Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1795

Is entering in this, two person's shadows flew from the following square, stopped Yama Ship front, they held the fist in the other hand said : to see Zhao Hai Senior Brother to Zhao Hai and Hai phoenix, has seen Zhang Feng Senior Brother.” Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, shows a faint smile said : originally is you, Lu Li, how these time sent you, your youngster was not became famous lazy?”. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng and opposite that two cultivator have smiled, stands in front that cultivator that called Lu Li, smiles said : not to think that to Zhao Hai Senior Brother Zhao actually knew me, it seems like that the little brother this lazy really became famous.” Zhao Hai they have smiled, actually Lu Li laziness not really lazy, he is a practice madman, all right almost will not go out, practice wholeheartedly, duty in Sect, in must Chapter 720 Demon Blade Zhao Hai must do does, regarding practices the madman like this, in the gang does not say anything, but his such procedure, in the sluggard with average person is the same, therefore everyone/Great Clan will say that he is lazy. However Zhao Hai says Lu Li now, can actually very good pulled closer relationship with the Rwandan advantage, Lu Li naturally will not be angry, chats a while, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at following one, deep voice said : preparation how? Came these many people, wants to receive several hundred individuals not to be a problem?” The Rwandan advantage nodded said : to prepare, according to the instruction of in the gang, in this outside the city nine revolutions of holes carries on the smelting trial to these people, the participation builds up the person who practices, minimum must achieve Foundation Establishment Stage, the age cannot 200 years old, all conforms to the person of this request to participate. Person who participates in enters to nine revolutions of holes. First 500 people that comes out from the hole, becomes my Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, 500 th to the 800 th person, becomes my Black Tiger Group handymen disciple, so long as in my Black Tiger Group, has succeeded to break through Foundation Establishment Stage, Outer Disciple can official rising be Inner Disciples, handymen disciple can become -type becomes Outer Disciple.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : „the Yangming city here situation to be what kind of?” Lu benefitted one hear of Zhao Hai saying that some complexion cloudy Chapter 720 Demon Blade Zhao Hai sinks, deep voice said : situation is not good. When our in the gang release sound of the wind/rumor wants open wide the entrance, Yangming city here selected 1000 people to deliver to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, I heard, that 1000 people were bright in the city famous young Rogue Cultivator. Strength formidable, the potential is huge.” Zhao Hai to has not cared, shows a faint smile said : Ten Thousand Monster Sect, a point does not have the Great Sect bearing, only knows that plays some small methods, cannot amount to something eventually, does not go to manage him, we get down.” Said that moves with the Zhao Hai personal appearance, slowly falls toward below. Has not high stone platform in the middle of this square, stone platform is very new. Can look is the new practice, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng fell on this stone platform, but they have not spoken, but nodded to the Rwandan advantage. Rwandan advantage also understand their meanings, he on these Rogue Cultivator said : this time our Black Tiger Group open wide the entrance to stage, altogether must the move of disciple 800 people in the Yangming city, 500 people are Outer Disciple, 300 people are handymen disciple, all strengths arrive to build up the god later, is Foundation Establishment Stage. The age is 200-year-old, can enter, if some people dare to conceal their age, that is deceiving my Black Tiger Group, do not blame me heavy hand Wuqing/ruthless. All people of registration, can lead Jade Identity Card to there. Receives the Jade Identity Card person, tomorrow to the here set, attended the smelting trial.”

Was saying Lu Li has also referred to toward high platform by, there sets out a row of table, table there is sitting with Lu Li arrives at cultivator that the Yangming city comes, these cultivator are responsible for putting Jade Token . Under the stage these cultivator, one hear of Lu Li said that is clamoring, has welled up toward that row of table there, before long long lines have arranged. cultivator look at in crowd stands Zhao Hai several people on high platform, in the eye full is the appearance that envies, partner of cultivator his to side said: „Did Big Brother, see on the stage that three people? Do you know their status?” That was called the Big Brother person, proud said : you also really asked that to the person, that three person status I also really knows, before that two did not say, they are Black Tiger Group Core Disciple, but not very famous, then came from Magical Artifact that two people may be extraordinary, these two person called Zhang Feng, was one of the Black Tiger Group ten big Core Disciple, was opened mountain gate/entrance, but in addition on was extraordinary, he on was Demon Blade Zhao Hai, special approval by Black Tiger Group, except ten big Core Disciple Beside, sole can the open the entrance person.” Demon Blade Zhao Hai? Is he that can resist the Immortal Stage Expert man? Really has not looked, Big Brother, won't you misread?” Absolutely mistakenly, he was Demon Blade Zhao Hai, according to legend, because five Great Sect besieged Black Tiger Group, was he is bringing a squad, Wandering Soul Group destroying completely, heard that also by the homicide Immortal Stage Old Monster, then greatly had been made other four Sects, dry Fujimoto's Reaching Sky Vine all kill, I before had a friend, he in first two years of join in a medium grade sect, first several days I have run into him, information about Zhao Hai was he tells me, moreover I also looked at the Zhao Hai picture, absolutely wrong not.” „, He is Zhao Hai, has not thought really will see him in here, was really too accidental, it seems like Black Tiger Group to this time open the entrance attach great importance to.” .................. The sounds of all kinds of discussion are lingering on faintly at once, but in the people look at Zhao Hai look is having a worship. In Cultivation World, has idol sect Bai, but Zhao Hai without doubt that idol that is worth worshipping, because his experience is in itself a legend, builds up from Battle Slave from him, can say that is lower than the Cultivation World here majority of Rogue Cultivator beginning. However believes that Rogue Cultivator actually does not think, because no matter Battle Slave is also good, is handymen disciple is also good, they after all were join to that Sect, but their these Rogue Cultivator, wanted join Sect, but also needs to wait for opportunity, but also needs to undergo the competition to be good. Zhao Hai has not paid attention to these, he stands with Zhang Feng on stone platform, under look at these cultivator, chat in a soft voice, has not cared.

look at each and every one cultivator, a face excited takes away a piece to represent their status and hope Jade Token , Zhao Hai cannot help but slightly has some acids at heart. Today arrives at here cultivator, qualified minimum has tens of thousands people, may be more, but in these people, they 1, actually only receives 800 people, 800 people to tens of thousands people were really too few, in hundred took one, remaining these Rogue Cultivator, actually must cross with the former same life, to oneself dying of old age slowly. Sorrow of cultivator, a sorrow of Rogue Cultivator. However Zhao Hai has not wanted to help them, Heavenly Dao Wuqing/ruthless, since they have chosen this road, no matter this road leads to there, they want to walk, the end of road is the garden or the grave, must they withstand. Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai is a little sad, cannot help but puzzled said : Little Hai? What has not happily?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, but somewhat sighed that Heavenly Dao Wuqing/ruthless, all cultivator, for remote target, but is trying hard, but can achieve that target truly, the person who finally reaches also has several.” Zhang Feng has not thought that Zhao Hai is actually is sighing this, his deep voice said : Little Hai, will you have hastily such idea? Our cultivator, originally is strive for life against the Heaven, the day important person perishes, we want fight against the Heaven, what does this have not to be right?” The appearance that Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng worries, knows that Zhang Feng wants to miss, he shows a faint smile right that said : First Senior Brother said that I also a little sighed that all right.” Zhang Feng feel relieved, his very clear, cultivator is then impossible to lose ambition, if has sighed like Zhao Hai, will affect his Dao Heart, will create Heart's Demon, this regarding Zhao Hai, hundred harms not to have an advantage. Zhang Feng don’t know, Zhao Hai Heart's Demon already was actually built up in Law Idol, any can have the Heart's Demon mood, will turn into energy in his Law Idol. When Zhang Feng relaxed, Zhao Hai did suddenly to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, when I have a Demon Blade nickname? My how don’t know?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that shortly after Zhang Feng cannot help but smiles said : just had, previous time you in Wandering Soul Group there and Zhu Elder they fight the time the appearance, don’t know by that youngster passing on, said your Blade Technique unparalleled, friendly black Demon Blade, therefore you had this Demon Blade nickname, he he.” Zhao Hai cannot help but shook the head to smile bitterly, he did not have to think really one will really have this kind of nickname, Demon Blade, to is also worthy of the reputation.

Along with Jade Token pieces below, the square here person also in reduction slowly, immediately leave of these cultivator after obtaining Jade Token , they must make some preparations, in hand has Crystal Stone, will change into some useful thing Crystal Stone, to help dealing with the inspection of tomorrow, in hand not many Crystal Stone, must grasp the time to go back to practice, by the best condition, deals with the inspection of tomorrow. although leads Jade Token time very fast, but used one day who all wanted to participate in the inspection, received Jade Token , finally unify/unified idea, leads Jade Token cultivator, ten fifty thousand, about 160,000 people. 160,000 people rush to 800 quotas, 200 take one! Zhao Hai hears this digit time , can only be shakes the head to sigh, he has not thought that the person of registration meets these many unexpectedly, has him to expect that double are many, it seems like these cultivator want to enter various Great Sect to think crazy. Zhang Feng also frowns, Lu Li to nearby Lu Li said :, these 100,000 people, enters to nine revolutions of holes , can that hole install under?” The Rwandan advantage smiles said : First Senior Brother on feel relieved, that nine revolutions of hole although are known as nine revolutions, but inside hole hole is connected, don’t know hundred accumulate multi- Sirs, let alone hundreds of thousands people, some people have estimated that even if will be 1 million people goes will not have the issue , is also nine revolutions of hole very small parts that the present people understand, other majority of cavern nobody know that will be anything, according to legend had Immortal Stage Old Monster to enter to before nine transferred in the hole, on has not come out, therefore the people do not dare extremely in thorough nine to transfer the hole now.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that to came the interest, his curious said : was saying what that nine revolutions of holes is, how do that nine revolutions of holes form?” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;