Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1790

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 28 th ~ , Nbsp \; With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! In iron Zhan Tian study room, in all Black Tiger Group honored and popular character now centralized to here, the people strongly have one to the here point, that security about Wandering Soul Group domain. Black Tiger Group surely does not have the ability to take over control of the Wandering Soul Group domain, that Wandering Soul Group can there do? Is putting? Really was a pity. On the iron Zhan Tian face is having a forced smile, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, but this trouble you annoy, what to do did you say must?” The people are he he the chuckle, they know that iron Zhan Tian is cracking a joke, therefore everyone/Great Clan has not taken seriously, is only look at Zhao Hai with a laugh, they want to know very much that this is being Black Tiger Group has created miracle young man, what proposition will have. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : Gang Master, I to am think Wandering Soul Group there cannot give up, we can build a base in there, by the day after tomorrow Demon Realm invasion time, we can use these two bases mutually for the potential of corner, this is also safer.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : I naturally to know, but you must know, now our Black Tiger Group simply nobody, the person who if there puts has been short, simply is not of use, person who if puts were many, that base here military strength will be few, such possibly danger.” Zhao Hai micro several days smiles said : Gang Master, how you have forgotten, our Black Tiger Group can open the entrance receive the person.” open the entrance, not only these Core Disciple, even if some Sect, some Sect in open the entrance. Generally will go to the surrounding some cities. Goes to open the entrance to there, receives some Rogue Cultivator to enter mountain gate/entrance, trains, slowly trains oneself in the gang person them, like open the entrance, was called is open wide the entrance, receives these Rogue Cultivator to welcome very much. These Rogue Cultivator think join to Great Sect, because most parts of Cultivator commodity control in Great Sect, only then Rogue Cultivator of some chance coincidences possibly practice to Advanced level Cultivation Method, can many good thing is good into Expert, but many Rogue Cultivator, possibly for a lifetime are low level cultivator, perhaps momentarily will die during that risk. But in Cultivation World here. Other one type of very special commodity, most attracts these Rogue Cultivator, this type of special commodity is the Saint strength, is Strength of Faith. Strength of Faith is provides by the Saint chart, but these Rogue Cultivator, are impossible to obtain many Saint strength, although in Cultivation World here, Saint strength sometimes can also be regarded is the one type of commodity sells, but that price, will make these Rogue Cultivator feel desperate.

Without Strength of Faith. To become Expert, the too difficult team, many Rogue Cultivator, practiced for a lifetime , because could not obtain the Saint strength, finally their fighting strength, on cultivator of equivalent to Law Idol time, because they did not have Law Idol, therefore can only depend upon own strength fight, met Law Idol time disciple. Also is loses all-win to be few mostly. But in various Sect is Inner Disciples free provides Strength of Faith, this is also thing that these Rogue Cultivator most need, no matter that Sect wants open the entrance, by these Rogue Cultivator giving all out. Naturally, various Sect has let also little has open the entrance the time. Even if open the entrance, is some small Sect. They have to by some external strengths supplement the blood in own Sect, like small Sect, they can not be many to thing that oneself Sect disciple provides actually, may be this, still will have innumerable Rogue Cultivator, the head that sharpens wants join. But Great Sect like Black Tiger Group, does not need open the entrance to recruit disciple, their disciple are almost Sect trains, simply does not use outside the move, because of this, therefore iron Zhan Tian they a short time have not remembered open the entrance to mention. Now Zhao Hai a saying, iron Zhan Tian their obvious has gawked, then iron Zhan Tian has tapped the head, laughs said : open the entrance, right, open the entrance, I gave to forget unexpectedly, HaHaHa, a small graduated arm proposition was good.” Black Tiger Group does not lack the commodity now, they already scooped up to change into the commodity thing that in the gang some did not use, afterward and has resulted is rich, commodity that therefore the practice that roaring flame sect and Wandering Soul Group innumerable years accumulated used, Black Tiger Group are now many are, however their people only then that many, these commodities can only be placed in there. But Strength of Faith, Black Tiger Group does not lack, the roaring flame sect and Wandering Soul Group were eliminated, disciple but who their two groups keep also, moreover these disciples can still provide Strength of Faith for them, is adding on Black Tiger Group these days, but sold many disciples, therefore Black Tiger Group Strength of Faith, the present is very ample. It can be said that now Black Tiger Group met all open the entrance requirements, so long as their open wide the entrance, that Black Tiger Group strength instantaneously will be increasing. All people after Zhao Hai proposed open the entrance condition, has thought instantaneously of these, showed a happy expression, the appearances of look at these people, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile said : Gang Master, our met open the entrance all requirements, so long as now open the entrance, receives disciple, use this year time training well, when day Demon Realm invasion time, can train a batch not weak fighting strength to come.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said :well, so long as open the entrance, can certainly take in in the gang many people, like this our strengths? p >\; dong broom Jun Shua? Shelf? Mulberry? Skill grain weak squid? 3? Does the cheek choke the joke? mo? Small-mouthed jar? Jiao Ox?? Incurs the mediocre long cherry?? Cooks? Hydra? Shame man hui sheath joyful technetium? Awakesdanger? Peak? Mulberry? Iridium acute hearing kind war? Fleeing oyster dark!? p >\; The people nodded, fifty thousand is not a small digit, feared that is these Great Sect, does not have the ability to receive fifty thousand disciple to enter mountain gate/entrance, this information, Cultivation World will certainly cause a stir.

It looks like such that iron Zhan Tian thinks, this information, has really caused the stir, entire Cultivation World has caused a stir, one absorbs fifty thousand disciple, all people know that the expansion of Black Tiger Group, was unavoidable. But in Cultivation World here, unwritten odd things regulation, that is, any cannot let prevent other Sect open the entrance, receives disciple, this custom is nine Great Sect cannot break, because of this custom, some small Sect can survive. If Black Tiger Group must start mountain gate/entrance, Ten Thousand Monster Sect definitely does not dare to disturb, if Ten Thousand Monster Sect must disturb, these small Sect everybody feels insecure, when the time comes these small Sect will fear that will happen to obtain somebody's favor Black Tiger Group. Iron Zhan Tian turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this open the entrance matter you must go, this, you go Yangming city there with the Xiao Feng two people, was right, you may probably use this opportunity, builds a base in Wandering Soul Group there, otherwise waited for us to absorb disciple to come, may not have the place to live to them.” Zhao Hai complied with said : is, but Gang Master, the Wandering Soul Group there situation I have looked, there was not quite suitable to build a too big base, because there cannot provide the energy place like the raging fire valley for the base, only then Yanggu there had massive Yin Qi certainly, these Yin Qi to can use, but must build about a hundred thousand person base on Dingtian, in many on will affect the defense to base.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : „the base of hundred thousand person, enough has used, do you want to be good because of there construct the base?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : already to think, in certainly Yanggu there, certainly Yanggu there was not quite suitable to let some ordinary cultivator in there practice, because Yin Qi was too heavy, so long as constructed the base, all kinds of formation prepares, that Absolute Yin valley there in having that heavy Yin Qi, has definitely been able to let the ordinary cultivator practice.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : that to be good, this matter hands over give you, but do not forget, ten days later, the Yangming city, do not forget, you must go to there to receive the person with Xiao Feng, the person who you must receive are not many, the population sufficed 500 to be OK, received, the absorption had the potential.” Zhao Hai complied with one, iron Zhan Tian also discussed with the people open the entrance matter, beckoned with the hand, making the people draw back, only then Hu Liangchen remained. Looked that the people advocated, iron Zhan Tian then turned the head to Hu Liang early morning said : Old Hu, you think that Little Hai was what kind of?” Hu Liang early morning look at iron Zhan Tian, shows a faint smile said : „, matter that Gang Master, you such quickly consider the successor? Can too early?” Iron Zhan Tian looks really not to hide the truth from Hu Liangchen, this sighed said : I not to have the matter of means that Little Hai saying that Supreme Elder is closing up now cannot come out, I know that the Supreme Elder situation was not quite good, now in the gang anxious empty takes several Expert to assume personal command, considers by a Little Hai person, feared that was when the time comes cannot guarantee the completeness of Black Tiger Group, therefore I want to give others the in the gang matter, full impact Immortal Stage.” Hu Liangchen also knows that by the iron Zhan Tian strength, already can attack Immortal Stage actually, but these year of iron Zhan Tian in being busy the in the gang matter, therefore this attacks the Immortal Stage matter, had not carried on, but about one year, day Demon Realm must invade, if iron Zhan Tian can attack Immortal Stage to be successful at this time, then regarding Black Tiger Group absolutely is the good matter.

Thinks of here, Hu Liangchen nodded said : you to attack Immortal Stage should be, but you want Zhao Hai to take over control of Black Tiger Group, I look am not that easy, the Zhao Hai strength is very strong, but he does not have too many patience regarding these Suo Shi probably, is adding on you also to know that the Little Hai strength is very strong, he might also attack Immortal Stage in a short time, if you will give him Black Tiger Group, that didn't delay him?” Iron Zhan Tian complexion dignified nod said : of I have not thought of this point, right that you reminded, if Little Hai can practice relieved, might attack Immortal Stage within one year, even if were he cannot attack Immortal Stage, his strength will also obtain very big promotion, this regarding our Black Tiger Group, absolutely was the good matter, what to do but can Black Tiger Group? Whose in hand hands over to go?” Hu Liangchen also knitting the brows head, then deep voice said : you looked that hands over Xiao Feng in hand to be what kind of? Strength although of phoenix is not good, but is impossible to attack Immortal Stage in a short time . Moreover the Xiao Feng management is steady, looks in the in the gang person is not low, hands over his in hand Black Tiger Group, should not be a problem?”( To be continued.,( Shuhaige.) casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! . &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;