Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1783

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 26 th ~ , Nbsp \; With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! An iron blade gate Sect Master blade breaks the Heavenly King feather to frown to sit in his study room, these time attacked Black Tiger Group, although said that the iron blade gate also had the share, however about the Black Tiger Group domain and aspect of property assignment, is actually being minimum that their iron blade Mendez arrived, did not have the means that who made their strengths weakest, but this was also the Jimmy Wang most discontented place. Before iron blade gate, has dealings in some business with Black Tiger Group, they regarding the Black Tiger Group strength or have some understanding, they know that Black Tiger Group after these days show, their strengths is very strong, is adding on a Black Tiger Group many years of accumulation, their wealth, absolutely is a digit of difficult imagination. Jimmy Wang very clear, if iron blade gate can obtain some Black Tiger Group thing, regarding the iron blade gate, is supplies of huge difficult imagination, when the time comes the iron blade gate will become the strength that in Northern Divergent Province cannot be estimated lightly. However Jimmy Wang actually knows that this idea also lets his casual thinking, but that assignment quota Ten Thousand Monster Sect decides, gives him the courage, he does not dare to have the objection. In this time, suddenly Outer Sect has been hearing a sound of footsteps, then a breathless sound conveys said : Sect Master, has had an accident, left the important matter.” Jimmy Wang knitting the brows head, deep voice said : came to say that shouted and wrangled, became any appearance.” This Jimmy Wang chang very unusual, an eye is tall and slender, a big end of blade, on face gloomy time, looks like a big bandit of taking a share of spoils without participating personally in the robbery to the feeling of person. At this time out ran about 30 year cultivator cultivator long very strange. His head looks like very big, face very ordinary, but now is actually pale one piece, in the eye is bringing frightened radiance. Jimmy Wang looked at this person of one, deep voice said : what appearance becomes, said that what matter lived?” That cultivator draws back, breathed heavily several tones, looked at Jimmy Wang one eyes, deep voice said : reported Sect Master. Just several Wandering Soul Group Inferior level cultivator went into our domain, was given capture by us, they confessed a very important situation, they said. They said that......” spoke of here his suddenly to be somewhat scruple, probably was the appearance how don’t know must say. Jimmy Wang did two eyes stare said : What happened? to say?” That cultivator look at Jimmy Wang said : in a short time ago, Black Tiger Group sent out a squad, by Zhao Hanling, struck wave Wandering Soul Group to be stationed in border army first at one fell swoop, then wielded the armed forces to attack Wandering Soul Group, in Wandering Soul Group there, Zhao Hangran showed not to be weak in the Immortal Stage Expert strength, in hand was release many incomparably powerful Magical Artifact, a person alone blocked Wandering Soul Group Supreme Elder and Ten Thousand Monster Sect Immortal Stage Expert After , two Immortal Stage Expert exterminate, Wandering Soul Group was extinguished!” Boom! Jimmy Wang felt that startling thunderclap resounded in own mind, shakes the one's wits to leave the hole, two eyes was black, has almost not fainted. Some little time Jimmy Wang shook head to look at that cultivator one, then he one has stood, look at that cultivator, deep voice said : bastard, what did you know don’t know you to say? When did Black Tiger Group have that formidable fighting strength? Can a squad extinguish Wandering Soul Group? If they so are really fierce, before will project on his family in front of the door by Wandering Soul Group? Finally has to make Supreme Elder act thin all!”

That cultivator actually deep voice said : Sect Master. I also think most from the beginning is false information, but several batch of Wandering Soul Group cultivator ran over afterward, the speeches of these cultivator are the same, moreover looks at their each and every one facial expression, was is not saying absolutely likely hurriedly. I just had sent for Wandering Soul Group there examining, believes that quick will have information to pass on.” Jimmy Wang's eyebrow could not bear jump jumping. He turned the head look at that cultivator said : to come up me to show these Wandering Soul Group cultivator belts, to transmit orders my gate to attack Black Tiger Group army, temporarily stopped attacking.” That cultivator complied with one, turn around walked. Before long beforehand leave that cultivator, brought several Inferior level cultivator to walk, looked at that several cultivator appearance, why Jimmy Wang before understand that cultivator why said that they lay likely. On these cultivator is having a very unusual energy fluctuation, Jimmy Wang can feel clearly that these cultivator absolutely are Wandering Soul Group cultivator not wrong, Cultivation Method that itself because Wandering Soul Group cultivates the mind on very unusual, that is one type of compared with ordinary Cultivation Method brilliant many Cultivation Method, the bystander is mold ben does not come. But facial expression despairs of these cultivator, they were lost all disappearing probably, turned into the good-for-nothing to be the same, that desperate facial expression, did not install absolutely. Jimmy Wang looked at these cultivator one, the knitting the brows head of gently, meets to begin to wield, several groups of Spiritual Qi submerged in their status, Jimmy Wang thinks this has been all right, but he has not actually thought that several cultivator still responses did not have, on the face a desperate facial expression point did not have information. Jimmy Wang wrinkled under the brow, meets to begin to make Magic Secret Art, several Magic of calming the nerves hit on the body of that several person, that several person then personal appearance shook, recover, they looked at Jimmy Wang one eyes, then simultaneously hid, flutters said : to see senior.” These cultivator just arrived at the Law Idol time, but Jimmy Wang is Transcends Tribulation Stage big Expert, their meeting naturally must salute. Jimmy Wang beckoned with the hand said : „, said your status origins.” That several people of immediately sent out their status, they are Wandering Soul Group Inferior level cultivator, in that fights, ran away by luck came out the feather also to ask their Wandering Soul Group there situation, they naturally truthfully replied. Jimmy Wang listened to their words, is actually a dignity of face, the spirits of these people received very big stimulation obviously, speech sometimes will be disorderly, however the general content they have not spoken incorrectly, affirmed to present Jimmy Wang finally that Wandering Soul Group truly ended, entire Wandering Soul Group was extinguished, because these people run away, they see with one's own eyes Wandering Soul Group Gang Master to fall by Zhao Hai, Immortal Stage Expert in Wandering Soul Group dies is earlier. A Jimmy Wang's facial expression piece of grey defeat, his very clear, Wandering Soul Group had been finished, that next feared that was their iron blade gate, Black Tiger Group will certainly not let off their. In this time, a rapid sound of footsteps was passing from outside, looked like 20-year-old cultivator ran, his in hand was scooping up a signalling jade sword, after entering the room, to Jimmy Wang gave a salute, then deep voice said : Gang Master, needed Shan Jingjian!” Jimmy Wang stares, then complexion changes, received the jade sword, has swept content in the jade sword, complexion became was uglier, his immediately/on horseback said : called the alarm, all iron blade gate disciple toward the General Hall set.”

That young cultivator although is puzzled, but immediately/on horseback has done, before long the melodious ding spreads from General Hall of iron blade gate, this ding passes on was very far, has alarmed all iron blade gates disciple. The alarm of iron blade gate is not casual can knock, this alarm wants, when the in the gang extremely crisis can sound, after hearing the alarm, disciple of all iron blade gates, must within the shortest time rush to General Hall, if the offender, punishes according to the revolting gang. The ding resounds, Jimmy Wang has not actually relaxed, outside his nervous look at, in this time, was cultivator ran, his in hand was scooping up a jade sword, bowed to Jimmy Wang said : Gang Master, detected the soldier to repay, Wandering Soul Group was extinguished!” Jimmy Wang although already knew this information, but hears this information now time, is the feeling at present one black, his breath is present but vigor is absent beckoning with the hand said : knew, transmitted orders, when the gate attacks the Black Tiger Group army from meeting to make, all returns, acts without fail.” That cultivator complied with one, turn around walked. Jimmy Wang then let out a long breath, sky outside look at room, muttered said : Black Tiger Group, has not thought that you to this situation, it seems like Ten Thousand Monster Sect these time must suffer a loss formidable.” But at this time, these of iron blade gate needed the mountain by attack, one fleet that only then 82 Great Magical Artifact composed, crossed from the iron blade gate, all iron blade gate people who the fleet ran into all the way, by the type, the needing mountains of all iron blade gates, were ruined completely completely. But advancing of this fleet is not quick, the meaning that but they have not stopped, has passed directly through from the iron blade gate, has not been Wang. Zhao Hao in the Yama Ship bow, the look at distant place, deep voice said : quick must carry on the domain that the dry cane helps, we must add have been careful, now feared that is person who the dry cane helps, received information?” Stood Zhang Feng near Zhao Hai nodded said : certainly to receive information, I just probably heard iron blade gate police bell rings, it seems like that the iron blade gate also received information, they feared.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to fear was better, if they were intelligent, received their army, matter that otherwise waited for us to get through us, their army do not want to come back.” Zhang Feng laughs said : well, if they are dishonest, they do not want to come back.” Zhang Feng felt that comes out to fight with Zhao Hai is really satisfying, is they hits others' share, others little can project on them, such fight is the fight of most satisfying. These time attacked Wandering Soul Group, although their also appears some casualties, more than 20 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert died in battle, but took more than 20 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert casualties as the price, traded demise of entire Wandering Soul Group, no matter from that point, they gained turned, if made the bystander know that their such casualties ratios, feared that will die surprised. Zhang Feng knows that their loss so will be why small, all reasons because of Zhao Hai, Great Magical Artifact under Zhao Hai command(er) were too formidable, formidable their imagination, any army with Zhao Hai command(er) Great Magical Artifact to, is the nightmare.

With Zhao Huzhan, you very much possibly will not have the sense of achievement, the time that because you fight is few, the majority of time are displaying in look at Zhao Hai, or look at these Great Magical Artifact batter in there, you must do stands in the one side watches the fun, when looks was similar, you in make a move, but at that time, basically already not many enemies. Such fight looks like does not have in some people the meaning probably very much, but Zhang Feng can actually affirm that said this saying person, is not militant Lunatic, is one watches the fun did not fear that the matter is big, truly the person who that has not faced the enemy, thinks that such fight does not have the meaning, they will look forward to a fight are this are good.( To be continued.,( Shuhaige.) casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! , Duk ank an.o rg &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;