Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1792

Chapter 717 fog hidden The spirit day, is flooding among Heaven and Earth, the Heaven and Earth myriad things have Spiritual Qi, Spiritual Qi will not vanish, will not reduce, because everywhere of Spiritual Qi in Universe, Universe attaches Spiritual Qi with the myriad things, the myriad things will produce Spiritual Qi, instead makes up Universe, therefore in any place, will have existence of Spiritual Qi. 【. .cm | My &\; | However Zhao Hai today actually present the place that did not have Spiritual Qi to have, in there simply any Spiritual Qi, has not had, after the experience was Liquid Silver flying sword entered to that Space, his cloudy Yang lightning Chi Li, unexpectedly one reduced the supply of Spiritual Qi, because the cloudy Yang lightning pond did not have the means to obtain Spiritual Qi from outside world, finally has carried on the Spiritual Qi supplies through Space. Zhao Hai frowns, he has not really thought that in this Universe also will really have such place, absolutely does not have the Spiritual Qi place, this was too strange. Can see through Liquid Silver flying sword Zhao Hai that has the earth and Stone in that cavern exists, according to such place, will have Spiritual Qi, moreover Spiritual Qi attribute can be partial in earth attribute, but he presently there actually bold Spiritual Qi does not have now, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Lets Zhao Hai what puzzled is, why Liquid Silver flying sword, Yama Ship can enter there, only then he kept off in here. although using Space Zhao Hai can now relaxed enters to that cavern, but Zhao Hai such has not actually done, he stands in the there static ponder, he wants to clarify what's the matter. Careful has thought here all, in the Zhao Hai suddenly brain flash of intuition, he thinks finally one with Yama Ship and Liquid Silver flying sword biggest difference, that is the soul. One have Spiritual Qi, Liquid Silver flying sword does not have, Yama Ship does not have, that in the corpse to this cavern does not have, that is, this protective shield, is very likely only aims at has thing of soul. Thought of here, the hand of Zhao Hai moves, summons Undead Creature, that Undead Creature proceeded to walk, was blocked, Undead Creature also had the soul, his Soul Fire also very exuberant, therefore they could not pass. Swept Zhao Hai to put out did not have thing of soul, these thing can pass through there with ease, probably there simply did not have protective shield to be the same. However this arrived is makes Zhao Hai more curious, his personal appearance moved, entered in Space, then command(er) Liquid Silver flying sword, was flying toward that needle-tip big luminous spot. When this tunnel extraordinary hole, Zhao Hai command(er) Liquid Silver flying sword was flying half controls, arrived at cave entrance there, but that cave entrance, very enormous, the diameter feared unexpectedly has about the kilometer.

Downloading Such big cave entrance, presently actually only saw a needle-tip big highlight below, it can be imagined this tunnel deep. However to cave entrance there, Zhao Hai has not made Liquid Silver flying needle immediately fly, but made Liquid Silver flying sword turn into the Liquid Silver flying needle, this flew from the tunnel. Tunnel outside scenery makes Zhao Hai stare slightly, this giant tunnel, unexpectedly in a mountain at the foot of the hill, but in front of tunnel, a huge architectural complex, looked that shape is a temple is probably same, but occupies a land area of area is actually very enormous. Zhao Hai command(er) the Liquid Silver needle is flying toward that architectural complex, before long Zhao Hai saw area of this architectural complex, area of this architectural complex was really too big, the entire architectural complex occupying land area had about ten thousand mu. Not only occupies a land area of area to be big, moreover this architectural complex also very magnificent, its magnificent degree Zhao Hai look at feels somewhat is flabbergasted, with resplendent and magnificent described that a point is not overrated. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears from Space in the sky of that temple, one came out from Space, Zhao Hai felt that a pressure, this pressure is not Law of the Heaven and Earth becomes to other party, but such that because here actually really thinks with Zhao Hai, not having Spiritual Qi, Zhao Hai to want in the here activity words, can obtain Spiritual Qi from Space is only supplemented, in this world, is actually silk Spiritual Qi not. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, presently here has the mountain to have the water, on the mountain is the vegetation is also luxuriant, according to like the place, should be Spiritual Qi is richly right, but here is Spiritual Qi does not have, was really too strange. Zhao Hai now was more curious to this great, he wants to know really that this world what's the matter, why here will not have Spiritual Qi. However quick Zhao Hai in thinking this issue, because he felt, in that temple really had the Spiritual Qi fluctuation of cultivator, this cannot help but made Zhao Hai more curious, here Spiritual Qi, these haven't cultivator practiced by what? To temple getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai complexion is also getting more and more cloudy, he almost knows how now cultivator in this temple, practices, he from these cultivator aura, felt extremely strong Yin Qi, but in this Yin Qi is also bringing the smell of blood, in adding on these corpses in that Space, Zhao Hai immediately understand, absolutely did not have the Spiritual Qi Space air/Qi in this, these cultivator, by the murder, absorb certainly Spiritual Qi energy of person to practice, but these corpse in that Space, certain is they are used to practice the person. However Zhao Hai also felt, cultivator in that temple, strength is not very strong,, if according to the real level, strongest fearing were also only then about Law Idol time, was nothing. What most important is, Zhao Hai can feel from the aura of these people, the bodies of these people do not have Strength of Faith, is they like Cultivation World there some Rogue Cultivator, simply doubts unable to tie Law Idol. Zhao Hai has not thought that immediately these cultivator killing, him wanted to make understand this Space what's the matter, therefore the Zhao Hai flashes body returned to in Space, then the immediately command(er) large quantities of Liquid Silver flying needle, flew toward this world.

Stems from Zhao Hai to anticipate, big that this world he has not imagined, the entire world has is adds piece of land comprised of piece of ocean, this piece of land area to is very big, wants on big some compared with area of China, has almost the entire Asia to be so big, the population are also many, but some specific many, is very difficult to count. Such big piece of Continent, now unexpectedly only then a country, this country called cloud Lai, but that temple that Zhao Hai saw most from the beginning was the Nation's Protector temple in cloud Lai. Naturally Zhao Hai is not the simple-minded spoiled person, he killed two to be the wicked person in the Nation's Protector temple, then got so far as in Space to turn into Undead Creature them, this asked understand here what's the matter. Originally this Continent called fog hidden, because this Continent was not planet, but was Continent of plane, the Continent end, was being covered by the white mist, that mist had protective shield to be the same probably, anybody did not have the means to exit from that also nobody came from that mist. But fog hidden here, had also the big dozens countries, since several hundred years ago, clouds after Lai suddenly appears Nation's Protector Mage, all changed. Nation's Protector Mage of cloud Lai, extremely powerful, has to do great things but actually the energy of sea, under his help, clouds that Lai unified entire fog hidden finally, became in fog hidden a sole country, but that Nation's Protector Mage naturally also gained attaching great importance to of cloud Lai King, special approval to construct the Nation's Protector temple, to that Nation's Protector Mage housing. Naturally this is not, Yun Laiguo unified entire fog hidden, the person of fog hidden can on the auspicious day, the fact be just right, clouds that Lai is not good thing, they have ruled entire fog hidden with the high-pressured method, fog hidden commoner are living the life of abyss of suffering. These normally have to think wants rebel, but simply is useless, because in these commoner is the strength is strongest, is not the cloud Lai Nation's Protector Mage match, all rebel were shaken has pressed, these commoner simply do not have the day to hold up one's head. Zhao Hai one hear of this people such on understand what's the matter, why although in don’t know here can suddenly appears cultivator, but what we definitely know is that before this cultivator, certainly is Ghost Cultivator, he presently here does not have Spiritual Qi, the soul of personnel carries on the practice, personnel Strength of Soul, oneself building up to the strength of Law Idol time, it can be imagined he altogether has killed many people. But fog hidden here, because does not have Spiritual Qi, people simply does not have the means to practice, naturally possibly is not that cultivator match, therefore Yun Laiguo so will be quick unified entire fog hidden, became the overlord in fog hidden. Zhao Hai look at took in the Space fog hidden map, for a long time does not have the words, stands in Zhao Hai Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what are you thinking?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : fog hidden this place, I want control in my in hand, I must turn into one to teach the country him, making there Strength of Faith provision place.” these days Zhao Hai already present, this fog hidden although is not very big, but the population are many . Moreover the here person can also produce Strength of Faith, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai have an idea, he must turn into Strength of Faith provision place fog hidden here.

Laura thinks that said : Elder Brother Hai, your meaning is, first made wicked cultivator to tidy up these, what cloud Lai suddenly was overthrowing that was turning into to teach the country here?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, fog hidden control in our in hand, is always stronger than in in hand of these fellows control, moreover Strength of Faith in Space cannot use to you, now our just need place like this provides Strength of Faith to us.” After the fight of several times, is adding on the Zhao Hai present status, he already knew that type withdraws a minute of ingredient Strength of Faith the method, can manufacture that type to store up Strength of Faith, casually to the method that the person uses. However what lets the Zhao Hai headache is, because of Space this special existence, all by Zhao Hai give priority to, therefore Zhao Hai mastered this method, is also useless in Space there, Strength of Faith that life form in Space can provide, only then Zhao Hai can use, others have more than enough, Laura they have more than enough, this lets Zhao Hai headache. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai very wants to obtain Strength of Faith provision place, but looks like in Zhao Hai, fog hidden here is most appropriate. The fog hidden here population are many, they are also in now do not have the Faith time, so long as Zhao Hai helped them tidying up Yun Laiguo, was giving to destroy completely these cultivator, then started to do missionary work, that here person, may certainly in into his most faithful follower, be able to provide massive Strength of Faith to him, he can use various Great Sect uses that formation, they used to Laura Strength of Faith. !! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;