Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1791

~ date: ~ 1 o moon/month on the 28 th ~ Chapter 716 mountain of corpses and sea of blood Iron Zhan Tian hear of Hu Liangchen said that this sighed, forced smile said : this did not fear cannot judge the quality of goods, feared the goods compared with the goods, if did not have Little Hai to compare in that Xiao Feng that was not no need saying that strength formidable, worked safely, but compared with Little Hai, has actually been short of such one startled Yanyan, made Xiao Feng come, cannot because of the in the gang matter, harm the practice of Little Hai, so long as the strength strengthen of Little Hai, our Black Tiger Group also will then stiffen.( -&\; 1 t \; >\; - network Hu Liangchen has also smiled bitterly, to be honest before Zhao Hai has not risen, in many young man in Black Tiger Group also really has several look at to be good, after when Zhao Hehai appears, that several young man compare with Zhao Hai, some insufficiently looked, do not say that iron Zhan Tian has this feeling, even if this has the person of name of Black Tiger Group first wise, has this feeling. Zhao Hai don’t know they said anything, he comes out after iron Zhan Tian study room, with Zhang Feng depends on one to leave, personal appearance flashes, entered in Space, then makes Cai'er their command(er) these Insect Race establish one base that in the Wandering Soul Group domain suffices the hundred thousand person to use. Zhao Hai also present, Wandering Soul Group here that Yanggu although is inferior to original that certainly, but this certainly Yanggu is also very good, reason that will have such a place , because has a cold deep pool under this Yanggu certainly, but this cold deep pool is different from the general cold deep pool. The general cold deep pool at most is cold Yizhi, but in this cold deep pool will actually emit intermittent Yin Qi, this Yin Qi regarding general cultivator was saying that that was the thing of deadly poison, but regarding practicing Ghost Dao cultivator, was actually the rare treasure. Yin Qi usually refers to Yin Evil Qi, this Yin Evil Qi, very formidable, if general cultivator will not use, not only will corrode cultivator Spiritual Qi, even can corrode the cultivator soul, is good is formidable because of the general cultivator soul, general Yin Qi to did not fear, but Yin Qi of this certainly Yanggok-ri actually very pure, even if were general cultivator stays the time to grow in here, feared that could not withstand the corrosion of this Yin Qi, if were an average person, feared that was one this certainly Yanggu, it will not take long on will become not the person not ghost, finally feared that will be on will turn into one. Had Zombie. But Ghost Cultivator has the means to let one type of energy that these Yin Qi turn into them to practice, not only can increase their practices, but can also let their attack formidable. Zhao Hai to this cold deep pool very curious, he really very much wants to know that in now this cold deep pool has anything, why will become Yin Qi such richness. Therefore Zhao Hai ends Cai'er in explain/transfer, after letting Cai'er designs and builds the base, oneself harness shrink Yama Ship to enter in the cold deep pool. This cold deep pool is not big, cold area only then diameter about hundred meters, the water in deep pool very muddy, simply cannot see clearly inside has anything, because in the deep pool Immortal has Yin Qi to emit, has blocked spiritual force of person, therefore Zhao Hai wants to know that in the deep pool has anything, can only put up the ship to go, investigates with spiritual force, that is impossible. Zhao Hai put up Yama Ship to enter in the cold deep pool, immediately felt the temperature in Yama Ship reduced several probably, Zhao Hai knows that this was the result of Yin Qi invasion, but he has not been having, the intention moved, Yama Ship protective shield several, on temperature also restored to ride. However Zhao Hai cannot see clearly all around situation now, his line of sight are most can see about hundred meters, this is very rare regarding Zhao Hai, but his spiritual force, does not let out compared with a point unexpectedly, this is makes Zhao Hai not think. h hne-&\; 1 t \; >\; advertisement entire writing tt downloading Zhao Hai understand, this situation is his release Liquid Silver flying needle is impossible, situation very special of Liquid Silver flying needle, can say that the Liquid Silver flying needle can see all around situation, is the one type of performance of spiritual force, if spiritual force by the complete isolation, that Liquid Silver flying needle naturally is not been useful.

However this is also the Zhao Hai puzzled place, the Liquid Silver flying needle can see far, has big relationship with his strength, must know that Zhao Hai now is not an ignorant person, his strength soon became Immortal Stage Expert, in this case, the Liquid Silver flying needle still cannot see clearly the situation in this deep pool, this is makes Zhao Hai feel the strangeest place. Zhao Hai harnesses Yama Ship to dive toward deep pool, he to wants to have a look, this deep pool bottom has any thing. Original Zhao Hai thinks that the Wandering Soul Group person should understand to this cold deep pool, therefore he when seeing this cold deep pool the place of feeling strange, had asked Wandering Soul Group person, however under Wandering Soul Group person actually also don’t know this cold deep pool what's the matter, their in the gang also sends for the deep pool looking, but these people in have not come back, has not dived to go in many far on running to come back, because Yin Qi in this cold deep pool was too heavy, is their these by Yin Qi practice Wandering Soul Group cultivator, cannot withstand that intense Yin Qi. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai was more curious to this cold deep pool, today finally has opportunity, harnesses Yama Ship to rush in character cold deep pool directly. Entered in the cold deep pool not long after, Zhao Hai received some cold Tanshui to enter Space directly, this cold Tanshui just entered to Space, heard Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: By the clear water of Yin Qi pollution, was included massive Yin Qi, has large Gang very to help regarding Undead Creature, produces this water in Hell Space.” Zhao Hai nodded, this Space prompt to does not have his unexpected, Zhao Hai not to care, dives this cold Tanshui to enter Space toward the cold deep pool, also to not obtain this type of water, in Space all kinds of water have, he does not care about this one type of water, he receives cold Tanshui to enter Space, completely for downward some that to let Yama Ship can dive. Zhao Hai does not believe that Wandering Soul Group lived these many years in here, Immortal Stage Expert in Wandering Soul Group, will not enter to the cold deep pool in has a look, even now in Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert don’t know this cold deep pool is any thing, that is representing in this cold deep pool certainly danger, therefore he so careful. although had the preparation, but Zhao Hai has not thought that in this cold deep pools however such depth, Zhao Hai almost in straight up and down downward dives, but had crossed for one hour, actually depends on not to feel that bottom of this cold deep pool in there, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai be startled is really not small. Zhao Hai is very clear, his although is downward is diving, but this submergence, is actually not slow, flies to compare in sky with normally, although in almost, but will not miss on are too many, in this case, one hour has not dived, obviously the depth of this cold deep pool. Moreover more downward dives, Yin Qi in this cold deep pool on the exceed air/Qi, in the water to this cold deep pool, turned into the pure black finally, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai frown, in he also real don’t know this cold deep pool has any thing, will really have such big energy. In this time, Zhao Hangran was feeling front a Yin Qi fluctuation, compared with just strong several, Zhao Hai cannot help but had gawked probably, then cannot help but one happy, simultaneously command(er) Yama Ship has been diving carefully. Before long Zhao Hai felt at present suddenly, Zhao Hai one bright, then presently at present these Tanshui vanish from sight, he probably arrived at subspace to be the same. Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, he has not thought that these time comes across this matter, previous time he entered subspace in raging fire valley there, then the present Fire God city, has not thought that this time he arrived at subspace, but in don’t know this subspace will have any thing. Zhao Hai takes a broad view to look, actually feels a scalp hemp, because he in this subspace, saw the innumerable corpses unexpectedly! Various bizarre corpses, these corpses have put on full body armor, probably is the officers of soldier, some are actually a cotton garment, looks like probably is the old farmer, some are actually silk, appearance riches and honor of extremely, understood at a glance that the status is uncommon.

However now these people actually turn into corpses to push in here, moreover these corpse each and every one grotesque shapes, were lost to be the same from the high place probably. In entire Space Yin Wind is intermittent, Yin Qi extremely rich box thin looked at one, this Space could not look that had was big, but Zhao Hai can affirm that this Space certainly was not small, even if now remaining area, is almost big with fire temple Space, but other places, all by corpse piling up with. although Zhao Hai has plenty Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature, in Zhao Hai Space, is a race, Zhao Hai has not regarded these thing is really dies, therefore he will not feel that these Undead Creature have any fearful place. However these corpses in this Space is makes Zhao Hai feel that a scalp hemp, here can describe with mountain of corpses and sea of blood, because of him now the below of that corpse, one layer incomparably viscous blood, that blood don’t know deep, has almost soon congealed because of to become Kuai, don’t know deep. So many corpses, this place naturally must have Yin Qi, in fact here Yin Qi very rich, bunch jet black such as Yin Qi of black ink is drifting in this Space, probably is dark cloud piece by piece. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is somewhat strange, he unexpectedly presently Undead Creature in this Space, do not know that Yin Qi so rich place, is easiest to produce Undead Creature, so long as dies newly soon corpse, inside will have Strength of Soul, so long as family Strength of Soul, after entering to this Space, will receive nourishing of innumerable Yin Qi, slowly on will turn into Undead Creature, therefore place like this, these many corpses, will have Undead Creature certainly. However now here is Undead Creature does not have, this worry makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat puzzled, Zhao Hexi look at these corpses, anything does not have finally presently, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. In this time, suddenly Zhao Hai was feeling that in Space of his top of the head suddenly has thing to fall, Zhao Hai looks up, actually showed to have a corpse to be lost from above, Zhao Hai gawked, the hand wielded, that corpse one arrived at his side, Zhao Hai look at that corpse, this was a corpse of man, this man before death certainly was the person who was the high-ranking, because on him put on a bright emperor color, above was embroidering the monster clothes robe, the style of this clothes robe, and Cultivation World clothes robe was completely different. Zhao Hai knows on the clothes embroiders monster, the symbol of sometimes one type of status, the status of this person feared that will not be simple, perhaps is Sovereign of that country's. Shortly after this person just died obviously, because his body also has the bloodstain, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, the body of this person, does not have silk bold Strength of Soul, probably this person does not have the soul to be the same inborn! A Zhao Han then his cannot help but knitting the brows head, he can feel, this person has the soul, he certainly Strength of Soul absorbing! Absorbs Strength of Soul to carry on the practice, this is the method that some Ghost Cultivator use, but is general Ghost Cultivator, will not use this method to carry on the practice, because practices like this has the wound day, moreover in each Strength of Soul, has oneself unique Soul Mark, even if by cultivator recruiting, him must also spend the massive times, came to give refining that Spiritual Force, cancelled in Soul Mark, as the matter stands spent time, be much longer than the normal practice, therefore used Strength of Soul to practice this method, has cultivator to use few. Zhao Heng frowns, the hand wielded that corpse to throw side, then gained ground the look at that corpse appears place, slowly went toward the forward flight. To that corpse appears place, Yama Ship had not received any stop, passed through directly, Zhao Hai feel relieved, he also really wants to know that corpse came from there.

However at this moment, suddenly Zhao Hai felt that oneself one has hit probably on the wall, was blocked the sea to stare, he turns the head to look that presently the Yama Ship bow truly was vanished in his front, in other words, Yama Ship entered his don’t know Space, but he actually by one layer invisible protective shield blocking. Zhao Han, he slowly has then let Yama Ship toward retreat, Yama Ship looks like one long sword of sheath is the same, slowly has revealed the position of bow, waits for Zhao Hai, when makes Yama Ship proceed, really in that position, was blocked. protective shield that Zhao Hanleng look at in front of him that layer cannot see, his really understand, why Yama Ship cannot pass, that corpse can also fall from above, only then can't he pass? Zhao Hai has sized up all around one, wants to find the answer, but looked at for quite a while, he has not looked at understand what's the matter, but Zhao Hai moves, Liquid Silver flying sword appears in in his hand, his hand proceeded to wield, Liquid Silver flying sword toward has flown into his front protective shield there, a point hindrance does not have, simultaneously Zhao Hai also assigns out the picture in Liquid Silver flying sword, sees the place that flying sword is at now, probably is a tunnel, don’t know has many deep tunnels, from the flying sword angle, can only see small Xiaoliang of sky one needle eye size. Zhao Hai knows that corpse was certainly thrown from above, in other words, that highlight there, minimum can hold a person to enter, now actually becomes, only then needle-tip size, obviously that hole deep. However Zhao Hai has not made outside the Liquid Silver flying decorative leather harness fly, because he has not made understand, why cannot exit, but Liquid Silver flying sword actually. What most important is, Zhao Hai also present another matter, that is the place that Liquid Silver flying sword is at does not have Spiritual Qi, bold Spiritual Qi does not have. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;