering Soul Group that elder was startled, has cried out strangely. turn around deals with Zhu Elder, was in this time. Zhao Hai counted Fire God to strike to pound, the Wandering Soul Group elder these time wants to hide does not hide. Really ties strong/sturdy was pounded, when his head is dizzy, Zhu Elder attack arrived.

Zhu Elder present was Undead Creature, his attack also turned into the strong time, original Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert, has missed a point in the strength compared with Zhu Elder, do not say that by long corona dizzy, was naturally impossible to block Zhu Elder struck, one was struck by Zhu Elder, immediately the five internal organs burst, a blood has spurted coming out. However this Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert is also a ruthless person, he looked that today is unable to escape by luck, cannot help but furiously roar, mentioned last Spiritual Qi, attacked toward Zhao Hai. Now he has thought understand, this starts because of Zhao Hai, dying and being reborn of Zhu Elder impossible for no reason non- attending, moreover he felt that from Zhu Elder body very strong Death Qi, his understand, Zhu Elder was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, that all these were good to explain, so long as has killed Zhao Hai, that Wandering Soul Group also had life force. However when his turn around, Zhao Hai knows that he must do, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, returned to in Space, Wandering Soul Group that Immortal has struck to throw, then felt that back of the body one cool, section of sword tip appears in his front, that sword has then twisted, the Wandering Soul Group elder felt one one lost all strengths. Immortal Stage Expert that Zhao Hai wielded this die received in Space, then received Zhu Elder, received 12 metal beasts, this turn around killed toward battlefield there. Now battlefield there although is Zhang Feng their major stop winning side, however the Wandering Soul Group person also has the strength of resistance, Fangzheng is refusing to budge, just the Black Tiger Group fleet was actually soon the Great Magical Artifact team of opposite party extinguishing cleanly. Zhao Hai knows certainly that whose writing skill this is, he has not cared, but is raising the black blade, in direct Wandering Soul Group has killed, Zhao Hai this join, the tactical situation is really different, Wandering Soul Group these people somewhat could not withstand. But these Wandering Soul Group people look at Zhao Hai their in the gang Supreme Elder directing, Zhao Hai came back now, their Supreme Elder have not actually come back, this on behalf of anything, these people, but very clear, it seems like their Supreme Elder also bad to misfortune. Wandering Soul Group morale drops sharply at once, the Black Tiger Group offensive was fiercer, was having Zhao Hai join in addition, these Wandering Soul Group cultivator somewhat could not withstand. The Zhao Hai strength compared with general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in many, he assaults fully, these Wandering Soul Group people, naturally could not block, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert was butchered several by Zhao Hai. The ghosts see to worry to look at this situation, knows that Wandering Soul Group ended, has not thought that Black Tiger Group has not used the strength of entire gang, can their Wandering Soul Group extinguishing unexpectedly, this stemmed from his anticipation.

However the ghost sees to worry that quick vision image rotation another person, that person dodges is moving tiger Law Idol, in Black Tiger Group Expert head, in numerous ghosts and so on Law Idol, his tiger shape Law Idol appears very special, this person is not others, is Ma Yun. The ghosts see to worry look at Ma Yun, two eyes one severely, clenched teeth, in his opinion, Wandering Soul Group falls to today's this situation, is the Ten Thousand Monster Sect mistakes, Ten Thousand Monster Sect makes them cope with Black Tiger Group, they most at least can also maintain some time peace with Black Tiger Group, because of Ma Yun, they will fall to this situation, Wandering Soul Group Dao doctrines must cut off. Before adding on Ma Yun in Wandering Soul Group, the arrogance soars to the heavens, sees to worry to the ghost the appearance that shouted to drink, making the ghost see to worry already to bear a grudge on him, now the ghost sees to worry that was hates seriously, his several moves compelled to draw back continuously with the iron wing of his wrapped around, the personal appearance moved appears in Ma Yun's side, said loudly: Mr. Ma', we clash with joint forces, otherwise today must keep here.” Ma Yun also knows that now was any situation, he has not thought that the Zhao Hai strength so will be unexpectedly strong, before he was also worried for today's situation that now one hear of ghosts saw to worry saying that immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, our together flushed.” Said that immediately entangled his Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to fiercely attack several to that then left to walk. At this moment the ghost sees to worry that is actually dark smiles, congeals attack of whole body, one struck on Ma Yun's Law Idol, Ma Yun pressed to guard, Law Idol was scattered directly, a blood has spurted, he startled and anger, the turning the head look at ghost who a face cannot believe saw to worry that said : ghost saw to worry, you do dare to plot against me?” The ghosts see to worry that sinister smile said : plots against your What happened? you, my Wandering Soul Group will not fall to such fate, Dao doctrines cuts off, I have what appearance to see Wandering Soul Group all previous dynasties First Master, today I have killed you, under Hell with my together.” Said frantic threw. Ma Yun was actually frightened heavily, his there wants to obtain, the ghost sees to worry really to have such idea, he had been seriously injured now, actually also can only in congealment Law Idol, see to worry to fight with the ghost in one. They two movements are make Black Tiger Group person fog, don’t know these two people do, the person on one's own side instead to has hit how, only then Zhao Hai knows that what's the matter, just their dialogs he may hear, Zhao Hai also has to shake the head, he really does not think the idea of understand this person. However he has not cared them, but paid attention their fighting situation, still carries on attack to Wandering Soul Group these people. But now Wandering Soul Group these cultivator morale actually dropped the bottom, they do not have means morale to surge upward, Supreme Elder was killed, oneself Gang Master at the noisy internal strife, they felt that completely lost hopes. Black Tiger Group cultivator will not let off this opportunity comfortably, the full attack, Wandering Soul Group these cultivator could not withstand finally, appears military deserter. One has two, has military deserter appears , that morale of troops removed the vacillation of bottom, more and more military deserter appears , but these military deserters were some strengths are quite low, the strength high military deserter, was one does not have, because these strength high people by Black Tiger Group cultivator tying down, them have wanted to run away do not run away.

All people know that Wandering Soul Group ended, starting today, Wandering Soul Group must remove from Cultivation World, later is not having Wandering Soul Group existed, some are only Black Tiger Group. In this time, a pitiful yell is transmitting, the people turn the head to look that was being the ghost sees to worry to kill Ma Yun, after the ghost saw worried to kill Ma Yun, two eyes already completely blood red, he turned the head to look at a Black Tiger Group person, shouted angrily said : Black Tiger Group, you destroyed my Wandering Soul Group ten thousand years inheritance, today I must perish together with you.” Said that throws toward Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, his in hand style trades the life by the life completely, at once that Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, by his killing aura fear, unexpectedly complete falling to leeward. But Wandering Soul Group these Expert, hears the words that the ghost saw to worry, each and every one was also aroused ominous, shouts wildly is attacking the hand toward Black Tiger Group these Expert, at once Black Tiger Group unexpectedly appears many casualties. At this moment, how actually hears a sound to transmit said : to destroy your base industry, are you capable of revenging? Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, dubhe behead! along with this sound, one group of black blade light on saw to worry to give directly really strange to cover, then heard a pitiful yell, blade light collects, the ghost saw to worry already vanish from sight, pre- not Wandering Soul Group destiny!( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;