Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1794

The military strength that because although puts are not many, therefore does not have complete control entire fog hidden to present Undead Creature army, but Zhao Hai was actually not worried that clouds Lai regarding him, simply is not the threat. But those who let Zhao Hai happy is, fog hidden at that time by the area that Undead Creature attacked, has been able to start to give him to provide Strength of Faith, moreover were many, this was makes Zhao Hai somewhat happy really outward. Has put down the fog hidden there matter, Zhao Hai in the attention letter Yangming city there, two days ago, Zhao Hai will enter bright in the city by own Liquid Silver, has found out the Yangming city there basic situation. Reason that Zhao Hai can such quickly enter to the Yangming city, but also had been lucky iron Zhan Tian, iron Zhan Tian two days ago, sending out some people to act as advance party to Yangming city there, arranges all, is waiting for two days later Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng went to Yangming city there to elect the person. These Rogue Cultivator heard that can enter Black Tiger Group, serious of each and every one happy, do not blame their happy, they are who, Rogue Cultivator that nobody manages, if entered Black Tiger Group, that really it can be said that has reached the sky in a single bound, this regarding all Rogue Cultivator, was excellent opportunity, they cannot let off this time opportunity. Same time open the entrance, regarding Black Tiger Group is also very important, hundred thousand new basic disciple, this is not a small quantity, moreover their these time elects certainly is the characters of some heavenly aptitude tables, these person of join to Black Tiger Group, had the commodity support of Black Tiger Group, their strengths in a short time will certainly be promoted. Also very much has the advantage regarding the Black Tiger type strength promotion. The Zhao Hai Liquid Silver flying needle was also calling that opportunity enters to the Yangming city, now bright in the city except for some specially important place, other places, entered the Zhao Hai Space map. However because Yangming city there is a very important Trading Field institute, cultivator has plenty that therefore comes and goes, Zhao Hai although observed for two days, does not have the discover anything special place, but Zhao Hai does not have extremely in the worry, he believes that by his present strength, even if Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants to cope with him not to be impossible. Moreover do not forget, in Yangming city there, but Transmission Formation, they go also to have, passes Transmission Formation. simply does not need to be worried that some people meet in the halfway to intercept him. The following two days of time, Zhao Hai led Zhang Feng they to transfer the extension in base here well, let these Black Tiger Group cultivator, a situation in familiar base. The base of hundred thousand person, although is not big. However did not calculate slightly, these Black Tiger Group cultivator, later must live in the base, Zhao Hai will certainly let their as far as possible familiar base. Two days later when Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng must leave to go to Yangming. Iron Zhan Tian sent for base here coming finally, the person but who iron Zhan Tian sent to lets some Zhao Hai meanings. Iron Zhan Tian unexpectedly Hu Liangchen sending. Hu Liangchen prestige in Black Tiger Group is very high, after all qualifications of Hu Clan in Black Tiger Group is best. Strength also the most powerful, before because Black Tiger Group suddenly comes across the crisis, feared that is present Hu Liangchen and iron Zhan Tian is still doing against. although said Hu Liangchen and iron Zhan Tian after gathering, cooperation very good continuously, but Hu Liang early morning desirably maintained the low key, moreover to iron Zhan Tian is help with all one's heart, this point is also makes Zhao Hai admire very much his, iron Zhan Tian more and more depends on heavy Hu Liangchen now, has not actually thought that these time gave up to send here to come Hu Liangchen unexpectedly. Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng go forward hastily, bows to Hu Liangchen said : Uncle Hu, how was you to come? here did not have absolutely constructs, the condition is not quite good, moreover now does not have who, making others come look at to be good, how did you also personally come?”

Hu Liangchen showed a faint smile said : is I to Gang Master said that must come, here was also our Black Tiger Group important base, I naturally must come to see, having a look at your youngster to be loaf, but also was good, has not been loaf.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „my to dare, Uncle Hu, we sits to inside, do not stand in here speaks.” Hu Liangchen nodded, with Zhao Hai to his Cave Mansion. After three people sit down, Zhao Hai to Hu Liang early morning said : Uncle Hu, this several days I the base here situation, told them, they had also understood the base here basic situation, you came, so long as look at they, do not make them act unreasonably to say good.” Hu Liangchen nodded, then deep voice said : my this time, actually mainly to tell that you Yangming city there situation, before Gang Master, several days has sent for Yangming city there acting as advance party, but the situation not quite view is happy, the Yangming city there person, is neither cold nor hot regarding our Black Tiger Group manner, this is not the good matter.” Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng frown look at Hu Liangchen, Hu Liangchen look at their one eyes, deep voice said : possibly you also knew, Yangming city there with is very near, they who Ten Thousand Monster Sect walks to our neither cold nor hot manner, from the other aspect can also explain now the Ten Thousand Monster Sect manner, this time our Black Tiger Group open wide the entrance, can want to destroy certainly is Ten Thousand Monster Sect, therefore these time goes to Yangming city there, you must be careful are good, perhaps will have any emergency occur.” Zhao Hai nodded, now he some had also understood the Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength, Ten Thousand Monster Sect worthily is dominate Northern Divergent Province many years of established Great Sect, strength formidable very much, did not say their Headquarters strength, these days passes through Sect and Gang that they support on has plenty, can say the influence to be complicate, wants to cope with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, almost not possibly. Yangming city there situation Zhao Hai specially had also understood over the two days, Yangming city there will have some Rogue Cultivator to enter to Ten Thousand Monster Sect every year becomes Ten Thousand Monster Sect disciple, can look from this point, Yangming city there day Yang Meng with Ten Thousand Monster Sect relationship. Now Black Tiger Group wants open the entrance, but must run up to Yangming city there to receive disciple, Ten Thousand Monster Sect to look at, no matter that called strangely, what method but his don’t know Ten Thousand Monster Sect and Yangming city there will have to cope with them. Hu Liangchen looks at Zhao Hai to frown, in a soft voice said : Little Hai, this time you are careful. However does not use extremely in the worry, if not really good, that should hit hits, did not need to be so polite with them. If Ten Thousand Monster Sect presently makes war with us, we not necessarily have also feared them.” Zhao Hai nodded, now Black Tiger Group has brought in the raging fire valley base completely, even if Ten Thousand Monster Sect leans the strength of entire gang to attack them, they did not fear. However speaks the truth, now Zhao Hai has not wanted to make war with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, so long as about one year, day Demon Realm must enter to invade. Made war with Ten Thousand Monster Sect at this time, finally the cheap day Demon Realm person, this is not Zhao Hai will only want to see. The Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai appearance knows that Zhao Hai is thinking anything, Zhang Feng deep voice said : Little Hai. In Cultivation World here, not only need think your strength, but must think your courage, if this Ten Thousand Monster Sect dares to begin to us, we should not be polite. After all in present Northern Divergent Province, the vision of has plenty person centralized on our bodies.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Hu Liang early morning said : Uncle Hu, Gang Master to say. How can cope with dry Fujimoto?”

Dry Fujimoto there, because Zhao Hai gave kill their Reaching Sky Vine. Now can only cling to tenaciously, moreover requests reinforcements like Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Ten Thousand Monster Sect to sent some Expert to help them protect dry Fujiya there to them, but also made some Reaching Sky Vine seedlings to plant, but these seedlings planted die, this also made dry Fujimoto hate Zhao Hai to hate to clench jaws. But compares the iron blade gate, sinking Sand Bang and great strength helps, dry Fujimoto this loss is biggest, Zhao Hai also really feared that iron Zhan Tian began to dry Fujimoto at this time, because absolutely is not begins to dry Fujimoto now. Hu Liangchen listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but lightly sighed, shook the head said : also to be what kind, now does not cope with dry Fujimoto time, if we begin to dry Fujimoto now, the iron blade gate, sinking Sand Bang and great strength help certainly to help dry Fujimoto cope fully our, because they feared that we have tidied up dry Fujimoto, was tidying up them, moreover Ten Thousand Monster Sect look at dry Fujimoto will not be tidied up by us does not manage, therefore we can only endure now this tone.” Before Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I really feared that Gang Master begins to dry Fujimoto now, in that case, feared that was Northern Divergent Province wants the chaos, endured this tone not to have anything, the Yangming city there matter, Uncle Hu you do not need to be worried that I will process, at the worst made war with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, I will process carefully.” Hu Liangchen shook the head said : to make war to is insufficient, Ten Thousand Monster Sect will not make war with us at this time, now entire Northern Divergent Province is paying attention to us, if Ten Thousand Monster Sect these fellows at this time, found the excuse to cope with us, feared that was entire Northern Divergent Province wants cause disturbance , you returned don’t know, now Northern Divergent Province here many medium small Sect, came in our Black Tiger Group to ventilate, they want to form an alliance with our Black Tiger Group, together resist Ten Thousand Monster Sect, HaHaHa, it seems like Ten Thousand Monster Sect in Northern Divergent Province here was too overbearing, has provoked all people's responses.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be good, they want to form an alliance with us, that formed an alliance, but this alliance leader position, wanted control in our in hand, if later day Demon Realm invaded, perhaps this alliance leader position, will have some unexpected uses.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : right, is so, Gang Master also thinks that negotiates now has launched, our Black Tiger Group in recent time several vigor, believe that this alliance leader position could not be inescapable.” Zhao Hai nodded, asked Hu Liang early morning in the gang something, this asked Hu Liangchen to rest, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng also returned to own Cave Mansion. Next morning, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng walked out from Cave Mansion, under Hu Liangli their seeing off, on Transmission Formation, returned to Black Tiger Group, then in Black Tiger Group there, sits Transmission to go back the Yangming city. This Yangming city is a firm city, the city big wall is thick, the entire firm city has to occupy to fear that fully had several hundred thousand mu, city wall Gauguin has achieved about fifty meters, has also put some people of patrol on city wall, people of these patrols, worst was some builds up the god time cultivator. Not only these cultivator go on patrol that simply, they also more important work, that maintains the public security in Yangming city, Yangming city here although cultivator are many, moreover various Great Sect almost will open some stores in here, but in the city most cultivator are Rogue Cultivator, these Rogue Cultivator although do not dare to go to these Great Sect stores, but among them the battle is actually cannot avoid, therefore in this bright in the city, without the public security team is incorrect, such words in the city on messing up. But Yangming city cultivator in public security team, cultivation level not necessarily high, but they actually all are the day of Yang Meng people, in this bright in the city, did not have that influence to dare to offend day of Yang Meng, naturally, day Yang Meng not easily the person who offends other influences, their this type of Rogue Cultivator alliances, generally in character that crevice comes forth saves, naturally cannot be relaxed to offend who.

Because this Yangming city was too big, is only the Transmission Formation square has dozens, besides the ordinary Transmission Formation square, but also outside the city harnessed to set up 20 Great Magical Artifact special-purpose Transmission Formation squares, but Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng, sit Yama Ship to come out from the Yangming city outside the city Great Magical Artifact special-purpose Transmission Formation square. Reason that must sit Yama Ship to arrive at Yangming city here, Zhao Hai must bright in the city to know that they have Great Magical Artifact, should better not to annoy them. Comes out from the Transmission Formation square, Zhao Hai saw not far away Yangming city, he beckons with the hand, Yama Ship flies toward bright in the city, is not prohibited in this bright in the city, all cultivator can in the city fly, however in the range of Yangming city, is forbids to resort to violence, therefore Zhao Hai will open Yama Ship to enter the Yangming city not to have any relationship. Now on the Yama Ship flagpole, is hanging a Black Tiger flag, to show that Zhao Hai their status, but before iron Zhan Tian sent the Yangming city here person, in the city has arranged, in the city square there, has occupied the a piece place, specifically was used to test to use, although said that the day of Yang Meng person, has not made Black Tiger Group use that square, but did not let Black Tiger Group free use that square, in other words, Black Tiger Group used a that square, was must the flower open, is // quickest writing that rented renew .shumilou. not to have the ball window not to have the advertisement // sides.. In bright in the city, like the square, but several, provide to various Sect, square area is very big, even there is a direct Great Magical Artifact parking place. Before iron Zhan Tian, sends cultivator that Yangming city here acts as advance party, is leads by five Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, ten Nascent Soul Stage Expert and 50 Gold Core Stage Expert, they enter to the Yangming city \; first, prepares the open the entrance matter, two are inquires Yangming city here information, after all the Yangming city is not far from Ten Thousand Monster Sect, they must be careful for on. In square there that Black Tiger Group rents, has set up a flagpole, on the flagpole has been hanging the Black Tiger flag, Yama Ship to the square sky over, has not fallen, but stopped in square above, was similar to the dark cloud is the same, has blocked from sunlight, has cast a piece of huge shadow in the square. Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng look at following square, some dumbfounded, because now the person in this square was really too many, took a broad view to look, dense piece of person's shadow, the entire square pushing watertight. Zhao Hai look at this situation, has cannot help but smiled bitterly next step: It seems like we did not worry not to recruit the person.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has smiled bitterly, don’t know must say that any was good.