Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1787

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 27 th ~ With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! Iron hawk one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then complexion changes, quickly said: „It is not good, you went to be too dangerous, making me go.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : both of us to win great reputation, goes by our two, can demonstrate that our sincerity, you do not use, our two in together, the person who the great strength helps could not have left behind us, if has any matter, our two are also good to withdraw, iron hawk Senior Brother, the here matter hands over give you.” Iron hawk one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has to nod, to be honest, they now to the Zhao Hai strength also are really very confident, what most important is, Zhao Hai or Space Divergent Warlock , even if the person who Giant Spirit helps wants to be disadvantageous to him, he can also get away. Zhao Hantou looked at other people one eyes, deep voice said : now in our Black Tiger Group comfortable unprecedented crisis, therefore I disappear everybody to obey orders the conduct, because if that does not listen to the verbal command, but the accident sentiment of I will not let off his.” These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but in heart one cold, their very clear, the Zhao Hai words do not crack a joke, the Zhao Hai method their also experience crossed, although Zhao Hai has been beginning to the enemy, but they believe that if violated on Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite. Zhao Hai they holds the fist in the other hand to the iron hawk, deep voice said : everybody, takes care.” The iron hawk they also holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng, this leave Yama Ship, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng then harnessed Yama Ship to enter the domain that the great strength has helped. Zhang Feng stands on the Yama Ship bow <\;- the scenery of distant place. deep voice said : great strength helps in Northern Divergent Province here always very overbearingly, this time feared that will not be smooth.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : first used courtesy and then used force has not feared them, was not does not only want to make the entanglement with them, about one year, the day Demon Realm person must invade Cultivation World, we needed to prepare more often, so that better dealt with this invasion, if because of this, the great strength did not help to be anything.” Zhang Feng nodded, these fellows who deep voice said : „the great strength helps do not think. We must be careful that a point for good, prepares two hands.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to hit us not to fear him, moreover copes with the great strength to help this, either you do not hit. Must hit comes to him ruthlessly, making them know that some people they cannot stir up.” Zhang Feng nodded, has not been saying anything, at this time Yama Ship very deep entered the domain that the great strength helps, but they have not seen the person who a great strength has helped to the present.

Zhao Hai complexion is not quite attractive, because when fights with sinking Sand Bang, he has helped there send out the Liquid Silver needle toward the great strength, but does not have the means to enter to General Hall that in the great strength helps, because the great strength helped opening Mountain Guardian Great Formation. Moreover Expert completely leaves, exhibits appearance that must go all out, this is actually Zhao Hai needlessly sees. Extinguished Wandering Soul Group, that is because hates, if Zhao Hai is beginning to help remnantly to the dozen the great strength, feared that was Ten Thousand Monster Sect these fellows cannot take a seat. although is because the great strength gang invades Black Tiger Group in first, but Great Sect has not reasoned with, this five Sects gate attacks Black Tiger Group, the back has the Ten Thousand Monster Sect shadow obviously, Wandering Soul Group extinguishing. Black Tiger Group also has the excuse, if extinguished the great strength to help actually to deliver to give a pretext to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, therefore Zhao Hai minute of careful. Appearance that however now the great strength gang suspends, is makes Zhao Hai have the one type of not good premonition, if the great strength helps to spell with them. Also is a trouble. Zhao Hai is flying in the direction that the great strength helps, how while thinks must cope with this aspect. If helps to spell with the great strength really hardly, that obviously is not cost-effective, but arrives can make the great strength help the meat pain for a while. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one brightly, he has thought finally one type of copes with the method that the great strength helps, can make the great strength help the meat pain, can make Ten Thousand Monster Sect unable to find the excuse to cope with them, that adopts the one type of initiative defense. The defense is carries generally, but actually also the initiative defense, actually the so-called active defense is the one type of provocation, Zhao Hai has thought one type of copes with the method that the great strength helps, that enters in army to Black Tiger Group to give to destroy completely great strength Gang, this great enough strength helps meat pain one, if the great strength helps or is unforgiving, that does not have the means that the Black Tiger Group not initiative attack great strength to help, so long as you also dare to despatch troops toward Black Tiger Group, how many sending me to eliminate how many, Zhao Hai to is to have a look, how many great strength helps to have person to send. Moreover this method Ten Thousand Monster Sect did not have the means to find the excuse to meddle, because Black Tiger Group was the defensive that took, I in my domain, have killed the intruder, if you were meddling, that a little could not be justified, when the time comes feared that is not only the pressure that Ten Thousand Monster Sect must face from Black Tiger Group, entire Northern Divergent Province must exert pressure to Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Ten Thousand Monster Sect called king dominate for a long time in Northern Divergent Province, but they did not have means complete order following small Sect to do, in other words, these small Sect regarding Ten Thousand Monster Sect, has had very strong vigilance, if Ten Thousand Monster Sect swept really meddles to invade Black Tiger Group, these small Sect met the everybody feels insecure, when the time comes Ten Thousand Monster Sect in Northern Divergent Province here, feared that was must be isolated. For this reason, therefore Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not dare invades Black Tiger Group without excuse, they feared one complete has isolated, that feared that Ten Thousand Monster Sect is Northern Divergent Province first Great Sect, but if they by entire Northern Divergent Province all Sect isolating, that consequence is also very critical, for does not have what enmity Black Tiger Group with them, but offends the entire Northern Divergent Province person, that is absolutely not cost-effective. Before Zhao Hai tidied up iron blade gate, dry Fujimoto, sinking Sand Bang, even destroys completely Wandering Soul Group, was the demonstrations of one type of strength, simultaneously these also in the Ten Thousand Monster Sect withstanding range. But if a Zhao Hai time were running up to the great strength to help to help extinguishing the great strength, that Ten Thousand Monster Sect met make a move absolutely, therefore Zhao Hai one time prepared an initiative defense.

Deciding Zhao Hai, has put down the concern finally fully, command(er) Yama Ship flies v phoenixes in paying attention Zhao Hai toward the great strength gang, he also present change on ZhaoHong Xu, his puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai? Are you probably very happy?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, is very happy, if this time the great strength helps not to show due respect for the feelings, must make war with us, I have thought how good to tidy up them.” Zhang Feng puzzled look at Zhao Hai does said : tidy up? Doesn't make iron hawk Big Brother they lead the attack great strength gang? What idea did you have?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this time we to trade the one type of method, we were not capturing to the great strength have helped, our turn around returned, invaded my Black Tiger Group army the great strength gang, kept Black Tiger Group there, I must let them, cannot return to the great strength gang, as for other several Sect invasion army, gave them a lesson, but should not be ruthless.” They were speaking, a suddenly signalling jade sword flew, stopped the Zhang Feng front, Zhang Feng received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward the jade sword, then said : of face happy expression Little Hai, has become, iron blade gate retreat, sinking Sand Bang also retreat, now only then the dry cane helps not to have retreat with the great strength gang.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : soon, they are think that retreat late, and other about day, the dry cane has also helped on almost this retreat, their retreat, did not fear that was must make war with us comprehensively.” Zhang Feng pleasantly surprised said : „did you say? Reaching Sky Vine?” Zhao Hai smiles said : dark „, Reaching Sky Vine, I heard that Reaching Sky Vine after dying, can be used as medicine, dry Fujimoto makes Reaching Sky Vine to be used as medicine some special medicine pill that produce comes out to come to be Sect brings the income, then some time, their income feared that will increase, but I thought that their Reaching Sky Vine feared must die certainly.” Zhang Feng shook the head, smiles said : „dead arrives certainly not, even if died really certainly, they can also transplant from Ten Thousand Monster Sect there, Reaching Sky Vine was the dry Fujimoto's lifeblood, they will not give up.” Zhao Hai sneered Potion that said : that their too underestimated I matched, Potion that I compounded, guaranteed him within three years, even if were transplants in many Reaching Sky Vine, will not plant to live.” Zhang Feng two eyes twinkling brightly said : three years? That should almost suffice, feared is three years later, the dry cane will suffice in planting Reaching Sky Vine, on the other hand, three years later, but also there is a dry cane gang two saying that when a day Demon Realm invasion, will not have dry Fujimoto who Reaching Sky Vine will protect, feared that will unable to block day Demon Realm vanguard.” Zhao Hai nodded, but in front of their actually look at, in front, appears a mountain, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, the appearance of this mountain, on this mountain was given probably to the wall has become two mountain peak, but these two mountain peak, had been carved carefully, looks like a person was demonstrating that the moving place of own musculus biceps brachii, but this should be the head position, a place big incomparable giant stone palace.

This is Zhao Hai has seen the biggest stone palace, the entire bedstone palace has several hundred meters high, but Zhao Hai can affirm, this bedstone palace not stratified, in other words, entire Stone Dian is huge Space. Stone Zhan a surface, is setting up 18 pillars, the entire Stone Zhan shape, looks like wears Warrior of hard helmet, moreover that hard helmet has face armor. Zhang Feng look at that Stone Dian, deep voice said : great strength Divine Palace, according to legend is the great strength helps the first-generation Gang Master management construct \; first, to make the great strength help a symbolic building, another point is, through constructing great strength Divine Palace, making some Inferior level cultivator that the great strength helps be exercised.” Zhao Hai looked at Zhang Feng one puzzled, Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : great strength gang is pure Body Cultivator Gang, they request the very strict standard regarding the practice of body, but big stone that construction this great Strength God show needs, is cultivator that the great strength helps mines, first Gang Master that the great strength helps, must in this way, let the great strength help the bodies of these Inferior level cultivator, obtains a better exercise.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest he has to match first Gang Master that the clothing/taking great strength helps, this method truly is very good, can exercise the person, has left behind a symbolic building to the great strength gang, this can also increase the cohesive force that the great strength helps.( To be continued.,( Shuhaige.) casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;