Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1793

Chapter 718 attack fog hidden Naturally, Zhao Hai thinks so moderate fog hidden here reason also one, that is because fog hidden there does not have Spiritual Qi, the there people cannot practice, so long as brainwashes to them with the religion, the there person can become he most faithful follower, moreover wants to rebel is impossible, because cannot practice, the there person must listen finally his. Because does not have Spiritual Qi, there security problem Zhao Hai simply does not need to be worried, therefore Zhao Hai must do now, fog hidden control in own in hand. Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also immediately understand the idea of Zhao Hai, they naturally are the did not disagree truth, several people of immediately began to arrange to cope with the matter of cloud Lai. Must cope with cloud Lai is really too simple, so long as they made Undead Creature send out to be OK, although said that fog hidden there did not have Spiritual Qi, Undead Creature unable to achieve they strongest attack, but do not forget, Undead Creature had the spear|gun to have the artillery, these thing did not need Spiritual Qi same to have big Might. But because fog hidden there does not have Spiritual Qi, under their there person fighting strength very low, Zhao Hai feared that only sends out ten thousand Undead Creature army, bringing the arms fog hidden tidying up. As for tidying up the matter after cloud Lai, that was simpler, Zhao Hai can their good life, but must carry on the religious brainwashing to them first. Zhao Hai does not think that such does to have anything not to be good, fog hidden there is any situation, Zhao Hai very clear, if not he, the fog hidden there person, certainly has ruled by that cultivator and Yun Laiguo, passes the day that postpartum dog is inferior, but if they under the rule of Zhao Hai, will be much happier, they only need to contribute some Strength of Faith. After formulating battle plan, Zhao Hai gave Laura them to process this matter, to be honest, fog hidden there fighting strength, but also has not placed on the heart of Zhao Hai. As for that several cultivator, Zhao Hai has not cared, after formulating to plan, Zhao Hai directly that several cultivator butchering, after waiting for Zhao Hai that several cultivator butchered, Undead Creature army official attack cloud Lai. It is not out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai, clouds that army simply of Lai is not the Undead Creature match, these dozen of undead fellows, to these armies on cloud Lai, simply are carrying on one-sided slaughter. During attack cloud Lai, Zhao Hai immediately has also carried on the propaganda in throughout of fog hidden, naturally this is the religion propagandizes, said that Zhao Hai is the deity, but these Undead Creature are the deity sends to save the common people. Please keep firmly in mind

Like the religious propaganda, Zhao Hai saw before had been too many, now also learns with a lively mind, has not actually thought that effect unexpectedly extraordinary good. Fog hidden here commoner has been oppressed, the pig dog that crosses was inferior, such person often need Faith, if no Faith, they are very difficult to go on living. But Zhao Hai this propaganda comes just in time, is the religion propagandizes directly, is adding on Undead Creature army that formidable fighting strength, making originally desperate the fog hidden person, has regarded the deity Zhao Hai, becomes the Zhao Hai most faithful follower. But Zhao Hai does not have that mood now at the tube fog hidden there matter, under cold deep pool that piled up with corpse Space, Zhao Hai has not cleaned up, the there corpse must clean up has not needed, there was a best grave, so long as that Space existed, some people will not disturb these corpses, Zhao Hai also to manage on being disinclined. Zhao Hai the most important matter builds the base now, is the open wide the entrance matter, now to Zhao Hai to the Wandering Soul Group domain, already past eight days, the construction of base has almost also been completed, fog hidden there attack does not need him to be worried, therefore Zhao Hai then on the preparation open wide the entrance matter. Before that Zhao Hai paid attention to the Yangming city, the Yangming city is Northern Divergent Province quite famous big city, this big city by Rogue Cultivator alliance control, this Rogue Cultivator alliance known as day positive pledge, was being heard Expert in pledge are many, even possibly also Immortal Stage Old Monster assumes personal command, therefore this Yangming city is very famous in Cultivation World here, is commodity collection and distribution center that Northern Divergent Province here knows how things stand. However this Yangming city has characteristics, their there to Ten Thousand Monster Sect is not very far, moreover Yangming city there has been also good with Ten Thousand Monster Sect relationship, it seems like iron Zhan Tian sends him to go to Yangming city there to receive disciple, is safe considerations. When Zhao Hai research these thing, suddenly received the Zhang Feng signalling jade sword, Zhang Feng soon arrived at here, came along with his together, many Black Tiger Group cultivator, these Black Tiger Group cultivator, later must be stationed in this new base. Zhao Hai to had not opposed that this newly-built base, basically must finish, constructing place that the hundred thousand person lives, said that probably is very big, however with the innumerable Insect Race efforts, wants to establish is very simple, after all they dig toward underground, does not construct the house in the ground. Now base here only then a following work has not been completed, defended Formation basically to complete, provided energy to the base, was that certainly Yanggu, the preparation said that was that cold deep pool. although knew in the cold deep pool is anything, but Zhao Hai has not planned to give up using that cold Tan, that cold Tan Li Yin Qi were too many, if unused, Yin Qi release in that Space will not come, the corpse in that Space also will maintain that appearance, Zhao Hai must through using the Yin Qi method, releases release Yin Qi in that Space, when the time comes these corpse on the dust will turn over to the dust, the earth to turn over to the earth. After receiving the Zhang Feng letter, Zhao Hai was only prepares simply, not long after, base here Transmission Formation dodged white light, Zhang Feng was bringing a batch Black Tiger Group cultivator appears in base here.

Base now although not complete completion, but ended roughly, your simply in the base could not feel that Yin Qi, will only feel Spiritual Qi very sufficiently. Just walked Zhang Feng that from Transmission Formation, immediately saw was standing in there Zhao Hai, his immediately/on horseback laughed walked, effort has held Zhao Hai said : good youngster, has not thought that your movement was so quick, this several days time, this base already decent.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the present only to be exempts is occupied by the person, wants to construct the base, but must some time, walk First Senior Brother, we go to drink two cups, other brothers, a while rest with Undead Creature first, feel relieved, a while I will deliver Spirit Wine to everybody.” These people naturally cannot say anything, with a smile expressed gratitude like Zhao Hai, status of these person very clear present Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group, after this several times matter, rise of Zhao Hai status straight line in Black Tiger Group, they equally existed with Zhang Feng now, the person there was they can offend. After Zhao Hai is bringing Zhang Feng to his temporary Cave Mansion has sat down, has put out jug Spirit Wine, to Zhang Feng to one cup, oneself also arrived at one cup, they have done one, this open the mouth and said: In having two days, our two must go to the Yangming city, these time goes to Yangming city there, we are more careful are good.” Zhang Feng stares, what puzzled look at Zhao Hai is said : careful? Does Ten Thousand Monster Sect also dare to destroy our open the entrance to be inadequate? Such words they may give to offend all small Sect, won't they be stupid?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is visible they naturally not to dare, if dark is coming? We elect the person time must pay attention, I will fear Ten Thousand Monster Sect toward inside ginseng sand, moreover Yangming city there day Yang Meng, will follow Ten Thousand Monster Sect will be very near, we have to guard.” Zhang Feng nodded, deep voice said : you said is reasonable, before Ten Thousand Monster Sect ate several times to owe in our hands, by the Ten Thousand Monster Sect style, will certainly not let off our.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, but this also it doesn't matter, I to have a look, Ten Thousand Monster Sect can be what kind of us, I will grasp the time to construct over the two days base here, when the time comes lets other iron hawk Senior Brother or people came the here management general situation, we go to Yangming city there.” Zhang Feng nodded, „, but then to Zhao Hai smiles said : present raging fire valley base there was extraordinary, the everyone/Great Clan frame of mind is very high, fully is preparing.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that is not, gives our setup time not to be many, day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon is different from other Cultivation World here cultivator, these fellow each and every one fierce do not fear, moreover disciplined very strong, we must deal with carefully are good.”

Zhang Feng nodded, sighs said : „the Heavenly Demon invasion, this is my Cultivation World Great Tribulation, after this time matter, my Cultivation World influence, feared that was must shuffle again, but this was also good, nine Great Sect in Cultivation World here, horizontal was long enough.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : no matter what, when the time comes nine Great Sect let is still resistance day Demon Realm Main Force, but we cannot idle, was calling this opportunity, the show expands itself, when the time comes makes Ten Thousand Monster Sect want to cope with us, does not have that ability.” Zhang Feng nodded, to be honest, the hatred of Zhang Feng to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, is absolutely deeper than Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was Black Tiger Group afterward, but Zhang Feng actually grows up in Black Tiger Group, regarding the Black Tiger Group sentiment, Zhang Feng is much deeper than Zhao Hai, because of the suppression of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Black Tiger Group received many losses, these Zhang Feng very clear, because of this, therefore he to Ten Thousand Monster Sect hostility. Zhao Hai also Zhang Feng chatted a while, delivered returned to Zhang Feng to Cave Mansion that he prepared, then the flashes body entered in Space, paid attention to a mist hidden there situation. Fog hidden there all normal, originally Yun Lai ** the fight ratio of team, on the can't compare with Zhao Hai Undead Creature regiment, is adding on their these Nation's Protector Mage, immediately by Zhao Hai destroying completely, them lost the courage of resistance, the army of many cloud Lai, has surrendered directly, simply has not hit, to was makes Zhao Hai they save many matters. But clouds that many common people in Lai, now is actually is very good, they must pay many taxes before, now these taxes basically did not have, so long as each time they pay a few money, has been OK, but in the city does not have bullies them who anything is an official, in the city Steward is cultivator in church, what has dispute to look for these cultivator to solve, what needs to handle matters matter, can give these cultivator to solve, in adding on them almost after religious brainwashing, therefore control easy. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;