Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1786

Chapter 711 Formation battle Earth yellow radiance in sinking sand Great Formation are getting more and more, that earth yellow radiance slowly probably became such as real yellow sand, entire sinking sand Great Formation covering, having made bystander simply unable to see clearly the sinking sand Great Formation appearance. Please keep firmly in mind Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but traces chin said : oh, good, Great Formation can achieve this point unexpectedly, was good, he he, within a half hour, feared that was their Great Formation on this full revolution? Strike the enemy to just sharply, he he, interesting.”. Zhang Feng has stood in the Zhao Hai side, one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but looked at sinking Sand Bang sinking sand Great Formation, turns the head to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Hai, has confidence? Opposite party sinking sand Great Formation, but became famous to be long.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, today I broke certainly their sinking sand Great Formation, I to have a look, can they let attack in the gang army to remove, if they if not remove, we attacked in the gang army tidying up them.” Zhang Feng has not been saying anything, if beforehand Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng also thinks Zhao Hai a little talks big, that present Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng thinks is not excessive, because Zhao Hai has that strength. A half hour quick on the past, the Zhao Hai Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation also prepare, under Megan and Lizzy their command(er), Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation revolved slowly. Immediately in bystander opinion, the position that Zhao Hai they were just, turned into starry skies, on all Spaceship all vanished, in the stars, there are innumerable planet meteorite to transfer the migration slowly, these stars with meteorite, have the fixed track, looks like looks like huge Star Map projection is the same. However now this Star Map projection, actually slowly toward sinking Sand sect sinking sand Great Formation presses, but sinking Sand sect sinking sand Great Formation also , is not only used to defend, sinking sand Great Formation can also attack, sinking sand Great Formation under Liu Kun's command(er), slowly compels toward Zhao Hai Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation. Looked in the distant place that sees looks at the giant starry sky and a incomparably huge desert, proximity slowly, this scenery is marvelous precinct. However true understand person understand, in this beautiful scene, is containing inexhaustible killing intent. Quick Star Map hit with the desert in together, was different to the general Magical Artifact attack, general Magical Artifact attack, possibly appears world-shaking, but the hits of these two Great Formation were actually not that a matter, these two Great Formation hit in together is silent, looked like two does not leave the sound wild beast, stopped hissing was nipping on the body of opposite party, was actually a sound not Slowly from two places of Great Formation intersections, has transmitted intermittently ping the sound, this sound looks like the sound of gunfire, but is much bigger than the sound of gunfire.

This slowly ping sound getting bigger and bigger, turned into sound of the intermittent roaring cry afterward, finally turned into such as the mountain torrent violent intermittently same rumbling sound. This is actually the one type of phenomenon of Formation battle, Formation, to put it bluntly, with various energy symbol, reassignment many energy for the one type of method that oneself use, but battles with Formation, is between two Great Formation the one type of contest of energy. The contest and general Magical Artifact between energy are different, general Magical Artifact is a whole, but energy in this Formation, they are scattered, they look like an army, but accepts command(er), but each soldier, is actually an independent individual. Because of this, therefore two Formation battles time, not like the Magical Artifact battle, one light rumbling loud noise, this battle is comprised of the each and every one individual sound, slowly composes a huge sound. Now energy in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, slowly is suppressing energy in sinking sand Great Formation, looks like an army, victorious another army slowly is the same. Sees more and more desert was being swallowed by the starry sky, starry sky although is that big, but desert getting smaller and smaller. After two hours, the desert became, only then original two-thirds sizes, at this time heard Bang a loud sound, then desert suddenly completely vanished. Sinking Sand sect Great Magical Artifact and these cultivator appears in in midair, but now the sinking Sand sect situation is not quite good, these Great Magical Artifact by original 40, became only remaining more than 20, but these participated in Great Formation cultivator, now also buckle about one third. At this time Zhao Hai Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation also stopped, Zhao Hai stood in the Yama Ship bow, some look at these startled sinking sand sect people, coldly snorted said : Liu Kun, you were already having the agreement on behalf of sinking Sand sect with me today, I hope that your sinking Sand sect honored that agreement, if you did not raise by that agreement, do not blame me for being rude, your sinking Sand Zongru my Black Tiger Group cultivator, I made them come but not return surely!” The hand wields, fleet suspends the neat lineup to howl to go. But stands in a sinking sand on the ship Liu Kun, is actually the fleet that complexion pale look at goes far away, he has not thought really that the final result is actually this, sinking sand Great Formation that their sinking Sand Bang is proud, such made the person breaking unexpectedly, this was really too disgraced. However Liu Kun also knows that now they pursue not to ask, this Black Tiger Group sends out a such fighting strength extremely powerful squad, meaning very obvious, must compel four Sects retreat, but they are know that the meaning of Black Tiger Group can be what kind, so long as they do not have the means with this squad, they retreat.

Reason that Liu Kun understand, today Zhao Hai retreated because of fearing their sinking Sand Bang, because Zhao Hai does not want to form the dead enmity with the sinking sand gang now, this also gave the sinking sand to help the face, if sinking Sand Bang must continue to attack Black Tiger Group, that Zhao Hai they will certainly come back to retaliate. Thinks of here, Liu Kun cannot help but let out a long breath, the direction that the look complex look at Zhao Sea Warship team departs, since sinking Sand Bang with Black Tiger Group has been strength equally matched two Gang, but Liu Kun knows now, Black Tiger Group already distant sinking Sand Bang leaving behind. Liu Kun sighed, waved, has issued the order of retreating. Zhao Hai their slowly flies toward the great strength gang, Zhang Feng turned the head to look at a distant place to turn into a small black spots Liu Kun they, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, did you say them to be able retreat?” Zhao Hai sneers said : they well is retreat, if their not retreat, then on do not blame me for being rude.” Zhang Feng take deep breaths, deep voice said : just wait, when later has opportunity, I make certainly these fellows know our fierce.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to believe that on this day will not be far, First Senior Brother, sends the letter to Gang Master, asks the Gang Master in the gang situation.” Zhang Feng has complied with one, has put out a signalling jade sword, after inputting the content, released for flight, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, below was the great strength has helped, this great strength helped not to be ordinary, the great strength gang was one by Monster Cultivator give priority to Sect Master, combative became second nature, super strong, what most important was, these fellows who the great strength helped, temper specially staunch, wants to let their retreat is not that easy, what did you have to plan?” Zhao Hai thinks that deep voice said : „the present great strength helps there should know our information, a while opened returned to Great Magical Artifact our Black Tiger Group domain, then stop outside domain that in the great strength helps, is sinking soldier Yu Juli helps with our Black Tiger Group border place, then you and my they go to a great strength gang, we first use courtesy and then use force.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then deep voice said : good, this time I accompany you to walk, our two rush to the dangerous spot that the great strength helps!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, you favored them, their there, called the dangerous spot, snort|hum, when the time comes I to must have a look at the great strength gang am anything responded, if they said be reasonable, that arrived, if they were unappreciative, on do not blame me for being rude.” Zhang Feng turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, he Zhao Hai don’t know when were presently many a aggression, actually Zhang Feng and don’t know, Zhao Hai already had the aggression, but he low key desirably, aggressive hiding, at that time his strength was insufficient, if he extremely in aggressive, that met the has plenty person to cope with him, when the time comes his trouble. However now the Zhao Hai strength, can resist with Immortal Stage Expert fully, so long as he uses the Fire God city, general Immortal Stage Expert possibly is not his match, currently he naturally has the aggressive qualifications.

Moreover a little also affected Zhao Hai, that was he good and evil about building, friendly naturally very temperate, wicked very overbearing constantly constantly, before Zhao Hai cultivated was friendly, therefore he displayed continuously very temperate, but now he good and evil about cultivating, therefore his body unconscious were many a aggression. The Zhao Hai present did not have presently own change, disposition change, person are very difficult to realize, but was he present, he will not think what kind, before he too had been low-key, now should also the suitable high-sounding talk time. The fleet under Zhao Hai command(er), transferred a direction, howls to fly in the Black Tiger Group direction, not long after entered Black Tiger Group within the boundaries, then changes to fly in the direction that the great strength helps from Black Tiger Group within the boundaries. After a day of flight, the fleet arrived at the great strength to help with the Black Tiger Group intersection point, here to set up a piece Boundary Stone, side is Black Tiger Group, side is the great office gang. Zhao Hai stopped the fleet, then had found on all Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert Yama Ship, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, what this time we must face is the great strength gang, what person the great strength gang is, I think everybody also very clear, if we come up to come hardly, the great strength will help to spell with us very much, this to us very disadvantageous, therefore this time we must first use courtesy and then use force, these time I and Zhang Feng Senior Brother, will harness Yama Ship the great strength to help there, other's Spaceship will keep here, not my. The order, cannot cross Boundary Stone one step, if discussed well with the great strength gang, that naturally was anything says, if discussed was not good, when the time comes everybody harnessed Spaceship to come to aid me with First Senior Brother, harnessed matter everybody of ship not to need to be worried that gave Undead Creature, so long as I gave information, command(er) fleet aided us to be OK, but did not have my order, everybody cannot optional overstepping Boundary Stone, iron hawk Senior Brother, this matter hand over give you absolutely, I after Zhang Feng Senior Brother went, here to you are under the charge.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;