Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1784

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 26 th ~ , Nbsp \; When when when working as a melodious ding reverberation in mountain valley, in mountain valley all puts on cultivator of yellow cultivator clothing/taking, when hears this ding to stare, the significance of their too clear this ding, this ding in the gang pre- alarm >\;= - book _( cultivator in mountain valley after staring one next, the horse finished up the work of in hand first, practice person immediately has also drawn back, departed from own Cave Mansion directly, flew toward mountain valley. This is very enormous mountain valley, the occupying land area of entire mountain valley has ten thousand mu fully, on mountain valley two sides mountain wall, is constructing each and every one Cave Mansion, in the hole bottom place, is actually a big piece of construction, these constructions are bright yellow, looks like very special, in the constructions of these yellow, is lying python same Chodo, these Chodo look like very special, these Chodo are not thickness, but actually the class president, Chodo lies in these construction, probably is in the construction specially the pattern, talented person understand that but only really understands, these Chodo may not be. Then is simple, in these Chodo Cultivation World the everybody's for it headache person Reaching Sky Vine, but this mountain valley dry Fujiya, dry Fujimoto's General Hall. Such that just like Zhao Hai they think, dry Fujimoto knew now Wandering Soul Group was extinguished, the iron blade gate by the attack matter, this looks like in the dry Fujimoto's person, absolutely is the important matter, moreover they also obtained information, the Black Tiger Group fleet is coming toward dry Fujimoto, therefore their immediately has sounded the alarm. An alarm sound, entire dry Fujimoto's General Hall immediately moved, the cultivator heart in dry Fujimoto is one type of Wood element Cultivation Method plants Cultivation Method to have a very special ability, can operate that this Reaching Sky Vine, therefore when necessary, these disciple must help General Hall operate these Reaching Sky Vine, with oppose the enemy. Now police bell rings, these disciple immediately must take orders to General Hall there, General Hall there will arrange them to operate there Reaching Sky Vine to help meeting the enemy. When dry Fujimoto prepares fully, Zhao Hai their fleets also official entered in the dry Fujimoto's domain, but also had a distance to dry Fujiya.(, Powerful literary network However this is unimportant, more importantly sea now to the dry Fujiya there situation already completely understand, even he has gotten so far as in several Reaching Sky Vine seedlings Space. Dry Fujiya there also has certainly Mountain Guardian Great Formation, however their Mountain Guardian Great Formation very special, their Mountain Guardian Great Formation are not very strong. They protect mountain gate/entrance, mainly depends is Reaching Sky Vine, in Zhao Huyin flying needle very relaxed invaded in dry Fujiya. But dry Fujiya there, almost everywhere is Reaching Sky Vine, this Reaching Sky Vine will not blossom, almost all Reaching Sky Vine live grow out in a root, Reaching Sky Vine died, naturally can have new Reaching Sky Vine from underground grow out, however the Reaching Sky Vine root, will be forever will not actually stop growing. ** -&\; 1 t \; Books pavilion - *

Also is because Reaching Sky Vine were too many. Therefore dry Fujimoto there regarding the guarding of Reaching Sky Vine is not very strict, in adding on entire Cultivation World, suits place that Reaching Sky Vine grows, altogether such several, nobody can make the person steal Reaching Sky Vine. However their actually don’t know, in Zhao Hai Space, so long as is plants can grow, Zhao Hai looks at nobody to manage these Reaching Sky Vine, will be naturally impolite, he does not dare to dig too. Met one slightly to break is lengthening by joining the Reaching Sky Vine root of seedling. Naturally these cannot make Zhang Feng they know, he must do first understood the dry Fujiya there situation, has waited till dry Fujiya there time, in digs Reaching Sky Vine, is pretending the dispensing. Is killing dry Fujiya there Reaching Sky Vine. Zhao Hai has thought must kill many people in dry Fujiya there, regarding dry Fujimoto's person. So long as gives to ruin their Reaching Sky Vine, broke their arm on equal to, their losses are the difficult estimates, that compared with killing their disciple, will make them love dearly. Zhao Hai has planned, but he has not told Zhang Feng them this plan, now is also not said that his although believes Zhang Feng they, but Space this secret actually cannot to them say that therefore he must exempting as far as possible evade any possibly exposes the Space matter to live. Zhang Feng has not gone to own Treasure Ship, but has stayed with Zhao Hai on Yama Ship, looked that the fleet entered the dry Fujimoto's domain, Zhang Feng cannot help but turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, careful, entered to the dry Fujimoto's domain, if they know that perhaps our trends, will take an action.” Zhao Hai nodded said : they to obtain information, feel relieved First Senior Brother, they feared that now does not dare with us to the war, after all we just had tidied up Wandering Soul Group, they do not have that courage.” Zhang Feng nodded, then look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Little Hai, you have thought how can cope with dry Fujimoto? To dry Fujimoto there, our Great Magical Artifact, had feared that was very difficult to have anything to do with, their Reaching Sky Vine had Great Magical Artifact nemesis this nickname, this nickname was not nonsense.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to have a look to say to there that actually my this time target, was not dry Fujimoto's cultivator, but was these Reaching Sky Vine.” Zhang Feng stares, then puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Reaching Sky Vine? Do you want to cope with Reaching Sky Vine? I heard, dry Fujimoto to protect these Reaching Sky Vine, their Mountain Guardian Great Formation almost not Mountain Guardian, special protection these Reaching Sky Vine, moreover these Reaching Sky Vine almost do not have the water and fire blade soldier, wants to cope with Reaching Sky Vine not to be easy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to know, therefore I said after must to there, was saying, if we can give kill dry Fujimoto's Reaching Sky Vine, feared that is when the time comes dry Fujimoto cries unable to look for the accent.” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: Your idea is good, but was established since dry Fujimoto, don’t know has many people to hit with your same idea, finally does not have one successfully, I thought that we try to find other solution.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : I have this idea, if the incorrect words, forget about it, we are really thinking that other means that want our attack dry Fujimoto in any case, feared that was dry Fujimoto must from in the gang retreat.”

Zhang Feng nodded, they said the voice, went down to the dry Fujimoto's domain, this Zhao Hai they arrived all the way have met some dry Fujimoto's Medicine Fields and mine, Zhao Hai naturally not polite, gave to ruin these Medicine Fields and mine, his these time came is destroys, naturally did not need any scruples. Destruction, expunges toward dry Fujiya, just as is such that Zhao Hai said that dry Fujimoto also really frightening to have feared by their beforehand successes, all dry Fujimoto's cultivator, strongly to dry Fujimoto's General Hall there, have been guarding against Zhao Hai they. Quick Zhao Hai their fleets arrived on a summit, on this mountain very unusual summit is yellow, seemed like on the mountain piles up with the withered leaf to be the same probably, but Zhao Hai actually knows, on this mountain was not the withered leaf, but was Reaching Sky Vine. Reaching Sky Vine specially specially in his color, Reaching Sky Vine is yellow, no matter just the grow out seedling was mature Reaching Sky Vine, was yellow, but Reaching Sky Vine in dying, was actually the black, therefore on this mountain that looked like probably is hay same yellow, actually was actually piles of Reaching Sky Vine. Zhao Hai about this situation very knew, his immediately lets Great Magical Artifact has promoted highly, has been about ten thousand meters, bends down under look at this mountain. Behind of this mountain is his dry Fujiya, this mountain is not high, be only about five kilometers, on the mountain are not long Reaching Sky Vine, Reaching Sky Vine long in dry Fujiya, reason that on the mountain will have Reaching Sky Vine , because Reaching Sky Vine was too long, grown Reaching Sky Vine about ten thousand meters, mature Reaching Sky Vine, will lie on this mountain. Zhao also look at that mountain, after deep voice said : mountain, is dry Fujiya, they prepared to cling to tenaciously evidently, this arrived is not easy to do, Little Hai, did you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : I first , can look make on two Reaching Sky Vine.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, complexion changes said : is not then good, too dangerous this dry Fujiya here, had been managed many years by dry Fujimoto don’t know, inside Reaching Sky Vine is don’t know has many, at this time got down, by them presently, is not been certainly good, was not absolutely good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, feel relieved, I know in heart, first do not get down, under me.” Said that his personal appearance moves, vanished on Yama Ship, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in all Great Magical Artifact, saw the Zhao Hai movement, the people cannot help but somewhat for his. Zhao Hai just an advancement, dry Fujimoto's person immediately had to respond, sees the innumerable yellow rattan, is similar to the tentacle of octopus is the same, flexible flew from the mountain, curls toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Haonian moves, about ten thousand Liquid Silver flying sword appears around his body, these flying sword look like the school of fish is the same, rotated in his all around, has blocked these Reaching Sky Vine attack. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, this Reaching Sky Vine is seriously uncommon, his Liquid Silver flying sword although has not poured into too many energy now, not with Strength of Faith blessing/additional support, but now Liquid Silver flying sword attack strength , the equivalent to general Law Idol time cultivator attack strength, however such attack strength, actually can only keep off the day Reaching Sky Vine, cannot Reaching Sky Vine cutting off.

Moreover a Zhao Hai minute of clarity, this Reaching Sky Vine toward the position of root, is tenacious, according to legend mature Reaching Sky Vine, about three kilometers long place, even can block Nascent Soul Stage Expert attack, about one kilometer time, even can block Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert attack, may think can know this thing makes head painful. Zhao Hai only drops to about eight kilometers time, draws back, these flying sword already complete gave to wrap in inside him, probably was one flock of silver-white schools of fish encircles in there, making bystander simply unable to see inside Zhao Hai. Zhang Feng saw that Zhao Hai gets down somewhat to worry, but sees this situation, actually slightly stares, then on the face appears did a strange smiling face, mutter said : to look to disappear? He He, it seems like that the dry Fujimoto's these fellows' understanding Little Hai were too few, perhaps it seems like Little Hai also really can get so far as several Reaching Sky Vine.” Zhang Feng is not short with the time that Zhao Hai knows, he does not believe Zhao Hai will do such not studious, command(er) flying sword is confronting with Reaching Sky Vine in there, this is not the Zhao Hai style, he has certainly the plan. , …… ing o.c om &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;