Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1782

In the Yama Ship deck, Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng and iron wing and iron hawk numerous Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is drinking wine, often hears the intermittent laughter. In Zhang Feng cheered the liquor, laughs said : happily, was too happy, finally Wandering Soul Group these fellows tidying up, me looked at, also has that Gang to dare like our Black Tiger Group to extend the claw, dares to extend the claw, must have by the consciousness that we cut.” The people laugh, iron hawk also smiles said : except Wandering Soul Group this scourge, four Sect, this time we come out, to cope with their, me believe in their Sect not in so many Immortal Stage Expert? Even if has, we do not need to fear him.” An iron hawk such saying, people vision centralized to Zhao Hai on, Zhao Hai cuts to kill two Immortal Stage Expert personally, already became the idols of all people. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, shows a faint smile said : four Great Sect, we naturally must begin, but, has not destroyed completely that four Great Sect now time, otherwise Ten Thousand Monster Sect feared that was must directly meddle, we also required time, when Ten Thousand Monster Sect from giving a thought to not flaw time, was our Black Tiger Group opportunity, when the time comes our Black Tiger Group, must make entire Cultivation World know that Black Tiger Group was not that affable!” People bang has complied with one. Now Zhao Hai they the leave Wandering Soul Group domain, Wandering Soul Group had been destroyed completely now, was destroyed completely by Zhao Hai in two Great Elder time Expert, the ghost sees to worry that was cut to kill by Zhao Hai make a move personally, other Wandering Soul Group Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert after Zhao Hai join fights the circle. Also was killed successively. Entire Wandering Soul Group Assassin was almost cut to kill, in this case, Wandering Soul Group is removes in Cultivation World. Zhao Hai they also the family property that Wandering Soul Group these years save, moved out, Mountain Guardian Great Formation also destroyed, but Zhao Hai kept a mind, he has set up a piece monument in Wandering Soul Group General Hall there, above writes ‚the Black Tiger Group boundary stone several characters, this was representing, Wandering Soul Group domain. Later turned over to Black Tiger Group, if some people in dare to seize the Wandering Soul Group domain, that was looks like Black Tiger Group to declare war. Naturally Zhao Hai also knows, in situation that in Ten Thousand Monster Sect still has. The use of this boundary stone is not very big, other Gang can definitely in Ten Thousand Monster Sect by intent, had been occupied the Wandering Soul Group domain, but Zhao Hai such does, leaves a room for later, he must leave behind that Boundary Stone to work as the evidence, so that later Black Tiger Group is good to have the excuse to take back the Wandering Soul Group domain. Zhao Hai very clear, before day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon has not invaded Cultivation World, they did not have the ability with the Ten Thousand Monster Sect positive conflict, why he will also say the present has not destroyed completely his four Sect time. They destroy completely Wandering Soul Group, completely can be said as, because before Wandering Soul Group, has the conflict with them, moreover they with the Wandering Soul Group matter, Cultivation World here almost all people know, therefore Ten Thousand Monster Sect simply does not have the means by this, when gave a pretext to Black Tiger Group is difficult. But if they also gave to extinguish other four Sect, that Ten Thousand Monster Sect had the excuse to dispatch troops, even did not need to destroy completely four Sect, only feared that was they just destroyed completely one Sect, that Ten Thousand Monster Sect will dispatch troops. Must say that Black Tiger Group really has not feared Ten Thousand Monster Sect now. After the base constructs, even if the strength of Ten Thousand Monster Sect collection entire Sect, feared that is is also very difficult to capture Black Tiger Group, but Zhao Hai actually does not prepare to make war with Ten Thousand Monster Sect now, because keeps Ten Thousand Monster Sect also to use. In having one year. Day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon must invade Cultivation World, if at this time. Black Tiger Group with the words that Ten Thousand Monster Sect battles against, that loss can only be the Cultivation World strength, therefore Black Tiger Group, when day Demon Realm invades, that Ten Thousand Monster Sect can make war with day Demon Realm, when the time comes naturally will not look their troubles. If Ten Thousand Monster Sect in the fight of day Demon Realm, loses seriously, center that Black Tiger Group below cherishes, feared that was later this Northern Divergent Province has become Black Tiger Group world. Must say that Black Tiger Group the shortcoming, that is Expert are too now few , compared with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Black Tiger Group Transcends Tribulation Stage above Expert was too few, therefore their present simply do not have the means to make war with Ten Thousand Monster Sect.

Now Zhao Hai they to other four Sect roads on, they in going to other four Sect domains disturb, making other four Sect have to return to the armed forces to help oneself. Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what to do can we then? Can divide forces inadequately?” Zhang Feng such asked that also has reason, when Zhao Hai they attack Wandering Soul Group, other four Sect have invaded Black Tiger Group, now arrived at Black Tiger Group General Hall there, with iron Zhan Tian their exchange hands. Because of this, therefore Zhang Feng they will directly flush away toward other four Sect domains, their these time must cope with that four Sect, his four Sect have to withdraw troops. But the meaning of Zhang Feng divides forces, simultaneously carries on attack to four Sect domains, such that four Sect have to simultaneously return to the soldier. However Zhao Hai actually did not think so that he shook the head said : not to be good, I do not agree to divide forces, four Sect has Ten Thousand Monster Sect to make, we destroy completely the Wandering Soul Group matter, Ten Thousand Monster Sect definitely know, at this time we, if divides forces, might be sent out Expert all by Ten Thousand Monster Sect to defeat very much, therefore we cannot divide forces, must gather soldier one, such although slowly, but can actually preserved our effective strengths, compared with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, our Black Tiger Group population too be effectively few, they will die 100 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, what may not calculate, if our Black Tiger Group died 100. Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, that has had a fracture, did not have the person, even if base there constructs in good also useless.” Zhang Feng thinks that nodded right that said : you said that Ten Thousand Monster Sect these fellows are not the fools, looks at other our attack four Sect, what meaning their immediately meets understand is, if when the time comes sends out Expert to cope with us, that also is really very troublesome, but Little Hai, won't in the gang have the matter? What to do if Ten Thousand Monster Sect does send out Immortal Stage Expert to help the four Sects gate attack General Hall there to be possible?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved. Will not have the matter. The Immortal Stage Expert quantity that so long as they send is about three, will not have the issue, doesn't said it, have me? Immortal Stage Expert quantity that if they send really many, I can immediately go back to support.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng to has not thought that he thinks Black Tiger Group there that Zhao Hai said is Hu Dingshan assumes personal command, therefore don't worry, but Zhao Hai finger is Zhu Elder and Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Undead Creature also has Hu Dingshan. Hu Dingshan cannot exit from Space, but can actually operate 12 metal beasts to oppose the enemy. But Zhu Elder and Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Undead Creature, Zhao Hai had the arrangement, he has given their bodies to put on full body armor, making bystander simply unable to see clearly their appearances. Like this they can direct appears in Black Tiger Group there, helping Black Tiger Group oppose the enemy. Because has such arrangement, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried that Black Tiger Group there will have an accident, even if Black Tiger Group there real appears Immortal Stage Expert, he did not fear that let Zhu Elder and Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Undead Creature directly deals with is good. After these two Immortal Stage Expert since turn into Undead Creature, their fighting strength do not fall instead rises, must know their full body armor, Twelve Golden Sacred Armor that but Zhao Hai comes out in the Space neighborhood, these golden Sacred Armor. Because of Space several times Level Up, became very formidable, although cannot the indestructiblity like Liquid Silver, actually not compared with Cultivation World here these full body armor difference. Moreover Zhao Hai was not worried that the Cultivation World here person will suspect their bodies, so long as they do not use Law Idol, nobody knows their status. In Cultivation World here, some Sect, have the means to refine some Immortal Stage Zombie and so on, but that generally is the matter of Ghost Cultivator Sect talent. Black Tiger Group is Monster Cultivator Sect, moreover is one collects Sect greatly mixed. In adding on low yun is not bad, moreover before Hu Dingshan, make a move one time, at this time suddenly had emitted two Immortal Stage Undead Creature to help Black Tiger Group resist the enemy, is not the matter of not can be justified, therefore Zhao Hai prepares to let Zhu Elder and Wandering Soul Group that Immortal Stage Undead Creature participation.

Zhang Feng deep voice said : sinking Sand Bang. Dry ~~-~~ Fujimoto, great strength gang. The iron blade gate, these four Sect material Little Hai you have looked, you think that we should cope with that first?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : first copes with dry Fujimoto, this is also Monster Cultivator Sect, but has actually followed Ten Thousand Monster Sect is very near, heard that dry Fujimoto's Sect Master, before also obtained a direction of Ten Thousand Monster Sect elder, moreover they can unfold to today's aspect, had Ten Thousand Monster Sect many support, can say that dry Fujimoto was Ten Thousand Monster Sect one has traded branch Hall, they were also the Ten Thousand Monster Sect most hardcore supporters, we first coped with them, hit them painful, in tidying up other's three Sect.” Zhang Feng has selected to said : well, but dry Fujimoto is not good to hit, dry Fujiya there that dry Fujimoto General Hall is, heard that the Reaching Sky Vine protection of has plenty, does not attack easily.” Zhao Hai nodded, in Reaching Sky Vine Zhao Hai regarding Zhang Feng mouth is also have some understanding, Reaching Sky Vine, is one type of wild cane class plants, but this plants although is not Heaven and Earth Treasure, actually is also one type of rare good thing. Reaching Sky Vine is tenacious, the Blade and Sword difficult wound, Fujina to meet the day, wields to have prestige of Bei Lieshi, general Nascent Soul Stage Expert, if has met dozens Reaching Sky Vine, feared that will be will also pull out at the scene. What most important is, this Reaching Sky Vine also Great Magical Artifact nemesis nickname, this Reaching Sky Vine very long, some may meet the day a saying, although they are impossible to meet the day, but can actually as long be long as about ten thousand meters, wields, can pull out absolutely from the space Great Magical Artifact, or ties down. This Reaching Sky Vine although is one type of plants, but actually eats the meat, they come attack Monster Beast or cultivator with their vine, but is flying in the sky or the ground run, they can attack, pull out strength very big that strikes, winding strength also very formidable, does not compare the snake-shaped Monster Beast difference, is one type of lets the person very headache plants. But according to legend dry Fujimoto's first Sect Master, is a Reaching Sky Vine monster, this Reaching Sky Vine although strength formidable, their lives are not however long, general Reaching Sky Vine lives is about hundred years, they after budding, can in one year within as long is long as the kilometer about, ten years of time can fully as long as ten thousand meters, later in growing, but also long-lived hundred years, therefore general Reaching Sky Vine in has not opened Spiritual Sense, on died, impossible turn into monster. However dry Fujimoto's first Sect Master, is actually variation Reaching Sky Vine, lived ten Yuan number, finally heard died, however after experiencing Hu Dingshan their these Immortal Stage Expert, the Zhao Hai actually not too definite this dry Fujimoto's old fogy really died. Therefore Zhao Hai must cope with dry Fujimoto, must first cope is these Reaching Sky Vine, if cannot these Reaching Sky Vine tidying up, them do not have wanted to enter to dry Fujimoto. However Zhao Hai regarding coping with Reaching Sky Vine to has the means that this means actually very simple, that with toxin! Reaching Sky Vine is one type of plants, so long as Zhao Hai can get so far as in Space Reaching Sky Vine some, he can let Universal Machine, in addition the Space herbicide, generates strictly copes with the Reaching Sky Vine toxic agent specially, these Reaching Sky Vine will quickly turn when the time comes into piles of hay. Naturally Zhao Hai will not tell Zhang Feng them this method now, therefore he nodded said : when the time comes to act according to circumstances, if can have the words, we have destroyed dry Fujimoto's Reaching Sky Vine, best to dig delivers returned to in the gang to go, our Black Tiger Group were also when the time comes many one type of to defend efficient instrument.” Zhang Feng nodded said : also well, but this Reaching Sky Vine is not that good type, probably besides dry Fujiya here, had not heard that there can grow Reaching Sky Vine to come.”

Iron hawk receptacle said : that is also not complete, heard that in Ten Thousand Monster Sect has many Reaching Sky Vine, in other words this Reaching Sky Vine can grow in elsewhere, but actually needs some special method planters to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, so long as has method on the line, these time destroys completely some dry Fujimoto's cultivator, turns into Undead Creature them, perhaps knew this Reaching Sky Vine planter method.” Zhang Feng nodded said : „, if can know that was best, but must cope with dry Fujimoto, we must circle a point road, otherwise on passed through from the domain of iron blade gate, such will possibly alert the enemy.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : alerts the enemy alerts the enemy, I to have a look, these fellows of iron blade gate can be what kind of us, we cross from their domains, but must cross, all iron blade disciples who I must seeing butchered, therefore iron blade gate Po Shan/broken mountain destroyed.” The iron blade gate by building up to make Magical Artifact to become famous, but Magical Artifact of iron blade gate forging has characteristics, that is they only forges blade-shaped Magical Artifact, iron blade gate manufacture blade-shaped Magical Artifact, in entire Cultivation World is very famous. Moreover in iron blade gate has plenty mine, the bases of these mine iron blade gate survivals, they every year will also export some ores, this is one of origins they receive, because of this, therefore the iron blade gate although strength is not very strong, is good with other Sect relationship, before Black Tiger Group also from iron blade gate here import many ores. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;