Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1796

Lu benefitted one hear of Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then when deep voice said : these nine revolutions of hole don’t know formed, the time how long, nobody knew, in the hole had any also nobody to know that only knows in the hole must not, goes to the person in hole, died in inside, has not been living, nine revolutions of holes only then some places of surrounding can go, in nine revolutions of hole there, some all the year round snake-shaped Monster Beast, these Rogue Cultivator regarding nine transferred hole surrounding very familiar with, because they to nine will transfer the hole surrounding to hunt and kill these snake-shaped Monster Beast frequently, Makes some snake's gall-bladder, the snake skin, the snake bone and so on thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to has been interested to that nine revolutions of holes now, looks at the Zhao Hai appearance to Zhao Hai some Zhang Feng of understanding, almost knows that he must do, his quickly said: Little Hai, you cannot act unreasonably, nine revolutions of hole there situations, we did not understand, now in the gang needs your time, you cannot trade going in rashly, if had an accident, that may be serious.”. Zhao Hai one hear of Zhang Feng said that also cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to be good, First Senior Brother, you did not need to be worried that feel relieved was good, I will not go.” Zhang Feng then feel relieved, nodded said : „the inspection of tomorrow, our two sit to be good personally.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to have the issue, but I think that some people will not disturb.” Zhang Feng showed a faint smile said : I not saying that some people dare to disturb, but be careful a point to well.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : today I felt that has several not weak aura to pay attention to us. What meaning don’t know are they?” Zhang Feng sneers said : „, no matter they are any meanings, if they dare to disturb, certainly well tidies up their.” Zhao Hai has not made noise. However two eyes cold light is actually flashes, this time open the entrance, regarding Black Tiger Group is very important, if some people disturb, he will be impolite. Next morning Zhao Hai just on the appears Yama Ship bow, presently following square there has been filled with the person, all receives the Identity Card person. Is waiting for Zhao Hai below they. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, Lu Li immediately/on horseback flew, organizing these people to fly toward outside the city, Zhao Hai harnesses Yama Ship to follow on the heels, but he also very carefully has been paying attention to all around situation, yesterday he has not lain, he can feel, several Transcends Tribulation Stage strong have been high is staring at them, today he wants to have a look at that group of people also to stare at him. Not wrong. Also is staring at him. Moreover the population also looked like were many much, yesterday 78 people, today had more than ten individuals The brow of Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkled.

However he has not paid attention, still they walks toward bright outside the city with Lu Li, went out of town Lu Li their direct outside the city nine revolutions of holes to fly. These nine revolutions of holes are on a outside the city mountain. However on that mountain is nine revolutions of holes entrances, after entering hole, under nine revolutions of hole continuously shapes, moreover curve that starts to keep, inside cavern , the large hole pinhole will be simultaneously connected. It looks like the labyrinth is the same, every year in nine revolutions of holes will have some cultivator to go not to be able to come out. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived at nine revolutions of holes entrances. The Rwandan advantage after these Rogue Cultivator spoke the custom of inspection, allows these cultivator to enter in nine revolutions of holes, waited for all cultivator to enter in nine revolutions of holes, Lu Li then got up Yama Ship, leading Zhao Hai they to fly toward nine revolutions of holes exits. These nine revolutions of hole some big nobody know, the exit / to speak that but nine revolutions of holes known is actually only then, this exit / to speak after five mountain gate/entrance, cave entrance is not very big, the position to is very good to look. Zhao Hai several people arrived at nine revolutions of holes exits, looked at an exit / to speak of that nine revolutions of hole, Zhao Hai turned the head to benefit said : how long to Lu to come out from here?” Rwandan advantage forced smile said : this has not said really certainly, even if these always enters nine revolutions of holes Rogue Cultivator unable to affirm one can come out in a short time, in these nine revolutions of holes everywhere is the snakes, your previous time can walk the place that passes, these time probably turns into the snake nest to walk does not pass, so long as you as soon as transfers the route, that transfers in on a long time, heard that nine transfer hole here, every year has to go not to be able to come out the person.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that we patiently wait / etc..” Said that Zhao Hai has also swept one toward the mountain of distant place on, because he felt that on that mountain several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert aura, but these people have run they to come from Yangming in the city, but Zhao Hai also somewhat touches now does not permit these people to do. although of Zhao Hai in the aura of these people felt a hostility, but had not actually felt that too strong killing intent, this made Zhao Hai more puzzled. He guessed correctly these people now possibly is in the city day Yang Meng cultivator, but their Black Tiger Group comes here open the entrance to receive disciple, don't they need such to monitor? What point do they have? although Zhao Hai thought that such stared by that several cultivator is not being the good deed, but his actually very clear, he cannot to that several cultivator make a move, if to that several cultivator make a move, has had no consideration for face with day Yang Meng on equal to, when the time comes trouble, therefore Zhao Hai decided finally that watches changes quietly. Time past bit by bit, a in the blink of an eye day on the past, but in this one day, actually nobody walks from nine revolutions of holes, but Zhao Hai they have not worried, sits on Yama Ship static is waiting. Zhang Feng they are different, Zhang Feng they in there , etc., but Zhao Hai does not have, Zhao Hai has made the Liquid Silver flying needle enter in nine revolutions of holes, he wants to have a look in these nine revolutions of holes to have anything.

This Liquid Silver flying needle enters to nine revolutions of holes, Zhao Hai understand, why Lu Li said that these Rogue Cultivator a short time cannot come out, these nine revolutions of hole inside area were really too big, curved curved, a hole was then linking a hole, looked like a giant labyrinth is the same, moreover in these labyrinths, will also meet the snake to block the way once for a while, after these Rogue Cultivator entered to the hole, very careful, their natures quick not. Reason that these cultivator such careful. Because not only they want against these snakes, at the matter they want against what are more is other cultivator. Carries on smelting trial in nine revolutions of hole here, regarding these Rogue Cultivator. Also is a junction slaughters, what point many Rogue Cultivator no matter stemming from, they will kill people, therefore all enters in cultivator to nine revolutions of hole, very careful. But Zhao Hai actually extension Rogue Cultivator in nine revolutions of holes must understand nine revolutions of holes compared with these now, because Zhao Hai has sent in the place that the Liquid Silver flying needle in nine revolutions of holes these Rogue Cultivator have not dared to go to now. In these nine revolutions of holes, more walks toward inside. The snake are more, moreover Zhao Hai can feel, strength also very formidable of these snakes, most at least want much stronger compared with these snake strengths of nine revolutions of hole surrounding. However this arrived is makes Zhao Hai to this nine revolutions of holes more curious, this nine revolutions of holes evidently, what thing by were dug probably, was not the natural production, but what will thing dig such large hole? just by these snakes, feared that cannot make such big hole. However along with Liquid Silver needle deep place slowly. Zhao Hai to was instead more curious. Because these nine revolutions of holes area big left his imagination, entire nine revolutions of holes occupies in area very big, feared that is under the mountain of this surroundings mountain is nine revolutions of holes. Not only this, the below of Yangming city, is nine revolutions of holes. This to somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Only works as these nine revolutions of holes has been downward is wetter . Moreover the snake are also more, these snakes were don’t know lived many years, each and every one was thick and long, the body flood iron cyan, was understanding at a glance that was not the affable lord. Zhao Hai even felt that on the bodies of several snakes Nascent Soul Stage Expert had that aura that this arrives stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wrinkled cannot help but to wrinkle. Situations in these nine revolutions of holes, made the person unable to understand more and more, was here really only a snake nest? Won't be simple? in the blink of an eye three days on the past, have not been able to find nine revolutions of hole end Zhao Hai to the present in there, this arrives lets Zhao Hai being startled extremely, he already present, now in the Space map the nine revolutions of hole maps of income, penetrated the underground about ten thousand meters, big of entire nine revolutions of hole, complete left his imagination, in these nine revolutions of holes, let alone before is him, in base can't compare with of that hundred thousand person in Wandering Soul Group constructs, is in that base also can't compare with that raging fire valley there constructs, area although of raging fire valley there base are many, but with. These nine revolutions of holes compare, has actually fallen far short, ten raging fire valley bases, feared that does not have these nine revolutions of holes area to be big. Such greatly such complex confuses the court style cavern, is any thing makes. More is knew about these nine revolutions of holes that Zhao Hai more has the one type of deep anxious feeling, because these nine revolutions of holes were really too big, this let have the feeling that one type of felt helpless. At this moment, Lu Li sound suddenly passed on said : finally some people to come out.” Zhao Hai shakes, recovers, this several days he extremely in infatuated explorations to nine revolutions of holes, almost gave to forget the matter, has not thought really that three days of some people came out from nine revolutions of holes.

Zhao Hai opens eyes to look toward nine revolutions of holes exit / to speak there, the cultivator that coming out, looks like over 30 years old, has some worn-out cultivator robes, the facial expression to is calm, killing aura is actually very thick, can look, fights with all might. The Rwandan advantage stands up, cultivator that to that coming out, deep voice said : you are first from nine revolutions of holes, spoke to on the ship.” That cultivator one hear of oneself are first comes out from nine revolutions of holes, to stares, then one happy, has complied with one, upward flies, before long on appears on Yama Ship. Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng had also stood at this time, he looked at this person of one, deep voice said : entered in the cabin, registered the detailed status to there, some people will arrange the rest to you place.” That person has complied with one, they holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around entered the cabin. Lu benefits let out a long breath, has smiled bitterly next step: I also really think that nobody can come out, now finally some people came out, I also on feel relieved.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the hundred thousand person, we only take 800, to have sufficed how, waiting, there are other people quick.” Probably in confirming the Zhao Hai words is the same, then each and every one cultivator flew from cave entrance of nine revolutions of holes, these people have some bodies to be also wounded, look, this inspection, in nine revolutions of holes certain very lively. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;