Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1788

In this time, suddenly is departing big guy of two like hitting city car(riage) from great strength Divine Palace there, welcomed toward Zhao Hai Yama Ship here. Zhao Hai immediately made Yama Ship stop, since their these time must first use courtesy and then use force, that must first making was fully good this ritual. Before long that two shapes hit city car(riage) Ping Yang Great Magical Artifact to stop the Zhao Hai front, these two Great Magical Artifact very unusual, below had four wheels, wheel above had stance/framework/shelf, stance/framework/shelf below was hanging a giant cone, this cone hung with iron chain on stance/framework/shelf, was not back and forth shook, seemed looks like weapon that an ancient attack wartime came in handy hits the city car(riage). Zhang Feng looked at this Great Magical Artifact one, deep voice said : this is Great Magical Artifact that great strength in the gang becomes famous, great strength Battering Ram, this thing do not look probably very unwieldy, however real fighting strength comes, is actually not unwieldy, moreover he can separate, hits wooden is, stance/framework/shelf is one, can a Great Magical Artifact dual purpose.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time in two great strength War Chariot/Tank hit wooden there, suddenly opened two Dao Sect, then walked out of several person's shadows from gate. Zhao Hai looks at that several person's shadows, cannot help but stares, because these people were really too strong, the height of everyone fully had about three meters, a muscle dragon knot, looked like gives people the one type of strength the aesthetic sense. These four people are greatly bald, skin is flashing metal radiance, their bodies put on is not the cultivator here traditional cultivator robe, but is a small vest is adding on a lantern to sprinkle the robe, under foot pair of leather boots, to person one type of critical period valiant feeling. These four people from great strength Battering Ram, immediately has flown Yama Ship, look at Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng. And deep voice said : future who? Helps to do to my great strength?” Zhang Feng knows certainly that these fellows are feigning ignorance, they are knowing perfectly well the adviser, he cannot help but changed Zhao Hai the vision, actually presently Zhao Hai now temperament changed, in one time turned into that mild-mannered and cultivated Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to four people said : Black Tiger Group Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng, comes to seek an interview the great strength to help Gang Master on behalf of Black Tiger Group especially. We hope that Gang Master can give the interview.” The person who that four great strength helps has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so polite, they have cannot help but gawked, then mutually looked at one, one of them deep voice said : two please wait a bit, after this matter must ask for instructions Gang Master, can decide.” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally, everybody invited.” That four people hold the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around walked, waited for that four person returned to on great strength Battering Ram. Zhang Feng to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you present? Their strengths?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : present, he he, Gold Core Stage, intended, was too interesting.” Zhang Feng sneers said : bright clearly know is our two, only sends out four Gold Core Stage cultivator unexpectedly, was really too does not pay attention to us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, I to have a look at them to be what kind. However nothing but also has some difficult problems, or exposes to the sun us some time, now the iron blade gate and sinking Sand Bang in retreat, only depends on dry Fujimoto and great strength sect, simply impossible to be what kind of our Black Tiger Group, therefore we do not need to worry now, I want soon. Dry Fujimoto there will have response. I to have a look, dry Fujimoto wants to go all out with us, wants retreat. If their retreat, that their together does not tidy up, if their retreat, must look the great strength helps.”

Zhang Feng thinks, such that but also said to Zhao Hai, now iron blade gate and sinking Sand Bang already retreat. Only is dry Fujimoto and great strength helps not to have what threat to Black Tiger Group, moreover crosses several days dry Fujimoto Reaching Sky Vine dead. Can know that what response dry Fujimoto was. cultivator that before long that four great strength helps, flew from great strength Battering Ram, has flown nearby Yama Ship, holds the fist in the other hand said : Gang Master to be invited to Zhao Hai, two please come with me, but Great Magical Artifact cannot go.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well.” The hand wields, Yama Ship on vanish from sight, cultivator that four great strength helped, obviously has not thought that Zhao Hai will have such one, they gawked, did not have to say anything, others had the ability receiving Great Magical Artifact, they naturally also had no reason to block others. cultivator of that four great strength sects, turn around to the hand signal that Zhao Hai has made invitation, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng not polite, their personal appearance moved, enters in great strength Battering Ram. Great strength War Chariot/Tank internal Space hits Muli in that hits wooden is only the one type of routine name, that hits the wood all over the body is by made of metal, inside Space is not small. cultivator that however that four great strength helps, has not actually led the meaning that the Zhao Hai ginseng is closing in all directions, but was directly welcome them to the War Chariot/Tank reception room, asking them to sit down. After they sit down, that four people are accompanying them on the station reception room, accompanies, might as well said that is monitoring two people, Zhao Hai has not cared, but turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, you said that now the iron blade gate and sinking Sand Bang person will arrive at there?” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that on the meaning of understand Zhao Hai, he showed a faint smile said : to retreat naturally compared with the attack smoothly, now they did not do well already in returned to their Sect, five groups of army, went to three groups now.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : five groups of army, but was used, that colossus, can cope with us with this method today, tomorrow can deal with others with this method, our Black Tiger Group had a grudge with the roaring flame sect, extinguished the roaring flame sect, show of our Black Tiger in the population, has not been a domain that obtained, this, that big guy could not accommodate us, if others expanded, they could not accommodate others, he will not be threatened by Northern Divergent Province appears one to their exists, if we really defeat, that. Blows the minute the person in our domain, the strength will increase, when the time comes, feared that must be one's turn them to have bad luck.” Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, person very clear that several great strength helps, just from the beginning they also somewhat disdained the view of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai spoke of finally, they actually have to believe that what because Zhao Hai said was right. Person who shadow the motion of this five Great Sect, the back has Ten Thousand Monster Sect. This almost can be said as public secret in Northern Divergent Province here, but what enmity does Black Tiger Group have with Ten Thousand Monster Sect? No, Black Tiger Group beforehand simply does not dare to offend Ten Thousand Monster Sect, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect aims at Black Tiger Group, is because Black Tiger Group has tidied up the roaring flame sect. To be honest, has that one Sect not to expand, Black Tiger Group expanded with own strength. Black Tiger Group procedure simply not any mistake. However Ten Thousand Monster Sect actually could not look that Black Tiger Group is formidable, therefore they start to suppress Black Tiger Group, even put forth has let five Great Sect attack Black Tiger Group matters. But if five Great Sect really Black Tiger Group extinguishing, them have been able to obtain the Black Tiger Group domain, their strengths will increase, was adding on five Great Sect to turn into four Great Sect now, if Black Tiger Group were extinguished, also in other words. The great strength helps their four Sect, must blow a minute of domain to be big, that equivalent to by the top three Sect domain, Black Tiger Group, Wandering Soul Group is adding on the roaring flame sect. Four Sect blew has divided three Sect domains, each one Sect almost can obtain near one Sect domain, that strength naturally can also ef = "

Bibliophile building The quickest writing Renews -&\; 1 t \; >\; - adless Big increase. However does Ten Thousand Monster Sect meet the look at these Sect strengths such to increase? Definitely, when the time comes four Great Sect will not fear that becomes Ten Thousand Monster Sect will suppress. Black Tiger Group today, is their tomorrow. The person although strength that these great strength help is not high, but this did not express that they are the fools, in fact does not have good cultivator is the genuine fool, is adding on understand that Zhao Hai said that so long as that several cultivator a brain revolution said on understand Zhao Hai is right, in this case. They can also say anything. Zhao Hai looked at that four cultivator one. He knows that four cultivator will tell Gang Master that his words the great strength helps, he intentionally said that to the Gang Master hear that the great strength helps, therefore his then deep voice said : „the present iron blade gate and sinking Sand Bang were repelled by us. The strength also received certain loss, their losses compare with dry Fujimoto, has actually fallen far short, and other days, I believes that dry Fujimoto feared is cries unable to look to move.” Zhang Feng laughed said : you to give to dig the dry Fujimoto's root, but these Reaching Sky Vine dry Fujimoto's treasure. You these Reaching Sky Vine kill, dry Fujimoto feared that will not let off you.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted doesn't said : let off me? Don't they let off me to be what kind of? In Cultivation World here. All by the strength speech, dry Fujimoto's Reaching Sky Vine died, did not have Mountain Guardian Great Formation on equal to, do not forget, in this Cultivation World, may not have that Sect not to have the personal enemy, information that so long as dry Fujimoto's Reaching Sky Vine dies is known by other Sect, when the time comes does not need us to cope with him, has is the person must cope with him, what to do I look at dry Fujimoto when the time comes, when the time comes was not they looks for my trouble, was I looks for their troubles.” cultivator of that four great strength sects heard Zhao Hai saying that gawked, look at Zhao Hai that then their face cannot believe that dry Fujimoto was very famous in Northern Divergent Province, they became famous by these Reaching Sky Vine, now Zhao Hai actually talks wildly he Black Tiger Group Reaching Sky Vine to kill, the person who this let the great strength sect how can believe. They know that don’t know has many people to want dry Fujimoto's Reaching Sky Vine to give kill, but nobody has actually succeeded, must know that environment caring of these Reaching Sky Vine although very to growth, however their Life Force are not low, does not fear the water and fire, such plants wants kill he is not that easy. cultivator of great strength sect cannot bear to Zhao Hai said : mister, what you said is really? Your really dry Fujimoto's these Reaching Sky Vine kill?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : wait, two days later will have information, I ensure in entire dry Fujiya, Reaching Sky Vine cannot live.” cultivator of that four great strength sects, you have a look at me, I have a look at you, saw an astonishment from the opposite party eye, if said like Zhao Hai, he can dry Fujimoto there all Reaching Sky Vine kill, that Zhao Hai strength have to estimate again. Zhao Hai has not managed cultivator of that several great strength sects, still to Zhang Feng said : „, if dry Fujimoto presently their Reaching Sky Vine by our kill, may look for us to go all out, but reminded in the gang to prepare in me well, believes that did not have Reaching Sky Vine dry Fujimoto, is fangless tiger, to fear insufficient.” Zhang Feng nodded said : originally dry Fujimoto also no big deal, but is very close that because follows Ten Thousand Monster Sect, therefore continuously free and unfettered to the present, should select the lesson to them time.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, was not speaking, he also knows, if some words said were too many, that did not have the meaning, these words enough have made Gang Master that the great strength helped think their situations well. Before long great strength Battering Ram entered in great strength Divine Palace, in great strength Divine Palace stops, cultivator that four great strength helps invited Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng, cultivator that then a great strength helps, to their said : two mister, please come with me, Gang Master is busy now, waits a while to see two, please rest two to behind.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded said : well, expensive Gang Master is so busy, but can also comply to see us, we already very grateful, Zhao Hai in here thanks a lot, please.” Said that is leading Zhang Feng with cultivator that great strength helps, went to the great strength to help in Cave Mansion of back side of the mountain. After cultivator that great strength helps they usher in Cave Mansion, to their said : I in out of the door, if two mister have any need, called me on the line.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to trouble you, you did as you please.” That cultivator holds the fist in the other hand to them, turn around leave. Zhao Hai look at that person of back, shows a faint smile, turns the head „the present to look to Zhang Feng said : Gang Master that the great strength helps how must choose.” Zhang Feng deep voice said : hopes that he will not choose that blind alley.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, his two eyes is actually the cold light twinkle, obviously Zhao Hai with is also same, but Zhao Hai that Zhang Feng thinks thinks is farther than Zhang Feng, today copes with Black Tiger Group these Gang, he will not certainly let off, but the opportunity has not arrived now. But when rest Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng to Cave Mansion, receives their three great strength to help cultivator, now arrived in great strength Divine Palace that the great strength has helped. Place that actually Zhao Hai they just had been, but is great strength Divine Palace the square of behind, in great strength Divine Palace is any situation they have not known, because that great strength Divine Palace, has the one layer strength to protect probably, their spiritual force cannot search in great strength Divine Palace. If they can see the content in great strength Divine Palace, that will certainly be surprised, this great strength Divine Palace really like they imagine, in entire great strength Divine Palace is incomparably huge Space, in the great strength Divine Palace middle, worshipped/Foreign Elder huge Statue, this Statue is looking like very special, he is the person shape, the idol that this person looks like, two in hand are taking a giant sledgehammer respectively, raises the angry glare, the invincible might is cold. Now before this god follows, is sitting cross-legged to sit a person, this person of stature very tall and big, has about 2.5 m fully, such status in great strength in the gang is not anything, the key is this person is actually extremely thin, looks like looks like skin covered bones is the same, the appearance is somewhat terrorist. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;