Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1785

Zhang Feng just said that saw person flashes, Zhao Hai already appears in his front, Zhao Hai in hand is taking two jade boxes now, in these two jade boxes thought of two to bring the Reaching Sky Vine root of soil. Zhang Feng he he chuckle said : I said that person youngster already ran, dry Fujimoto's these fellows also think that blocked you, now what to do?”. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : first to retreat was saying.” The hand wields, Liquid Silver Magic Sword has drawn back slowly, simultaneously fleet also slowly goes toward retreat, in the blink of an eye vanished in the dry Fujimoto's sky. Dry Fujimoto's these cultivator looked that Zhao Hai they such quickly have drawn back, somewhat is in doubt, understand Zhao Hai what is this, this was not including exploratory attack has drawn back, this stemmed from their unexpected. Dry Fujimoto thinks that Zhao Hai they have any plot, does not dare to act unreasonably, but makes disciple strictly observe the gateway, cannot the to ignore be possible Black Tiger Group cultivator to come in absolutely. But at this time Zhao Hai their fleets have fallen back on a very safe place, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert gather on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, obviously they want to know that Zhao Hai has anything to plan. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : everyone/Great Clan do not worry, this, we in the here rest some time, I want research first well one this Reaching Sky Vine, when my research understand, was then moving.” The people did not have the opinion, although saying that this motion, iron Zhan Tian was lets Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng together command(er), but Zhao Hai had own strength, obtained the approvals of these people. Now command(er) in fact has one. That is Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai took two boxes of Reaching Sky Vine to enter in the cabin, at this time these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert came sphering Zhang Feng, iron hawk said : Xiao Feng, was Little Hai this is doing? mysterious?” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: He, he thinks that research one this Reaching Sky Vine what's the matter, has a look to have the means to give to destroy completely dry Fujimoto's these Reaching Sky Vine.” Iron hawk two eyes bright said : „, if can give to destroy completely dry Fujimoto's these Reaching Sky Vine, that is the good matter, when the time comes also suffices dry Fujimoto to receive.” The iron wing shook the head said : not to be easy, this Reaching Sky Vine existed in Cultivation World is not a day or two, now the people had not found to destroy completely the Reaching Sky Vine method. He wants to give to destroy completely Reaching Sky Vine now, feared that is also difficult.” The iron hawk smiles said : that is others Little Hai I am trustworthy, this youngster can always probably turn into some impossible matter.” One hear of iron hawks said that people cannot help but at present one bright. They to are agreed that the viewpoint of iron hawk, Zhao Hai truly has been able to turn probably the impossible matter, with that base, who can want to obtain within he that short time, can complete a that big base, said that some people do not believe that but he has actually achieved, moreover does like matter Zhao Hai also many, therefore Zhao Hai this Zhao Hai what, if in can create miracle, that has also been nothing unusual. But in fact Zhao Hai when obtain Reaching Sky Vine. Has made Space start to compound to destroy completely Reaching Sky Vine Potion, Space already manufactured this Potion, now can take at any time with. Zhao Hai enters the cabin now, but to cover their ears and eyes, he did not have other any idea, stayed a while in Space, research four Sects the situations in other several Sect, Zhao Hai walked from Space. { Http:

. The friends upload renewal } He from entering Space to comes out from Space, from all sides also about five hours, Zhang Feng they now also in Yama Ship high grade his information. Visited him to come out, Zhang Feng they vision centralized to his body. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan prepared to move.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, his side were many several big jars, these big jar each are not smaller than the water jar. Inside one type of is transparent, thing like water. Zhao Hai has referred to these big jars. everyone/Great Clan everyone takes this Potion to these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said :, when uses Water element Spell, permeates in which this Potion, this Potion drug efficacy is very strong, does not need the ginseng to be too many, after sprinkling to dry Fujiya there, these Reaching Sky Vine do not want to live.” Zhang Feng looked at that water same Potion, knit the brows said : Little Hai, is this good? Has confidence?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, has confidence absolutely, everyone/Great Clan takes.” The people somewhat are scruple, but stems from the trust finally Zhao Hai, everyone took some Potion. Zhao Hai looked that the people took Potion, this then said : a while I will bring everyone/Great Clan to go to dry Fujiya there, when the time comes Zhao Hai used Water element Spell to dry cane there, whether or not attack, more importantly, Water element Spell, perfused dry Fujiya's each one inch land, understand?” People simultaneously complied with one, Zhao Hai had then beckoned with the hand said : well, that everyone/Great Clan on returned to own Great Magical Artifact on, began on the preparation a while to dry Fujiya above, has remembered, that Potion do not bump with the hand, was more undrinkable, had deadly poison, was also effective to the person.” These cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai such saying, at heart cannot help but one cold, in these cultivator , some people want research Zhao Hai this Potion are any thing, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that had actually lost heart, they know that Zhao Hai will not deceive at this matter their. The people have complied with one, on Great Magical Artifact that turn around returned to oneself have ridden. Zhao Hai command(er) Great Magical Artifact, in one time arrived above dry Fujiya, dry Fujimoto's these cultivator, immediately operates Reaching Sky Vine to defend. Zhao Hai put out communication Jade Token , deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan paid attention, do not come up to use Water element Spell to carry on attack, such words will make them get suspicious, what Spell must use, was mixing with some Water element Spell, most used Water element attack Spell, these fellows who like this waited for dry Fujimoto, hit the violent these Water element Spell, the water will sprinkle to below went, has remembered, Spell attack time must be long, must sprinkle dry Fujiya there each inch place sails upstream, starts.” Along with his issuing an order. Various on the ship Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. immediately has used all kinds of Spell to dry Fujiya, various Spell run all over the place, look to arrive at once is attractive. Zhao Hai their such attack style, to are the person who lets dry Fujimoto felt that accident, arrived at Transcends Tribulation Stage this degree cultivator in fact, has little used Spell, because of Spell Might limited, general Spell regarding Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, simply not any use. However now Zhao Hai they actually all carry on attack with Spell, although this Spell attack strength is not strong. However these Spell may be Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert comes out, any Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert strength does not allow to look down upon, therefore these Spell, dry Fujimoto's these cultivator have to deal. They are operating Reaching Sky Vine, one crushes these Spell. These Spell anything departments has, various, all kinds, is also mixing with some Water element Spell, these dry Fujimoto's cultivator naturally will not care, complete crushing.

But these Potion after being scattered, falling like raining to dry Fujiya, but these have not brought to the attention of these dry Fujimoto cultivator, because Water element Spell is this appearance. They do not certainly need to care. Zhao Hai these Potion although are also effective to person, but Zhao Hai already considered this situation, therefore these Potion will be quite slow to the effect of person, the time of making is not long. Such attack entered to hold following several hours, regarding these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, has used Spell attack, was really very relaxed matter, like this makes their attack several days they not think tired, because used Spiritual Qi that Spell needed is not many, this loss Spiritual Qi. Might as well they absorb many. At the same time attack about four hours, Zhao Hai one by one looked was also similar, now dry Fujiya there has had a soaking rain to be the same probably, these Potion will also live the effect, this waves. The fleet retreated slowly. To a safe place, Zhang Feng they arrived on Yama Ship. Eager look at Zhao Hai, the appearance of Zhao Hai look at people, showed a faint smile said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan did not need to be worried that within five days, dry Fujiya there will be worthy of the reputation, walked, we in tidied up other two Sect, after waiting to tidy up them, was coming back to examine the result.” Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, can you have confidence?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, is wielding, the fleet flies in the sinking Sand Bang direction. Sinking Sand Bang, because in the Sect domain, there is a a piece Shadong to become famous, in this Shadong, will produce the one type of poisonous yellow sand, this type of yellow sand toxicity very formidable, attack strength formidable, but sinking Sand sect disciple, is almost uses this poisonous yellow sand to make weapon, therefore acquires fame. Sinking Sand Bang in Northern Divergent Province here, belongs with Black Tiger Group similar Gang, the in the gang although skilled person are many, but the strength also in medium grade about , compared with Great Sect, has fallen far short, but compares with Black Tiger Group, actually not necessarily in difference many. However that is beforehand Black Tiger Group, present Black Tiger Group they may unable to compare, under because of this, therefore sinking Sand Bangcai will agree that resorts to arms to Black Tiger Group, because they are really jealous Black Tiger Group. Now sinking Sand Bang also obtained Wandering Soul Group extinguished information, knew Zhao Hai their attack the iron blade gate and dry Fujimoto's matter, therefore they also prepared. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, sinking Sand Bang person actually in keeping their General Hall there defense, but is initiative ran from General Hall, has exhibited the pattern outside, has blocked Zhao Hai their advancing the route. Zhao Hai stands on the Yama Ship bow, interestinging look at sank Sand Bang Great Formation, the sinking sand helps these time altogether set out 40 **, their Great Magical Artifact were not very special, used was also ship-shape Great Magical Artifact, but the shape of that ship, looked like Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, was different from Zhao Hai Yama Ship. Zhang Feng stands in Zhao Hai side, look at sinking Sand Bang Great Formation, deep voice said : sinking Sand Bang has the fight of one type of very special to use Formation, this Formation is formation comprised of eight or cultivator of eight multiples, this formation Might hears very big, so long as there is cultivator to enter in this formation, is similar to falls into quicksand, makes unable to make, finally only slowly was rubbed, is one type of very formidable formation.” Zhao Hai nodded said : they to prepare with own Great Magical Artifact cloth to leave one sinking sand evidently, the person looked that their Great Magical Artifact have 40, but lineup that these 40 ship Great Magical Artifact suspend, good faintly is a formation appearance, what most important is, Deep Sea sect these cultivator, are coordinating probably also these Great Magical Artifact, they take these 40 Great Magical Artifact as formation core, arranged huge sinking Sand Zhen, coped with us with this sinking Sand Zhenlai.” Zhang Feng carefully looked at sinking Sand Bang army, later nodded said : probably also is really, now what to do that can we?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to deploy troops, we do not come today, by break the formation.” Said that put out communication Jade Token , deep voice said : various ships paid attention, various ships paid attention, all Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert cannot the leave battleship go it alone, I inform everybody to input your Spiritual Qi to the battleship when necessary.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, sees in the sinking Sand Bang sinking junk, departs one person, this person stopped Zhao Hai their front hundred treasures his about hundred meters place, to the Zhao Hai direction, deep voice said : sinking Sand Bangyou Protector Liu Kun was seeing Mr. Zhao Hai, mister has come to this's point I to know, has arranged Great Formation below, if mister can break Great Formation, my sinking sand will help naturally from Black Tiger Group retreat, if mister cannot break Great Formation, that must ask mister to remain to seat guests.” Zhao Hai look at this Liu Kun, shows a faint smile said : „is very arrogant, wants to keep to seat guests me, that must have a look at you to have that skill, please, I give you setup time, within a half hour, I will attack.” As soon as Liu Kun listened to Zhao Hai saying that the nose has almost not been mad crookedly, he sufficed arrogantly, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai was arrogant than him, Liu Kun coldly snorted said : to wants to have a look below, was your strength to look like your mouth is so fierce.” Zhao Hai laughed said : a while you to know.” The hand wields, fleet started the change lineup slowly, slowly, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation comprised of 82 Great Magical Artifact, formed slowly. Zhao Hai these time has not used three-dimensional formation, although three-dimensional formation attack strength formidable, but also is not the present shines. Three-dimensional formation is also a Zhao Hai in hand card in a hand, he naturally will be at will shine, will be adding on the opposite party arrange sinking sand is in itself formation of plane, he does not need to make three-dimensional formation to come out, Zhao Hai will not think own Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, compared with opposite party sinking Sand Zhencha. However now Zhao Hai has given Megan them command of fleet, Megan they in command(er) battleship aspect, truly have innate skill compared with Zhao Hai, moreover this is also opportunity, lets Megan their command(er) battleship, with person playing of sinking Sand sect well, otherwise their daily stuffy in Space, is very bored. Megan they to have not declined, received command of fleet, the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation prepare, but Liu Kun also returned to sinking sand on the ship, sinking sand Great Formation, slowly moved at this time. Along with the rotation of sinking sand Great Formation, earth element between Heaven and Earth starts slowly toward Great Formation there builds up, quick entire sinking sand Great Formation, covers in one earth yellow radiance.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;